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2021 SMITEFIRE IronMan Challenge

For the entire month of July, SMITE players had a chance to test their gaming endurance and skills to compete for a prestigious award and the chance to win $1,000 USD cash! Don't feel intimidated and check out the details on our original 2021 IronMan Challenge post.

Grand Prize Winner Cover00
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Nu Wa
Morgan Le Fay
Week 4
Baba Yaga
A Mathing Ape
Week 1 Thanatos Medusa Scylla Hera Chiron
Week 2 Thanatos Osiris Fenrir Vamana Arachne
Week 3 Zhong Kui Ra Eset Scylla Sol
Week 4 Fenrir Chaac Osiris Amaterasu Scylla
Week 1 Ares Cerberus Arachne Athena Aphrodite
Week 2 Amaterasu Nike Gilgamesh Pele Arachne
Week 3 He Bo Nu Wa Persephone Kukulkan Ao Kuang
Week 4 Sun Wukong Xing Tian Anubis Yemoja Fafnir
Week 1 Athena Medusa Hera Chiron Apollo
Week 2 Gilgamesh Mercury Pele Set Osiris
Week 3 Agni Sol Thoth Scylla Tiamat
Week 4 Geb Sylvanus Terra Hera Chiron
Week 1 Chiron Ares Nemesis Achilles Hera
Week 2 Kali Bellona Nemesis Bakasura Mercury
Week 3 Ao Kuang Morgan Le Fay Zeus Hel Hera
Week 4 Kali Odin Sun Wukong Kumbhakarna Xing Tian
Week 1 Ares Athena Hades Apollo Scylla
Week 2 Bellona Vamana Tyr Osiris Erlang Shen
Week 3 Anubis Ah Puch Kukulkan Scylla Poseidon
Week 4 Anubis Hercules Chaac Khepri Vamana
Week 1 Athena Medusa Chiron Hera Persephone
Week 2 Erlang Shen Ne Zha Vamana Tyr Mulan
Week 3 Zeus Persephone Agni Discordia Raijin
Week 4 Ganesha Geb Hercules Chaac Raijin
Week 1 Zeus Cerberus Nike Athena Artemis
Week 2 Bellona Chaac Nike Cu Chulainn Odin
Week 3 Sol Zhong Kui Chang'e Kukulkan Freya
Week 4 Khepri Geb Chaac Bellona Bacchus
Week 1 Artemis Scylla Achilles Nemesis Ares
Week 2 Bellona Amaterasu Erlang Shen Gilgamesh Ratatoskr
Week 3 Scylla Kukulkan Morgan Le Fay Thoth Freya
Week 4 Scylla Freya Morgan Le Fay Danzaburou Ullr
Week 1 Chiron Scylla Achilles Cerberus Ares
Week 2 Bellona Gilgamesh Arachne Erlang Shen Fenrir
Week 3 Vulcan Olorun Ao Kuang Hel Agni
Week 4 Hercules Jormungandr Chaac Cthulhu Guan Yu
Week 1 Apollo Chronos Thanatos Ares Scylla
Week 2 Arachne Bakasura Erlang Shen Kali Pele
Week 3 Sol Scylla Morgan Le Fay Freya He Bo
Week 4 Thoth Scylla Ah Puch Nox Raijin
Week 1 Poseidon Aphrodite Scylla Nemesis Cerberus
Week 2 Bellona Horus Camazotz Pele Vamana
Week 3 Ao Kuang Baron Samedi Scylla Merlin Kukulkan
Week 4 Aphrodite Hel Baron Samedi Horus Sun Wukong
Big Damage
Week 1 Nike Ares Hades Cerberus Poseidon
Week 2 Bellona Bakasura Gilgamesh Osiris Vamana
Week 3 Zhong Kui Discordia Hel Sol Agni
Week 4 Ganesha Geb Scylla Raijin Ra
Week 1 Artemis Apollo Ares Poseidon Scylla
Week 2 Thor Tsukuyomi Ravana Achilles Hun Batz
Week 3 Hel Olorun Thoth Baron Samedi Morgan Le Fay
Week 4 Baron Samedi Cupid Hun Batz Danzaburou Jing Wei
Week 1 Zeus Nemesis Achilles Apollo Thanatos
Week 2 Gilgamesh Chaac Achilles Bellona Bakasura
Week 3 Anubis Chronos Kukulkan Ra Morgan Le Fay
Week 4 Gilgamesh Guan Yu Osiris Hercules Sun Wukong
Week 1 Persephone Artemis Achilles Medusa Chronos
Week 2 Gilgamesh Bakasura Loki Hercules Ne Zha
Week 3 He Bo Poseidon Scylla Morgan Le Fay Tiamat
Week 4 Cthulhu Nike Yemoja Xing Tian Sun Wukong
Week 1 Chiron Zeus Aphrodite Hera Arachne
Week 2 Erlang Shen Gilgamesh Cu Chulainn Odin Achilles
Week 3 Kukulkan Zeus Anubis Ao Kuang Discordia
Week 4 Chiron Izanami Cabrakan Bastet Athena
Week 1 Chiron Nemesis Zeus Medusa Achilles
Week 2 Vamana Erlang Shen Kali Nemesis Osiris
Week 3 Zeus Poseidon The Morrigan Morgan Le Fay Kukulkan
Week 4 Chiron Medusa Neith Aphrodite Cupid
Week 1 Medusa Persephone Zeus Scylla Chiron
Week 2 Erlang Shen Thor Mercury Arachne Kali
Week 3 Zeus Thoth Chronos Hera Zhong Kui
Week 4 Baron Samedi Aphrodite Neith Chiron Kukulkan
Week 1 Achilles Athena Hades Poseidon Chiron
Week 2 Gilgamesh Horus Ratatoskr Bellona Chaac
Week 3 Sol Baron Samedi Hera Aphrodite Anubis
Week 4 Baron Samedi Sol Heimdallr Ymir Geb
Week 1 Ares Hera Zeus Persephone Apollo
Week 2 Bellona Horus Set Pele Guan Yu
Week 3 Nu Wa Chronos Tiamat Morgan Le Fay Zhong Kui
Week 4 Janus Thoth Kukulkan Fafnir Terra
Week 1 Nemesis Zeus Thanatos Aphrodite Ares
Week 2 Loki Vamana Thanatos Ne Zha Da Ji
Week 3 Ra Vulcan Nox The Morrigan Ao Kuang
Week 4 Loki Odin Ao Kuang Baron Samedi Kukulkan
Week 1 Apollo Thanatos Arachne Cerberus Nemesis
Week 2 Ravana Bellona Tsukuyomi Horus Kali
Week 3 Chronos Merlin Freya Thoth Scylla
Week 4 Cabrakan Gilgamesh Osiris Odin Vamana
Week 1 Ares Achilles Scylla Aphrodite Cerberus
Week 2 Mercury Gilgamesh Bellona Fenrir Pele
Week 3 Freya Zhong Kui Nu Wa The Morrigan Anubis
Week 4 Vamana Hercules Ra Anubis Gilgamesh
Week 1 Poseidon Zeus Persephone Apollo Athena
Week 2 Bellona Odin Fenrir Nemesis Erlang Shen
Week 3 Sol Merlin He Bo Scylla Baba Yaga
Week 4 Bastet Chronos Sun Wukong Xing Tian Amaterasu
Week 1 Apollo Chiron Hera Artemis Scylla
Week 2 Awilix Fenrir Ne Zha Amaterasu Arachne
Week 3 Sol Freya Scylla Hera Discordia
Week 4 Chronos Izanami Chang'e Sol Anhur
Week 1 Cerberus Scylla Apollo Zeus Athena
Week 2 Erlang Shen Gilgamesh Amaterasu Kali King Arthur
Week 3 Tiamat Scylla Raijin Discordia Sol
Week 4 Odin Yemoja Aphrodite Geb Sun Wukong
Week 1 Hera Poseidon Cerberus Athena Ares
Week 2 Amaterasu Bellona Osiris Fenrir Gilgamesh
Week 3 Kukulkan Morgan Le Fay Hera Ah Puch Tiamat
Week 4 Cerberus Bacchus Terra Cthulhu Geb
Week 1 Ares Artemis Nike Cerberus Scylla
Week 2 Thanatos Amaterasu Hercules Nemesis Mulan
Week 3 Nu Wa Raijin Baron Samedi Discordia He Bo
Week 4 Hou Yi Yemoja Baron Samedi Chiron Geb
Week 1 Chronos Arachne Chiron Nike Artemis
Week 2 Bellona Arachne Gilgamesh Bakasura Bastet
Week 3 Sol Poseidon Ao Kuang Raijin Anubis
Week 4 Chiron Bastet Baron Samedi Raijin Neith
Week 1 Achilles Nike Apollo Medusa Cerberus
Week 2 Vamana Osiris Set Erlang Shen Gilgamesh
Week 3 Ao Kuang Kukulkan Raijin Anubis Freya
Week 4 Sun Wukong Chronos Nike Odin Xing Tian
Week 1 Apollo Medusa Chiron Achilles Scylla
Week 2 Bellona Osiris Vamana Erlang Shen Amaterasu
Week 3 Merlin Poseidon Kukulkan Scylla Raijin
Week 4 Merlin Achilles Kukulkan Xbalanque Heimdallr
Week 1 Scylla Achilles Poseidon Athena Thanatos
Week 2 Amaterasu Osiris Achilles Loki Bellona
Week 3 Merlin Morgan Le Fay Ao Kuang Anubis Freya
Week 4 Scylla Merlin Nox Khepri Thoth
Week 1 Artemis Nemesis Medusa Hades Scylla
Week 2 Mulan Bastet Arachne Nike Amaterasu
Week 3 Discordia Freya Nu Wa Eset Chang'e
Week 4 Hel Neith Serqet Skadi Awilix
Week 1 Ares Zeus Apollo Artemis Athena
Week 2 Chaac Guan Yu Gilgamesh Mulan Bellona
Week 3 Zeus Agni Anubis Nu Wa Kukulkan
Week 4 Hou Yi Nu Wa Neith Discordia Danzaburou
Week 1 Nike Thanatos Cerberus Ares Scylla
Week 2 Amaterasu Bellona Loki Bastet Tsukuyomi
Week 3 Chang'e Ao Kuang Nu Wa Zhong Kui Morgan Le Fay
Week 4 Chang'e Baron Samedi Chaac Guan Yu Hercules
Week 1 Nemesis Scylla Achilles Poseidon Hera
Week 2 Amaterasu Da Ji Susano Sun Wukong Awilix
Week 3 Morgan Le Fay He Bo Nu Wa Persephone Eset
Week 4 Hercules Guan Yu Achilles Horus Geb
Week 1 Medusa Chiron Nike Artemis Apollo
Week 2 Arachne Awilix Bakasura Mercury Nemesis
Week 3 Zeus Hel Freya Sol Ao Kuang
Week 4 Chaac Xing Tian Bastet Nike Chiron
Week 1 Zeus Chronos Ares Thanatos Chiron
Week 2 Susano Ravana Set Chaac Thanatos
Week 3 Ao Kuang Vulcan Baron Samedi Merlin Chronos
Week 4 Chernobog Merlin Hou Yi Vulcan Xbalanque
Week 1 Aphrodite Scylla Chiron Medusa Zeus
Week 2 Gilgamesh Amaterasu Bellona Vamana Mercury
Week 3 Ao Kuang Anubis Zeus Discordia Hera
Week 4 Gilgamesh Ganesha Xing Tian Khepri Eset
Week 1 Artemis Chiron Athena Medusa Apollo
Week 2 Bellona Osiris Gilgamesh Amaterasu Mercury
Week 3 Thoth Discordia Morgan Le Fay Chronos Scylla
Week 4 Thoth Heimdallr Anhur Sobek Ah Muzen Cab
Week 1 Cerberus Arachne Persephone Thanatos Hera
Week 2 Tyr Odin Bakasura Mercury Ne Zha
Week 3 Janus He Bo Raijin Morgan Le Fay Eset
Week 4 Danzaburou Morgan Le Fay Sol Ullr Hercules
Week 1 Ares Medusa Apollo Hades Artemis
Week 2 Bellona Arachne Loki Amaterasu Mulan
Week 3 Kukulkan Anubis Morgan Le Fay Nu Wa Ao Kuang
Week 4 Apollo Neith Medusa Rama Cupid
Week 1 Chiron Apollo Nike Scylla Poseidon
Week 2 Gilgamesh Mulan Osiris Guan Yu Loki
Week 3 Discordia Baba Yaga Agni Merlin Kukulkan
Week 4 Sol Merlin Cupid Hou Yi Chiron
Week 1 Chiron Medusa Zeus Chronos Ares
Week 2 Nike Erlang Shen Nemesis Tyr Amaterasu
Week 3 Ao Kuang Freya Morgan Le Fay Zeus Chang'e
Week 4 Zeus Heimdallr Chronos Neith Sol
Week 1 Aphrodite Chronos Arachne Nike Ares
Week 2 Mulan Loki Erlang Shen Gilgamesh Ravana
Week 3 Freya Ao Kuang Sol Scylla Poseidon
Week 4 Artemis Hou Yi Rama Skadi Chang'e
Week 1 Hades Nike Scylla Apollo Artemis
Week 2 Arachne Mercury Bakasura Loki Hun Batz
Week 3 Anubis Hades Zhong Kui Scylla Ra
Week 4 Chiron Neith Khepri Danzaburou Chronos
Week 1 Zeus Chiron Artemis Hera Medusa
Week 2 Ratatoskr Loki Nemesis Ravana Bellona
Week 3 Zeus Raijin Anubis Morgan Le Fay Scylla
Week 4 Chaac Danzaburou Cernunnos Agni Odin
Week 1 Scylla Zeus Aphrodite Artemis Poseidon
Week 2 Nemesis Da Ji Achilles Hercules Arachne
Week 3 Zeus Tiamat Raijin Nu Wa Anubis
Week 4 Achilles Ah Muzen Cab Izanami Aphrodite Chaac
Week 1 Athena Hera Thanatos Achilles Medusa
Week 2 Nike Erlang Shen Vamana Osiris Mulan
Week 3 Olorun Discordia Zeus He Bo Ah Puch
Week 4 Discordia Persephone Anhur Cupid Xbalanque
Week 1 Zeus Achilles Apollo Nike Medusa
Week 2 Guan Yu Tsukuyomi Gilgamesh Chaac Mulan
Week 3 Scylla Nox Chronos Anubis Poseidon
Week 4 Neith Hou Yi Ah Puch Rama Izanami
Week 1 Artemis Medusa Athena Persephone Zeus
Week 2 Kali Bakasura Set Mercury Ratatoskr
Week 3 Morgan Le Fay Merlin Nox Anubis Hera
Week 4 Neith Aphrodite Hou Yi Rama Nu Wa
Week 1 Achilles Nike Thanatos Athena Hades
Week 2 Set Erlang Shen Gilgamesh Amaterasu Hercules
Week 3 The Morrigan Ao Kuang Chronos He Bo Sol
Week 4 Kumbhakarna Horus Xing Tian Khepri Nox
Week 1 Artemis Medusa Hades Thanatos Scylla
Week 2 Nemesis Kali Bellona Loki Amaterasu
Week 3 He Bo Baron Samedi Hades Hel Scylla
Week 4 Sobek Cerberus Artio Terra Khepri
Week 1 Zeus Aphrodite Chiron Ares Thanatos
Week 2 Tsukuyomi Gilgamesh Loki Ratatoskr Guan Yu
Week 3 Zeus Morgan Le Fay Kukulkan Agni Scylla
Week 4 Aphrodite Janus Hera Morgan Le Fay Chang'e
Week 1 Persephone Hades Zeus Scylla Hera
Week 2 Gilgamesh Bellona Mercury Arachne Thanatos
Week 3 Sol Scylla Tiamat Raijin Morgan Le Fay
Week 4 Sol Rama Kukulkan Arachne Persephone
Week 1 Apollo Chiron Nike Medusa Ares
Week 2 Awilix Mulan Cu Chulainn Gilgamesh Camazotz
Week 3 Thoth Vulcan Hades Zeus Ra
Week 4 Kukulkan Fafnir Discordia Geb Nu Wa
Week 1 Achilles Apollo Chronos Medusa Artemis
Week 2 Vamana Erlang Shen Mercury Achilles Bellona
Week 3 Chronos Kukulkan Hades Ao Kuang Eset
Week 4 Cthulhu Sylvanus Kumbhakarna Ganesha Xing Tian
Week 1 Artemis Medusa Aphrodite Ares Zeus
Week 2 Erlang Shen Sun Wukong Gilgamesh Amaterasu Vamana
Week 3 Nox Anubis Discordia Ra Freya
Week 4 Aphrodite Khepri Ares Neith Nox
Week 1 Chronos Cerberus Athena Nemesis Thanatos
Week 2 Gilgamesh Kali Amaterasu King Arthur Nike
Week 3 He Bo Anubis Freya Sol Persephone
Week 4 Vamana Sun Wukong Amaterasu Hercules Achilles
Week 1 Artemis Medusa Chiron Athena Thanatos
Week 2 Erlang Shen Odin Guan Yu Amaterasu King Arthur
Week 3 Ra Vulcan Zeus Hera Poseidon
Week 4 Nu Wa Neith Skadi Hou Yi Baba Yaga
Week 1 Nike Poseidon Artemis Hades Medusa
Week 2 Bellona Erlang Shen Kali Da Ji Fenrir
Week 3 Sol The Morrigan Poseidon Morgan Le Fay Scylla
Week 4 Jing Wei Chang'e Sol Chiron Sylvanus
Week 1 Apollo Nike Athena Ares Nemesis
Week 2 Bellona Bakasura Kali Gilgamesh Nemesis
Week 3 Thoth Morgan Le Fay Eset Hel Nu Wa
Week 4 King Arthur Sol Chiron Thoth Yemoja
Week 1 Athena Ares Thanatos Achilles Scylla
Week 2 Thor Loki Mercury Bellona Amaterasu
Week 3 Ao Kuang He Bo Thoth Anubis Scylla
Week 4 Scylla Thor Khepri Chronos Sobek
Week 1 Chiron Achilles Hera Artemis Nike
Week 2 Chaac Achilles Erlang Shen Osiris Odin
Week 3 Freya Olorun Raijin Agni Tiamat
Week 4 Kukulkan Tiamat Discordia Thoth Agni
Week 1 Cerberus Medusa Ares Artemis Achilles
Week 2 Gilgamesh Sun Wukong Vamana Mulan Nemesis
Week 3 Kukulkan Sol Olorun Discordia Anubis
Week 4 Neith Cupid Hou Yi Izanami Hachiman
Week 1 Athena Thanatos Cerberus Poseidon Aphrodite
Week 2 Ratatoskr Loki Thanatos Ne Zha Mercury
Week 3 Scylla The Morrigan Hel Ra Nu Wa
Week 4 Ullr Loki Camazotz Thor Serqet
Week 1 Medusa Poseidon Thanatos Achilles Hades
Week 2 Vamana Ravana Nemesis Pele Kali
Week 3 Zeus Scylla Kukulkan Ra Anubis
Week 4 Morgan Le Fay Sun Wukong Aphrodite Achilles Kukulkan
Week 1 Nemesis Thanatos Hera Nike Chronos
Week 2 Amaterasu Bellona Gilgamesh Nemesis Nike
Week 3 Freya Morgan Le Fay Merlin Ao Kuang Sol
Week 4 Morgan Le Fay Bellona Odin Merlin Medusa
Week 1 Chiron Nike Athena Achilles Arachne
Week 2 Gilgamesh Erlang Shen Nike Chaac Tsukuyomi
Week 3 Morgan Le Fay Zeus Sol Ra Baba Yaga
Week 4 Aphrodite Khepri Geb Baron Samedi Yemoja
Week 1 Nemesis Cerberus Chiron Medusa Persephone
Week 2 Bakasura Kali Mercury Gilgamesh Osiris
Week 3 Tiamat Ra Hades Scylla Anubis
Week 4 Morgan Le Fay Kumbhakarna Artemis Arachne Pele
Week 1 Achilles Thanatos Hades Scylla Poseidon
Week 2 Mercury Gilgamesh Sun Wukong Tsukuyomi Kali
Week 3 Zhong Kui Poseidon Raijin He Bo Scylla
Week 4 Fenrir Chaac Geb Tyr Gilgamesh
Week 1 Chiron Cerberus Athena Artemis Achilles
Week 2 Loki Tyr Amaterasu Thanatos Osiris
Week 3 He Bo Zeus Persephone Anubis The Morrigan
Week 4 Nike Aphrodite Sun Wukong Kukulkan Khepri
Week 1 Athena Hera Apollo Persephone Scylla
Week 2 Cu Chulainn Kali Loki Mercury Bakasura
Week 3 Vulcan Ao Kuang Kukulkan Poseidon Nox
Week 4 Nox Agni Merlin Scylla Vulcan
Week 1 Chiron Poseidon Medusa Apollo Scylla
Week 2 Thanatos Susano Nemesis Gilgamesh Mercury
Week 3 Ah Puch Anubis Scylla Discordia Vulcan
Week 4 Cthulhu Ymir Sobek Geb Poseidon
Week 1 Scylla Poseidon Hera Medusa Arachne
Week 2 Osiris Chaac Hercules Bellona Amaterasu
Week 3 Nox Kukulkan Nu Wa Poseidon Hera
Week 4 Cupid Ares Xing Tian Izanami Poseidon
Week 1 Achilles Artemis Thanatos Apollo Nike
Week 2 Bellona Ratatoskr Bakasura Erlang Shen Mercury
Week 3 Merlin He Bo Sol Ao Kuang Zhong Kui
Week 4 Erlang Shen Morgan Le Fay Vamana Izanami Sol
Master rudolf
Week 1 Nike Arachne Scylla Medusa Ares
Week 2 Serqet Bakasura Hun Batz Gilgamesh Amaterasu
Week 3 Baron Samedi Sol Zeus Scylla Kukulkan
Week 4 Chang'e Nike Geb Ao Kuang Ganesha
Week 1 Zeus Artemis Cerberus Aphrodite Chronos
Week 2 Chaac Osiris Arachne Fenrir Hercules
Week 3 Scylla Kukulkan Morgan Le Fay Ra Anubis
Week 4 Khepri Aphrodite Artio Cthulhu Ganesha
Week 1 Nike Chronos Cerberus Athena Aphrodite
Week 2 Osiris Bellona Tsukuyomi Fenrir Sun Wukong
Week 3 Anubis Morgan Le Fay Zhong Kui Ra Zeus
Week 4 Baron Samedi Sun Wukong Vamana Chaac Achilles
Week 1 Apollo Nemesis Medusa Athena Nike
Week 2 Nemesis Kali Osiris Mercury Fenrir
Week 3 Poseidon Raijin Anubis Ao Kuang Discordia
Week 4 Loki Xing Tian Apollo Tyr Artemis
Week 1 Aphrodite Athena Chiron Poseidon Zeus
Week 2 Gilgamesh Hercules Odin Hun Batz Bastet
Week 3 Zeus Vulcan Anubis Poseidon Kukulkan
Week 4 Hercules Aphrodite Neith Gilgamesh Anhur
Week 1 Hades Achilles Chiron Scylla Cerberus
Week 2 Tsukuyomi Gilgamesh Achilles Bellona Osiris
Week 3 Tiamat Hades Ao Kuang Anubis Merlin
Week 4 Chaac Hercules Sun Wukong Merlin Gilgamesh
Week 1 Poseidon Athena Persephone Thanatos Artemis
Week 2 Loki Fenrir Da Ji Hercules Mercury
Week 3 Morgan Le Fay Baron Samedi Nu Wa Ah Puch Kukulkan
Week 4 Fenrir Nox Kukulkan Vulcan Poseidon
Naughty Fungus
Week 1 Artemis Poseidon Arachne Apollo Persephone
Week 2 Guan Yu Arachne Ratatoskr Tsukuyomi Sun Wukong
Week 3 Zeus Nu Wa Poseidon Sol Scylla
Week 4 Izanami Hachiman Neith Cupid Cernunnos
Week 1 Aphrodite Zeus Poseidon Scylla Persephone
Week 2 Bellona Erlang Shen Hercules Gilgamesh Arachne
Week 3 Baron Samedi Morgan Le Fay Chronos Kukulkan Ra
Week 4 Khepri Raijin Kumbhakarna Geb Xing Tian
Week 1 Thanatos Ares Poseidon Medusa Chiron
Week 2 Ravana Camazotz Bastet Nemesis Mercury
Week 3 Morgan Le Fay Freya Anubis Ra Nu Wa
Week 4 Khepri Morgan Le Fay Ra Nu Wa Neith
Week 1 Achilles Poseidon Hades Hera Chiron
Week 2 Osiris Gilgamesh Amaterasu Erlang Shen Thanatos
Week 3 Morgan Le Fay Poseidon Zeus Ah Puch Vulcan
Week 4 Izanami Nike Scylla Agni Raijin
Week 1 Cerberus Medusa Ares Hades Scylla
Week 2 Set Amaterasu Gilgamesh Da Ji Mercury
Week 3 The Morrigan Ah Puch Anubis Zeus Vulcan
Week 4 Xbalanque Izanami Neith Xing Tian Cthulhu
Week 1 Ares Achilles Nike Cerberus Hades
Week 2 Tyr Sun Wukong Osiris Guan Yu Erlang Shen
Week 3 He Bo Ra Kukulkan Anubis Vulcan
Week 4 Khepri Hercules Geb Ares Ymir
Week 1 Achilles Poseidon Medusa Chiron Nemesis
Week 2 Fenrir Nemesis Achilles Awilix Gilgamesh
Week 3 Sol The Morrigan Freya Nu Wa Scylla
Week 4 Hou Yi Anhur Heimdallr Mercury Thoth
Week 1 Chiron Nike Arachne Hera Cerberus
Week 2 Gilgamesh Arachne Set Bellona Amaterasu
Week 3 Freya Morgan Le Fay Vulcan He Bo Thoth
Week 4 Geb Nox Odin Guan Yu Kukulkan
Week 1 Athena Poseidon Scylla Aphrodite Cerberus
Week 2 Mercury Amaterasu Da Ji Hercules Ratatoskr
Week 3 Poseidon Ah Puch Raijin Vulcan Thoth
Week 4 Amaterasu Thoth Khepri Hercules Aphrodite
Week 1 Cerberus Nemesis Apollo Ares Scylla
Week 2 Loki Erlang Shen Vamana Osiris Gilgamesh
Week 3 Scylla Kukulkan Poseidon Vulcan Anubis
Week 4 Vulcan Vamana Kumbhakarna Khepri Aphrodite
Week 1 Scylla Medusa Poseidon Aphrodite Persephone
Week 2 Bellona Gilgamesh Osiris Amaterasu Thor
Week 3 Scylla Sol Morgan Le Fay Merlin Discordia
Week 4 Hachiman Thoth Cupid Hou Yi Anhur
Week 1 Chiron Aphrodite Athena Medusa Artemis
Week 2 Nemesis Mercury Bakasura Kali Bellona
Week 3 Thoth Kukulkan Nu Wa Poseidon Hades
Week 4 Scylla Kukulkan Thoth Raijin Artemis
Week 1 Apollo Athena Chiron Arachne Artemis
Week 2 Tsukuyomi Set Bellona Erlang Shen Cu Chulainn
Week 3 Discordia He Bo Morgan Le Fay Baba Yaga Anubis
Week 4 Morgan Le Fay Loki Chiron Tiamat Vulcan
Week 1 Achilles Ares Poseidon Nike Scylla
Week 2 Nemesis Osiris Bakasura Erlang Shen Amaterasu
Week 3 Chang'e Ah Puch Scylla Hel Olorun
Week 4 Achilles Chronos Chaac Anubis Cupid
Week 1 Poseidon Athena Hades Chiron Apollo
Week 2 Bakasura Arachne Awilix Kali Thanatos
Week 3 Ah Puch Zeus Kukulkan He Bo Anubis
Week 4 Ah Muzen Cab Nu Wa Khepri Loki Jormungandr
Week 1 Scylla Hera Athena Medusa Persephone
Week 2 Awilix Da Ji Bellona Nemesis Amaterasu
Week 3 The Morrigan Discordia Baba Yaga Hel Anubis
Week 4 Bastet Eset Nox Kali Nike
Week 1 Poseidon Nike Scylla Artemis Chiron
Week 2 Mercury Da Ji Vamana Bellona Guan Yu
Week 3 Morgan Le Fay Persephone Kukulkan Hades Nu Wa
Week 4 Nox Merlin Agni Hou Yi Neith
Week 1 Ares Zeus Persephone Medusa Scylla
Week 2 Hun Batz Osiris Nemesis Arachne Loki
Week 3 Thoth Agni Discordia The Morrigan He Bo
Week 4 Kumbhakarna Athena Terra Cthulhu Tiamat
Week 1 Hera Hades Nemesis Ares Achilles
Week 2 Bellona Set Nemesis Kali Osiris
Week 3 Hades Hera Sol Nox Scylla
Week 4 Xing Tian Morgan Le Fay Neith Osiris Ares
Week 1 Arachne Nike Zeus Ares Athena
Week 2 Pele Set Bakasura Tsukuyomi Da Ji
Week 3 Baron Samedi Chang'e Ao Kuang The Morrigan Hel
Week 4 Nike Sun Wukong Artio Bellona Kali
Week 1 Ares Athena Apollo Artemis Medusa
Week 2 Erlang Shen Ratatoskr Amaterasu Vamana Horus
Week 3 Discordia Scylla Zeus Chang'e He Bo
Week 4 Bacchus Neith Xing Tian He Bo Cthulhu
Week 1 Ares Artemis Cerberus Athena Apollo
Week 2 Arachne Kali Odin Sun Wukong Loki
Week 3 Anubis Ra Ah Puch Scylla Kukulkan
Week 4 Sun Wukong Chronos Gilgamesh Kukulkan Horus
Week 1 Hades Hera Poseidon Arachne Nemesis
Week 2 Awilix Odin Arachne Fenrir Vamana
Week 3 Zeus Vulcan Chang'e Zhong Kui Kukulkan
Week 4 Cupid Medusa Chiron Neith Xbalanque
Week 1 Medusa Chiron Apollo Ares Artemis
Week 2 Arachne Gilgamesh Kali Fenrir Hercules
Week 3 Morgan Le Fay Kukulkan Anubis Zeus Scylla
Week 4 Scylla Morgan Le Fay Nox Aphrodite Chang'e
Week 1 Scylla Medusa Poseidon Nemesis Achilles
Week 2 Arachne Bakasura Awilix Kali Nemesis
Week 3 The Morrigan Scylla He Bo Anubis Chang'e
Week 4 Discordia He Bo Chang'e Xing Tian Scylla
Week 1 Apollo Persephone Hera Nemesis Poseidon
Week 2 Mercury Bakasura Osiris Arachne Set
Week 3 Ao Kuang Nu Wa Sol Poseidon Raijin
Week 4 Ullr Raijin Agni Hou Yi Rama
Seth Raventold
Week 1 Cerberus Apollo Hades Chiron Ares
Week 2 Gilgamesh Sun Wukong Osiris Loki Hun Batz
Week 3 Hades Poseidon Janus Kukulkan Scylla
Week 4 Kali Khepri Bacchus Terra Mulan
Week 1 Ares Athena Arachne Medusa Apollo
Week 2 Mercury Serqet Guan Yu Fenrir Erlang Shen
Week 3 Sol Zeus Anubis Scylla Agni
Week 4 Khepri Athena Geb Kumbhakarna Sobek
Week 1 Nemesis Thanatos Achilles Athena Artemis
Week 2 Mercury Nemesis Amaterasu Bellona Camazotz
Week 3 Vulcan Sol Kukulkan He Bo Chronos
Week 4 Kukulkan Raijin Discordia Hercules Odin
Week 1 Thanatos Athena Chiron Scylla Achilles
Week 2 Amaterasu Bellona Gilgamesh Osiris King Arthur
Week 3 Thoth Sol Ao Kuang Merlin He Bo
Week 4 Sobek Bacchus Cerberus Cthulhu Geb
Week 1 Hera Zeus Artemis Chronos Medusa
Week 2 Bakasura Vamana Arachne Kali Hercules
Week 3 Baron Samedi Scylla Zeus Freya Morgan Le Fay
Week 4 Sobek Freya Apollo Medusa Neith
Week 1 Medusa Ares Hades Thanatos Achilles
Week 2 Bakasura Gilgamesh Arachne Mercury Erlang Shen
Week 3 Janus Tiamat Agni Ra Hera
Week 4 Thoth Yemoja Hachiman Merlin Xing Tian
Week 1 Ares Athena Artemis Persephone Chronos
Week 2 Mercury Bellona Erlang Shen Tsukuyomi Bakasura
Week 3 Discordia Persephone Eset Chronos Scylla
Week 4 Discordia Cupid Persephone Hou Yi Anhur
Week 1 Artemis Chiron Hades Zeus Medusa
Week 2 Susano Erlang Shen Mercury Nike Awilix
Week 3 Hera Baron Samedi Vulcan Freya Sol
Week 4 Chang'e Baba Yaga Scylla Nu Wa Chronos
Week 1 Medusa Persephone Chiron Scylla Hera
Week 2 Kali Set Awilix Fenrir Gilgamesh
Week 3 Scylla Morgan Le Fay Zeus Poseidon Anubis
Week 4 Aphrodite Artemis Chiron Chang'e Rama
Week 1 Chiron Thanatos Medusa Ares Aphrodite
Week 2 Gilgamesh Arachne Ratatoskr Tsukuyomi Chaac
Week 3 Kukulkan Zeus Scylla Anubis Sol
Week 4 Cernunnos Kukulkan Hercules Ymir Sol
Week 1 Chronos Poseidon Zeus Hera Persephone
Week 2 Set Pele Bakasura Vamana Amaterasu
Week 3 Sol Freya Chronos Olorun Merlin
Week 4 Bastet Sol Freya Sun Wukong Ratatoskr
Week 1 Persephone Athena Nike Arachne Thanatos
Week 2 Amaterasu Mercury Gilgamesh Arachne Bellona
Week 3 Chronos Chang'e Morgan Le Fay Scylla Sol
Week 4 Hercules Geb Khepri Ymir Horus
Week 1 Ares Chronos Zeus Apollo Poseidon
Week 2 Mercury Vamana Camazotz Hercules Fenrir
Week 3 Vulcan He Bo Zhong Kui Poseidon Zeus
Week 4 Xing Tian Chronos Khepri Hercules Geb
Week 1 Chiron Artemis Ares Scylla Athena
Week 2 Thanatos Ratatoskr Tsukuyomi Vamana Mercury
Week 3 Discordia Ah Puch Zeus Kukulkan Scylla
Week 4 Cthulhu Neith Chronos Ares Ah Puch
Week 1 Chiron Athena Poseidon Zeus Cerberus
Week 2 Thor Set Vamana Cu Chulainn Achilles
Week 3 Agni He Bo Scylla Ao Kuang Nu Wa
Week 4 Kuzenbo Bacchus Cabrakan Geb Sobek
Week 1 Arachne Medusa Hades Chronos Cerberus
Week 2 Mercury Osiris Nemesis Gilgamesh Hercules
Week 3 Scylla Kukulkan Ah Puch Merlin Zeus
Week 4 Khepri Geb Cupid Cthulhu Sylvanus
Week 1 Artemis Zeus Chronos Arachne Thanatos
Week 2 Nemesis Da Ji Fenrir Awilix Camazotz
Week 3 Eset Sol Nox Anubis Ah Puch
Week 4 Fafnir Scylla Neith Heimdallr Janus
Week 1 Cerberus Ares Nike Chiron Chronos
Week 2 Osiris Gilgamesh Amaterasu Mulan Bellona
Week 3 Hera Chronos Zeus Tiamat Baron Samedi
Week 4 Khepri Guan Yu Geb Xing Tian Kumbhakarna
Week 1 Cerberus Artemis Nike Hera Apollo
Week 2 Chaac Ravana Loki Bakasura Gilgamesh
Week 3 Anubis Discordia Raijin Hades Poseidon
Week 4 Xbalanque Ganesha Hercules Ao Kuang Odin
Week 1 Artemis Poseidon Hera Cerberus Athena
Week 2 Vamana Guan Yu Osiris Bellona Chaac
Week 3 Morgan Le Fay Baron Samedi Vulcan Ah Puch Zeus
Week 4 Loki Susano Tiamat Neith Chiron
Week 1 Ares Artemis Chronos Zeus Poseidon
Week 2 Achilles Mercury Susano Mulan Loki
Week 3 Poseidon Zeus Hera Anubis Kukulkan
Week 4 Geb Khepri Cthulhu Artio Jormungandr

2022 SMITEFIRE IronMan Challenge

For the entire month of July, SMITE players had a chance to test their gaming endurance and skills to compete for a prestigious award and the chance to win $1,000 USD cash! Don't feel intimidated and check out the details on our original 2022 IronMan Challenge post.

Grand Prize Winner sebwar
Week 1
Ah Puch
Week 2
Week 3
Xing Tian
Week 4
Guan Yu
Week 1 Chaac Cabrakan Camazotz Ah Muzen Cab Ah Puch
Week 2 Agni Ra Anubis Izanami Rama
Week 3 Geb Khepri Ares Athena Terra
Week 4 Osiris Sun Wukong Danzaburou Mercury Ganesha
Week 1 Chaac Kukulkan Camazotz Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque
Week 2 Cernunnos Hera Izanami Jormungandr Charybdis
Week 3 Atlas Fafnir Sobek Ganesha Sylvanus
Week 4 Erlang Shen Artio Cerberus Apollo Zeus
Week 1 Cabrakan Chaac Kukulkan Hun Batz Awilix
Week 2 Poseidon Skadi Morgan Le Fay Anubis Neith
Week 3 Ymir Sylvanus Geb Cthulhu Cerberus
Week 4 Serqet Athena Mercury Arachne Mulan
Week 1 Ah Puch Cabrakan Xbalanque Kukulkan Chaac
Week 2 Vulcan Charybdis Jing Wei Ullr Scylla
Week 3 Sobek Xing Tian Atlas Ares Kuzenbo
Week 4 The Morrigan Ganesha Heimdallr Charybdis Skadi
Week 1 Ah Puch Xbalanque Kukulkan Chaac Camazotz
Week 2 Ah Muzen Cab Izanami Hou Yi Chiron Hades
Week 3 Sobek Khepri Fafnir Ares Cabrakan
Week 4 Achilles Hel Ne Zha Set Ganesha
Week 1 Xbalanque Awilix Camazotz Kukulkan Cabrakan
Week 2 Izanami Morgan Le Fay Hades Zhong Kui Heimdallr
Week 3 Geb Ares Kumbhakarna Athena Cthulhu
Week 4 Discordia Yu Huang Ganesha Baron Samedi Ah Muzen Cab
Week 1 Chaac Camazotz Awilix Hun Batz Ah Muzen Cab
Week 2 Kukulkan Hades Sylvanus Jormungandr Artemis
Week 3 Artio Atlas Yemoja Kumbhakarna Ymir
Week 4 Guan Yu Horus Hel Ganesha Khepri
Week 1 Chaac Cabrakan Hun Batz Kukulkan Ah Puch
Week 2 Yemoja Medusa Skadi Nox Jormungandr
Week 3 Geb Ares Xing Tian Cthulhu Cerberus
Week 4 Hachiman Kali Horus Thanatos Ganesha
Big Damage
Week 1 Camazotz Awilix Kukulkan Hun Batz Cabrakan
Week 2 Ah Muzen Cab Chernobog Skadi Medusa Cernunnos
Week 3 Ganesha Khepri Sobek Xing Tian Ares
Week 4 Serqet Ymir Horus Kumbhakarna Amaterasu
Week 1 Ah Puch Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque Cabrakan
Week 2 Izanami Cupid Cernunnos Medusa Neith
Week 3 Ymir Yemoja Athena Kumbhakarna Khepri
Week 4 Mercury Persephone Baron Samedi Danzaburou Cliodhna
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Cabrakan Ah Puch Kukulkan Xbalanque
Week 2 Poseidon Chiron Artemis Anubis Sol
Week 3 Ymir Sobek Jormungandr Artio Ares
Week 4 Mulan Ratatoskr Fenrir Zeus Baron Samedi
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque Ah Puch Chaac Kukulkan
Week 2 Jing Wei Ra Danzaburou Skadi Cernunnos
Week 3 Atlas Ganesha Khepri Ymir Geb
Week 4 Arachne Nu Wa Morgan Le Fay Chiron Neith
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Awilix Kukulkan Camazotz Ah Puch
Week 2 Tiamat Izanami Scylla Danzaburou Neith
Week 3 Khepri Terra Jormungandr Yemoja Bacchus
Week 4 Ganesha Serqet Athena Sobek Cthulhu
Week 1 Chaac Kukulkan Hun Batz Cabrakan Xbalanque
Week 2 Persephone Janus Medusa Chernobog Discordia
Week 3 Atlas Khepri Kumbhakarna Xing Tian Geb
Week 4 Thor Athena Kuzenbo Gilgamesh Mulan
Week 1 Chaac Xbalanque Ah Puch Kukulkan Camazotz
Week 2 Anubis Hera Danzaburou Cupid Chiron
Week 3 Kuzenbo Xing Tian Geb Bacchus Cerberus
Week 4 Artemis Thor Cthulhu Nu Wa Janus
Week 1 Chaac Xbalanque Hun Batz Cabrakan Kukulkan
Week 2 Chiron Danzaburou Artemis Izanami Anhur
Week 3 Geb Sylvanus Ganesha Fafnir Ymir
Week 4 Mulan Raijin Odin Hera Anubis
Week 1 Cabrakan Chaac Hun Batz Kukulkan Camazotz
Week 2 Sylvanus Poseidon Chang'e Jormungandr Jing Wei
Week 3 Xing Tian Yemoja Terra Ganesha Ares
Week 4 Shiva Bellona Xbalanque Odin Chiron
Week 1 Kukulkan Camazotz Chaac Hun Batz Awilix
Week 2 Merlin Yemoja Jing Wei Izanami Apollo
Week 3 Geb Xing Tian Cerberus Sobek Cabrakan
Week 4 Charybdis Danzaburou Anhur Ah Muzen Cab Ganesha
Week 1 Xbalanque Hun Batz Chaac Kukulkan Cabrakan
Week 2 Danzaburou Neith Chernobog Hades Hachiman
Week 3 Geb Sobek Xing Tian Ganesha Athena
Week 4 Jing Wei Bellona Skadi Artemis Nike
Week 1 Xbalanque Kukulkan Chaac Ah Puch Ah Muzen Cab
Week 2 Hera Baba Yaga Danzaburou Persephone Chang'e
Week 3 Yemoja Ganesha Geb Atlas Khepri
Week 4 Nu Wa Morgan Le Fay Janus Xing Tian Kuzenbo
Week 1 Xbalanque Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Chaac Cabrakan
Week 2 Persephone Danzaburou Thoth Heimdallr Scylla
Week 3 Cthulhu Sobek Atlas Bacchus Fafnir
Week 4 Jing Wei Ganesha Hachiman Poseidon Chiron
Week 1 Awilix Chaac Xbalanque Kukulkan Camazotz
Week 2 Persephone Izanami Eset Hera Thoth
Week 3 Xing Tian Khepri Kumbhakarna Geb Atlas
Week 4 Artemis Ganesha Thanatos Cthulhu Vulcan
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Chaac Xbalanque Hun Batz Ah Puch
Week 2 Danzaburou Sylvanus Neith Yemoja Cupid
Week 3 Ares Khepri Athena Kuzenbo Terra
Week 4 Nu Wa Olorun Odin Bellona Medusa
Week 1 Awilix Kukulkan Ah Puch Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque
Week 2 Neith Aphrodite He Bo Chronos Persephone
Week 3 Sylvanus Jormungandr Geb Sobek Bacchus
Week 4 Persephone Atlas Sol Discordia Hercules
Week 1 Awilix Xbalanque Camazotz Hun Batz Kukulkan
Week 2 Rama Anhur Hera Chang'e Cupid
Week 3 Jormungandr Artio Kumbhakarna Ganesha Ares
Week 4 Ratatoskr Chronos Charybdis Hou Yi Ah Muzen Cab
Week 1 Cabrakan Ah Puch Chaac Camazotz Xbalanque
Week 2 Izanami Anhur Ullr Artemis Heimdallr
Week 3 Ganesha Geb Atlas Kuzenbo Bacchus
Week 4 Yu Huang Gilgamesh Kukulkan Sylvanus Tsukuyomi
Week 1 Camazotz Kukulkan Awilix Cabrakan Hun Batz
Week 2 Medusa Danzaburou Artemis Yu Huang Anhur
Week 3 Ares Yemoja Kuzenbo Sylvanus Artio
Week 4 Bacchus Atlas Ganesha Sobek Kumbhakarna
Week 1 Ah Puch Hun Batz Awilix Camazotz Xbalanque
Week 2 Charybdis Olorun Sol Neith Apollo
Week 3 Artio Sobek Xing Tian Khepri Athena
Week 4 Horus Bastet Cabrakan Mercury Erlang Shen
Week 1 Awilix Camazotz Cabrakan Ah Puch Kukulkan
Week 2 Ra Scylla Hera Vulcan Cupid
Week 3 Geb Sobek Ymir Terra Athena
Week 4 Charybdis Neith Cernunnos Pele Thanatos
Week 1 Camazotz Ah Puch Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan Chaac
Week 2 Persephone Nox Tiamat Anubis Charybdis
Week 3 Geb Yemoja Khepri Ymir Kuzenbo
Week 4 Thanatos Jormungandr Sol Yu Huang Chang'e
Week 1 Ah Puch Xbalanque Awilix Ah Muzen Cab Cabrakan
Week 2 Skadi Scylla Discordia Hera Raijin
Week 3 Ganesha Geb Atlas Cthulhu Sobek
Week 4 Yu Huang Bastet He Bo Thoth Nox
Week 1 Kukulkan Cabrakan Chaac Awilix Ah Puch
Week 2 Jing Wei Hachiman Charybdis Baba Yaga Scylla
Week 3 Kumbhakarna Artio Geb Xing Tian Atlas
Week 4 Ne Zha Odin Chang'e Achilles Mulan
Week 1 Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Ah Puch Awilix Chaac
Week 2 Persephone Poseidon Cupid Yemoja Discordia
Week 3 Kumbhakarna Khepri Athena Terra Atlas
Week 4 Hou Yi Agni Nox Ganesha Artio
Week 1 Kukulkan Camazotz Cabrakan Ah Puch Chaac
Week 2 Ah Muzen Cab Chiron Poseidon Janus Neith
Week 3 Jormungandr Kuzenbo Xing Tian Atlas Bacchus
Week 4 Ganesha Geb Terra Bakasura Zeus
Week 1 Cabrakan Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Chaac Hun Batz
Week 2 Chiron Artemis Zhong Kui Sylvanus Izanami
Week 3 Bacchus Ymir Yemoja Jormungandr Cerberus
Week 4 Persephone Neith Artio Bastet Ganesha
Week 1 Cabrakan Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan Xbalanque Ah Puch
Week 2 Izanami Sylvanus Apollo Hachiman Charybdis
Week 3 Ymir Geb Khepri Athena Fafnir
Week 4 Atlas Ganesha Baron Samedi Bacchus Sobek
Week 1 Awilix Camazotz Ah Puch Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque
Week 2 Danzaburou Cupid Nu Wa Eset Discordia
Week 3 Athena Geb Xing Tian Ymir Sobek
Week 4 Izanami Erlang Shen Shiva Ganesha Ares
Week 1 Xbalanque Hun Batz Camazotz Awilix Chaac
Week 2 Ah Muzen Cab Aphrodite Merlin Heimdallr Izanami
Week 3 Yemoja Khepri Artio Ares Xing Tian
Week 4 Ratatoskr Amaterasu Ganesha Athena Achilles
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Cabrakan Ah Puch Xbalanque Chaac
Week 2 Jormungandr Persephone Medusa Chiron Merlin
Week 3 Kuzenbo Terra Fafnir Cerberus Bacchus
Week 4 Ganesha Xing Tian Khepri Kumbhakarna Geb
Week 1 Chaac Camazotz Xbalanque Kukulkan Cabrakan
Week 2 Chiron Medusa Eset Jing Wei Anhur
Week 3 Kumbhakarna Terra Ares Sobek Fafnir
Week 4 Ganesha Odin Bakasura Mercury Jormungandr
Week 1 Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque Cabrakan Chaac
Week 2 Neith Artemis Heimdallr Skadi Ullr
Week 3 Yemoja Cthulhu Jormungandr Khepri Xing Tian
Week 4 Tsukuyomi Achilles Hou Yi Ganesha Ares
Week 1 Xbalanque Ah Puch Chaac Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan
Week 2 Zhong Kui Yu Huang Baba Yaga Cupid Nox
Week 3 Fafnir Khepri Artio Cthulhu Terra
Week 4 Guan Yu Mulan Anubis Ganesha Danzaburou
Week 1 Chaac Xbalanque Awilix Kukulkan Ah Puch
Week 2 Poseidon Cupid Chernobog Ullr Cernunnos
Week 3 Sobek Cthulhu Bacchus Cabrakan Jormungandr
Week 4 Cliodhna Sol Tsukuyomi Thanatos Danzaburou
Week 1 Xbalanque Hun Batz Kukulkan Awilix Camazotz
Week 2 Heimdallr Charybdis Medusa Chernobog Cupid
Week 3 Terra Bacchus Khepri Geb Artio
Week 4 Thanatos Scylla Mercury Hades Baron Samedi
Week 1 Kukulkan Hun Batz Chaac Ah Puch Ah Muzen Cab
Week 2 Neith Yemoja Jing Wei Apollo Danzaburou
Week 3 Khepri Ares Bacchus Xing Tian Atlas
Week 4 Sun Wukong Achilles Geb Mercury Guan Yu
Week 1 Chaac Awilix Ah Puch Cabrakan Ah Muzen Cab
Week 2 Chronos Nox Eset Baron Samedi Chiron
Week 3 Fafnir Ares Geb Atlas Sylvanus
Week 4 Poseidon Ullr Ganesha Odin Achilles
Week 1 Hun Batz Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan Ah Puch Awilix
Week 2 Hachiman Danzaburou Rama Apollo Cupid
Week 3 Fafnir Ganesha Bacchus Kumbhakarna Cabrakan
Week 4 Cernunnos Odin Sobek Artio Athena
Week 1 Chaac Hun Batz Awilix Camazotz Kukulkan
Week 2 Tiamat Raijin Merlin Jormungandr Medusa
Week 3 Khepri Athena Ymir Yemoja Ares
Week 4 Ganesha Skadi Ratatoskr Mulan Shiva
Week 1 Cabrakan Ah Puch Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque Chaac
Week 2 Aphrodite Cupid Janus Danzaburou Yu Huang
Week 3 Fafnir Bacchus Xing Tian Kumbhakarna Athena
Week 4 Scylla Charybdis Mercury Hou Yi Anhur
Week 1 Xbalanque Ah Puch Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Camazotz
Week 2 Medusa Agni Cupid Ullr Chronos
Week 3 Sobek Khepri Xing Tian Jormungandr Ganesha
Week 4 Neith Odin Mulan Sol Achilles
Week 1 Chaac Hun Batz Cabrakan Xbalanque Ah Puch
Week 2 Medusa Poseidon Anubis Agni Kukulkan
Week 3 Khepri Sylvanus Xing Tian Ymir Kumbhakarna
Week 4 Rama Ganesha Hou Yi Zeus Zhong Kui
Week 1 Cabrakan Chaac Xbalanque Ah Puch Camazotz
Week 2 Janus Danzaburou Apollo Agni Thoth
Week 3 Ares Ymir Cerberus Atlas Ganesha
Week 4 Rama Geb Neith Hachiman Fafnir
Week 1 Xbalanque Kukulkan Hun Batz Chaac Camazotz
Week 2 Cernunnos Chang'e Charybdis Jing Wei Chronos
Week 3 Khepri Ganesha Cerberus Cthulhu Jormungandr
Week 4 Susano Lancelot Ares Geb Kumbhakarna
Week 1 Chaac Xbalanque Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Awilix
Week 2 Skadi Ra Nu Wa Medusa Hachiman
Week 3 Kumbhakarna Geb Kuzenbo Cabrakan Khepri
Week 4 Ganesha Cernunnos Ares Sylvanus Cthulhu
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan Ah Puch Xbalanque Hun Batz
Week 2 Sol Medusa Cupid Chang'e Tiamat
Week 3 Kumbhakarna Geb Cthulhu Bacchus Khepri
Week 4 Persephone Baba Yaga Fafnir Ares Sylvanus
Week 1 Kukulkan Cabrakan Camazotz Hun Batz Xbalanque
Week 2 Baron Samedi Tiamat Ullr Olorun Morgan Le Fay
Week 3 Yemoja Geb Kuzenbo Cerberus Khepri
Week 4 Fafnir Izanami Ah Puch Poseidon Ganesha
Week 1 Camazotz Chaac Awilix Xbalanque Cabrakan
Week 2 Apollo Ullr Ah Muzen Cab Skadi Chernobog
Week 3 Atlas Geb Xing Tian Fafnir Kumbhakarna
Week 4 Poseidon Serqet Ne Zha Khepri Thor
Week 1 Kukulkan Ah Puch Ah Muzen Cab Hun Batz Chaac
Week 2 Hera Poseidon Nu Wa Persephone Danzaburou
Week 3 Kuzenbo Yemoja Fafnir Kumbhakarna Xing Tian
Week 4 Cabrakan Ganesha Cerberus Athena Loki
Week 1 Xbalanque Ah Muzen Cab Ah Puch Awilix Chaac
Week 2 Neith Aphrodite He Bo Chronos Persephone
Week 3 Sobek Geb Ganesha Ares Cthulhu
Week 4 Agni Horus Izanami Ra Skadi
Week 1 Xbalanque Chaac Hun Batz Awilix Ah Muzen Cab
Week 2 Sylvanus Skadi Janus Poseidon Chronos
Week 3 Ymir Khepri Atlas Kumbhakarna Cerberus
Week 4 Hercules Shiva Bellona Thanatos Anubis
Week 1 Camazotz Hun Batz Xbalanque Cabrakan Chaac
Week 2 Charybdis Chiron Neith Izanami Danzaburou
Week 3 Geb Atlas Khepri Sobek Bacchus
Week 4 Ganesha Apollo Cupid Ah Muzen Cab Mulan
Week 1 Xbalanque Cabrakan Ah Muzen Cab Chaac Hun Batz
Week 2 He Bo Persephone Sylvanus Yemoja Thoth
Week 3 Fafnir Xing Tian Cthulhu Kuzenbo Atlas
Week 4 Sobek Ganesha Chiron Chronos Artemis
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan Camazotz Hun Batz Chaac
Week 2 Cernunnos Cupid Sylvanus Anubis Hades
Week 3 Kumbhakarna Geb Khepri Athena Ganesha
Week 4 Sobek Artemis Rama Kuzenbo Ymir
Week 1 Cabrakan Ah Puch Awilix Ah Muzen Cab Chaac
Week 2 Artemis Agni Chang'e Sylvanus Danzaburou
Week 3 Kumbhakarna Cerberus Geb Terra Bacchus
Week 4 Odin Ganesha Nike Fafnir Guan Yu
Week 1 Hun Batz Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan Awilix Ah Puch
Week 2 Vulcan Raijin Discordia Charybdis Poseidon
Week 3 Ganesha Bacchus Terra Sobek Khepri
Week 4 Odin Izanami Shiva Ares Jing Wei
Week 1 Awilix Camazotz Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque Hun Batz
Week 2 Hou Yi Jing Wei Chiron Izanami Hachiman
Week 3 Yemoja Xing Tian Bacchus Fafnir Kumbhakarna
Week 4 Fenrir Heimdallr Chernobog Cupid Sobek
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Hun Batz Camazotz Awilix Ah Puch
Week 2 Danzaburou Jing Wei Chronos Eset Agni
Week 3 Xing Tian Cerberus Ymir Cthulhu Terra
Week 4 Nemesis Ravana He Bo Osiris Mercury
Week 1 Cabrakan Chaac Xbalanque Ah Muzen Cab Ah Puch
Week 2 Danzaburou Jing Wei Anhur Medusa Izanami
Week 3 Khepri Jormungandr Atlas Geb Sobek
Week 4 Hachiman Rama Chiron Freya Cupid
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque Cabrakan Camazotz Kukulkan
Week 2 Neith Danzaburou Poseidon Chernobog Cupid
Week 3 Khepri Terra Kuzenbo Athena Yemoja
Week 4 Thanatos Janus Mercury Da Ji Ratatoskr
Week 1 Ah Puch Kukulkan Chaac Camazotz Hun Batz
Week 2 Charybdis Zhong Kui Yu Huang Skadi Hera
Week 3 Xing Tian Atlas Sobek Kuzenbo Geb
Week 4 Bastet Loki Danzaburou Ares Horus
Week 1 Chaac Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan Ah Puch Xbalanque
Week 2 Zhong Kui Cupid Medusa Sylvanus Poseidon
Week 3 Cthulhu Atlas Sobek Terra Cerberus
Week 4 Ganesha Set Da Ji Khepri Geb
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Camazotz Hun Batz Kukulkan Ah Puch
Week 2 Cernunnos Nu Wa Poseidon Danzaburou Persephone
Week 3 Yemoja Sylvanus Ymir Cthulhu Sobek
Week 4 Ganesha Izanami Ares Nike Kumbhakarna
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Cabrakan Kukulkan Ah Puch Hun Batz
Week 2 Discordia Izanami Scylla Danzaburou Zeus
Week 3 Khepri Cthulhu Ares Cerberus Artio
Week 4 Ganesha Anubis Chiron Ra Bacchus
Week 1 Xbalanque Chaac Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Cabrakan
Week 2 Hachiman Ra Izanami Chronos Janus
Week 3 Kuzenbo Cerberus Bacchus Kumbhakarna Xing Tian
Week 4 Kali Danzaburou Sol Thanatos Bakasura
Week 1 Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Chaac Ah Puch Xbalanque
Week 2 Hou Yi Izanami Persephone Jormungandr Chang'e
Week 3 Cerberus Sylvanus Xing Tian Kuzenbo Geb
Week 4 Thoth Ganesha Artemis Medusa Chiron
Week 1 Hun Batz Awilix Ah Puch Kukulkan Chaac
Week 2 Rama Hou Yi Heimdallr Jing Wei Neith
Week 3 Khepri Xing Tian Kumbhakarna Ganesha Kuzenbo
Week 4 Anhur Ullr Sylvanus Geb Loki
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Camazotz Hun Batz Xbalanque Kukulkan
Week 2 Hou Yi Artemis Apollo Rama Danzaburou
Week 3 Sobek Khepri Geb Ymir Xing Tian
Week 4 Cupid Ao Kuang Hachiman Cliodhna Arachne
Week 1 Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Cabrakan Chaac Xbalanque
Week 2 Anubis Olorun Sol Poseidon Ra
Week 3 Ares Xing Tian Atlas Jormungandr Sobek
Week 4 Bellona Khepri Ymir Yemoja Vamana
Week 1 Cabrakan Chaac Kukulkan Hun Batz Camazotz
Week 2 Apollo Artemis Poseidon Baron Samedi Sol
Week 3 Bacchus Ymir Ares Jormungandr Sylvanus
Week 4 Osiris Fenrir Bellona Rama Cerberus
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Cabrakan Ah Puch Xbalanque Kukulkan
Week 2 Nox Danzaburou Artemis Apollo Persephone
Week 3 Cerberus Sobek Xing Tian Kuzenbo Atlas
Week 4 Ganesha Chiron Vamana Sylvanus Baron Samedi
Week 1 Awilix Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque Camazotz Cabrakan
Week 2 Apollo Izanami Chernobog Baron Samedi Poseidon
Week 3 Geb Kumbhakarna Khepri Atlas Ares
Week 4 Thor Ne Zha Serqet Ullr Thoth
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan Chaac Awilix Xbalanque
Week 2 Yu Huang Janus Nox Izanami Cupid
Week 3 Atlas Geb Yemoja Cthulhu Khepri
Week 4 Medusa Hou Yi Heimdallr Hachiman Neith
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Xbalanque Chaac Kukulkan Cabrakan
Week 2 Danzaburou Rama Apollo Heimdallr Chiron
Week 3 Athena Xing Tian Khepri Geb Sobek
Week 4 Nemesis Ravana Osiris Fenrir Lancelot
Week 1 Chaac Xbalanque Cabrakan Ah Puch Awilix
Week 2 Artemis Danzaburou Chernobog Izanami Sylvanus
Week 3 Ares Athena Xing Tian Cerberus Bacchus
Week 4 Ah Muzen Cab Ganesha Horus Jing Wei Horus
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Awilix Xbalanque Kukulkan Hun Batz
Week 2 Danzaburou Sol Baron Samedi Morgan Le Fay Medusa
Week 3 Geb Khepri Bacchus Fafnir Atlas
Week 4 Ganesha Xing Tian Athena Izanami Thanatos
Week 1 Camazotz Kukulkan Ah Puch Awilix Xbalanque
Week 2 Olorun Raijin Ra Agni Neith
Week 3 Bacchus Ymir Jormungandr Xing Tian Kuzenbo
Week 4 Ganesha Thoth Pele Arachne Medusa
Week 1 Ah Muzen Cab Awilix Kukulkan Xbalanque Camazotz
Week 2 Cupid Olorun Nu Wa Heimdallr Medusa
Week 3 Athena Fafnir Bacchus Xing Tian Khepri
Week 4 Kumbhakarna Sobek Sylvanus Artio Ne Zha
Week 1 Hun Batz Cabrakan Chaac Ah Muzen Cab Ah Puch
Week 2 Poseidon Baron Samedi Chiron Scylla Cupid
Week 3 Jormungandr Cerberus Ares Ymir Bacchus
Week 4 Ganesha Atlas Sobek Cthulhu Odin
Week 1 Chaac Cabrakan Kukulkan Ah Muzen Cab Camazotz
Week 2 Neith Morgan Le Fay Sylvanus Jormungandr Anubis
Week 3 Athena Terra Fafnir Xing Tian Ymir
Week 4 Eset Artemis Amaterasu Odin Sobek
Week 1 Xbalanque Kukulkan Ah Puch Hun Batz Ah Muzen Cab
Week 2 Hou Yi Anhur Danzaburou Izanami Cernunnos
Week 3 Kumbhakarna Kuzenbo Khepri Sobek Artio
Week 4 Neith Medusa Bellona Ganesha Hades
Week 1 Kukulkan Hun Batz Ah Muzen Cab Chaac Xbalanque
Week 2 Poseidon Anubis Janus Skadi Merlin
Week 3 Cthulhu Cabrakan Jormungandr Sylvanus Bacchus
Week 4 Loki Awilix Cliodhna Tsukuyomi Mulan
Week 1 Xbalanque Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan Ah Puch Cabrakan
Week 2 Janus Izanami Zhong Kui Nox Neith
Week 3 Fafnir Sylvanus Atlas Ganesha Kumbhakarna
Week 4 Bacchus Chiron Tiamat Kuzenbo Mulan
Week 1 Kukulkan Ah Puch Hun Batz Xbalanque Chaac
Week 2 Baron Samedi Hel Vulcan Cupid Ra
Week 3 Xing Tian Sobek Geb Terra Cerberus
Week 4 Cthulhu Kumbhakarna Ares Jormungandr Ganesha
Week 1 Ah Puch Kukulkan Chaac Awilix Ah Muzen Cab
Week 2 Tiamat Heimdallr Poseidon Danzaburou Cupid
Week 3 Xing Tian Sobek Kuzenbo Artio Geb
Week 4 Medusa Kumbhakarna Bacchus Ratatoskr Ganesha
Week 1 Xbalanque Ah Muzen Cab Kukulkan Camazotz Cabrakan
Week 2 Hou Yi Medusa Poseidon Apollo Zhong Kui
Week 3 Ymir Fafnir Cerberus Terra Kuzenbo
Week 4 Janus He Bo Chernobog Anubis Chiron
Week 1 Ah Puch Chaac Camazotz Hun Batz Cabrakan
Week 2 Baron Samedi Hades Chernobog Ah Muzen Cab Nox
Week 3 Geb Ganesha Cerberus Sobek Khepri
Week 4 Odin Hercules Mulan Gilgamesh Vamana
Week 1 Chaac Awilix Hun Batz Xbalanque Ah Muzen Cab
Week 2 Danzaburou Kukulkan Discordia Rama Cernunnos
Week 3 Kumbhakarna Ymir Bacchus Khepri Ganesha
Week 4 Ao Kuang Thanatos Guan Yu Odin Anubis
Week 1 Ah Puch Cabrakan Kukulkan Xbalanque Chaac
Week 2 Medusa Izanami Danzaburou Heimdallr Ah Muzen Cab
Week 3 Ymir Jormungandr Ares Xing Tian Athena
Week 4 Horus Nox Nu Wa Anubis Baron Samedi

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