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    Quick Solo Lane Guide S5 (patch 5.21)

    Welcome to this guide, I'm SmoothHomie and I've been playing smite for about 3 years now, currently my highest rank is masters. In this guide I'll try to... read more

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    by Wayne3100 on December 17, 2018
    News Views 251 News Comments 3

    Arthur is a symbol of destiny, royalty, and leadership. His legend has been reinterpreted many times in various cultures and artistic mediums. Although story has been told differently, a few things always stay true. He was destined to be king from a young age, and he triumphs over any challenges along
    by Wayne3100 on December 12, 2018
    News Views 735 News Comments 21

    Hey everyone,

    Today, we have a few additional visual updates to announce, which were meant to be part of our recent update but ultimately took slightly longer to finalize. Let's have a look!

    Visual Update: Header

    Firstly, we've revamped the look of the header as well as the main menu, which will now also be on full display regardless of the page a user is viewing. This new menu s

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    Item Comments

    I'm gonna start a little on-site project...going to offer a summary of each T3 item on the item page. Might also do relics and blessings, but for now, starting with T3. Will cover Strengths,... Read more