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Smite Item: Titan's Bane

Smite Item Titan's Bane

Item Details

Titan's Bane

Cost: 1000 (2500)

+40 Physical Power
+20% Physical Penetration

PASSIVE - Your first ability cast gains 20% Physical Penetration. This can only occur once every 5 seconds.

Item Discussion

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Branmuffin17 (395) | May 25, 2018 9:30pm
As of Patch 5.9, passive ignores a minimum 15% of target's physical protection, up to 65 protection. The effect scales up to max 40% linearly at 200 physical protections.

In case you want to find out exactly how much pen you're getting out of this item against an opponent with a specific amount of physical prots, here's the calculation:

(((Prots - 65) / 135) * 25) + 15

Here's a chart showing the progression.

Note that this just gives you the % pen calc. You then have to use that value as a percentage (a value of 23% would be 0.23) and multiply that by the enemy's protections to get the flat pen value.

For squishies building 0 protections at level 20, you will usually get only around the minimum 15% pen. This is only around 10 penetration, making flat pen items like Brawler's Beat Stick and The Crusher superior in effect.

It is also unlikely that all but perhaps 1 enemy in a balanced match will ever reach 200+ physical protection. That said, if an enemy gets even one normal physical protection item and their protection exceeds 100 at level 20, you'll get more pen out of TB than you would any flat pen item.
Kriega1 (143) | May 26, 2018 2:50am
So against enemies that didn't build too many high physical protection items, could an item like Bloodforge be more useful for dps?
Branmuffin17 (395) | May 26, 2018 9:34am
It's not an easy, straightforward answer. Let's make some assumptions.
  1. % pen is almost always more of a late game item (except The Executioner, which DPS hunters usually want earlier)...we're not considering TB early in a build.
  2. The enemy is a squishy, and most gods at level 20 have at least 60 protections.
  3. We're not talking about combining Exe + TB.
  4. God we're building is an ability-based Assassin or something.
  5. Average item in a full build when a squishy wants physical protections will usually be at least 40. (obvious exceptions are things like Magi's Cloak.
So, if a squishy gets an item specifically for the protection, they're likely to hit at least 100 protections. As you can see from the chart, at 100, % pen exceeds 20%, which means 20 flat pen or higher, which is higher than any item containing flat pen (with the exception of stacking protection reduction from Stone Cutting Sword.

So the ROI on TB should be pretty good IF the enemy gets protections.

Then you have to consider how much actual pen you have in other items. The closer you get to true damage, the more the damage ramps up. Individual god has to be considered too, because some scale VERY well with power, while others are only mediocre.

Against a squishy with no added protections, and if you have a couple decent flat pen items ( Heartseeker + Brawler's Beat Stick + Jotunn's Wrath, say, then maybe Bloodforge would have better damage potential, especially for a high scaling ability. I'd guess it's very similar damage output overall, though.

Bloodforge is a bit situational though. For consistent output against all enemies, TB still seems like it should be okay. To get the most out of BF, you need to get kills (for the shield), and/or you need to basic attack a decent amount (to get the lifesteal). If you're just going for the power, then you might be better off with a similar power item that has different benefit (e.g. Shifter's Shield).
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