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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


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Harvester Of Souls, In-Depth Thanatos Guide (S5)

27 2 574,869
by Deezskills NL updated February 28, 2018

Smite God: Thanatos

Build Guide Discussion 24 More Guides
Choose a Build: Haunting the Jungle (Conquest / Jungle)
Haunting the Jungle (Conquest / Jungle) Dominating The Solo Lane (Conquest / Solo) Other Gamemodes then the Almighty Conquest (Fun Builds)
Tap Mouse over an item or ability icon for detailed info

Thanatos Build

Example Full Build

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Masamune Masamune
Build Item Spirit Robe Spirit Robe
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane

Starter Items

Build Item Assassin's Blessing Assassin's Blessing
Build Item Boots Boots
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Multi Potion Multi Potion

Core Items

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker

Third / Fourth Item

Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item Masamune Masamune

Fifth Item (Defence)

Build Item Spirit Robe Spirit Robe
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Genji's Guard Genji's Guard
Build Item Shield of Regrowth Shield of Regrowth
Build Item Void Shield Void Shield
Build Item Spectral Armor Spectral Armor
Build Item Midgardian Mail Midgardian Mail
Build Item Ancile Ancile
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak

Sixth Item

Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane
Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Stone Cutting Sword

Relics (Blink if aggresive or fed)

Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads
Build Item Aegis Amulet Aegis Amulet
Build Item Blink Rune Blink Rune

Sell Crusher or Heartseeker for 1 of these

Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield

Thanatos's Skill Order

Death Scythe

1 X Y
Death Scythe
1 3 6 7 9

Scent of Death

2 A B
Scent of Death
4 8 11 12 14

Soul Reap

3 B A
Soul Reap
2 15 16 18 19

Hovering Death

4 Y X
Hovering Death
5 10 13 17 20
Death Scythe
1 3 6 7 9

Death Scythe

1 X
Thanatos flings his scythe at an enemy, dealing damage and an additional 10% of the target's max health against enemy gods. Enemies hit are slowed for 3s and heal Thanatos based on damage dealt. Consumes 5% of Thanatos' current HP when used.

Ability Type: Projectile
Damage: 100 / 170 / 240 / 310 / 380 (+60% of your Physical Power)
Bonus Damage (Gods): 10% of Max Health
Healing: 75% of damage dealt
Slow: 20%
Cost: 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65
Cooldown: 13s
Scent of Death
4 8 11 12 14

Scent of Death

2 A
Thanatos senses death, gaining immunity to slow effects and additional move speed and physical penetration for 6s. His speed bonus increases up to double when moving toward an enemy god within the instant kill health threshold of his ultimate. Consumes 5% of Thanatos' current HP when used.

Ability Type: Buff
Penetration: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35
Move Speed: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30%
Bonus Speed (Low Health): 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30%
Cost: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40
Cooldown: 13s
Soul Reap
2 15 16 18 19

Soul Reap

3 B
Thanatos swings his scythe, dealing physical damage and silencing enemies he hits. Thanatos moves at a reduced rate while swinging. Consumes 5% of Thanatos' current HP when used.

Ability Type: Cone
Damage: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+70% of your Physical Power)
Silence Duration: 1s
Cost: 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45
Cooldown: 15s
Hovering Death
5 10 13 17 20

Hovering Death

4 Y
Thanatos flaps his wings and ascends for 5s, unable to be hit. While airborne, he moves unimpeded at an increased speed before diving to his target location, dealing damage. Enemies below a health threshold are instantly killed. All others are stunned. Consumes 10% of Thanatos' current HP when used.

Ability Type: Ground Target
Damage: 90 / 125 / 160 / 195 / 230 (+80% of your Physical Power)
Kill Health Threshold: 24 / 28 / 32 / 36 / 40%
Stun Duration: 1s
Bonus Move Speed: 150%
Radius: 15
Cost: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80
Cooldown: 90s


Thanatos is an assassin with high single target damage and insane sustain. Thanatos is one of my favourite and most played assassins and I always play very well on him. Thanatos has alot of burst damage in his kit but it's reliant on his first ability Death Scythe, missing this feels awful since it will put you in a dangerous position. This is why Thanatos has a kit with High Risk High Reward, hitting his abilities gives you alot but missing is really dangerous. I love this part about Thanatos since you will only play good if you can hit your abilities.

Pros / Cons

Great Early Game
High burst damage
High movement speed
High Sustain
Penta kills

No Real Escape
Sanctuary can block execute
''Bad Lategame''


Harvestor of Souls

Enemy gods within his ultimate's execute Health threshold are revealed to Thanatos. Dealing the killing blow to enemies also empowers Thanatos, healing him based on the max HP of his target and reducing his active cooldowns.

Additionally, all of Thanatos' abilities cost Health and Mana to use.

Does not reveal gods that are stealthed(Invisible).


Death Scythe

Thanatos flings his scythe at an enemy, dealing damage and an additional 10% of the target's maximum Health against enemy gods. Enemies hit are slowed for 3s and heal Thanatos based on damage dealt. Stops at the first enemy hit.

My Thoughts

Scent of Death

Thanatos senses death, gaining immunity to Slow effects and additional move speed and Physical Penetration for 6s. His speed bonus increases up to double when moving toward an enemy god within the instant kill Health threshold of his ultimate.


Soul Reap

Thanatos swings his scythe, dealing Physical damage and Silencing enemies he hits. Thanatos moves at a reduced rate while swinging.


Hovering Death

Thanatos flaps his wings and ascends for 5s, unable to be hit. While airborne, he moves unimpeded at an increased speed before diving to his target location, dealing damage. Enemies below a Health threshold are instantly killed. All others are Stunned.



I am going over the combo's from Thanatos and it may seem simple but to get the full potential out of Thanatos you need to do basic attack cancels. Now this may be tricky at first and I recommend going into jungle practice to well practice! Press on the explanation to see what to do and how to do the combo with basic attack cancels. I recommend using Soul Reap first whenever you know the enemy is going to use his abilities to get away or CC you.

What are Basic attack cancels?

Fast Burst




Full Combo



In this section im gonna explain all the items that Thanatos can use best. Going from penetration to defence to attack speed and crit. Thanatos can be build many ways but there is always going to be a top build. I will be updating the example build to the best current Thanatos build that I can think of.

Starter Items


Power and Penetration Items

Defensive Items

Attackspeed/Crit Items



I am talking about Jungle because its the only role Thanatos can really play effectively. Now the things I am talking about work for most gamemodes besides Assault or Arena.

Early Game

At the beginning you want to pick up Assassin's Blessing, Boots, 2 Healing Potions and 2 Multi Potions for the extra sustain. I always get Assassin's Blessing because of the faster clear speed you are getting. At the start of the match you want to start at speed with your midlaner. Then go the exp camp near the blue. Dont really how this camp is called yet. After you cleared that you wanna go to the blue and clear it. Be careful at the blue because the enemy jungler might rotate over and steal it, if this happens then just run. After the blue is gone you want to rotate to the midharpies. There is a pretty high chance that the midlaner already cleared it so if it is go to the midwave.
At this point your speed and exp camps are already about to spawn. You can choose to gank or farm from this point. At the moment you buy Warrior Tabi you wanna be looking for ganks because you got alot of early damage.

Mid Game

At this point of the game you have around 3 to 4 items and you deal a good amount of damage. You might already be grouping with your team and if so you are looking at objectives such as Towers, Gold Fury and Fire Giant. Push together and whenever a teamfight breaks out try getting into the backline and kill the Mid or Adc. You can use Hovering Death for this or you can come from behind by using the jungle.

If your team isn't grouping yet try to pickup kills by ganking lanes and killing enemies in the jungle. I recommend getting Wards for in the jungle and waiting around a corner, when an enemy is coming do your Fast Burst Combo and get an easy kill. Now this won't work for the tanky characters so I recommend walking away from them.

Late Game

At this point you should be grouping with your team looking for objectives and teamfights. Thanatos Falls off lategame but can still do alot of damage. Try getting into the backline from a teamfight to take care of the damage dealers then focus on the tanks. If 3 people of their team are dead tell your team to push or get Fire Giant. Go for pushing when most of the towers and phoenixes are down because it will most likely guarantee into a win, Fire Giant will give you a higher chance at pushing the left over towers and Phoenixes because of the extra damage it provides. The enemy team can't win a teamfight when your team has Fire Giant unless something goes terribly wrong.

I cant perfectly describe on how to jungle and how conquest works so if you wanna know more then click here. This guide is made by Branmuffin17 and it really helps a ton.


Hard Gods



Sobek is a guardian with alot of CC and decent damage. His Sickening Strike has a antiheal of 50% that lasts for 4s making it hard for you to stay alive, in addition to this he can throw you around with Charge Prey and Tail Whip. Something really annoying is when you land with your ult and Sobek uses Charge Prey instantly when you land putting you in a dangerous spot.

Tips and Tricks

I recommend not going in with Hovering Death when Sobek is around and u should save it to kill Sobek in his ultimate, this is because he won't be able to use Charge Prey to get away allowing you to get an easy kill. Use Scent of Death to escape his slow on Lurking In The Water



Geb is a guardian that has a huge amount of CC and the ability to save teammates with Stone Shield. The shield won't stop your execute but it will save someone whenever you are dunking on someone with Hovering Death. Geb can keep you in 1 place for a decent amount of time by using Cataclysm and Shock Wave making it easy for his teammates to hit you.

Tips and Tricks

Again the Stone Shield won't stop your execute so make use of that. Geb has alot of CC so try to avoid him so you don't have to use Purification Beads. You can silence Geb out of his Roll Out making it hard for him to escape.


Serqet is an assassin with high burst damage and single target lockdown. Her Cobra's Kiss is a very strong CC and sets up all her combo's. She has a 100% antiheal on Last Breath making it hard for you to survive all her burst damage. Serqet is also a very fast god with her Deathbane and Ambush making it hard to hit your abilities.

Tips and Tricks

I recommend staying away from Serqet when Last Breath is up because this will put you in a dangerous position. I also recommend having Purification Beads to deny her taunt and giving you a chance at fighting her. You can silence her out of Deathbane and Ambush but this takes perfect timing and might be hard to pull off.

Medium Gods

Guan Yu

Guan Yu is a warrior with alot of sustain and a good amount of mobility. His heals are pretty high and can put him or his teammate out of the execute threshold. He can also dodge your execute with Warrior's Will and can escape you with Cavalry Charge.

Tips and Tricks

Try escaping the stun from Cavarly Charge with Scent of Death or Purification Beads. If you don't have Purification Beads up use Hovering Death to escape it. Your silence can cancel Taolu Assault which is Guan Yu's main damaging ability. I recommend getting Brawler's Beat Stick to counter the healing.


Kumbhakarna is a guardian with a huge amounts of CC, he can lockdown any target with just a couple of abilities. His CC is annoying but Sleepy is a straight counter to Hovering Death. The execute won't happen and you will have to finish it off with alot of basic attacks. Only do this when you are sure no enemies could kill you, also be sure you can do enough basic attacks. Be aware of his Mighty Yawn because he can use it in his passive!

Tips and Tricks

Try to avoid Kumbhakarna because his CC will put you in a dangerous spot. Only try to execute him when you are sure Sleepy is down or there are no enemies nearby to safe him. You can also trigger his passive and instantly run away so next time you can execute him.


Kali is a lategame assassin with an insane amount of damage. Destruction can be used to ignore Hovering Death but it also puts you in a dangerous position since Kali can use Incense to stun you and burst you down.

Tips and Tricks

Kali is a lategame god so take advantage of that since you are an early game god. Try to burst her with your standard combo so she will be dead or she is forced to back lowering her amount of farm. Try to execute when Destruction is down and save Purification Beads for her Incense.


Aphrodite is a mage with alot of sustain and utility. Her heals are shared with her soulmate making it hard to execute them, in addition to that Undying Love makes them both immune for everything! Even the stun won't affect the target. You won't be able to kill Aphrodite quickly since they mostly build tanky and getting close to her is tricky when her Back Off! is up.

Tips and Tricks

Aphrodite is most of time with a soulmate making it hard for you to engage on them. Let your team do the engaging forcing Undying Love and giving you the chance to execute them. You always want to get Brawler's Beat Stick since it will decrease her healing alot and making it hard for her to survive your burst damage.


Chang'e is a mage with good sustain and some utility. Her Moonlit Waltz can ignore Hovering Death making it hard for you to execute her or engage on her. The cooldown on it is pretty long so you can bait it out first and then try to engage. Moonflower Dance can put her out of the execute threshold making it even harder to execute her. Moonflower Dance also reduces the healing of enemies hit.

Tips and Tricks

Like I said above use the cooldown from Moonlit Waltz. Some Change's might even use it when you didn't even do an ability yet, make use of this! Get Brawler's Beat Stick to counter her healing, I also recommend getting 1 movement item such as Heartseeker or Stone Cutting Sword. This is so you can chase her because when she uses an ability her movement speed increases.

Easy Gods


Thor is an assassin with alot of mobility, damage and CC. His map presence is amazing and works great in the jungle. Thor is easy to handle because his Berserker Barrage can be canceled by your Soul Reap. But his Mjolnir's Attunement can also be canceled, for example he throws it and then you silence him now Thor can't teleport to his hammer leaving him with no escape.

Tips and Tricks

Thor has an amazing early game and a lategame teamfight presence, although his early game is good yours is way better. Try to find Thor in the jungle and hit him with your silence first because otherwise he will stun and combo you. Lategame try to silence him out of Berserker Barrage since this is his main area damaging ability. I recommend saving Purification Beads for his ult since he can oneshot you if he does his full combo.


Ares is a guardian with a high amount of CC but low mobility. Ares has his Shackles this slows and cripples targets making it kinda useless against Thanatos this is because he can become slow immune and he has no leap. His other CC is the pull and stun from No Escape which can be ignored by using Purification Beads or Hovering Death. Ares is slowed when using his ult making him a prime target for your team, try ulting him in this duration since you can't really miss it.

Tips and Tricks

The only really annoying part about Ares is that the Shackles stick to you when you use Hovering Death. This can kill you if you have a low amount of health. If No Escape is on you always use Hovering Death before Purification Beads since the cooldown is way lower and you might need it at some other moment. You also get the chance to execute Ares since everybody is going to focus him.


Thanatos is a great assassin when it comes to burst damage and sustain. His mobility is decent and gets amazing when an enemy is has low health. Very good early game but he falls off lategame because lack of damage and because teamfights are just hard for assassins. He can be build in alot of different ways and so Thanatos can be different every time you play as or play against him. Thanatos is easy to pickup but hard to fully master because of the AA cancels you have to know. Hope you learned something from my Thanatos Guide and please leave any questions or suggestions in the comments.

And always remember

Practice is the key to Vicory!


28-02-2018: Updated to update 5.3 (Only item changes)
22-02-2018: Updated the item section and fixed a couple mistakes
13-02-2018: Updated to update 5.2 (Only item changes)
09-02-2018: Updated the Guide to season 5
01-03-2017: Added Relics

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Kriega1 (129) | February 23, 2018 2:23am
A bit strange levelling order, heavily prioritising Scent of Death early/mid game over Soul Reap, especially since you get 25 flat pen from 2nd and 3rd item. I would also suggest replacements for The Crusher lategame, can be : a defense item or Hydra's Lament (in addition to the two items you listed). If you decide to keep the current levelling order, I would get Shield of Regrowth / defense item at fourth item instead of fifth.
Deezskills NL | February 23, 2018 3:30am
Switching defence to fourth item and then changing the fifth item for a non penetration item might be a good change. I will look into it.

And regarding the penetration situation, yes you are overcapping but the combo of Heartseeker and The Crusher is just too strong right now. And addition to that Scent of Death is mostly about the movementspeed. If you are playing solo you can recommend maxing Soul Reap first for the faster clear.
BestMinionEver (69) | February 23, 2018 6:13am
Im not sure if I am sold on the crusher on Thana.
I think Jotunn's Wrath would be better although crusher makes Bloodforge better and I love Bloodforge :p

30+15% damage extra on Death Scythe and Soul Reap just does not seem that good.
BestMinionEver (69) | February 23, 2018 2:37am
The MS from Scent of Death is really really strong. And the penetration is also great, but less so if you build early pen as you mentioned.

But the MS alone is more valuable than an extra 50 damage per rank in Soul Reap, at least if you are jungling.

Vs low health targets it is an extra 40% MS, that is just insane. If you play solo I could argue going Soul Reap first.
Branmuffin17 (364) | February 20, 2018 4:17pm
Good update for S5, Deez. Some comments:
  • The 2 things I find strange about the current iteration of the build are the lack of Jotunn's Wrath as a core item in the example build, and...well, I'll get to the 2nd. I know you have Jotunn's as an option for 3rd/4th item, but in your writeup, you only talk about being able to throw a lot of scythes. But isn't it core so you can also ult a lot more? I guess I get that The Crusher and Brawler's Beat Stick are extremely functional, but if I were to throw one of those out for Jotunn's, it would probably be Brawler's. Against squishies with lifesteal, you're hopefully bursting them quickly or just going for a quick execute if they're already hurt. Hopefully others on your team have anti-heal of some sort, and I do get it...but I guess I want to know what your main reason for not listing Jotunn's as more core?

  • That 2nd thing is the overcap of pen. Yes, you mention it in your writeup of Scent of Death, that you usually use it after your combos...but then why do all of your combos list Scent as the starting ability? And when you use your example build, and you do activate Scent, you're overcapped by 25, which is pretty significant.

  • Further to that point, your full build for power / pen doesn't talk about the fact that Scent's added pen is completely rendered useless. Honestly feel that you're massively dropping the efficiency of his kit doing this build (and even the main one to some degree).

  • Finally, for the ult writeup, you mention using it as a getaway, but I don't see where it specifically can help with specific pulls like Ares or DO talk about that in your matchup against Ares, but think it really deserves strong mention in the skill section.

  • Also, do you see any potential use for Hide of the Urchin as a single protection item? That regenerating shield seems very functional for any god that gets in for kills and gets out, rather than staying in fights for extended periods.

  • I think Titan's Bane is still a solid item for Thanatos, but if you're sealing this as a firm item #6, then I really think you don't need as much flat pen as you get earlier in the build. At level 20, even squishy gods will have inherent physical protection approaching 70. The 20% pen from TB at that level will be roughly equivalent to ~15 flat pen on them.

  • The "Why Ichaival" spoiler wasn't updated for the S5 changes, as you still talk about Silverbranch being against magical gods.
Deezskills NL | February 21, 2018 2:58am
I was waiting for your feedback, last time you really helped out alot.

Alright so the reason I removed Jotunn's Wrath from the core is because the combination of Heartseeker and The Crusher is just so strong right now. I Even think that Transcendence is stronger then Jotunn's Wrath and that item has useless mana for Thanatos. I also felt that my ult this season has gotten less use from cooldowns, I think this is because of the bigger map so im longer running around while my ult gets off cooldown. Last season I was recommending to max Soul Reap But I switched it up with Scent of Death this season. The mobility you are getting is more useful then the extra burst of Soul Reap, as with that you now got the combination of Heartseeker and The Crusher for that extra burst.

I definitely gotta update some of my text in the guide. I mainly focused on the visuals. The overcap of pen is my bad, I just realised that I have Brawler's Beat Stick in my example build. If there isn't any healing then building power is way more benefitial. I gotta add Masamune as third or fourth item and remove it as a defensive item, its such a strong item right now and Thanatos can make great use of it. It also works really good with Spirit Robe.

Now I really like to sell The Crusher lategame for an item without any penetration. Items like Bloodforge and Shifter's Shield work great. I know that The Crusher scales well into lategame but I don't think it beats Bloodforge and Shifter's Shield. I will add some text regarding the overcapping pen of Scent of Death.

The ult getaway isn't very viable on Thanatos you can only use it in various situations. If your turning a corner for example, the enemy wont expect you to ult and you get a small chance of getting away. Now you can ult in a middle of a fight if you have enough health but this is risky.

Hide of the Urchin has never been an item that I really like. Building stacks is too risky for me and you only get the shield when its fully stacked. Now of course if you do manage to fully stack then you have a solid defensive item in your build but I always go for spirit robe because it's a safe option.

Titan's Bane has gotten pretty weird for me this season. Same goes for Obsidian Shard. I haven't tested any numbers of the item or looked into it yet, but I definitely know that it is stronger against high defence characters. Picking this item last is great with dealing the lategame tanks. Ill take in mind that its around 15 flat pen for squishies. I tried skipping out on Titan's Bane and going for Qin's Sais, yes thats pretty weird. But because of the change its really effective against tanks now. I do know that Titan's Bane is more effective. Stone Cutting Sword Could have potential, with all flat pen and Stone Cutting Sword which adds another 30 without overcapping you can schred all the targets on the map, atleast I think so. I gotta test this.

Also, can I have a spoiler in a spoiler? I was thinking about redoing the item section. Its too long and takes up alot of space. I also want to add some more items so its gonna be even bigger. If it doesn't work then I will delete the current spoilers and add 3 new ones for each type of item.
Branmuffin17 (364) | February 21, 2018 11:29am
This definitely gives me a better concept of how you've adjusted your play...thanks for the great explanation.

I've wondered about the efficacy of Transcendence for varying gods, and I understand the benefit of 10% CDR and the incredibly high power, but one huge aspect of Trans (the mana) is, as you say, useless for him. That immediately would make it less appealing for me to use with Thanatos.

It brings me back to Jotunn's...right now, if you get Hydra's Lament and a late Spirit Robe, you'll have 20% CDR, which in talking about how you've personally experienced your ult use, is probably sufficient. But as an ability-based god, and the fact that a lot of his sustain and survival depends on Death Scythe, I'd think getting closer to max CDR would do a lot to enhance his kit. 13 second CD @ 20% CDR is 10.4 40% it's 7.8. 8 seconds is low enough that in a slightly longer engagement, you'll be able to get it off twice. Also, if you're hurt and moving through the jungle late-game, you can very quickly get back up in health through a couple quick stops at camps, and I'd expect that CDR to be functional there too. 2-3 seconds isn't all that much, but at the same time, it can be a difference-maker.

With regard to that ult, at least having it available more often gives you more flexibility. 20% CDR difference is 18 seconds, which is huge...having your ult available every minute is great, whether or not you are able to execute someone. As I know you know, you can also use it for the stun, helpful for setting up a kill.

Yeah, I know you still have to build stacks, but if you get Hide of the Urchin early enough (like 4th maybe) you shouldn't have too many issues building those stacks unless your team is just really losing hard. I just think that regenerating shield is a nice idea for assassins.

I agree with Titan's Bane being a lot weirder this season. I like the fact that it's more specialized, but I feel it's almost too specialized...more so with Obsidian Shard than TB though.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts and're the Thana expert...I just dabble =P
Load more comments (2 more replies) →
IceColdPappsi (13) | February 10, 2018 4:39pm
Bro, great guide, no criticism from me. Just wondering why you did an orange color scheme based around his new skin instead of purple, black, and white off of his original skin? Or maybe change from Demonic to Jack the Reaper? I guess Reaper Tech could fit too.
Deezskills NL | February 11, 2018 4:09am
I based it on the new skin to give it that season 5 feel. Im in love with the skin so I had a bunch of fun editing all of it.
Sinema | September 16, 2017 11:24am
Odd, I am on XBOX and I go in and setup my items beforehand. If I equip Warrior Tabi, it will not allow me to select Ichaival or Jotunn's Wrath. If I remove the Warrior Tabi, it will then let me select the other item.
Godh8rs | May 7, 2017 1:48am
Nice build!! I'm gonna try it
sunny108108 (3) | April 20, 2017 10:19pm
Great build for thanatos!
CirclesAreRound (14) | April 21, 2017 5:21am
Branmuffin17 (364) | February 24, 2017 12:29pm
Hey Deez, welcome to the site and congrats on your first guide. Yet another guide that came out of the blue and is quite impressive.

s4 feedback

In the end, pretty much just say well done.
Deezskills NL | February 24, 2017 2:17pm
Thanks for the feedback and will definitely add that combo! and I see you noticed that I had no link for the passive this is because it didn't work at all

unless I am being stupid of course xD
xZeroStrike (46) | February 24, 2017 2:20pm
Should work fine. Use this:

[icon=Harvester of Souls size=50]
Load more comments (3 more replies) →
Deezskills NL | February 23, 2017 2:13pm
If anybody has got some experience with ranked play and wants to help me out please let me know :)
MountainSlayer | February 23, 2017 7:05pm
Thanatos main here, with a guide on Thanatos as well! (
Shameless self plugin :/

Now seriously, ranked play. In Conquest, late game he is a nightmare for tanks. With an execute threshold of 40%, he takes out heavy supports with ease, especially with the percentage damage on his 1.
I mainly play Duel, and he's decent. Not S tier, but fairly good low and mid elo. His silence counters a lot of Gods and can be timed properly to eliminate dashes or abilities. His 1 is amazing poke early game, and his ultimate is great for finishing an opponent.
Joust, Never played ranked joust with him :/ normal joust is great though
Deezskills NL | February 24, 2017 3:07am
Nice guide definitely gonna look more into it later

Thanks for helping me with the ranked part. I never tried him in duel because I always play Arachne there, probably gonna try Thanatos now and look for myself. As in for Joust ranked I didn't play him either because hunters are kinda OP and my friends played guardian and mage so he wouldn't really work, I landed in platinum 2 so I quess it was a succes going only hunter. Conquest ranked is interesting at the moment because he's way higher tier now. I can see why tanks are afraid for him with that execute but besides that his penetration is 50 most of the time so that's another reason for that to be afraid. I guess building tanky in Ranked Conquest is a must because you will get blown up very quickly.
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