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October 18, 2017
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So just wanted to write a short post on what I'm up to for the moment. :-)

I havenot played much Smite the last 2-3 weeks. And I can't remember the last time I was on Smitefire..

It's pretty busy at work, so pretty knackered when I get home so haven't felt up to tryharding in ranked.

For the most time I have been just catching up on some series and rewatch some with my girlfriend, Into the Badlands, Black Flag, The Shannara Chronicles, Taboo, Fear the Walking Dead, 12 Monkeys, Killjoys and Ray Donovan probably forgot some series as well.

And pretty much all my gaming time has gone to Magic the gathering, which a friend got me into a while back ago. I played tje old steam games before, but I have now started playing paper format. And I am having a ton of fun, just watching draft videos and playing some magic online to practice for Friday Night Magic drafts at the gamestore. :p

But the last couple of days has gone to playing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (yes the first one). I neve…
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October 15, 2017
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So I've been around the site for roughly 3 years now. Over the last year my time spent playing smite began to diminish severely until reaching maybe a game every 2 weeks. During all that time I remained fairly active here despite not really playing smite any more. As the last few weeks have shown, this is no longer the case.

A little over 3 weeks ago my CPU cooler died and had to be replaced, meaning I was without my gaming pc for the duration until yesterday. During that time, because I couldn't really play with anyone from Smitefire in-game, I stopped clicking on the site as much, and then pretty much stopped completely.

...and to be honest I don't miss it anymore. I still really like the Smitefire community and all of its members for the most part, but my passion for the site itself has died, and I really don't have any interest in the vast majority of posts anymore. So for now I'm only going to be here once in a rare while. (Also you guys should retire me and look for a new mod).

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October 13, 2017
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"ok, who bought Chronos pendant" *four people * "I did" -game where we all thought Chronos pendant was broken, we were quickly proven wrong.

*Victory Screech* "dude, did we actually take a tower?" - game where I got too tryhard

"Guys, can I Yeet on 'em? I'm yeeting on them now." -Hitting that He Bo y33t

*my solo laner laugh spams as herc * "guys, I'm home" -Just playing that good 'ol classic meme

"ok, stop doing that" *waterspouts, taking a kill* "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed." -same He Bo game

"Bro, why are you just standing there?" *weepingly* "this game is just so beautiful you know..." -First game, we forgot how nice the graphics were.

"How did you touch me like that?" "Touch you like what?" "GUYS STOP TOUCHING EACH OTHER WE'RE TAKING FG" -touchy touchy

"I didn't know He Bo was black" -apparently he's black, I thought he was purple

"How many kills do you think you'll get this game?" "Dude, I'll be lucky if I get three..." -I got 5 :D

"How hard do you want to meme thi…
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October 12, 2017
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Hello everyone I want to discuss about a other moba called Paragon I'm pretty sure that anyone that plays SMITE should at least head of it. What I want to discuss about is getting more people playing the game itself. Bran and myself were discussing for the past couple of weeks about paragon most of it was getting Bran into the game. The one thing I want to bring up is the sad discontinuation of PGFire. I feel bad for the people that put time and dedication into that community. So I want to make sure that people on this other site called get some love from other people. Right now there isn't that much well detailed guides on the site. So I want to change that. Myself been starting to create guide for this site I just published one not that long ago here it is. So I want SMITE vets so just give the game a try and see what you think about the game. If you not sure playing it here's a video of their biggest update yet.

Give it a shot it's really fun when you get into it and…
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October 07, 2017
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So I played Chiron a couple of times in my quest to get all gods to at least Mastery I...the following vid of MOST of the match was my 2nd game in a row against Jigz (captain of competitive team SSG). For those who don't know, he's a Support main, so he was just fooling around here as Mercury.

That said, here's the link to the previous game. He was the Anhur, and you can tell he's a pro just by the massive amount of damage he did (56k!). Finally got Thoth to Mastery I w/ that game, even though my score sort of sucked.

That ALSO said...he was sort of cheating. He had a shadow on him for BOTH games...The Aphrodite, Vinerak, was attached to him the whole time. Seriously. Allowed him to go in really aggressively, but man if having Aphro only be with Jigz didn't really handicap his team. Aphro did a lot of healing, sure, but it was almost like we were facing 4.5 gods, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, for this game, was just working on getting Chiron to Mastery I (which I got too…
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October 04, 2017
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I know you guys probably know quite a bit about me through the time I been here. There's one thing you guys / gals don't know about me. I love fighting games when I mean love them I mean it. I been playing fighting games since I was 7 on the PS2 my first fighting game is actually DOA2. After playing that game I fell in love with the genre. My love started to go crazy when the 360 came along. There I played MvC:2, Injustice, Street Fighter 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and MK9. Now on current gen I'm playing quite bit of fighting games. Killer Instinct I fell in love for. I also played Injustice 2, DOA5, MvC:3, MKX, and now playing MvC:I. Out of all these games I played I have to say the I'm probably best at is KI. The tutorial in that game is so good is claimed as the best tutorial in fighting game history. So I just wanted to share that I really love fighting games and I can't wait for the next DLC for MvC:I.

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September 28, 2017
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I recently updated my PC and I can finally play decent games on it now, so naturally Smite was one of the first things I got. Probably won't make a full switch since I'm more used to console controls and I have more unlocked on console, but it's an option now. Any one wants to play, PC name is same as here except a lowercase p. Don't think I can play with anyone here though because timezones, but again, options.

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September 27, 2017
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It's been months since i last posted, huh?

With that said, after an off period and hours in Overwatch, Gwent, and Rainbow Six Siege, i'm back into Smite again for who knows how long :p

I don't think it was too long of an off period, since i think last patch i played was Da Ji.

Now that i'm back, i'm currently playing Cu Chulainn quite a lot. Being the only warrior god that i haven't mastered, i also find his mana-less kit fun. Going all in with the guy in Arena is especially fun. One thing, though; how would you guys build him? Full on damage? Bruiser-y? Tanky?

Teams are better, for the most part, but there's still one or two players who make less than optimal picks in certain game modes, like playing Ao Kuang or Fenrir in joust.

I'll definitely play a lot more, and yay to ingame voice chat. Means i don't have to go on twitch chat as often.

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September 25, 2017
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So yeah I have bad news. I probably won't really go back to Smite in the way I wanted. With that I mean I will probably play it sometimes for assault or when I get friends to play it. However I wanted to get back in conquest. However just watching vids of it puts me off to even touch it. It may be me and my before release/S1 mentality. Or even how it should be played. In my eyes it became more flawed.

So why did it become flawed? Well the layout and buffs aren't really the problem and the same goes for the other stuff on the map itself. Pretty much with exception for portal demon and maybe oracles. I haven't seen portal demon in action however IMO it takes away options if you get behind. For high lvl play it makes the win cheaper IMO. For low lvl play it doesn't really matter they probably won't recognize windows of opportunity. Oracles kinda the same deal. After that I don't really mind the type of buffs we have nowadays (I actually think they did that well for once giving most playe…
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September 22, 2017
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Link to the game stats is here.

This is now the 2nd game in a row where I've played Support...this time as Athena. In looking at the levels of competition, there were 4 playing qualifying matches (including me), with the others consisting of silver and gold players.

Here was how bans/picks went:

Banning & Picking

Gameplay starts at 7:46...from this point forward, will refer to any times as in-game.

Felt pretty good in the beginning. At 2:38, Freya called for a gank in our lane. We were able to get both Ganesha and Jing Wei...I didn't mean to …
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