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Smite Item: Berserker's Shield

Smite Item Berserker's Shield

Item Details

Berserker's Shield

Cost: 1050 (1700)

+25 Physical Power
+15 Physical Protection
+10% Attack Speed

PASSIVE - Anytime you hit an Enemy with a Basic Attack you are healed for 1% of your maximum Health and Mana. Basic Attacks that hit multiple enemies will restore 0.5% of your maximum Health and Mana after the first.

Item Discussion

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Kriega1 (109) | January 22, 2019 5:39pm
The passive from this will work on the Totem of Ku thing btw so if u need to sustain when there is no wave and you're not fighting the enemy solo you can sustain off the Totem.
Branmuffin17 (313) | December 17, 2018 11:24am
Viability / General Use: High viability. Bridge item used by physical, basic attack-based gods for sustain purposes. Most popular for use in Conquest in the Solo-lane.

Advantages: Very low cost, strong sustain.

Disadvantages: No health, low protection, no penetration.

Restrictions: Physical gods only.

Discussion: This is technically a tier 2 item, and as such is bought early in a build, and sold late for a full tier 3 item. With very low protection only against physical damage, it is best used in 1 v 1 situations where you're not expected to take multiple incoming sources of damage. This allows you to regain damage you do take by being aggressive with your basic attacks.
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