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July 18, 2017
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So I found out why images that I uploaded weren't working. Anyway here's one

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July 17, 2017
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Ok so look, I'm new to the 'gaming world'. I don't know any 'gamer' terms like "glass cannon", "tank" and etc...everytime someone said something like that I just think "what the hell are they talking about".It But anyways, the only reason I downloaded Smite (earlier this year, I know I'm late to the game) is because a friend recommended it, so I downloaded Smite to satisfy them. I realized I actually liked Smite but the thing was I was and still am completely *** at it. I was *** at Paragon when I first started, which was earlier this year, but now I'm doing very good on it. People always tell me that they think Paragon is harder than Smite, but to me Smite is harder than Paragon. Anyways getting back on topic, I just want someone to explain like all the characters, their weaknesses, their strengths, and etc... Most of all I need help BUILDING A DECK FOR THEM. I know some games the items can be completely useless, but I just need to know what items are good against who when I'm playing…
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July 15, 2017
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I think I've basically hit it. You know it. The point where you feel your skill has hit its peak and you don't see any noticeable improvement. It's pretty frustrating.

Here's my main Guru stat page on PS4.

(IF you're interested) Check out game details of recent matches.

If you delve into the numbers, the general theme is that, with this last set of games last night, I've been basically carried by GameGeekFan and bad_juju40 (newbiemj here on SF). Even when I'm an offensive god that is supposed to carry, it's just not happening that much.

Excuse or not in some cases, I know some of my biggest issues:
  • I will never be that good with PS4 controls. I still struggle with instinct with regard to the buttons (shoulder buttons are absolutely not the natural controls I'm familir with on my keypad), and my aim is often trash.

  • I get tired of playing the same gods over and I play gods that I'm okay with on PC, but it's not the same. No way in Hel I can combo stance switch with her

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July 11, 2017
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So I have decided these are the gods I want to get good at. Got my first Diamond with Cupid but want to move onto having few more gods. I will only be playing ranked Joust as conquest does not interest me.

Next few gods will be learning to play:
Ah Muzen Cab
Possibly Bastet but unsure yet
Possibly Nox

Any tips, builds for any of these gods are welcome ^_^

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July 11, 2017
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The title speaks for itself. I don't know how it ever got upvoted. I got a lot of things wrong. For example, I thought Cupid didn't need lifesteal due to his 2. I'm probably going to change a lot of things when I have time

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July 10, 2017
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Yes, this is what it's come to...

(as I'm getting to lane in a Conquest match)

Zilby: "I guess Watcher's Gift is still fine to get."

GGF: "Yep."

Zilby: "Watcher's, shoes, potions."

Me: "Watcher's, Lono's Mask, and potions."

Zilby: "Watcher's, WHAT, and potions?"

Me (slowly): "Lono's Mask."

Zilby: "I...literally can't afford that."

Also, side note, some other "fun" things we're not doing again:
And one that's always fun:

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July 09, 2017
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So after I watched Branmuffin17's gameplay video he posted in his blog, I got interested in trying something like that myself. So I fired up good old OBS, but the recordings where laggy as **** and couldnt even edit them. So I asked Bran what he used, so now I have had time to do my first test with GeForce. I have not done any settings changes etc yet (didn't even see where the mute mic button was, so my web cam mic was recording). So it is not as fancy, maybe you can let me know what settings etc. you are using Bran?

This is just a recording of a game I had on record ingame, so thought I'd start with that (just to see how it works). And try and get some "live" gameplay tomorrow maybe, unless it makes me lag. Anyways enjoy this short video :)

I was thinking about maybe going through some more of the matches that where recorded ingame and see if I can find more random/funny moments. If that is something anyone would be interested in seeing?

Also just let me know what you want to…
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July 07, 2017
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So this is my recent matches:

I am now lit AF and I am half a 6pack to deep into my beers. So lets see how this goes #EloClimb

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July 04, 2017


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SO My new PC has arrived (apart from the keyboard etc I have around. Guess what I installed first.

So did you guess smite? Oh so predicable, however ofc I won't instal smite first. the right awnser would be windows or drivers in most cases. nut as my pc was start ready I started with installing chrome because screw Internet explorer. after that antivirus ofc. then steam and other stuff that gotta download games etc and voice coms and lastly games. smite will be in the firast batch to download so don't worry however I'm sure LoL would be installed quicker as steam gonna have to download a lot of stuff where smite will be between and LoL goes apart from it.

So yeah wanted to share this

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July 01, 2017
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Well, the old gang was able to get back together for a night. The old gang was rusty.

GGF and Taco have played regularly. However, Zilby and Prism haven't played much over the past couple of months. I've been splitting my time with a variety of other games, and have only played 10 PC matches over the past 2 weeks, none of them being Conquest. Excuses, though.

This was a fun game. Our lineup was:
We were against Loki, Athena, Hades, Geb, and Rama.

Initial thought was to sort of talk about gameplay, builds and whatnot, but with a full group of 5, we got sidetracked. Oops. I've now added comments here about thoughts on all builds.

Critiquing Builds

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