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Smite Item: Silverbranch Bow

Smite Item Silverbranch Bow

Item Details

Silverbranch Bow

Cost: 1350 (2550)

+30% Attack Speed
+25 Physical Power
+10% Physical Penetration

PASSIVE - For each 0.02 Attack Speed you go over cap you gain 3 Physical Power.

Item Discussion

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xmysterionz (71) | February 3, 2022 4:21pm
The power from the passive caps at 100 power
Kriega1 (143) | November 12, 2020 3:13pm
With this recent change:

"Silverbranch Bow

Fixed an issue where players with this item would lose attack speed instead of stacks when hit by attack speed slows

Players with stacks from Silverbranch bow will now lose stacks from attack speed slows first, then actual attack speed if the slow outweighs the overcap stacks."

It's now stronger (primarily in Qin's focused hunter builds) for dealing with attack speed reduction.
Devampi (105) | November 14, 2020 1:09am
wait it didn't work like that before. Well that's good to know that it now will work as expected
Gulfwulf (81) | November 13, 2020 2:42am
It's about time HR did something useful with this item.
Kriega1 (143) | November 14, 2020 5:02am
It was already being picked up since Mid Season.
Diego Henrique | December 18, 2019 9:36am
Hi there! Why don't change it's passive, to give penetration instead of power (in the same proportion)? It will make viable a full attack speed build (specially on steroid attack speed gods). After all, 15 or 20 penetration is far more important that this same amount of power (and perhaps making a bow build viable?).
Branmuffin17 (394) | December 18, 2019 10:56am
The big issue with this item is that it is looking to provide a benefit when you're going past the AS cap. Basically, "hey, this item helps if you build inefficiently."

So the item's concept to begin is basically ****py. The better bet right now would be to completely revamp the passive.

If we consider that this should stay in the AS bow tree, we see 3 other items.
  • Ichaival offers potentially the highest power, while also reducing enemy AS.
  • Atalanta's Bow offers additional MS.
  • Odysseus' Bow offers no power, but has the chain lightning effect which is helpful for minion clear and teamfight damage.
In that vein, Silver should provide a stat that offers something else than these. It could be just bonus stats, like pen (it already has pen but perhaps you can build a different concept around that). You wouldn't want it to get too powerful, because flat pen is killer on squishies, while The Executioner covers the % prot reduction that's more effective against perhaps pen isn't the best direction.

You can look to cover a different counter function. Ichaival used to offer reduced power to the enemy, maybe you could look to that direction, for early counter-play. Anti-heal is also an option, but we already have one alternative for basic attackers in Toxic Blade, so that's probably not the best consideration.

Another direction to consider might be on the defensive side. Perhaps it can offer stacking defenses.

The other option would be to just drop the item altogether.
Diego Henrique | December 19, 2019 4:01am
Well, today the item is fine just by it's stats and price (only three itens have pen, power and attack speed). The passive needs a rework to offer something useful (just add few power to pass the AS limit is really not impressive). Or the stats can be improved (add more 5 pen and 10 power) and drop the passive (something like the jotun's).

Edit: i run some numbers in a spreadsheet and with Cernunnos, a bow build (ninja tabi, bloodforge and the 4 bows) wouls add 19 pen, wich is not that much. But on a AS steroid God (Artemis, for example) it would add 54 (wich is beyond the limit of 50 flat pen).
Could be an adjust in the passive, to add pen only for AS of the itens, or put power in a different scale (1 power for every 0,01 AS overcap).
Anyway, thanks everyone for the answers.
Devampi (105) | December 19, 2019 12:20am
I would choose the last option. There are too many "niche" items (and honestly same goes for certain relics) that seldom see play.
CirclesAreRound (14) | February 2, 2017 8:28am
Looks good against Freya, Sol, and Chronos. In the duo lane that is.
Branmuffin17 (394) | February 2, 2017 10:16am
We still have to see how much play Sol and Chronos get in ADC now, with their Fatalis nerfs. Maybe we'll see some minor adjustments that will keep them relevant in that role.

As it is, I can still potentially see Sol there, and Telkhines Ring fits well with her, but it's more of a late game item due to its high price.

Back to Silverbranch Bow, if we only commonly see Freya there and you're looking to counter-build, yeah, it's a good basic boxing item for a Hunter, but that passive is only going to affect her a small amount. Since magical basic attack damage is only 20% of a god's magical power, and since Freya's main damage comes from activation of Pulse and Irradiate, she'll still be able to output decent damage.

That said, it would be an essential bridge item if you see both ADC and Support as magical, and even more so if they have either a magical Jungler or Mid...then you've got functional debuffing on multiple gods.

Another interesting aspect that is be experimented with right now is combining Ichaival and Silverbranch Bow. There are absolutely positives and negatives, the positives being able to quickly stack 60 power for good basics (but not good for abilities if you haven't built those stacks), and when combining with the nice buff to Death's Toll, pretty decent early sustain.

The biggest negative is that you've now got 2 bridge items that become a bit less relevant as the game goes on, which means more replacements. It's definitely an item that fills a gap, but it'll still see less play than Ichaival.
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