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The Smite forum is a place for fans to come together and discuss everything related to Smite. Please stay on topic and do not hijack threads. Non Smite discussion is to be kept to the off-topic forum(s) only. Please review our General Rules & Guidelines before posting or commenting anywhere on SmiteFire.

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 forum read News
Keep up with Smite news and updates, as well as any new site features!
By: TitanDandy | 2023/2/1...
Last Post: February 1, 2023 10:34am
by Branmuffin17
953 11845
 forum read General Discussion
Any and all Smite discussion!
The key to tackling a...
Last Post: January 4, 2023 9:28am
by Big Damage
3131 36906
 forum read Theory Crafting
The science of Smite! Discuss strategies, gods, items and more.
So one further thing I want...
Last Post: September 8, 2022 10:54am
by Branmuffin17
390 3871
 forum read New Player Help
New to the game? Have questions about the mechanics or gods? Ask here!
FYI KingScuba and I have...
Last Post: September 26, 2020 12:37pm
by Branmuffin17
489 3403
 forum read Mentoring
Offer to mentor and train other players in-game, or seek help from the pros!
Hi, I recently learned of...
Last Post: January 21, 2023 4:39am
by Stardusk
415 2223
 forum read Introductions & Matchmaking
Introduce yourself! Find people to play with, join a team or schedule a match!
Hey there, Been super...
Last Post: January 8, 2023 4:13pm
by Reikurai
1095 4948
 forum read Off Topic
Everything non Smite goes here!
Hey Wayne! Yeah, some stuff...
Last Post: January 13, 2023 2:19pm
by Branmuffin17
710 14815
 forum read Support
Anything about SmiteFire. Need help? Have some suggestions or feedback? Post it here!
hi! did you fix it ?
Last Post: December 8, 2022 2:39pm
by denlui
410 2147
 forum read Database
If you spot anything missing or out of date in our database post it here to get it updated!
LOL typo, fixed, thanks for...
Last Post: January 30, 2023 2:25pm
by Branmuffin17
54 281
Create & Share
 forum read Build & Guide Discussion
Ask for help with guide formatting and presentation.
This hurts my soul...
Last Post: November 11, 2021 12:56am
by S7evin424
157 1066
 forum read God & Item Ideas
Share your ideas for new gods, new items or other improvements to Smite!
Last Post: January 17, 2022 4:48pm
by Shredder801
870 6633
 forum read Signatures & Artwork
Offer your artistic services, or request graphics for your guides or signatures!
Signatures are that...
Last Post: March 8, 2021 9:50am
by Gulfwulf
106 1128
 forum read Videos & Streams
Share live streams, videos and any other media for all to see!
just me having fun with...
Last Post: March 28, 2022 8:51pm
by iHeartSkulls
522 1335

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