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Smite Item: Blackthorn Hammer

Smite Item Blackthorn Hammer

Item Details

Blackthorn Hammer

Cost: 850 (2200)

+35 Physical Power
+300 Health
+200 Mana

PASSIVE – While over 25% Mana, you gain +10% Cooldown Reduction. While under 25% Mana, you gain +50 MP5.

Item Discussion

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boogiebass (46) | May 4, 2019 5:02am
Whats the viability on this after the nerf?
Vini_sds (13) | May 4, 2019 9:39am
I don’t think the nerf changed anything, tbh.
xmysterionz (71) | May 4, 2019 5:07am
Still pretty viable, just isn't a core item on every physical god
Kriega1 (143) | April 25, 2019 9:01am
I feel like the only hunters I would build this (especially for mid lane) on are Skadi and Ah Muzen Cab. Some pro builds seem to reflect such as well.
Branmuffin17 (394) | December 17, 2018 11:18am
Viability / General Use: Medium viability. Unique item with very high health that allows for more ability use (CDR) while never running out of mana (extremely high MP5).

Advantages: Low cost, unlimited ability use, overall sustain/survivability.

Disadvantages: No protections (for an item that provides survivability), relatively low power, no penetration.

Restrictions: Physical gods only.

Discussion: This item provides a variety of stats that seem to provide great synergy, but leave a lot to be desired offensively. CDR is relatively easy to come by through a variety of other items, and this item only has situational CDR. However, for those that are extremely mana hungry and want to be spamming abilities, this might be their solution.
xmysterionz (71) | December 17, 2018 11:23am
I can't imagine a god that this item fits well and there aren't better items to build
Branmuffin17 (394) | December 17, 2018 12:30pm
I would agree in almost all cases. For most physical, ability-based Solo laners, the Mana buff should suffice for their mana needs. It doesn't have enough offensive pressure, so you're basically saying I'll just be able to sit in lane and you won't be able to make me back.

I guess in such cases, it might be more beneficial for gods that also have some healing in their Tyr or Hercules...though again, if they go with this, they're basically just making themselves tough to kill or force back.

I forget who told me recently, but they said it's their go-to starter for hunters like Ah Muzen Cab in Assault. And to that, I say "SOLD."
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