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Off Topic
June 10, 2022
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May 14, 2022
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First i would like to thank Branmuffin17 for his input, as we seem to think similarly.

The Jade Dragon 1.0 Build Update:

-Fixed some bugs that got rid of skill trees
-Added 2 Gem Of Focus Builds with the help of BranMuffin17 (The Great Jade Staff! & Great Rod Of Jade!)
-Added new alternate Mid build (Daoist Loner!)
-Added solo & Joust Build.

Complete List of all builds that's part of The Jade Dragon Build: (*Key:* SF:Smite-Fire SG:Smite-Guru SS: Smite Source; Note: (SS) does not have Joust build conquest only.)

(SF) Jade Dragon 1.0!

(SG) Jade Dragon 1.0!

(SS) Jade Dragon Mid 40% Crit!

(SS) Jade Dragon Solo Build!

(SS) The Great Jade Staff! (BranMuffin17)

(SS) The Great Rod Of Jade! (Branmuffin17)

(SS) Daoist Loner! (Alt Mid)

These are the builds i made so far, with Patch 9.5 coming up i'm sure i will have lots of editing to do. If you enjoy any of these Builds or they help you, Please leave
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May 09, 2022
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As most who play smite semi serious know, the state of the game has not been great for awhile now, and the last couple patches have been pretty disappointing. With that being said I am going to be taking a step back from keeping up with the META, and will not be updating my builds for the foreseeable future. Truly its a Smite break.

Its been super awesome to be able to meet a fair few of you over the last year or so, and maybe if Smite ever takes steps in the right direction I will be back to keep up to date guides.

I will still be around as a mod for the Official Smite Discord if anyone ever needs to reach me!

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April 20, 2022
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I'm a American Indian U.S. Army Veteran, I've played just about every game, and right now I'm focusing on Xbox, I am a Xbox Ambassador. Well I'm usualy one to get straight to the point, my pc is still down but I've been using xbox. During the builds being down during the beginning of the "league" when all the builds where down I decided to make some but some things happened and by the time I went to release them it was pretty much not worth the effort. After all if I'm not doing something new than why add to what's already there? So Now The Jade Emperor is released and i made a build while everyone was doing whatever, I plan to add to it in multiple directions but so far, i only got 2 Mid crit, and joust both ranked. The links will be below on both smite fire and guru. :

I don't only stream smite although i have been playing since the alpha phase and honestly knew it would change mo…
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April 12, 2022
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For whoever it concerns, I've updated my contact info in my profile as I no longer use my playstation account. I'm for the most part not on SF, but I do read messages on the Discord server.

I'll post any big updates here occasionally. On another note, I've mostly switched to playing dota and don't starve together. plus I also recently started moderating in a group of servers for the game

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February 13, 2022
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On February 11, 2022. I have found a guide site, Zathong, that posts guides similar to Smitefire which also included Smite as one of the games this site has guides for. When I clicked on one of the guides and read through it, it was very similar to our guides, quite literally word for word from our guides.
Zathong has been plagiarizing guides from users on SmiteFire for probably as long, if not longer than a year now. I, as well as others, are victims of this plagiarism. I’ve alerted the admins about this and people higher-up are now aware.
I am asking you don’t go to their site, harass Zathong, or look to see if your guide was plagiarized since the site is running multiple ads so they are making a profit off our stolen work. I am writing this to let everyone know what has been happening and to get the word out about what Zathong is doing.

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December 20, 2021
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Happy Holidays Everyone

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December 17, 2021
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New susano guide on my channel check it out

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December 03, 2021
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Today I'd like to talk about the importance of voice communications.

Although I'm aware of its importance, I still find myself failing to communicate when I play. I find it more comfortable to use the VGS system than to talk and play at the same time. But in reality, this limits my effectiveness as well as the team's.

I played a match recently in which one of my teammates played in voice comms. No other teammates, including myself, joined him. Because we could hear him though, he talked throughout the game, making good call outs. In hindsight, his communication really kept our team on track and on the same page, and this unification played a huge part in us winning that match.

His example served as a strong reminder that I needed to go outside of my comfort zone and become more of a team player.

I'm not really used to making calls as I play, so it will be a learning process, but it's one that I'm looking forward to.

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November 20, 2021
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Hello, SmiteFire! Welcome to my new blog series!

I have been having fun with the Solo role lately, and today I wanted to exercise some of my Warrior god pool.

Nike remains my main comfort pick for Warriors. Her kit is simple and effective and allows me to better focus in team fights without trying to string together complicated attack chains. Her playstyle also proves helpful as I continue practicing with Infused Sigil. Mainly, I'm working on positioning myself and tracking the passive stacks to use it to its maximum effectiveness.

Osiris remains my opposite of a comfort pick. While I've always enjoyed the god and think he has great potential to be crazy good in a variety of teamfight situations, I haven't mastered understanding all the intricacies of his kit in a practical way. Keeping track of his fragmentation passive during fights can be taxing and I usually tunnel vision past it, and reading ally positioning to determine the best time to use his 3 still proves difficult for …
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