Smite God

Queen of the Gods

Smite God Hera
Favor: 11000 Gems: 200

Role: Mage
Types: Ranged, Magical


Hera Skill Commanding Presence Hera Skill Royal Assault Hera Skill Polymorph Hera Skill Divine Shroud Hera Skill Argus, the Defender

Hera's Lore

Smite God Hera From the summit of Mount Olympus she has watched the gods and pantheons. Their triumphs, their follies. She watched as the legends of Zeus, of Hercules, and all the others were etched into history. The world has descended into calamity, and she can watch no longer. Now, the time has come for the legend of Hera to be written.

By her side stands Argus, her champion, the indomitable agent of her will... and vengeance. Through her charisma and skill Hera has rallied great heroes and whole armies to follow her, yet she is no distant general. Hera is Queen of the Gods, born of the Titans, and any who cross her shall know her justice first hand.

While the other gods are master of lightning, or fire or death, Hera is master of divinity itself. She can reshape nature, including her foes, and she will hold nothing back as she steps forth upon the Battleground of the Gods.

For the Queen of the Gods has come at last, and she has come to rule.

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