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    Athena Pre Season 5 Guide

    Hello! This will be my first attempt at a God guide, so I appreciate any feedback. Today we will be discussing Athena. In smite, Athena is Guardian, and is... read more

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    by Wayne3100 on January 12, 2018
    News Views 778 News Comments 12

    Hey guys,

    Today, we have a few announcements to make in regards to changes we are implementing for user roles, users who are - finally - being promoted and some upcoming events. Let's get to it!

    Role Changes

    As of today, SMITEFire members will no longer be promoted to Editor. Instead, it is now a role which users can apply for if they'd like to help us keep the databa
    by Wayne3100 on January 11, 2018
    News Views 202 News Comments 1

    Ready to earn some bonuses while you play SMITE this weekend?
    • Step 1: Cancel your plans.
    • Step 2: Cancel your friends' plans.
    • Step 3: Play SMITE together and earn 2x Everything!
    From Friday, January 12 to Sunday, January 14, earn 2x Rewards when you play in a Party of 2 or more.

    Event runs Friday, January 12 at 5 am ET to Monday, January 15 at 5 am ET.

    by Wayne3100 on January 9, 2018
    News Views 878 News Comments 1

    The epic end to The Fall of War is near! Traverse through the Battleground of the Gods and unlock Exclusive content in the new Ragnarok event. Ragnarok is changing the Battleground forever!

    The Ragnarok event will have players trying to complete quests over three different patches. Each patch will feature three different quests and a bundle which holds a key. This key w

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