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The Ins And Outs Of Susano - Best Susano NA (S5 and Updating)

February 17, 2018 by Helix6126
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3


Smite God: Susano

Item Purchase Order

Start (3 multi instead of mana is fine)

Build Item Mage's Blessing
Build Item Katana
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

First item

Build Item Warrior Tabi

Second Item

Build Item Hydra's Lament

Example Burst DPS

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Hydra's Lament Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item The Crusher Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Bloodforge

Example Tanky

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Hydra's Lament Build Item Void Shield Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick

Other Possible Items

Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Transcendence Build Item Frostbound Hammer Build Item Gladiator's Shield Build Item Ancile Build Item Runic Shield Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Magi's Cloak Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Masamune Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Titan's Bane


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Blink Rune Build Item Bracer of Undoing

God Skill Order

Storm Kata

Storm Kata 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Wind Siphon

Wind Siphon 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Jet Stream

Jet Stream 2 8 11 12 14 key bind


Typhoon 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

The Ins And Outs Of Susano - Best Susano NA (S5 and Updating)

February 17, 2018



Susano is a very mobile assassin that feels like a combination of Riven and Yasuo from League of Legends. In the right hands, he can tear apart tanks, burst squishies, and chase you to the end of the earth.


1. Susano cannot teleport to his Jet Stream after popping beads when silenced or crippled.

2. Casting the 3rd cast of Storm Kata as it goes on cooldown will stop it midway instead of carrying out the entire dash.

3. When teleporting to a marked target that has been knocked up, Susano will be knocked into the air as well, slowing your combo.

4. Passive stacks last forever, but this shouldn't be changed.

Solo Lane

I usually start blue buff with my jungler, go to the harpies, and then grab my blue buff. You can start double health potions or 1 health 1 mana. Warriors blessing against targets with a lot of sustain and mage's blessing (if it doesn't get nerfed) for a strong early game. Start with Jet Stream as your first ability to clear faster, and then upgrade Storm Kata. Try not to lose too much hp before you hit lvl 3. Once you do hit lvl 3, pull your enemy laner and his archer minions, then cast Storm Kata and dash away. Progress as usual from there on. Welcome to Season 5


Items are pretty simple on Susano. No you don't need to max out on CDR. You should almost always start bluestone, unless it's a gamemode like arena where you can return to the fountain relatively quickly.

Core items are Warrior Tabi, Hydra's Lament, Heartseeker, and Jotunn's Wrath. If you're ahead, go with a more damaging build whereas if you're behind, go tankier. A little attack speed in your build is fine, but you don't need that much of it.


Warrior Tabi - The go to shoes for almost every assassin.

Hydra's Lament - Very important item to increase your dps. The mana regen also helps a lot early-mid game in many gamemodes.

Heartseeker - I used to hate this item, but after a bit of playing around, I've grown to love it a little more. Very strong first or second item.

Jotunn's Wrath - CDR, early pen, and power. Extremely solid item and helps with mana issues.

The Crusher - Season 5 changed this item into a better bluestone. The base stats are still amazing and the passive is really easy to proc with Kata 2 and your ult.

Brawler's Beat Stick - Antiheal, pen, power. Build against Hercules, healers, etc.

Titan's Bane - Only build it if the enemy team has too much defense. Getting flat pen items and skipping titan's bane can actually be stronger in some situations. Season 5's changes to Titans and Obsidian Shard make them a bit more situational. Only build if there are 2 or more hyper tanks.

Bloodforge - Luxury item. Get 5th or last. The heal can surprise a lot of people and the shield + mvmnt speed you can get is fun.

Void Shield - Pen aura and defense. Solid choice but has fallen out of the meta.

Shifter's Shield - Solid mixed defense item when hp is low and the power it gives is quite nice.

Gladiator's Shield - The CDR is good and the passive is very easy to proc with Storm Kata.

Hide of the Urchin Spirit Robe Mantle of Discord Magi's Blessing - Mixed defense and CDR from some of them. Good against heavy CC teams depending on which robe.

Frostbound Hammer - Better in a tanky build. The slow isn't too necessary in a burst build as the enemy will probably be dead and because Susano can just burst down squishy targets.

Masamune - Allows for safer team dives.

Stone Cutting Sword - Weaving autos in between abilities allows Susano to easily get this passive off.

Ancile - Amazing item that allows diving on mages easy. This item is heavily underused and should be recognized as a very strong pick.

Other items are more situational but can work.


Quick Summary

Swift as the Summer Storm: Hit god, get stacks. Next ability removes stacks, doing damage. Currently bugged, as stacks last forever.

Storm Kata 1st cast is cone. Second cast is circle. Third cast is dash. Cooldown starts AFTER third cast. Weave autos between. Save dash. Triple AA reset.

Wind Siphon Cone shaped. Middle pulls, outside does damage. AA reset and guaranteed AA after.

Jet Stream Teleport. If recast while on enemy, cooldown reduced to 8 seconds.

Typhoon Typhoon pulls about poseidon pool strength. After one second, tornado can knock up.

More Ability Details

Passive: Storm Kata grants 3 stacks, Wind Siphon grants 1 stack, Jet Stream grants 1 stack, Typhoon grants 1 stack.

1.Triple AA reset. 4 potential AA. If all in combo, dash through enemy and 180 AA.

2. Can AA before casting but not reliable. Guaranteed AA after cast, be sure to AA as it procs hydras. Be sure to pull at max range. Damage and pull hits through walls but you can't pull players through walls.

3. 3 potential AA. Guaranteed at least 1 AA reset. Casting after 2 is very good. SAVE FOR CHASING. Do not always immediately recast. Building CDR does not effect the 8 second cooldown from recast.

4. Basic ability. Nothing super special. Full charge is not necessary. You cannot change the direction after death. Can be used to peel for teammates.


Focus on taking out lone stragglers. Susano will win almost every 1v1 against squishy targets. Don't overcommit by using your ult to burst them. Saving the ult for peel or teamfights is much more worth.

(---) - Optional

AA - Auto Attack

1 - Storm Kata

2 - Wind Siphon

3 - Jet Stream

4 - Typhoon

Triple Kata (TK)

(AA) 1 AA 1 AA 1 180AA

The basic AA canceling combo on Storm Kata

Jet Stream Fast Combo

(2) (AA) 3 AA 3 AA

Very fast combo that can very quickly kill a lone squishy late game.

All In Combo (assuming no escapes)

Far Away

3 3 AA (enemy starts to run) 2 TK

Within Melee Range

AA 3 AA 3 AA (enemy starts to run) 2 TK

The all in combo is great in a 1v1 but also uses both your escapes to kill the enemy. High risk high reward.

Delayed Storm Combo

Charge ult to almost max but out of range. 4 3 3 AA 2 4 TK. Works well when pulling big groups and works well paired with blink. Don't stack knock ups. Time one after another.

Safe Combo

AA 1 AA 1 AA 2 AA 3 AA 3 AA 1

Less DPS than the all in combos but much safer.

Leave Base Combo

3 1 31* 1
Most efficient way to leave the fountain.

*(Teleport and immediately cast the second cast of Storm Kata. These animations can be stacked on top of each other meaning the instant you arrive at your teleport location, Storm Kata will hit.)

Escape Combo

1 1 2 (AA) 1 (3 3)

Just run. The idea is to pull the enemy and dash through them. The AA is for the extra damage you can fit and potential lifesteal if you invested in bloodforge. Also a free hydra's proc.

Mechanical Tips

When using AA, run circles around enemy.

When playing safe, SAVE MOBILITY

Susano 3 escapes odin cage

Susano first and second casts of Storm Kata go through ALL player made walls

Auto Attack Cancels

There is more than one way of auto attack canceling in Storm Kata for Susano. I have 2 ways I like to do it. The first way takes advantage of server lag so it doesn't work in jungle practice where your ping should be 0. The second method is harder to learn but much more reliable.

What is an auto attack cancel?

Well, every ability and basic/auto attack has 3 parts to the animation. The pre-fire animation, the impact animation, and the post-fire animation. Some abilities can interrupt the post-fire animation, slightly reducing the amount of time it takes to get your damage out. It may not seem like a lot, but that one extra basic attack can be game changing. This holds true for Susano as people believe he is an Ability based assassin when in fact his main damage is his powerful Basic Attacks.

Server Lag Method

Storm Kata must be on normal cast. After clicking for each cast of Storm Kata, continue holding down your left mouse button. That same click that you used to activate one of the Storm Kata casts will continue and let you basic attack. Before that basic attack finishes, but after the damage appears, click and hold again for the second cast, and repeat for the third. Practice this against bots as again, this does NOT work in jungle practice. I'm not completely sure as to how or why this works but it works so I do it. I think it is because the mouse hold gets immediately input as a command, sliding right in between the first and second cast. This is possibly due to the slight "cooldown" between each cast of Storm Kata. You cannot instantly cast SK1 and SK2 in quick succession.

Problems: Sometimes, that basic attack just won't register, slowing down your combo. Fear not, as canceling the targeter with right click and immediately following up with the rest of your relentless assault will make up for some lost time.

Alternating Mouse Method

After the first cast of Storm Kata, you can keep holding your left mouse button down and use right mouse button to cancel the targeter for the second cast. After making the targeter disappear, immediately click for the auto attack and follow up with another click for the second cast, and repeat.

Jet Stream Auto Cancels

After Jet Stream connects with an enemy, if you are within melee range, tap 3 as soon as your basic attack connects. You can also fit in an auto attack before and after Jet Stream but those are self explanatory.

God Matchups

Jesus Christ this took a long time to make.

I'll rate threat level from 1 to 5, 1 being low threat and 5 being high threat.\

1/5 - Safe 1v1 easy to kill. Low threat

2/5 - Relatively low threat. They can't usually kill you unless you play stupid.

3/5 - Medium threat. Usually comes down to mechanical skill.

4/5 - Relatively high threat. Don't fight this target by yourself unless they are extremely low. Caution

5/5 - Massive threat. Avoid unless you need to fight them. Never fight alone.


Agni is a medium range mage. Avoid the stun as that's his only CC. Use Jet Stream to follow his dash and don't immediately pop the teleport. If his dash is down, you can burst Agni easily.

Ah Muzen Cab
AMC's disarm, slow, and cripple can a huge nuisance. Wait for him to pop everything before comboing him as he has no mobility. You can also try to initiate the fight onto him with your ult since he can't do anything when knocked up.

Ah Puch
Despite being a low mobility mage, Ah Puch's slow, low cooldowns, and decent tankiness can be a pain to deal with. Never engage on a full health Ah Puch as they usually get a defense item or a few HP items making him hard to kill. His Corpse Explosion isn't too scary but Undead Surge is a big threat. Try to dodge it.

Her damage is on the lower side of things, but the silence and big CC ultimate can be annoying to deal with. Ama shines in teamfights, not 1v1 trades. Try to single her out and burst her. Even if she does silence you, that means she wasted her only escape. If she ults, dash through her with the third cast of Storm Kata.

Don't stand under him,,avoid the pillar. Mark Anhur with your Jet Stream. If he jumps away, follow him. If he stays to fight, combo him until he jumps, then chase. If he goes over a wall and the teleport is down, you can cast your ult and finish him off. Be careful as if he does jump and you teleport, Anhur's team could be waiting for you or he could stun you into the wall you just teleported in front of.

Immobile target and usually stationary. If goobis ults, just run circles around him. Try not to get slowed or stunned and it's a win. Get caught and get bursted.

Ao Kuang
Usually ends up in a stalemate. Ao has no hard CC in his basic kit but he can easily escape with his Water Illusion. Run circles in melee range to dodge his Wild Storm.

Easy easy kill. Relatively low damage. Build brawlers, try not to get stunned, and don't waste abilities when she ults. It's usually safe to pull Aphro after she ults. Aphro usually isn't alone though, in which the threat level goes up to 3/5.

Has a mez that gives protections, has strong boxing potential, and has a very solid escape that knocks up. Either you win the fight, or he gets away. Nothing much to lose.

Arachne is surprisingly hard to deal with. Her slow makes it easy for her to chase you, and she is strongest within melee range and her heal is pretty massive. Her ult can also follow you very easily and it can be used to avoid your ult. Try to avoid fighting Arachne. Use the escape combo if she engages on you. A good Arachne player will tear you to shreds.

Ares can kill you if you don't build any defense and the cripple is very annoying. The escape combo doesn't work either as you are crippled and Ares is immune to knockups when using Searing Flesh and knockups are your only CC. If he lands a chain, you're dead. Just get beads and run.

If you walk into traps (like me) you're gonna die. If Artemis ults, just try to disengage or charge your ultimate. By the time her CC immunity wears off, she'll get knocked up. Other than that, it's a pretty fair matchup. A good Artemis may trap where your Jet Stream ends so be cautious when teleporting.

Artio is the biggest pain to fight, along with Ares. Her cripple is really annoying, her damage is scary, and she has a lot of healing and cc. Just don't fight her at all. Don't be afraid to use your ultimate to peel for yourself or teammates when being chased.

Athena usually won't have enough DPS to kill you. She is very tanky and block stacks can be annoying. If she has teammates supporting her, her threat level goes up to 4/5. Getting caught by the taunt will kill you very quickly. If she is low, you can easily chase with Jet Stream.

Just don't get knocked up. She is mobile but you can good chase potential.

Very high damage, very tanky, and lots of CC. Bacchus is a living nightmare to deal with. His knockup can cut your dash short and you have to waste a lot of abilities to get away from a good Bacchus. Try not to fight him.

Wait out his Butcher Blades. You can also pull him to waste the Butcher Blades buff timer. Use your ultimate or Storm Kata to clear out the minions from his ultimate. Wind Siphon also reduces the amount of auto attacks Baka can get out, greatly reducing his DPS.

Her cats can't be easily killed without your ultimate. Bastet is also pretty slippery. Don't be stupid and time your teleport well. Bastet without her jump dies pretty easily but she's still annoying to deal with.

She's tanky but you can cancel her bludgeon. The disarm is annoying but it's bearable.

You can cancel Tremors with Wind Siphon. Cabrakan's wall can stop your escape so but most of your abilities hit through it. Don't try to 100-0 Cabrakan, it doesn't work.

Low mobility compared to Susano. Brawlers counters his healing, and other than that it's a pretty easy kill.

Don't get stunned, but it's pretty hard to get stunned within melee range. The biggest threat is his ult, but even that isn't a huge issue. Wait out the protection shred debuff.

Don't get ulted. Don't get rooted. His autos chunk, but relatively easy matchup.

Chaac's slow is very annoying to deal with. His ult having both a silence and a knock up is a pain. Chaac is also pretty mobile, especially when building Shield of Regrowth.

Chang'e can dodge a lot of damage and avoid your CC. If you think she is going to ult, dashing through her can help you dodge it.

Very easy matchup. His escape can be canceled by Wind Siphon and when ulting he is very vulnerable. Don't play stupid and Chiron is a very easy kill to secure.

Bait out his Stop Time. Being within melee range makes it very easy to hit his stun. Other than that, Chronos has no CC or mobility so it's pretty easy.

Cu Chulainn
He's tanky and has a lot CC, but he can't chase you down. Try to avoid fighting him or trying to assassinate him.

If heart bomb lands, immediately disengage. His ultimate is a massive pain to deal with so get Sprint or Purification Beads to escape it.

Da Ji
Her burst and mobility is surprisingly annoying. Da Ji wants to fight up close. Very much a skill match up.

Easy kill. Don't get hit by Strife and she's an easy kill. Her ultimate is easy to dodge but not in close range. If the apple lands on you and Discordia is low, just keep attacking her or pull her closer.

Erlang Shen
Knockup, healing, taunt, etc. Erlang is a pain to fight. You can cancel his escape with Wind Siphon. Don't 1v1 Erlang when Spot Weakness is active.

Fafnir is surprisingly tanky and does a good chunk of damage. His CC is also pretty annoying so try not to get hit.

A good Adaptin.. I mean Fenrir will ruin your day. High base damage, decent lifesteal, and defensive items makes him extremely difficult to kill. Dodge the stun and cancel Brutalize with Wind Siphon.

Freya has the potential to kill you before you even get to her. If you teleport to her using Jet Stream, she can just "WHOOP" you into the air. Her ult can also allow her to lifesteal a bit and avoid tons of damage. Wait till her auto stims are down to fight.

Slows, silences, and CC galore. If Ganesha is silencing an ally, pulling him cancels it. Try not to get caught by Ganesha or else you'll get bursted by his team very quickly. Never dash out of Dharmic Pillars. The debuff from it is massive, and it's much safer to use Jet Stream to get out.

Geb can't hurt you much but his teammates can slaughter you if the Geb is good. If Geb isn't CC immune yet, you can pull him out of Roll Out. If you think he's going to initiate with Cataclysm, precast Jet Stream as an escape route.

Guan Yu
Guan is too tanky to fight and you can't cancel his abilities. He can also chase you down very easily. Guan isn't meant for 1v1s and in a teamfight he is deadly.

Don't get stunned. Other than that and the range advantage, Hachiman is pretty easy to fight. Biggest problem is that he can ult away.

Hades isn't hard. He's a very close range mage and you have two options to escape his ult. Two cons in this match up are that Hades has a silence and is relatively tanky. Other than that, it's hard for him to kill you.

He Bo
He Bo can one shot you, but you can also burst him very quickly. Without the knock up, He Bo is very vulnerable. The carpet slow can be avoided with [Winged Blade] or just by teleporting onto him.

Brawlers. Done.

Brawlers. Don't fight Herc 1v1 ever.

Hou Yi
Try not to fight Hou Yi 1v1. His suns are great at zoning people and his knock up stun combo is deadly. If his ultimate is down, your best option is to get behind him and burst. Try to save Jet Stream as an escape when things go south.

Hun Batz
Hun Batz can completely destroy you when his ultimate interrupts your flow. Without it, hes pretty vulnerable but still quite mobile.

Easy matchup but her CC is very annoying. A good Isis can cancel her Wing Gust to stun or silence you so be cautious. Other than that, not a huge threat, just annoying.

Izzy can't do much besides silence and slow you for a bit, and both are easy to dodge. Follow Fade Away]} with [[Storm Kata and you'll be good.

If you get caught, you're dead. Chasing Janus is sometimes a bad idea as he has more mobility and can slow you. Janus is very squishy so catching him alone and on cooldown is an easy win.

Jing Wei
Don't get knocked up and follow Jing with Jet Stream. Her best escape option is her ultimate, but you can kill her during the channel duration.

Very much a skill match up. Kali will usually win the auto trade, but Susano has better mobility.

If Khepri grabs you, just keep auto attacking him. If he grabs a teammate, just pull him off of them. Khepri is probably the weakest guardian vs Susano.

Kuk puts up a decent fight. He's easy to chase, but his slow and tornado are very annoying. Initiating with Typhoon makes it very easy to kill him. Be careful when fighting in melee range, as Kuk's ult is much easier to land when up close.

Cancerous for everyone. ***bha can completely cancel Storm Kata if you stay asleep. Not as annoying as Ares or Artio but still a pain.

Kuzenbo can't do too much without Shell Spikes. Don't get caught by Sumo Slam. Watery Grave has a continuous knock up that can interrupt your combo.

Depends on who lands the CC first. Invisible Loki isn't a problem but his damage is. Get a Void Shield or something of the sort to deal with him.

Not a huge issue. Just remember to turn around when she ults and to dodge Viper Shot.

Same as Loki. If Merc grabs you and punches, you're gonna have a bad time. Other than that, remember your Jet Stream follows Merc through Sonic Boom so you can chase him pretty easily.

Ne Zha
Late game Ne Zha's sash ult combo will probably kill you. The banish can also interrupt your combo. Overall though, not a huge issue to deal with.

Are there any good Neith players? On a more serious note, most of Neith's abilities are very predictable. Don't get caught in a weave trap and you'll be fine.

Remove Nemesis's shield with Wind Siphon. If she starts chasing, don't run unless you're low. Susano can usually beat Nemesis in a 1v1.

Cancel Nike's Rend with Storm Kata and she loses all of her damage. You still probably can't her due to her natural tankiness and safe escape.

Purification Beads Magi's Blessing

Nu Wa
Be careful when fighting Nu Wa when she summons her Clay Soldiers. If you try dashing through them, she will usually still land the stun. Going around them is the safest option. You can also dash through them but it's a bit riskier. She's a low mobility mage so waiting out the soldier life timers or killing them is the safest option.

Jet Stream to escape Ring of Spears. Odin is tanky and mobile so you can't kill him. Don't get bird bombed. That's pretty much it.

You can't kill him, he can't kill you. Break Tether ASAP.

Poseidon has great peel with his Tidal Surge and can lock you down with Whirlpool. Purification Beads and Aegis are a must. Winged Blade is also very strong.

Pull Ra out of his Solar Blessing. Other than that, Ra's slow moving abilities won't find their mark. Dash through and behind Ra when he ults for maximum tilt.

His mobility, CC, and massive burst damage is annoying but his cooldowns are relatively long. Try to surprise the Raijin player rather than fighting him head on.

Cripple arrow from Rolling Assault is annoying. If you do get crippled, back off and re initiate. When Rama goes up in the air, you can trap him with a pre planted Typhoon.

Rat vs Susano feels like a hunter boxing match. No tips, just land your abilities.

You can't kill him and he probably can't kill you but boy is he tanky. In a sustained fight, Ravana will usually be victorious. Try to avoid.

Scylla is extremely squishy. Easy to chase and easy to dodge. Just don't get hit by Sic 'Em and you'll be fine.

Serqet will usually be the one to try and fight you. Dodging even one of her abilities will swing the fight in your favor. She has more mobility so chasing Serqet isn't always the best idea.

Dead Kaldr = Dead Skadi. Fast AA cancels destroy Kaldr.

Naturally tanky. Don't fight Sobek when your minions are nearby as he has a pretty surprising amount of healing. Try not to get thrown into the enemy team as you can be damaged when in mid air. Sobek is too tanky to fight alone.

When Sol's Disapparate is about to end, charge up Typhoon to guarantee a knock up. Don't stand in her abilities and use common sense. When you see Sol ready Stellar Burst, immediately juke in the opposite direction you were traveling to dodge it completely.

Sun Wukong
Pull cancels Wukong's 72 Transformations. He doesn't do too much damage but is hard to fight due to being so tanky and his ult is a great getaway.

Mirror match is usually a skill match up.

Sylvanus with his team is very scary. His root isn't a cripple so just dash or teleport out of it before he grabs you.

Terra's insane gap closing potential and giant AoE slow is really hard to deal with. She is also immune to all of your CC whenever she has a standing stone up due to her passive Standing Stones.

Thana's silence is very short. His death scythe is also easy to dodge. Just run circles around him, similar to how you fight Ao Kuang.

The Morrigan
Dodging Morrigan's stun is really easy and she doesn't do that much damage after that. Easy win. DoT from Storm Kata also cancels her invisibility.

Thor usually builds pretty tanky making him hard to kill. When Thor goes up in the air, get Jet Stream ready. Cast it, but don't teleport. If Thor is going to land on you, recast to avoid it. If he lands on your cloud, pm him "get jebated" (don't actually). Don't try pulling Thor when he is spinning as he's knock up immune. Best time to pull Thor is when he throws his hammer because he can't teleport when knocked up.

Try to get close up on him. Thoth will try to run. Dodge the stun and Thoth will die. You can cancel his ult channel with Wind Siphon and Typhoon.

Tyr can't be pulled out of his dash. Stay clear of it and fight. Tyr without Assault Stance Fearless can't do anything to you but he is tanky.

Don't get hit by Thrown Axe. Best time to fight Ullr is when the axe is on cooldown or when he is in bow stance. Ullr then needs to switch stance while you kill him.

Vamana is stupid tanky as he gets bonus power from physical defense. Get Titan's bane and run away from his ultimate. DO NOT FIGHT VAMANA IN HIS ULTIMATE.

Surprisingly annoying to deal with. Be sure to dodge the meatball or else you won't be able to fight him.

He's got some mobility and his autos hurt but if you're on him, Xbal is probably gonna die. Don't play stupid and it's an easy kill.

Xing Tian
Xing is too tanky to fight alone. Just avoid his ultimate and try not to get hit by Hook Slam.

Storm Kata and Wind Siphon damage can go through Ymir's wall. If he freezes teammates, pull Ymir to prevent him from doing too much damage.

As long as Chain Lightning, Zeus will die. Get away from the shield when he throws Aegis Assault to prevent getting slowed and detonated on.

Zhong Kui
Zhong is very tanky. Remember he is knock up immune when ulting.

End + Status Updates


I forgot to publish my updates oops :P

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