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Set Builds & Guides

Egyptian Assassin Melee Physical
Find the best Set build guides for SMITE Patch 10.12. You will find builds for arena, joust, and conquest. However you choose to play Set, The SMITEFire community will help you craft the best build for the S10 meta and your chosen game mode. Learn Set's skills, stats and more.
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Favor: 5500 Gems: 200

Set Statistics

609 (+79) Health
210 (+38) Mana
375 (+0) Speed
None Progression
12 (+0) Range
1 (+1.9) Attack / Sec
39 (+ 2.3) + 100% of Physical Power Damage

Set Skills

Set Skill Relentless


Each time Set damages an enemy, Set gains a stack of Relentless. If Horus is the enemy being damaged, Set gains 2 stacks. Each stack increases Set's Attack Speed. Relentless stacks to a max count of 10 for 6s. While Kingslayer is active, Relentless has no maximum stack count.

Ability Type: Buff
Attack Speed: 2.5%
Set Skill Skewer


1 X
Set amasses his hatred, throwing it forward. Enemies caught in its path are damaged and slowed for 3s.

Set's spawns are commanded when Set fires this attack, dashing towards a location Set determines. Enemies hit by a Spawn's dash take damage and are slowed for 3s. Any dash after the first will deal 40% damage.

Ability Type: Line, Slow, Damage
Damage: 75 / 120 / 165 / 210 / 255 (+85% of your Physical Power)
Slow: 25%
Dash Range: 60
Range: 60
Cost: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60
Cooldown: 9s
Set Skill Spawn of Set

Spawn of Set

2 A
Set conjures a Spawn of himself made of sand. These spawns will stand where summoned and attack nearby enemies. Set can have up to 2 charges of this ability, allowing him to conjure spawns in quick succession. Set can interact with these Spawns with his other abilities, commanding them to attack or teleporting to them. Set can only have 8 Spawns at any given time. This ability does not trigger Item effects.

Ability Type: Pet, Damage
Attack Damage: 20 (+25% of your Physical Power)
Attack Range: 12
Dash Damage: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60% of Skewer
Duration: 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12s
Range: 70
Cost: 30
Cooldown: 13 / 13 / 12 / 12 / 11s
Set Skill Sandstorm


3 B
Set conjures a Sandstorm around him, protecting him from Physical Damage and causing him to be immune to Slows. Enemies near Set are damaged every .4s for 6s and have their vision obscured by the sands.

If Set is targeting a spawn when this ability is cast, he will immediately teleport to the spawn. Otherwise, he can reactivate this ability to teleport. Set can only teleport once per Sandstorm.

Ability Type: Circle, Teleport, Damage
Damage: 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 (+7% of your Physical Power)
Damage Reduction: 15%
Teleport Range: 65
Radius: 16
Cost: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70
Cooldown: 10s
Set Skill Kingslayer


4 Y
Set enrages, channeling his rage towards his enemies, gaining increased Movement Speed. Each time Set's attacks damage a god they gain a Mark of Set. At 4 Marks the target erupts. Enemies take a burst of damage while Set becomes empowered, restoring Health and immediately gaining a charge of Spawn of Set. Excess charges are immediately consumed, causing a Spawn to appear near Set.

Ability Type: Buff
Damage: 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 (+30% of your Physical Power)
Heal: 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85
Movement Speed: 20 / 22.5 / 25 / 27.5 / 30%
Duration: 12s
Cost: 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100
Cooldown: 90s

Set Lore

Imagine you can, if only for the briefest of moments, glimpse the future. Your spirit yearns to see all that you hold dear prosper, shining like a beacon against all the rest of creation, defiant against hardship and basking in the glow of peace and security. Imagine then, seeing the truth, a truth of an altogether different kind.

You see your kingdom, the divine beings who protect it and its mortal peoples, and upon looking closer, you see a rot begin to form. A weakness, fraying away at the very heart, a fundamental absence of strength that threatens to spread, yawning wide into a void that will consume all.

What lengths would you go to, to prevent this from happening? What would you sacrifice, whose blood would you be willing to spill? For the god Set, he would pay any price, even the blood of his own brother, Osiris.

Set saw the tyrannical control his brother held over the land, the hoarding of strength and power even from his own son. He looked to that son, fair Horus, starved of the means to take the reigns of command when his appointed time came, incapable of leading them into any future but darkness. Set looked upon an unworthy king, and a worse successor, and he chose to act.

He knew the world would seek to damn him, to decry his deeds as those of a murderer, slavering for power. But Set would endure such lies, to save his kingdom. He would seize the throne back from the unworthy and the weak, from the sinister and the corrupt, and in time, when the truth of the world mirrored the truth he desired in his heart, they would throng the streets to praise him. Set would be their deliverance, no matter the cost.

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