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Smite Item: Odysseus' Bow

Smite Item Odysseus' Bow

Item Details

Odysseus' Bow

Cost: 900 (2100)

+35% Attack Speed

PASSIVE - Every fourth Basic Attack triggers a chain lightning, damaging the target and up to 4 nearby enemies for 15 damage +60% of your total Basic Attack Power.

Item Discussion

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gabriej | March 23, 2021 12:52pm
do o' bow procs work with toxic blade? like does the lightning procs the anti heal from toxic? or is it like ability damage?
Big Damage (37) | March 23, 2021 1:09pm
Neither. It's an item effect damage, similar to Qin's Sais, Soul Reaver, Gladiator's Shield, Soul Gem, etc.
iReauxbot (11) | September 9, 2016 3:28pm
Now that I'm here. I've been running into Bellonas and Mercs using this item.
This is the least used attack speed item in a way. But I've seen people use it to sub out some other attack speed items to build crit or pen. Seems like a good strategy.
What's some other good builds for this item?
Devampi (105) | September 6, 2015 11:56pm
I like this item a lot on joust and assault (if ahead). as 15ft distance is something people can still pretty easily keep but the lightning still sparks over
Moonsyne (1) | September 6, 2015 4:29pm
I've often used the bow to help out on my Cupid builds. It helps the little guy with both waveclear and passive stacking, since I normally want to use Heart Bomb for poking, not cleaing. Also helps stack the passive to get the stun for it. I also remember reading on here from an Ah Muzen Cab guide that it was useful for applying Bees! and getting the disarm. Beyond these two though, I don't think it fits into many other builds. The stereotypical hunter comes with a form of waveclear, and often an attack steroid. Their better of just building more damage and crits.
GameGeekFan (50) | September 6, 2015 4:05pm
This used to be my favorite but now just feels like a waste.

The only god that can ever use this is (I feel like anyway) Neith. But only if you build her as a damage dealer with abilities. She still is a hunter and with the extra physical power, I have been able to deal 110+ to every god for each bolt. Attack speed helps too. But other then that it feels the same as the Golden Bow. As a clear mechanism.
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