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    No Gusts No Glory- Isis Season 4 general guide

    8/14- updated through 4.15. moved obsidian shard to top choice for penetration. added it into buildsabilitiescombositems choicesgeneral... read more

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    by Wayne3100 on August 15, 2017
    News Views 422 News Comments 4

    There's no better time to grind your favorite gods to the next Mastery level! This weekend, play SMITE and enjoy 3x Worshipers on every game.

    This event will begin Friday, August 18th at 5:00 am EDT and run until Monday, August 21st at 5:00 am EDT.

    by Wayne3100 on August 7, 2017
    News Views 325 News Comments 3

    Get a little closer to that next Triumphant Chest slot with Hi-Rez granting 2x Favor all weekend long.

    From Friday, August 11 to Sunday, August 13, earn 2x Favor on all matches played AND on First Win of the Day bonus.

    Event runs Friday, August 11 at 5 am EDT to Monday, August 14 at 5 am EDT.


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