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November 21, 2018
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After watching the SWC this past weekend, I decided to try out Fenrir in arena after not playing him for a while. Some backstory, I hated playing Fenrir in Arena when i first started simply because I would build full damage and run at people all game long and ended up dying a lot. Probably a common story for beginners in Arena.

This time around, I built a more tanky build, and i had a BLAST! I really had no idea how fun it would be to continuously blink into the enemy teams backline and snatch up unsuspecting mages and deliver them like a pizza to the rest of my team for dinner.

As an aside, my typical build was:

Reinforced Shoes
Breastplate of Valor
Genji's Guard
Relic Dagger
Magi's Cloak
Situational ( Runic Shield, Hide of the Nemean Lion, etc.)

I was really surprised at how well this worked out, I ended 3 of the 4 games i played somewhere around 5/1/25ish, with between 35k and 55k mitigated damage.

As a side note though, Khepri's ultimate is a HARD counter to Ragnarok. T…
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November 14, 2018
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I hate Hirez..... I just spent a lot of money on gems and spent all of it on a Winter Chest to try and get Cu Chulainn's new skin. I did not get it, and the other skins I did get are MEH. This sucks, and I was wondering if I could just save my gems for another time to buy it. Turns out it will appear in daily bundles but only WAY after the release of the skin. So my dilemma here is how can Hirez just put a super attractive skin in a chest which is unattainable. Everyone will always spend lots of money on gems and waste it completely. They should add a function where you can buy a new (community) exclusive skin for 1200 gems to get more people to buy gems. This, in my opinion, would be just as efficient as the other method where you take all the customer's money and he is left with a negative feeling, whereas if you were to use the method in which you increase the actual value of a skin depending on how attractive it is to players, which would generate about the same amount of revenue a…
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November 10, 2018
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Due to being busy 90% of the time, I'm quitting Smite and may return.

I'll stop updating my guides, except for the Nox and Janus ones. This is because all the other gods I made guides for already have other excellent guides.

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November 02, 2018
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Step 1. Don’t
Step 2. Get soul eater
Step 3. Slam your face into your keyboard or slap your ******* onto your controller
Step 4. Be teleported to another dimension where all pele players go
Step 5. Realize that just because you do good on an op god doesn’t mean your good
Step 6. Realize that every time you play pele another brain cell is lost
Step 7. Pick a god that takes skill
Step 8. Wait for that god to get a tier 5 skin and get made easier
Step 9. Now have no gods to play because every other god is easy
Step 10. Go onto smite fire and complain

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October 31, 2018
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(Then why didn't you stay on the site/came back earlier you fake f*ck)
Well... School! As msot of you probably know, I'm in my senior year here in Brazil, therefore I've been stressed by multiple assignments, and since my class is a artsy one, most of them were theatrical presentations, which took up pretty much all of my time rehearsing!

So a few things that happened since my last update (******* it has been that long huh)

1. I've went to my first cocnert EVER!!! AND IT WAS HALSEY'S!!!! If you know me you know I'm a Halsey stan and omg hearing her sing live just made me feel like I was in heaven for 2 hours straight!
2. I've broken up with my boyfriend! Because he was a fake f*ck and tried to guilt trip me into thinking he wasn't good enough for me so I would break up with him so he wouldn't have to deal with the burden that is breaking up!
3. GameGeek came over here and... well... The day he landed, 3-4 hours later, my grandfather died. This w…
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October 30, 2018
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Hello people and programmers,
Today I want some help with BBCode.

Nowadays I'm using this signature:

Is there some way to link each guide to the guide page?
Thank you for everyone that answer trying to help :)

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October 19, 2018


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Hello it's been two months since I last opened this site, what's been happening?

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October 08, 2018
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I'm not being so active recently because I'm appreciating this masterpiece that is Forza Horizon 4.

If someone here loves cars and has a Xbox One (or a good PC) this is a game you MUST play.

Everything in this game is ridiculously beautiful (and I play in the normal xbox one (the fat)), and it's open world so you can explore a big map in U.K.

The gameplay is awesome (as usual in Forzas) now focusing in normal races, off-road races and street races (illegal and with transit).

The seasons changes are awesome makes you feel you are playing a complete new game. The colors in fall, the snow in winter, the trees in spring and the rain in summer, everything BEAUTIFUL! GORGEOUS!

Plus you also have some radios that play awesome music too! You have, drums, rock, indie, electronic...

Even you don't like racing games, try Forza Horizon 4, IT'S AWESOME. And it's free for people that has gamepass (just like me :P).

Take these two pictures in two different seasons that I took


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October 01, 2018
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I just wanna share my first match with Zhong Kui that can be found here.

I'm really surprised with this god. I always thought he was strong but no so much. I was against an Anubis in solo lane. I was lazy so didn't saw any build. I just built what came in my mind but I ate Anubis alive and become fed, so I guess whatever I built would be functional that match.

I'm really surprised. I always knew he is strong and can kill even without true damage items, but this is ridiculous.

That's it, just wanna share. If you have any tips to me, I'm accepting.
I'm just sad because I don't have any skin to him ;-; (that ghostbuster looks so awesome).
Also his voice pack sucks, one of (if not the worst) worse voice pack in the game.

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September 24, 2018
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Good Monday, everyone. I'm back from my short vacation to the beautiful Mammoth Lakes, CA, where I was able to confirm my terrible fitness level (hiking elevations around 9-10,000 ft), but also realize that as I've gotten older, I know that I have a great appreciation for nature. My family used to go every 2-3 years to Mammoth in the summer for fishing and hiking, but I hadn't been back for 20 or so years.

Some pics

League of Legends Thoughts

I don't recall if I've mentioned it here on SF, but I've been playing a bit of League of Legends, because some co-workers wanted to try it together. Being pretty new (account level 15 as of now), playing SMITE has definitely helped me with basic gameplay concepts for the game, but I've noticed some significant differences.
  • HR is very, very generous with their $30 God Pack (which

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