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Smite Item: Heartseeker

Smite Item Heartseeker

Item Details


Cost: 1200 (2750)

+45 Physical Power
+10% Physical Penetration
+200 Mana
+20 MP5

PASSIVE - Your abilities deal an additional 2% of the targets maximum Health as Physical Damage. If you have over 150 Physical Power, your ability bonus damage scales up. This effect reaches a maximum of 6% Maximum Health damage at 250 Physical Power. Subsequent hits on the same target deal 75% the bonus damage for the next 3s.

Item Discussion

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Kriega1 (143) | September 18, 2019 4:34am
This item's page hasn't been updated yet
xmysterionz (71) | September 18, 2019 5:55am
I'm working on it

EDIT: Someone already did it
xmysterionz (71) | November 5, 2018 11:36am
A good question about this item: The stacks must be stacked when the skill does damage or when it is casted?

For example: If you intend to fire Fields Of Love, that does damage after 2 secs after being casted, you must have stacked Heartseeker before firing it or you can fire fields and then you can stack before the explosion?

boogiebass (46) | November 5, 2018 11:57am
Test in jg practice my friend.
xmysterionz (71) | November 5, 2018 1:33pm
I did ;). The answer is.......

Spoiler: Click to view
xmysterionz (71) | October 19, 2018 8:15am
"[...]to the first enemy god hit with the lowest health[...]"
Lowest Health at the moment the skill hits or lowest total health?

For example, I fire Fields Of Love and it hits a Ganesha with a total of 3000hp but at that moment he was with 750hp and a Ratatoskr with a total of 1885hp but that moment he was with 1200hp.

The HS passive hits the elephant or the rat?
SkyPirateShini (4) | October 19, 2018 8:52am
I'm pretty sure it's lowest current health not lowest total health. Their reasoning on the patch show was to make sure the passive got the right target to secure the kill or whatever. SO in your example it should be the Ganesha that gets hit with the passive.
Papa Murmz (16) | March 3, 2017 6:03am
Is it better to build Heartseeker early or late in your build?

I generally build it as my 5th or 6th item because with the Passive dealing 100% of your Physical Power at Max Stacks I personally like to have my Power already Online by the time I pick this item up. However, I do see a lot of people build it 1st or 2nd...I assume it's for early aggression?

Just wondering what you guys are think?
Technotoad64 (46) | March 3, 2017 6:58am
I'd say it's probably better later, when you have power built already. I don't see how it would be helpful early.
Branmuffin17 (395) | February 28, 2017 10:18am
(Ignore this comment)

As of right now (Season 4, Patch 4.3, scheduled for March 1st, 2017), the Heartseeker passive - once full stacks are achieved - does NOT proc on the following:
[*]Abilities that do no damage (obviously)
[*]Abilities that provide a stim to basic attacks without doing direct damage themselves (e.g. Loki's Vanish / Aimed Strike or Arachne's Venomous Bite)
[*]Abilities that can be activated but do no immediate damage (e.g. Arachne's Web)
[*]Abilities that allow for basic attack procs (e.g. Mercury's Made You Look]]

Keep this in mind when considering Heartseeker for your build.
Branmuffin17 (395) | November 30, 2017 9:56am
Apparently the issues with Heartseeker's passive not activating on specific types of abilities were due to a bug...the bug was introduced with Patch 4.1, when it received a new passive, but I don't know when the bug was squashed...looked through a lot of patch notes and couldn't find it.

(Thanks to Draisaitl / Boogiebass for testing and confirming it now works on Loki's abilities)
GameGeekFan (50) | February 10, 2016 4:21pm
AA and Ability. I dont call Warriors Hybrids, they already have a name anyways.
iReauxbot (11) | February 10, 2016 4:13pm
GameGeekFan wrote:

Its good for Hybrids mostly, as Heartseeker utilizes both, so both of your choices would make sense.

Only Hybrid I would not recommend it for is Nemesis as the scaling on her two is low, most bonus you will get is 20.

What exactly do you mean by hybrids? Like AA and Abilty? or like Warrior Assassin like?
GameGeekFan (50) | February 10, 2016 3:40pm
Its good for Hybrids mostly, as Heartseeker utilizes both, so both of your choices would make sense.

Only Hybrid I would not recommend it for is Nemesis as the scaling on her two is low, most bonus you will get is 20.
iReauxbot (11) | February 10, 2016 1:47pm
Thank you Devampi. Would this work for AA based gods..Like Osiris? or just Assassins or Hunters?
Maybe Bellona since that hammer is madness
Devampi (105) | February 10, 2016 1:37pm
It's not bad especcially since people like fenrir use basic attacks for his passive
iReauxbot (11) | February 10, 2016 11:02am
Well I've been finally playing the S3 smite on PC and I've been seeing this used quite a bit for some reason. I saw a Fenrir on my team in a Clash match and he was ripping people apart. Is this item good now?
Raventhor (158) | September 8, 2013 6:28pm
No stacking items. Not allowed since there would be arguments over who gets farm. Meaning no Gauntlet of Thebes, Book of Thoth, Warlock's Sash, Doom Orb, Devourer's Gloves, or Heartseeker.
Technotoad64 (46) | October 28, 2016 5:32am
Gauntlet of Thebes is not a stacking item. But Hide of the Urchin is, and it's allowed. Assault bans all minion stacking items.

Heartseeker and Soul Stone should be allowed, since you don't even need kills, minion or otherwise.
Zilby (132) | October 28, 2016 10:29am
Techno, that comment is from 3 years ago when those were minion stacking items. Try not to necro :P
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