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    Let Me Drive For a Sec | Pro Hel: Conquest Build/Guide (S4)

    More Helpful Guides and Shameless Self Promotion Click Here for Fenrir Knowledge Click Here For Conquest Knowledge Note that this is NOT a... read more

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    Top Hel Guide Last 30 Days
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    by Wayne3100 on November 15, 2017
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    Ready to earn some bonuses while you play SMITE this weekend?
    • Step 1: Cancel your plans.
    • Step 2: Cancel your friends' plans.
    • Step 3: Play SMITE together and earn 2x Everything!
    From Friday, November 17 to Sunday, November 19, earn 2x Rewards when you play in a Party of 2 or more.

    Event runs Friday, November 17 at 5 am ET to Monday, November 20 at 5 am ET.

    by Mowen on November 10, 2017
    News Views 421 News Comments 10

    New Community Manager


    "But wait, wasn't he already the Community Manager?" Well, not quite! Wayne has been taking care of SMITEFire for a while yes, but before it was in addition to other duties around the network. Due to some changes in other team member's responsibilities Wayne has been freed up, and since he plays SMITE often it only made sense for him to step in as the d… Read More...

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