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    The Morrígan - Seeing Multiples, Are We? (Conquest, S5) 5.3

    Base stats Health 475 (+75) Mana 288 (+38) Speed 365 (+0) Range 55 (+0) Attack/sec 0.88 (1%) Power Damage 36 (+2.4) Protection Physical 15 (+3)... read more

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    by Wayne3100 on March 6, 2018
    News Views 379 News Comments 5

    Gods and Goddesses, this weekend, we're seeing double! Play SMITE and earn double Worshipers, Experience, and Favor all weekend long!

    This is a great time to level up and earn new Masteries!

    This event will begin will begin Friday 3/9 at 5:00 am ET and end Monday 3/12 at 5:00 am ET.

    by Wayne3100 on March 2, 2018
    News Views 638 News Comments 8

    Hello all and welcome to February's Community Spotlight! My apologies for it being a few days late

    This month's interview features.... Wayne3100. Normally, this introduction would be the part where I would talk about how important the interviewed member has been for the site and how awesome they are as a person, but that doesn't feel quite right in this case. Instead, let's just get right to… Read More...

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    BestMinionEver Smite Blog
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    The road out of Gold 3 Had to play a ton of games to promote out of Gold 3 and I cant really remember the first 10 ish games. But looking at Smite guru I can definitely say that I had a prette... Read more

    BestMinionEver Smite Blog
    March 8, 2018

    Ranked progression [season 5] v01

    So I'm boarding the ranked-post train with Bran and Wayne. I'm thinking I'll try and make it a weekly post, every monday or sunday. Just updating my over all progression, because I play most of my... Read more