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Atlas Builds & Guides

Greek Guardian Melee Magical
Find the best Atlas build guides for SMITE Patch 11.6. You will find builds for arena, joust, and conquest. However you choose to play Atlas, The SMITEFire community will help you craft the best build for the S11 meta and your chosen game mode. Learn Atlas' skills, stats and more.
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Year 11 Guides & Builds // Patch 11.6 & Patch 11.5

15 Votes 3
 Build Guide
Atlas Support Conquest Guide
by Dashboarrd | Updated July 23, 2024
Guide In-Depth Mobile

Year 10 Guides & Builds

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 Build Guide
"You're getting bullied" - Atlas Tank
by HexxyKid | Updated October 25, 2023
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Atlas SPL Builds
by DV-8 | Updated October 2, 2023
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I am Atomic Atlas Nuclear Build
by radu9876 | Updated August 6, 2023
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Pulse Monster Atlas
by LUCASMARIO333 | Updated June 18, 2023
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Accidental Mid Turned OP
by PieMan2k | Updated March 31, 2023
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Attack Speed Atlas (I belong in an asylum)
by willyboil | Updated March 2, 2023
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Atlas (S10 Conquest Support)
by AmoralOne | Updated February 9, 2023
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Atlas Gladshield Build for Non-Conquest modes
by WARRMAKERR | Updated February 8, 2023
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Atlas - Conquest Tank
by Mr-Chnitzel07 | Updated February 1, 2023

Year 9 Guides & Builds

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 Build Guide
Atlas Conquest Support Build
by BrotherAshton | Updated January 4, 2023
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For Luna <3
by WarnadoKasper | Updated October 3, 2022
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Atlas - Season 9
by Xmitter09 | Updated July 27, 2022
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big atlas
by Tazbegrinding | Updated July 1, 2022
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by Max-E-Boy | Updated May 22, 2022
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Atlas Conquest Support - The best Teammate Ever
by Yeet_Ants | Updated June 2, 2022
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Atlas Support In Depth Season 9 Guide
by Onye | Updated April 20, 2022
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Atlas S9 Support Build
by BrotherAshton | Updated March 7, 2022
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I don't now why but here is Atlas mid
by NeoR120 | Updated February 17, 2022

Year 8 Guides & Builds

78 Votes 3
 Build Guide
Atlas Support 8.12
by xKrusty | Updated January 5, 2022
Favor: 5500 Gems: 200

Atlas Statistics

510 (+100) Health
190 (+35) Mana
370 (+0) Speed
1.25/1.25/1.25 dmg & swing, AoE on final blow Progression
16 (+0) Range
0.95 (+1.2) Attack / Sec
37 (+ 1.5) + 20% of Magical Power Damage

Atlas Skills

Atlas Skill The Astrolabe

The AstrolabePassive

As Atlas takes damage or deals damage with his basic attacks or abilities he accumulates 1.25 Energy in his Astrolabe. Minions provide 1/10th of the Energy. When he reaches 20 Energy his next Basic Attack has 1.5x damage, 1.5s swing time, and deals bonus damage in an area in front of him. Gods hit are Trembled for 2s while minions are stunned. Atlas can store up to 30 Energy.

Ability Type: Passive
Empowered Bonus Damage: 8 * Level
Atlas Skill Unburden


1 X
Atlas throws his Astrolabe to a target location, damaging and slowing enemies where it lands. While deployed, his Basic Attack will cause an explosion at the target area that damages all enemies and trigger Basic Attack item effects. This explosion deals 50% damage to Minions and costs 5 Mana to use. After 5s or when he re-fires this ability, the Astrolabe will return to him. Atlas' second ability changes based on whether his Astrolabe is deployed or held.

Ability Type: Circle
Damage: 50 / 85 / 120 / 155 / 190 (+40% of your Magical Power)
Slow: 20 / 22.5 / 25 / 27.5 / 30%
Slow Duration: 2s
Basic Explosion: 23 + 6 Per Level
Cost: 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85
Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10s
Atlas Skill Gravity Pull

Gravity Pull

2 A
Atlas pulls enemies towards his Astrolabe. Enemy gods who are too close get pulled into the Astrolabe. If Atlas is holding the Astrolabe he becomes immune to knockups, and enemies who get pulled into the Astrolabe get held in front of Atlas. After a brief delay, the held targets get launched in the direction Atlas is facing. If Atlas has thrown the Astrolabe, enemies who get pulled into the Astrolabe will get held at the Astrolabe’s location before being launched towards Atlas.

Ability Type: Cone / Circle
Pull Damage: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+35% of your Magical Power)
Launch Damage: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+35% of your Magical Power)
Cost: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70
Cooldown: 16s
Atlas Skill Kinetic Charge

Kinetic Charge

3 B
Atlas charges forward, damaging minions and cleansing himself of slows. Each allied god he charges near will have their burdens removed, cleansing them of any current slows and increasing their movement speed. While Atlas is charging, he is immune to slows and knockups. When Atlas collides with an enemy god he will release accumulated burdens in an explosion, slowing enemies in a 15 unit radius. For every burden accumulated, the slow is increased by 25% up to a maximum of 75%.

Ability Type: Line
Damage: 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+40% of your Magical Power)
Movement Speed: 25 / 27.5 / 30 / 32.5 / 35%
Minimum Slow: 25%
Maximum Slow: 75%
Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80
Cooldown: 16s
Atlas Skill Gamma-Ray Burst

Gamma-Ray Burst

4 Y
Atlas tears the sky asunder and calls forth a Gamma-Ray Burst. Enemies in this area are hit every 0.5s and gain a stack of Radiation. Radiation can stack up to 5/5/6/6/7 times and lowers the enemy's Protections and Power. After 5s or upon re-fire the Gamma-Ray Burst will focus in power and begin traveling across the battleground. Enemies hit by this focused ray take heavier damage and gain Focused Radiation, lowering Protections and Power equal to 3 stacks of Radiation.

Ability Type: Circle
Damage: 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 (+10% of your Magical Power)
Protection Reduction: 5%
Power Reduction: 3%
Focused Damage: 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 / 360 (+40% of your Magical Power)
Cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100
Cooldown: 90s

Atlas Lore

Far to the west, farther than any mortal eye can perceive, stands a lonely figure. Upon his broad shoulders rests the weight of the heavens, and, some say, the totality of existence itself. His name is Atlas, and he is the celestial axis upon which all of creation revolves.

But his burden is not an honorable one, nor a symbol of triumph. Instead, it is a sentence handed down by mighty Zeus and the gods of Olympus, in retribution for Atlas taking up arms against the gods during the Titanomachy - the last great war between god and titan.

Atlas, said to be the wisest of the titans, led them into battle against Olympus at the behest of Cronus, greatest of their number. But despite Atlas' wisdom, and their strength of arms, the titans lost their war, and their freedom with it.

The surviving titans were cast down into Tartarus and bound in the darkness. All save Atlas, who was condemned to stand in the west and uphold the heavens on his back forevermore.

There was a cruel irony in this punishment. Atlas, some whisper, was the first great explorer of the heavens; a celestial cartographer second to none. It was he who gave mankind the wisdom to read the stars, and know the names of the patterns that stretched across the night sky. And now he is condemned to bear the weight of that which he once gloried in.

Or at least, he was. But now the world trembles as existence itself threatens to come undone, thanks to the foolishness of the gods. Olympus might have a new king, but their arrogance is undimmed. It is an arrogance that Atlas knows all too well. And as the gods war upon one another once more, he finds himself questioning the nature of his great burden.

What, he wonders, might happen if he were to simply...set it aside, once and for all?

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