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    Yemoja Support Conquest Guide

    Hey there, I go by Dashboarrd and I'm a Grandmaster Support Conquest player. I've competed in the SCC (Smite Challenger Circuit) and I have won SOC (Smite Open...

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    DV-8 Smite Blog
    Posted April 19, 2024

    Blog 3 - Bumba's Spear for Hunters

    Hey, SmiteFire. In my Conquest the other day I had gotten Carry as my role and decided to go for a structure/objective focused build path. I remembered that Bumba's Spear provides +50 true damage on each basic attack against a jungle boss or structure, so I chose...

    DV-8 Smite Blog
    Posted April 18, 2024

    Blog 2 - ROLLOUT! ROLLOUT!

    Hey, SmiteFire. So today I was playing Geb and his Rollout ability was interacting differently than I remember it acting in the past. When rolling at full speed into a minion wave or jungle camp, I was knocking all minions away and continuing the rollout. In...

    DV-8 Smite Blog
    Posted April 16, 2024

    Blog 1 - Crossover Items

    Hey, SmiteFire. As I am loading into this Conquest games I was thinking about items. There are several different kinds of Cloaks, Rings, Daggers, etc., and I got to thinking... With crossover skins being a thing, could we also be able to have crossover items. I...

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