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    Top Smite Guides (30 Days)

    Ganesha - Selflessly Gifting Kills (S5 Quick Guide, All Modes, Patch 5.8)

    *NOTE* Writeup on items are all contained in the notes in the build at the top! Recent Updates: 2018/5/6: Guide creation. Guide is current as of Patch... read more

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    Smite: Shenanigan of the Gods, Little Monster

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    xmysterionz Smite Blog
    May 14, 2018


    second match: defeat has stay different from the last match, everything were pretty good here. bans were the classic achilles, he bo, da ji, cerberus, cu chulainn,thoth, hachiman and... Read more

    DV-8 Smite Blog
    May 10, 2018

    First Diamond God

    Hey, everyone, Today I got my first Mastery X, Diamond Skin god: Hachiman! I thought this would be a good point to look back at my Smite history and reflect. My original goal was to get a... Read more