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The Overarching Assault Guide (S5, Patch 5.12)

July 18, 2018 by Branmuffin17
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Recent updates:

2018/7/18: Guide is current as of Patch 5.12, "Cyber Shadow." Minor corrections (thanks Gulfwulf).

Revision History

Artwork by Getsukeii via DeviantArt


Hello everyone! My name is Branmuffin17 (PC IGN: Muffinman17, PS4 IGN: Branmuffin17), and I'm a SMITEFire moderator and casual SMITE player on PC and PS4. Welcome to the first guide I created, originally published in 2014 and maintained ever since!

This is a general guide for SMITE's Assault mode. It is a comprehensive build-and-tips guide that is designed to apply on a high level to all gods in the Assault mode, organized by class, rather than by individual god.

This guide targets the following players:

  • New players familiarizing themselves with gods/items

  • Regulars that employ rigid, static builds no matter the situation (from relative success or laziness)

  • Regulars that rarely play Assault and don't think about this mode's unique restrictions

  • Regulars looking to improve with or try new gods but dread risking the wrath of jerks in Conquest

  • Regulars that enjoy providing feedback, suggestions, and thoughts (thanks!)

Assault isn't everyone's bag, baby. In many ways, it's less complex and competitive compared to the standard Conquest mode. Unless you're the most positive person in the world and absolutely OMG <3 LOVE <3 every god, you're often going to be stuck with gods that drive you [#*@^%$#] crazy. I personally enjoy that it forces me to play a random god, and matches me up against some really variable team compositions. Being in different situations makes you learn to adapt, and that can only help your game in the long run.

Assault provides some unique experiences that you won't get in other modes (especially Conquest), which also makes it a great mode for beginners:

  • No worrying about the jungle and getting ganked from around a corner
  • You don't have to ward or hope that others will ward
  • You can't go back to base to buy/heal, so no worrying about timing for that
  • You don't need to know rotations for mid-harpies, Gold Fury, Fire Giant, etc.

As a final thought before we begin, understand that I'm not saying my guide/builds/suggestions are better than anyone else's. I've played the majority of my games in Assault. With time and experience, I have found the following to be helpful to me, and hope it may help others. At minimum, these builds will beat mindless ones. The ideas I'm sharing are meant to get YOU, the reader, to think.

If you get something out of this, hopefully it will help increase your enjoyment of this awesome game. Keep in mind, though, that nothing beats experience. Keep an open mind to what you're doing correctly, as well as what you need to work on, and it's inevitable that you'll improve.

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Assault Overview

What Is Assault?

  • 5 vs. 5, single lane, no jungle (aka ARAM, or "All-Random, All-Mid")

  • Gods are randomly assigned (from those you own, plus the standard, free rotation)

  • Trade gods with others during the God Selection stage, or re-roll using either 25 gems (no!!!) or 250 favor (that's reasonable, at least)

  • Cannot go back to Base/Fountain...only way to heal is via HP5 (regen), god abilities, Healing Potion/ Multi Potion, and Meditation

  • As with healing, the only way to buy items is to die. Mostly, try NOT to die, but if you're sitting on a chunk of $$$ (enough to buy at least 1 full item) and you can die without giving the enemy credit, do so strategically (more on this in the Tips section).

  • You start with 3,000 gold. This allows you to buy almost any tier 3 item at the start, if you choose.

  • You start out at level 5. This allows you to activate all abilities, if you want. Why wouldn't you? See my Tips section (under General Tips/Skill Prioritizing) for examples.

  • Items banned from purchase: Book of Thoth, Devourer's Gauntlet, Doom Orb, Gauntlet of Thebes, Talisman of Energy, Transcendence, Warlock's Staff.

What does this mean? Either you have to be an insanely great player that can dodge EVERYthing thrown your way, or you should build mindfully for sustained and extended play. Thus, lifesteal (via items or abilities), HP5, MP5, Meditation Cloak, and/or protection items have heightened importance for ALL gods.

You're going to see some interesting team compositions in Assault: 3 tanks + 2 assassins, 4 mages + 1 hunter, etc. In certain circumstances, building protections can really help your survival. Yes, in Assault, you CAN buy Breastplate of Valor as a mage and not be laughed at or ridiculed (as long as there are 4-5 physical enemies). So plan ahead. Before the game even starts, think about the following to help counter-build the enemy:

  • Tanks: How many tanks on each team? If more than 1, who will tank, and who can go bruiser? How much penetration will you need to build against enemy tanks?

  • Healers: Healers on both teams? Which ones? Self or group healing? Will their healing be sufficient enough that you won't need HP5 items like Emerald Talisman/ Stone of Gaia? Do you need to build Divine Ruin, Brawler's Beat Stick, or Pestilence to counter the healer? What about the relic Curse?

  • Your team composition (# magical vs. # physical): Is your team balanced? If you have 5 physical gods, expect them to build physical protection, against which you'll need more penetration to remain effective with damage output.

  • Enemy team composition (# magical vs. # physical) and type (how many ranged vs. how many melee): If the enemy team is heavily skewed toward one type (mostly melee or mostly magical, for example), you can counter-build to gain an advantage.

  • Individual enemy gods of note: e.g. if you see Ares, and you don't have an ability that gets you out of it, you'll probably want to get Purification!

Finally, remember that if you die, you're likely feeding most of the enemy team. Constant teamfight often means everyone contributes to a kill. It's better to play a bit conservatively and back off, if you've got the means to jump back into the fight within a reasonable amount of time after you've healed up. If you've built up 5k gold, though, try to pick an opportune time to die to a tower, so as not to give the enemy a cash bonus. Even choosing when to die is important (see my Tips section, under Location Scenarios/Suicide Backing (and dying Strategically)).

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Relic Essentials


Everyone automatically gets a free Relic to start!!! With this in mind, a balance of various Relics, along with a higher level of teamwork, is essential to getting the most out of them. I will go into detail on use, who should choose, etc., and break these down into 2 sections (ones I consider more critical, and ones that have more niche use).

Although they may save you in a pinch, they're no match for general skill and awareness. E.g., if you're up against an Ares, Purification Beads are great to have, but for all the gods' sakes, please don't bunch up with your teammates!

*NOTE* Relics can be upgraded for a price of 500 gold.

Critical #1 Relics

Other Relics:

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Assassin Builds


Assassins are separated into 2 groups, based on the strengths of their kits in the Assault mode: Ability-Reliant and Basic Attack (thanks for the suggestion, Arvorus!). Awilix and Nemesis are more like hybrids, and can benefit from having both ability-based and basic attack items.

Ability-Reliant Assassins:

Basic Attack Assassins:

General Assassin Qualities:

Strengths Weaknesses

+ High single-target damage
+ Decent to good escape abilities
- Usually pretty squishy
- Have to get in close to be effective

Assassin builds focus on mobility, attack speed, lifesteal, power, penetration, and/or critical damage. Some are ability-dependent (e.g. Bastet), while others' quick basic-attack string (e.g. Kali) make them perfect as melee-ADCs.

Assassins aren't designed for teamfights. Assault is a difficult mode for them, especially when they face multiple ranged enemies. Your best strategy is to poke as well as possible, and wait to strike until the enemy team is weakened or an individual is separated from the pack. Building at least one protection item can also really help.

Quick note: Most assassins (barring Loki) shouldn't focus on the minion waves except possibly late-game for lifesteal/health...leave that to better lane-clearing gods (usually mages). This is a good reason to consider getting Guardian's Blessing to start.

Assassin Builds

Example Ability-Reliant Assassin Build:

Ability-Reliant Assassin Build:

Example Basic Attack Assassin Build:

Basic Attack Assassin Builds:

Example Assassin Builds

Example Assassin builds:

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Guardian Builds



General Guardian Qualities:

Strengths Weaknesses

+ High protection/survivability
+ Great CC abilities
- Usually lower damage
- Have to get in close to be effective

Guardian builds generally focus on protection and CDR. They all rely on abilities for maximum effectiveness, as they have a lot of CC/support function. A guardian's main purpose is to be the focus of enemy attention (front line, taking the damage), and to use their abilities in a timely manner to allow their teammates to secure kills and/or escape to safety. This is hardly glorious, as a great guardian may not get many kills, but they may also be the biggest reason their team wins.

Some guardians work well as bruisers. The kits of Ares, Bacchus, Hades, and Ymir can be extremely effective when built as bruisers (protection + power/penetration). Even Athena can do some damage, if built well, though she is absolutely more effective as a tank. If you find yourself on a team with multiple potential tanks, figure out who should be the main tank, and who can build more damage.

Guardians should usually NOT focus on the minion wave. The Guardian's Blessing Starter Kit, described below, can allow guardians to keep up, gold-wise, with the rest of the team, and is also helpful for health/mana sustain in the early game.

DO NOT REROLL if you have Ares, Sylvanus, or Terra. Used correctly, Ares is OP in Assault, while Sylvanus and Terra have healing in their kits. NEVER reroll a healer.

A Quick Note On Blink Rune

Some guardians really benefit from getting Blink Rune. Let's go over some of these instances.

Blink Rune Discussion

Guardian Builds

With all of the counter-building options, it's difficult to provide a great build list without making it too complex. I will try to keep it simple and provide basic build schemes, and it's up to you to choose supporting items accordingly.

Note that AURA items often have great function in a teamfight mode. Consider these to help the entire team out.

FYI: my playstyle is on the conservative side. I never go full damage as a guardian. Since they have an inherent tankiness (higher base HP and protections), I like to accentuate that with items. The most aggressive build you'll see from me is a form of bruiser. If you want to go full damage, I'm sure you've got enough experience and knowledge to build the way you want, though I'll provide a suggestion in the example builds section below.

Starting Item Considerations:

Starting Items

Example Guardian Tank Build:

Defense & Movespeed

Example Guardian Bruiser Build:

Utility Items

Example Guardian Builds

Example Guardian builds:

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Hunter Builds


The below categorization may be argued for other modes, but in the constant teamfight mode of Assault, this categorization fits. All of them can be built either way, but based on their unique kits and the constant teamfight situation in this mode, you may find better effect in these categories.

Ability-Reliant Hunters:

Basic Attack Hunters:

General Hunter Qualities:

Strengths Weaknesses

+ High single target damage
+ Strong late-game
- Squishy
- Extremely reliant on items

Hunter builds focus on attack speed, power, penetration, critical damage, and lifesteal. CDR items rarely make an appearance, as their main damage usually comes from basic attacks. Some gods have great escapes, and some (like Artemis) just really suck at running away. The main role of a hunter is to do immense late-game damage, so most builds focus on the most efficient way to achieve that.

Hunter Builds

Most stacking items that hunters commonly build in Conquest are not allowed in Assault. This means Devourer's Gauntlet and Transcendence are unavailable, and need to be replaced. These builds look for different ways to remain effective, with emphasis on early lifesteal for sustain.

I won't cover the individual situational items here, but if facing 4+ magical or physical gods, you may consider a single protection item to help your survivability.

Note that my personal preference in many situations is to start with Bloodforge. It provides you with a strong measure of poke potential, along with lifesteal for early health sustain. You don't have to start with it, but I've found it to be effective.

Basic Attack Crit Build

Basic Attack Qin's Build

Ability-Focused Unicorn Build - No Healer

Ability-Focused Unicorn Build - With Healer (or you're Cupid or Neith)

Example Hunter Builds

Example Hunter Builds:

Gameplay Videos

Hou Yi, The Gold Hoarder? (S3)

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Mage Builds


I've categorized Mages into 3 groups: Basic Attack, Healing, and Nuking.

Basic Attack Mages:

Healing Mages:

Nuking Mages:

General Mage Qualities:

Strengths Weaknesses

+ High damage (some single target, some AOE)
+ Most have good minion wave-clear
+ Many have good utility skills
+ Some of the best group healing in the game
- Super squishy
- Escape ability is often weak

Mage builds focus on power, penetration, CDR, and lifesteal. This class has both the highest number of individual gods, as well as the widest variety of abilities, including group healing capability, long-range attacks, mid-range attacks, CC, and mobility. Barring the basic attack group (sort of...), all are extremely ability-reliant.

Mages are often the first choice for minion wave clearing (e.g. Ra, Anubis, Isis, Kukulkan, Poseidon, and Vulcan). Depending on if you're wave pushing or freezing (more on this in the Tips section under Location Scenarios), it may be best to prioritize clearing the wave before targeting enemy gods.

DO NOT REROLL if you have Ah Puch, Aphrodite, Chang'e, Hel, or Ra. Ah Puch's abilities have great AOE, and his ult, Empty the Crypts, is OP in Assault. The latter gods are all healers. You might consider Agni, Isis, and Zeus in this category too, for their massive poke potential.

*note* It is no mistake that I've put Sol and Chronos in 2 groups, as their kits can make them effective as either nukers or basic attackers. Gods such as Poseidon and Zeus can be functionally built as basic attackers, but are not listed in that group because they are generally much better built for ability damage.

Mage Builds

Basic attack mage builds:

Healing mage builds:

Nuking mage builds:

Example Mage Builds

Example Mage builds:

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Warrior Builds


I've categorized Warriors into two groups...ability-reliant and basic attack. Amaterasu and Bellona are listed in the Basic Attack group, but are hybrid gods that work well with an ability focus. Likewise, Vamana is listed in the ability group, but he can also be built for basic attacks.

Ability-Reliant Warriors:

Hybrid / Basic Attack Warriors:

General Warrior Qualities:

Strengths Weaknesses

+ Flexible build styles
+ Great initiation/escape abilities
- Reliant on items
- Have to get in close to be effective

Warrior builds focus on a mix of CDR, protection, and damage. Perhaps more than any other class, their item choices influence their strengths and weaknesses. Tanky builds focus more on protection, while bruiser builds target power and penetration. With the exception of Amaterasu, Bellona, Erlang Shen, Osiris, Ravana and Vamana, their base attack speed is slow, so they don't focus so much on attack speed. Some have great mobility, some have strong CC. They're all over the place.

A Quick Note On Blink Rune

Some warriors really benefit from getting Blink Rune. Let's go over some of these instances.

Blink Rune Discussion

Guan Yu

DO NOT REROLL if you are Guan Yu, as he's in the healer category. Since he is unique in the Warrior class, he's earned his own guide page. You can still find an example build and gameplay video in the general section, but if you want more in-depth coverage, see here (Build #3):

Warrior Builds

With all of the counter-building options, it's difficult to provide a build list without making it too complex. I will try to keep it simple and provide basic build schemes, and it's up to you to choose the various options properly.

FYI: I personally never go full damage as a warrior. Since they have an inherent tankiness, I like to accentuate that with items. The most aggressive build you'll see from me is a form of bruiser. If you want to go full damage, I'm sure you've got enough experience and knowledge to build the way you want.

Part of your build structure is going to depend on your role on the team. In some cases, you'll be relied upon as the main tank. In other cases, you can focus more on damage.

Starting Item Considerations:

Starting Items

Example Ability-Reliant Tank Build:

Universal Items (Movespeed & Protections):

Example Ability-Reliant Bruiser Build:

Offensive & Utility Ability-Reliant Items:

Example Basic Attack Bruiser Build:

Offensive Basic Attack Items:

Example Warrior Builds

Example Warrior Builds:

Gameplay Videos

Guan Yu, Master Healer (AKA Hel Who???)

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Tips & Scenarios

This chapter contains an assortment of tips, scenarios and other things that others have suggested to be added. Some parts might be long-winded and lacking pictures =( Thanks to everyone for their feedback!

General tips:

Minions are a Resource

Team composition and build scenarios:

Location Scenarios (with consideration for dying and use of minions):

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Quick Definitions & References

Here are some helpful references and tools:

Here is a quick list of some of the abbreviations/terms that I use in this guide:

  • ADC: Attack Damage Carry. Refers to a god (usually a Hunter) whose main form of attack is the basic one (left click!), and whose effectiveness usually peaks late-game, from having a full item build centered around max damage potential.
  • AOE: Area Of Effect. Refers to abilities that have the ability to hit an area, rather than a single target.
  • CC: Crowd Control. An effect from an item or ability that limits or prevents an opponent from moving or taking action. Examples include slow, cripple, freeze, and silence.
  • CDR: CoolDown Reduction. Usually from items, this reduces the time it takes for your abilities to become available again after previous use
  • HP5: Health (Hit Points) regenerated per every 5 seconds
  • MP5: Mana (Mana Points) regenerated per every 5 seconds
  • RNG: Random Number Generator. Term used for abilities (especially crit items) that have a percent chance to activate. Sometimes frowned upon as this brings a bit of luck into an otherwise skill-based game.
  • Tank: generally of the Warrior or Guardian class, built mainly with protection items
  • Bruiser: generally of the Warrior or Guardian class, built with both protection and damage items. Can also include an Assassin built with protections.
  • Squishy: Low HP gods (usually Assassins, Hunters, and Mages)
  • Magical (gods): Guardians and Mages
  • Physical (gods): Assassins, Hunters and Warriors
  • Penetration: A stat that helps bypass an enemy's inherent or item-based protection. I tend to lump penetration (e.g. Jotunn's Wrath) and protection reduction (e.g. The Executioner) in the same category for ease of consideration regarding general function. It's a lot more complex than that, so I suggest reading this article by Professor Proxy in your spare time.

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So that's it! Thanks for reading! I hope it's been helpful and enjoyable. Please feel free to provide feedback...let me know if you think my build structure sucks (and provide reasons why, and propose an alternative), or if you would like me to add some specific content, or have suggestions on presentation/formatting.

And okay, the jumping party at the beginning (before minions spawn) is fun. But my suggestion...don't tempt the jerks that will ruin your party before it even starts!


Brandon / PC IGN: Muffinman17 / PS4 IGN: Branmuffin17

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