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Smite Item: Gem of Isolation

Smite Item Gem of Isolation

Item Details

Gem of Isolation

Cost: 1150 (2500)

+65 Magical Power
+200 Health
+10% Crowd Control Reduction

PASSIVE - Enemies hit by your damaging abilities will move 30% Slower and will have Shields applied on them reduced by 50% for 2.5 seconds. This can only occur once every 2.5 seconds.

Item Discussion

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Kriega1 (143) | February 4, 2019 3:04am
This item is incorrectly found in Mana category.
Gulfwulf (81) | February 4, 2019 5:42am
I'll remove it when I'm at my computer again. Tags updated.
Gulfwulf (81) | February 4, 2019 6:38am
It looks like either Wayne is going to have to update the database or we'll have to wait until my changes are implemented because it's still showing up under mana.
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Branmuffin17 (395) | December 20, 2018 4:36pm
Viability / General Use: High viability. Utility magical item used to apply a temporary movement speed slow on their targets.

Advantages: Good power for a utility item, provides a measure of control and survivability.

Disadvantages: No penetration. Passive only applies via damaging abilities.

Restrictions: Magical gods only.

Discussion: This is a utility item that can be used effectively by a variety of magical gods (both Mages and Guardians) to increase control via a movespeed slow. It applies only from damaging abilities. Has enough power to be functional for offensive builds.

Can be used by gods with limited CC in their kits to provide better control. Can be used to strong effect in gods that already have slows in their kits, to further slow the enemy.
Westighouse (102) | October 1, 2012 7:49am
Hel is a long game God, she is alright early but the longer the game goes, the better she gets.

Remember tho, for the proc to happen you have to have a damaging ability and it has to do damage. Some people, not saying you just getting that out there, did not know that it had to actually do the damage.
PseudoOlale (2) | October 1, 2012 5:35am
Yes you are correct on all terms.Now when you look at it, it's a bit unbalanced.

I asked my friend who was a bit into MOBA games and this is what he said about the item:

"Having 20% slow effect on EVERY ability is fine and actually better than 35% slow.This is obviously a stupid OP item. That is the most horrible unbalanced item I have seen in about any MOBA game so far"

Tho the Gem of Isolation was a pretty big nerf for most Hel players because Hel was very reliant on rushing the item.
Westighouse (102) | October 1, 2012 5:04am
This item is actually still very viable for the more supporty type magic gods or even the fed magic gods. The 35% slow was a bit too much and the cost is about on level for this item compared to the others now. All part of balancing the game as well as they are trying to slow the game down just a bit. Smite is still a bit to fast and is still pretty much over in the first few kills, not for solo queue but who uses solo queue for anything.
PseudoOlale (2) | October 1, 2012 3:46am
"Only damaging abilities proc the slow on this item and only when the damage is done.
Abilities now slow your target by 20% instead of 35%."
-"0.1.1080 Smite Beta Patch Notes"

They literally made Gem of Isolation an item not even worth getting at all now... And adding the fact that now it costs more. MP gods already have it hard enough to finish their builds without making MP items cost more...
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