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Smite Item: Deathbringer

Smite Item Deathbringer

Item Details


Cost: 1550 (2900)

+30 Physical Power
+30% Critical Strike Chance

PASSIVE - Critical Strike Damage is increased by 25%.

Item Discussion

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Branmuffin17 (395) | December 17, 2018 5:08pm
Viability / General Use: High viability. Key critical damage item for physical basic attackers and select ability-hybrid gods, optimally purchased as the 2nd or 3rd critical damage item in most situations.

Advantages: Good power and very strong critical damage potential.

Disadvantages: Very high cost, no penetration or attack speed.

Restrictions: Physical gods only.

Discussion: Very powerful critical damage boost for gods building into critical damage. It is typically best suited for basic attacking Hunters, along with Assassins that can take advantage of critical damage. Due to the price, it should be purchased late in a build, after at least 1 other critical damage item (such as Rage or Poisoned Star) is completed.

Some gods for which this item can be effective (given a proper build):
*NOTE* This is most overrated item by newer players, causing many people to incorrectly prioritize the item due to lack of build and mechanics knowledge.
xmysterionz (71) | December 17, 2018 6:01pm
You forgot to put Loki in the list bran :p
Gulfwulf (81) | December 17, 2018 6:16pm
Along with Neith, Chaac, Odin, Vamana, the list goes on, and on, and on. Did I mention the list goes on longer than it should?
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Warder10000 | August 22, 2018 5:46am
Deathbringer is great as a second crit item. Whenever I see someone buy it first or as their only crit item it makes me sad inside
Gulfwulf (81) | August 22, 2018 5:54am
Same here. I make jokes about it because I either see it as the only crit item or on gods (warriors like Chaac. I'm not kidding), who shouldn't be building crit in the first place.
Gulfwulf (81) | August 21, 2018 2:51pm
I'm seriously tempted to start a "Down with Deathbringer!" campaign, #dontbuydb! I've seen too many hunters, and some warriors, who buy this as their only crit item, and they do rather terribly.
Tlaloc1050 (17) | August 22, 2018 12:50am
Are you seriously criticising my Deathbringer Hercules?
Gulfwulf (81) | August 22, 2018 5:44am
PseudoOlale (2) | October 1, 2012 3:49am
Needs a texture change to the current one.
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