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Maui Builds & Guides

Polynesian Guardian Melee Magical
Find the best Maui build guides for SMITE Patch 11.6. You will find builds for arena, joust, and conquest. However you choose to play Maui, The SMITEFire community will help you craft the best build for the S11 meta and your chosen game mode. Learn Maui's skills, stats and more.
Favor: 5500 Gems: 200

Maui Statistics

793 (+100) Health
236 (+36) Mana
370 (+0) Speed
None Progression
25 (+0) Range
0.86 (+1.4) Attack / Sec
37 (+1.5) +20% of Magical Power Damage

Maui Skills

Maui Skill Manaiakalani


When an enemy god is Hard Crowd Controlled near Maui, they are marked for the duration of the CC and for an additional 2s. If Maui Basic Attacks a marked enemy, his next Basic Attack becomes enhanced. Maui's enhanced Basic Attack pulls any enemy gods hit to him. This passive has a 10s Cooldown.

Ability Type: Area Basic, Knockback
Range: 25
Maui Skill Master Fisherman

Master Fisherman

1 X
Maui charges up, spinning his hook and preparing it to go farther the longer he charges. When he refires, the projectile damages enemies and stops on first god hit. If Maui hits an enemy god he reels them in, crippling and vortexing them towards himself for 1.5s. Maui can cancel this ability at any time.

Ability Type: Line, Vortex, Damage
Hook Damage: 100 / 165 / 230 / 285 / 360 (+50% of your Magical Power)
Max Range: 55
Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80
Cooldown: 14 / 13.5 / 13 / 12.5 / 12s
Maui Skill Mystical Ulua

Mystical Ulua

2 A
Maui throws an Ulua made of magical water that explodes on landing, giving all allied gods within 35 units Protections and Movement Speed for 5s. The Ulua creates a pillar of water that lasts for 10s. If an allied god stands on the water for 1s, a bubble forms and carries them to Maui's location, where they receive Protections and Movement Speed for 5s. If Maui leaves the aura radius and no ally is on the water, it is destroyed.

Ability Type: Circle, Buff
Protections: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35
Movement Speed: 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12%
Aura Radius: 110
Cost: 55
Cooldown: 12 / 11.5 / 11 / 10.5 / 10s
Maui Skill Solar Swing

Solar Swing

3 B
Maui leaps, latches his hook onto a ray of sunlight, and swings from it. He swings back and forth before he leaps from the rope and slams his hook into the ground, damaging and stunning all enemies in the area. While he swings, Maui can reactivate this ability at any time to leap early.

Ability Type: Circle, Leap, Damage
Landing damage: 90 / 145 / 200 / 255 / 315 (+60% of your Magical Power)
Stun Duration: 1.5s
Range/Radius: 55/17.5
Cost: 60
Cooldown: 16s
Maui Skill Landfall


4 Y
Maui selects an area, becomes CC immune and leaps into the air. He throws his hook at the target area and pulls up an island, knocking all enemies in the area up into the air and pulls them in front of himself. The island remains on the battleground, blocking player movement for 4s. Maui can reactivate this ability to destroy the island early.

Ability Type: Circle, Knockup, Damage
Damage: 275 / 375 / 475 / 575 / 675 (+80% of your Magical Power)
Knockup Radius: 22.5
Minimum Range: 20
Maximum Range: 60
Range/Radius: 60 / 22.5
Cost: 100
Cooldown: 90s

Maui Lore

Maui is widely known and revered throughout the island-nations of the Pacific Ocean as a hero and a trickster without equal. His legend stretches from Hawai'i to Tonga. The youngest of four divine brothers, Maui is known as Maui the Clever or sometimes Maui the Mischievous, depending on what he's up to at the time. But regardless of what he is called, and what tricks he might pull, it will always be to the benefit of his people.

His feats of strength and cunning are legendary. Armed with his magical hook Manaiakalani, he fished up the islands that people would come to inhabit and once snared the sun, so that the days might be longer. He lifted up the sky, so that the plants might have room to grow and mortals might have room to stand. It was Maui who caused birds to become visible to the human eye, so that mortals might enjoy the sight of them, even as they listened to their songs. And it was Maui who brought the secret of fire to his chosen peoples, so that their burden might be eased. He played tricks upon the other gods, so that he might learn their secrets and share them with mankind. And if the gods were angered by any of this, well, Maui paid them little heed. He reasoned that if they did not wish their secrets shared, they would have made them harder to learn.

In all these ways and more, Maui has sought to improve the lot of his people and protect them from the myriad dangers that stalk them. But as the world grows ever more tumultuous, and the gods of many pantheons strive against one another, Maui finds himself called upon to play his tricks on worthier and more fearsome targets.

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