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Acquire Elo With Thoth - An In Depth Guide to Thoth - Build, Matchups, Tips and Tricks

November 20, 2017 by XenoChief
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Acquire Elo With Thoth

Smite God: Thoth

Item Purchase Order

A guideline build

Build Item Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Book of Thoth
Build Item Spear of Desolation
Build Item Obsidian Shard
Build Item Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Soul Reaver

The two viable starts for Thoth as of 23/10/17

Build Item Soul Stone Build Item Bumba's Mask Build Item Soul Trap Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Other lovely power items (preference)

Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Pythagorem's Piece Build Item Ethereal Staff Build Item Gem of Isolation

Situational Items

Build Item Doom Orb Build Item Divine Ruin Build Item Dynasty Plate Helm Build Item Stone of Fal Build Item Shaman's Ring Build Item Rod of Asclepius Build Item Vampiric Shroud Build Item Sands of Time


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet


Build Item Telkhines Ring Build Item Demonic Grip Build Item Book of the Dead Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Shoes of Focus

No Stacking Build (if you're very behind)

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Soul Reaver Build Item Rod of Tahuti


Build Item Ward Build Item Sentry Ward

God Skill Order

Hieroglyphic Assault

Hieroglyphic Assault 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Evade and Punish

Evade and Punish 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Glyph of Pain

Glyph of Pain 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Final Judgement

Final Judgement 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Acquire Elo With Thoth - An In Depth Guide to Thoth - Build, Matchups, Tips and Tricks

November 20, 2017

Introduction to Thoth

Hi! I am XenoChief, a mid lane main, and welcome to my Thoth Guide! Be it DOTA, LOL or Smite, I have always been a massive fan of high damage magical mid laners in MOBAs, be it Invoker, LeBlanc or Scylla; and the moment Thoth came out I fell in love - a mobile high damage, high skill cap, versatile mage focused on dealing massive damage with stupidly long ranged skillshots.

Chances are if you are reading this guide, you have seen Thoth's insane kit and like me thought 'this is a ****ing awesome character, I should learn him so I too can acquire ELO by oneshotting people from 130 units away'. Well look no further! Thoth is not an easy character to play by any means; he's hard to learn and even harder to master, but once you've got past his steep learning curve, he can carry games by himself, do insane damage, set up picks; everything you want in a mage. With that being said let's get in to the guide!

Thoth's Pros and Cons


- One of the highest damage characters in the game
- One of the best late game mages
- Unrivaled poke
- One good ult can win a game
- Can apply his damage from miles away
- Can impact teamfights through walls
- 75 Unit Dash that goes in 8 directions: incredibly safe
- Very long ranged stun: can set up picks and peel for himself
- Can snowball very well
- Awesome walking animation
- Disrespectful laugh (be sure to spam this as much as possible)

- Worst Level 1 and 2 in the game
- Bad early game
- Item Dependent
- Mana hungry in early game
- Struggles with characters that can stick to him - only has one dash to get away with
- Entirely line skillshot based - lacks the AoE of other mages
- Squishy: one CC and he is dead
- Reliant on kiting
- Hard to learn
- Harder to master

Thoth's Abilities Part 1: A summary

Passive: Dead Reckoning

Thoth pens the names of his fallen opponents in his book, recording their weaknesses. After killing 30 Enemies, Thoth gains a stack of 4 Magical Penetration, and killing an Enemy God will complete the current stack. He unlocks a new stack every 4 levels, up to a maximum of 5 stacks at level 17.

A suprisingly strong passive. Since on Thoth you generally farm quite a lot to get your items online anyway, this actually ties in quite well with that making it so not only you get gold, but you also get pen for free as well, one of THE most valuable stats in the entire game (it goes movement speed > pen > CDR > power for a mage generally speaking). Late game is really where this shines, with Spear of Desolation, Pen Boots and Obsidian Shard, you're dealing true damage to anything below like 75 protection, which, hint hint, is most mid laners, healers and ADCs, aka the people you want to be blowing up. Considering how Thoth's ult can hit for 1200, his 2 for 600 and his 1 for 300 a shot.. yeah.

This is also what makes him so snowbally; upon killing a God, Thoth not only gets the gold from the kill, but also instantly gets 4 Penetration from his passive without needing to stack it, meaning he gets a lot more leverage from his kills than other mid laners.

All in all, it's one of the better passives for a mage, even if it is a more underrated part of his kit.

Ability 1: Hieroglyphic Assault

Thoth begins to gather magic from the air, ignoring the Basic Attack Movement penalty and conjuring 3 Hieroglyphs. His next 3 Basic Attacks pass through enemies and do Ability Damage instead. If these attacks pass through the Glyph of Pain, their range is increased.

Damage (per shot) 35/55/75/95/115 (+25% Magical Power)
Cost: 60/65/70/75/80.
Cooldown: 8s.

Thoth's main damage spell. Similar to Scylla's Crush, Ra's Celestial Beam or Janus' Unstable Vortex, this is where the bulk of Thoth's non-ultimate damage comes from. When fired through his Glyph of Pain, it will deal up to 170 (+35%) PER SHOT (for a total of 510 (+105%) damage) from up to 85 units away (more on the Glyph later). This is what makes Thoth the long ranged poke/artillery sieging monster that he is, getting hit by these shots hurt.

One of the most crucial skills a Thoth player needs to be able to consistently hit these shots from long distances through his Glyph. You need to able to hit 2/3 shots every time to really get use out of this character, but if you can pull this off consistently, you can, in conjunction with his other skills, delete people before they even get in auto range of you. These shots pass through EVERYTHING so they can't hide behind creeps or their tank, if you aim this well, they will die.

It's on an 8s base cooldown as well, which in conjunction with his 5s CD on his 3, makes him incredible at sieging with the barrage of poke he can output.

Ability 2: Evade and Punish

Thoth dashes in the direction he is currently traveling. After dashing, for 5s Thoth's next basic attack instead fires a magical projectile at the target which passes through minions, stuns, and deals ability damage. If either the Dash or Attack passes through the Glyph of Pain, their respective range is increased by 30.

Cost: 70/75/80/85/90
Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12s
Damage: 70/110/150/190/230 (+60% of your Magical Power)
Stun Duration: 1s

Boy oh boy, where do I begin with this one? Possibly the most controversial spell in all of Smite, this thing is a gift from the gods and is what makes Thoth the S+ tier mage you see today. You see on Thoth's release, this spell was the same 70 Unit Dash, but the projectile afterwards was smaller, slowed for 20-40% and the cooldown was a flat 18s. First they made the cooldown 16-12s per rank, then they made the projectile bigger, then they changed the slow to a flat 1s stun.

This is the best standard mage ability in the game. Straight up. No other mage has a tool as good as this expect maybe Janus. This spell, as dmbrandon so elegantly put it is 'longer range Anubis wrap with a 70 Unit, 8 direction dash attached to it'.

This spell has so many uses. It does heavy damage, it can be used to make picks, set up his other abilities, makes him impossible to catch or lock down, allows him to juke other mages, is unpredictable, it does heavy damage, secures kills, makes tea and cooks toast. This is also the spell that makes Glyph placement so important, to ensure you can get off those long range dashes and stuns, since otherwise, like the rest of Thoth's kit, it's short ranged and not the best ability.

You max this second. Having access to a shorter cooldown on this spell is crucial for Thoth, allowing more dashes, more stuns, and more opportunities to use this spell aggressively without being severely punished. A lower cooldown on this spell also allows him to keep his distance much more efficiently.

Ability 3: Glyph of Pain

From his book, Thoth conjures forth a Hieroglyph in front of him. Thoth's ability projectile passing through the glyph receive increased damage, and a range increase of 30.

Thoth and allies Basic Attack projectiles receive a reduced damage bonus, but no range increase.
Ability Bonus Damage: 15/25/35/45/55 (+10% of your magical power)
Basic Attack Damage: 10/15/20/25/30 (+10% of your magical power)
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Cost: 25/30/35/40/45 mana

The glue that holds Thoth's kit together. A lot of mastering Thoth's kit is mastering the placement of this window. Without this ability, Thoth is low range and low damage, but with this ability, he's the ranged nuke monster we all know and love. This ability is low cooldown and low mana cost, so you can use it often.

The downside is, it completely telegraphs where you will attack from, making it really easy to dodge Thoth's attacks. The way to work around this is to play around walls as much as possible; and fire your 1 and ult through them; even your stun goes through the wall (although the dash itself of course doesn't, though its range is augmented by the glyph).

Because everything is augmented by it, you need to fire everything, including your dash, through the glyph. Thoth's 1 especially is incredibly reliant on this. The glyph adds 30% scaling in total (that's a lot!).

In addition, this really helps with objective push. Place this in front of a tower or a Gold Fury and this adds so much extra damage to the damage you and your hunter can pump out. Although it doesn't increase your basic attack's range, the damage increase is very significant. Not much more to say, a lot of mastering this ability comes with practice.

Ultimate: Final Judgement

Thoth conjures a large glyph from his book, and then inscribes three more at its corners. When all four have been summoned, he sends them forward damaging all Enemies in their path.
Thoth may activate this ability again to fire the ability early, doing a reduced amount of damage based on the number of glyphs currently summoned. Alternately he may cancel this ability at a cost of 30 mana.

Damage (fully charged): 360/430/500/570/640 (+100% of your magical power)
Cooldown: 90 seconds
Mana: 100

Thoth's big money ult. This thing is the simplest ability on Thoth's kit, he charges it up, fires it forward, and it does **** tons of damage to everything it hits. Simple. In early this will deal hefty damage, in late game, this is a legitimate oneshot on many squishies. Three things to keep in mind:

1. FIRE THIS THROUGH THE GLYPH. It adds range, damage and scaling to the ultimate. It doesn't say it in the tooltip but this ult if firing through the glyph will hit way more and from much further away. So use your 3 then charge the ult.

2. This is a charge up move. You can cancel this before you fire. This can be used to create a lot of mind games with opponents and bait out relics and escapes. The downside of this is that it's super telegraphed and the charge up can be interrupted by CC, so you want to be as far away as possible while charging this. The best case scenario is to fire it through a wall so the ult is hard to predict, but this isn't always possible.

3. Try to co-ordinate this with your team's CC moves - it's one of the hardest moves to hit on its own due to the long charge up time. This comes with practice and experience, but communicate with your team, try to predict when your jungler will use CC moves on the opponent and gank. It's crucial since this is the lynchpin of Thoth's kit and the best move in his arsenal.

This is also incredibly powerful at securing and stealing objectives. I can't count the amount of times I have stolen an objective as Thoth and snowballed the game from there. This comes with practice but learn the damage of the move and then try to last hit objectives with it in casuals. It's a massive part of Thoth and a big reason he's such a good mid laner.

One last thing - this was very recently buffed to do more damage when uncharged (although the overall scaling was nerfed, uncharged it does more damage now). Although you will want to charge this up in teamfights, behind walls or to secure objectives, a quick ult can actually be quite a powerful finisher, making Thoth's Level 5 suprisingly potent for such a late game focused god. Just be mindful when doing this.

Thoth's Items


You will start either one of these:

THE AGGRESSIVE START - Soul Stone + Bumba's Mask + 2 of Each Potion

Soul Stone makes your early game clear and mana sustain a lot better, and Bumba's Mask makes your camp clear a lot better. Having more potions make your early sustain a lot better. This is great for early clear and dominance. I personally do not start this often on Thoth, as you usually play quite passively anyway, and Thoth as a character gets better as the game as the game goes on.

THE PASSIVE START - Soul Trap + 1 of each potion

This is my personal preferred start. Your sustain is a lot worse, but you get quick access to Book of Thoth and a huge power spike when you finish building your own book.

The Baseline Build

The build you'll be going most games will look like the one you saw at the beginning. I'll break this down first.

Shoes of the Magi (PEN BOOTS)

Get these boots every game, no exceptions. The early game damage they add is huge. The 10 Penetration is priceless throughout the game. CDR Boots are garbage because you will suffer a lot going them early game, you're asking to lose lane if you go them.

By the way, you probably know this already, but Boots are a mandatory first/second item. The movement speed is key. Don't try boot-less builds unless you know you're against really, really bad players. Double ring builds don't work either, Pen Boots are the truth.

Don't take my word for this though, try out CDR boots or a double ring build! You'll be back to Pen Boots in no time.

Book of Thoth

This item was made for Thoth (LOL). The mana is nice, allowing you spam glyphs and your 1, but really what makes this so good is the raw power it provides. Even unstacked this item gives like 120 power or something silly like that, and as we've established, Thoth LOVES power to exploit his beastly power scalings. This is a massive power spike in your build. A necessity on any burst mage, and Thoth is no exception.

Spear of Desolation

This item is a wet dream for Thoth. 80 power. 10% CDR for more dashes, ults and 1 shots. 20 Penetration so Thoth can deal true damage to mages with Pen Boots. The passive is just the icing on top of the cake. And all for 2600 gold. This is such good value for the gold you're paying.

Obsidian Shard

This item is another necessity on burst mages. Well, this or Spear of the Magus. So why does Thoth go Obsidian Shard, and not Spear of the Magus? Well, Thoth's structure damage is actually decent with Glyph of Pain, and the percentage based penetration on Obsidian Shard lets him take advantage of this, whereas Spear of the Magus only provides flat penetration.

Of course, penetration is vital on any mage build, allowing you to hit hard in spite of magical protections. In fact, penetration is more valuable than power mathematically, so having a couple of items from the magical penetration tree is always wonderful.

Rod of Tahuti

Another one of Thoth's items! Tahuti is one of Thoth's other names, and naturally his rod gives you a huge whack of power. There's really not much at all to say about this item. It's Rod of Tahuti. It's the biggest power spike in the game, probably the best item in the game and an essential late-game purchase for any mage.

Just be sure to buy it late game. It's a big gold investment and you really need some power to get leverage out of that passive.

Soul Reaver

The most situational out of these six items, if you buy one of the five items I'm going to talk about below, this the item they replace. With that being said, Thoth still adores Soul Reaver. 100 Power, some mana to abuse with Book of Thoth and a beastly passive to **** over tanks with.

Other Items that Thoth loves

Okay, so we've gone through Thoth's 6 favourite items. Well, here we have 5 other viable items that can be very comfortably put on a build. In general, this is the priority order for the baseline build above (from most core to the build, to least core).

Pen Boots>Rod of Tahuti>Obsidian Shard>Book of Thoth>Spear of Desolation>Soul Reaver

In simpler terms - you will always want Pen Boots, Rod of Tahuti and Obsidian Shard on your build. Not having Book of Thoth is pushing it a bit, but can be worked around. Spear of Desolation and Soul Reaver are the ones that can be swapped out (Spear of Desolation is harder to swap out than Soul Reaver).

Bancroft's Talon

Cheap Power. That's it. The lifesteal doesn't really matter that much since Thoth isn't going to be taking extended trades against anyone, this is all about the power. With that being said, this a lot of power for not a lot of gold, which on a God that loves power as much as Thoth, is pretty damn good. This will be pretty much be built second always if you are going to build it, since the cost is relatively low, but at the same time, you want Pen Boots as soon as possible.

Chronos Pendant

CDR is a good stat. On Thoth it's not as good as someone like Janus for instance, since Thoth doesn't have much utility and his abilities are on short CDs, so Chronos Pendant isn't really a core item, but nonetheless, having more dashes, glyphs and 1 shots is still nice, and 80 power isn't bad either. This can be built at any time, but is best as a third or fourth item.

Ethereal Staff

Preface: You're not going to be buying this item for the damage aspect of it. While yes, 90 power, along with 5% of an enemy's maximum health as magic damage extra, is a damn good item, the problem is what it is competing with - Soul Reaver. For 50 gold more, you get 10% of max health as true damage (albeit on a longer cooldown, but Thoth is all about deleting people with one combo anyway) and 10 more power.

So why would want Ethereal Staff? Because this a great item from behind. You get a lot more damage on your combos from the passive along with the power, and more survivability from the health and crowd control reduction.

Pythagorem's Piece

On well co-ordinated high end teams, you should pick this up every game. Second or third item. The extra power for your team wins games.

However, chances are you're not in these kind of games if you are reading this guide. This is a matter of preference in lower end, solo queue games because there is no guarantee that your teammates will not abuse the power from this item, and this only gives 70 power in comparison to Book of Thoth which gives you like 110 power off the bat including the passive. If you don't have a good team just go for the bigboy power and penetration items, and delete the ADCs, assassins and mids before they get to duel your questionable team. Even boosted monkeys can win a 4v5 or 3v5 teamfight.

If you know you have a great jungler, ADC or solo laner, pick this up by all means, you're boosted what they can do. If not, it's up to you whether you build this, but then again, chances are you're best of just going as much burst as humanly possible.

Gem of Isolation

This one's interesting. This actually has a lot of viability on Thoth because on top of your stun you'll get 85-unit slows from your 1. This sounds broken. So why is this situational? Because in 99% of situations you're better just getting some of the power items listed above, because chances are if a mid laner gets hit by a full Thoth combo they die anyway, which makes the slow irrelevant. And 90 power+slow isn't as good as 100+Soul Reaver passive, or 80+20 pen. With that being said if your team lacks some CC this is certainly an option, and is a worthwhile purchase. Other items are just better.

Situational Items

Doom Orb

Is outshone by Book of Thoth, however I actually still quite like this item. Getting hit by a Doom Orb Thoth ult SUCKS. The problem is for a bit more gold you can buy Bancrofts or Book of Thoth which provides less power, but do it reliably. However, Thoth is a very safe god, and if you know you're against people that you can snowball on, there is certainly viability here. Just know that you're delaying other core items.

Divine Ruin

Swap for Spear of Desolation if they have healing that justifies picking this up (Hel, Aphrodite, Ra and the like).

Dynasty Plate Helm

A good bridge item if their physical damage is starting to snowball. This can actually stop them in their tracks. Pick up second always, and sell if you get to 6 items.

Stone of Fal

The Banshee's Veil of Smite. If their Ra, Scylla, mirrored Thoth or any nuke mage is getting fed, feel free to pick this up, but only if you really need it since 2700 for 70 power isn't the best.

Shaman's Ring

99% of games you won't pick this up. Thoth isn't the best at stacking it until late game. However, if you have huge amounts of setup, you can pick this up and laugh hysterically as your 1 does as much as your ult in the late game. It also suprisingly is very good against Scylla should you risk picking this up, since she has a hard time dodging Thoth due to her low movement speed, allowing you to stack this easily so that late game she dies before her ult goes off, not to mention that the extra movement speed allows you to walk straight out of Crush. However you are sacrificing other better damage items to do this.

Rod of Asclepius

If you have a really healing-heavy comp, Rod of Asclepius actually has some viability as 75 power isn't too bad, and the healing you get from this will really compliment your team, however, this a niche situation. Hence, it's situational.

Sands of Time/Vampiric Shroud

These are worse than Soul Stone for Thoth. Most of the time you're going Soul Stone or Soul Trap, but Sands of Time and Vampiric Shroud have their uses. If you want to spam your spells, Sand of Time is designed for this, but you're better having your spells have deal more damage. Vampiric Shroud can be nice against very aggressive physical mid laner + jungle combos - for instance a Thanatos+Ullr lane could justify going this, but that's a very rare situation.

Garbage Items

Shoes of Focus - You're just gagging to lose the early game by going this

Demonic Grip - Attack Speed Thoth is garbage. Also none of his abilities proc this.

Book of the Dead - There are much better power items for Thoth.

Spear of the Magus - Outclassed by Obsidian Shard on Thoth, he doesn't have enough ticks of damage to make use of this well. Also hurts his Glyph tower push.

Polynomicon - Thoth's abilities don't proc this, and you don't ever want to be in auto attack range after Level 3.

Telkhines Ring - Much better power items out there for Thoth.

Thoth's Abilities Part 2: Tips and Tricks

Thoth isn't really a combo character. He's less about combos and much more about augmenting his abilities with his 3. The main combo you will doing is stunning with your 2 through your 3 then following up with shots of your 1. Thoth is much more about generally playing safe in the early game (we'll have a whole section on this later), predicting enemy movement and removing key targets. He's not really a character who requires much in the way of matchup knowledge. With that being said, I think it's important to have another more advanced section on Thoth's abilities here, since using these is what gives Thoth such a high skill cap. So here's a list of tips for using Thoth's abilities.

Passive: Dead Reckoning

Not much to say here, other than to ensure that youthis is stacked as much as possi ble. If you can't get kills, still make sure you get the stacks for this passive. The Penetration is a big damage boost.

Ability 1: Hieroglyphic Assault

Quite a self-explanatory ability honestly, it's Thoth's main damage (this makes up like 50% of his damage). Some of these tips will seem quite obvious as a result. But these are some tips I can give.

- Always fire these shots through your 3 ALWAYS. It adds 30% scaling throughout the ability, a lot of base damage (165 at max rank) and significantly boosts the range.
- Learn to predict enemy movements. This is vital to ensure you are dealing the damage on these shots. Once someone gets hit by this they will panic and put juke shoes on; the good news is these projectiles are HUGE and travel pretty quickly. Put them in the centre of the shots and it will be quite hard for them to dodge without significantly hindering what they are doing.
- Fire these shots through walls (I mean actual walls, as well your 3). They go a very long distance and do a **** ton of damage. As with the rest of Thoth's abilities, they allow you to take advantage of the map itself, particularly, and win teamfights without even being there.
- Learn the range of this ability! You want to landing max range shots of this, it will net you a lot of kills.
- When you use this ability, you have a decision - unload on one target or spread these shots out to multiple people for less damage. My personal inclination in fights is to unload this onto priority targets but the damage you can spread in teamfights with this can swing fights. A lot of this comes down to the situation at hand and your personal playstyle and will come to you as you play Thoth, but it's worth keeping in mind.
- This ability comes with the Fatalis effect, so you can juke and move around while firing these shots. This throws people off a lot more than you would think.

Ability 2: Evade and Punish

This ability is what separates good Thoths from great ones. It's a super powerful tool but has a ton of uses and a lot of decision making involved.

- First off, the biggest decision in Thoth's kit. Do you want a short dash but a long ranged stun, or a long dash with a short stun? In general, for an escape, placing the Glyph then dashing is the way to go, but sometimes that 85 unit stun is more useful (this would of course mean placing the Glyph after dashing). Of course, as we will get to later, with good Glyph management, you can get both the long dash and the long stun!
- This is a very powerful juking tool, even without the glyph. This goes in 8 directions making it very hard to predict. This gives Thoth beastly matchups against gods like Scylla and Ra. He can easily dodge their key skillshots then punish with an 85 unit stun nuke to the face.
- Despite the first part being a dash, this skill works wonderfully through walls. If you feel safe enough, you can use a short dash into a wall, and send an 85 unit stun through the wall. This takes practice, but once you've got it down, a good stun can straight up win a game. 285+70% is a lot of damage in the late game.
- This skill can be a powerful tool for getting picks with your jungler. Thoth's insanely long ranged stun gives him some of the best jungler interaction in the game; Thoth stun sets up junglers like Thanatos, Thor and Ne Zha insanely well. There is not a single jungler that doesn't pair well with Thoth.
- This skill is great for ganking side lanes - Skadi will be minding her own business, being an OP piece of garbage as usual, when suddenly she takes a stun to the face followed up by Rama shots, Thoth shots, a Bacchus Belly Flop and a double tap from Thor - not even Kaldr can save Skadi there.
_ With a bit of CDR, Thoth can dash through a glyph, hold onto the stun, place another glyph then fire the stun.
- You will often use this spell for damage, however doing so comes at the cost of using your escape, making it quite high risk. It's up to you to choose whether you want to play more aggressively, using your 2 to rack up the kills and deal more damage in fights, or passively, using your dash defensively so you can play more around poking enemies as opposed to securing kills.
- This spell gives Thoth some of the best chase potential of any mage. A long ranged dash followed by a long stun can cover a total of 160 UNITS. This is insanely strong, and combined with his ult, Thoth can really punish enemies who decide in stay in lane at low health.

Ability 3: Glyph of Pain

This is what makes Thoth Thoth. With this spell, Thoth turns from a mage with average damage and a weak escape mechanic to a mobile ranged powerhouse of a mage. The vast majority of what makes Thoth such a high skill mage comes from this spell so let's get into it.

- This is obvious and I've said it a lot but always fire your abilities through this dash wherever you can. This boosts the damage and range of them significantly. The good news is that if any part of your ability at all touches the glyph it will gain the damage and range increase, so it's easy to do.
- Related to the last tip above, dashing in any direction and touching the glyph, no matter how little of the glyph you touch with any of the dash, will cause you to dash 75 units in that direction, meaning keeping track of your glyphs can make for very quick and easy escapes.
- Your glyph tells your enemy roughly where you will attack from, and that you are looking to attack. While this can be a disadvantage, this can be used to your advantage as well! You can put your glyph down activate your 1, wait a bit and get an idea of their movements allowing to aim your abilities better. Bear in mind your abilities have massive range so getting out of range will be difficult.
- Glyphs actually cover a small AoE, meaning you can place one at your feet while walking forward, then suddenly dash backwards 75 units. This little trick is insanely useful for escaping and is part of what makes good Thoths so hard to kill.
- Glyphs can be placed in walls, making them difficult to see for enemies, and ensuring they will not expect your abilities. This is part of what makes Thoth so good in the jungle and at ganking - his incredible interactions with terrain and walls make him unpredictable and hard to get to.
- Glyph management is key to playing Thoth. Glyph's have a base cooldown of 5s and a duration of 8s, meaning you can have 2 o the battlefield at any one time, with a potential of 3 with max CDR. Managing and keeping track of these glyphs is crucial. If you keep track of your glyphs, you can get very easy escapes and long range ults. Part of this is keeping track of where you place your glyphs. If you place them in walls, you won't get any dashes unless you placed the glyph in such a way that a dash could touch it.
- Related to the above, keeping track of when you placed your glyphs is crucial. As time goes on, similarly to Thoth's ranges, you will get used to the 8s duration of the glyph. Keeping track of when you placed glyphs is important because if you don't, it can lead to some rather embarrassing moments. Like firing your ult as the glyph disappears, leading to it not hitting anything.
- Last one, I promise! But don't ever underestimate how good Glyph of Pain is at shredding objective. Every auto attack that fires through it (including your teammates' tanged auto attacks) gains decent extra base damage + 10% scaling - which also applies to towers. This makes Thoth one of the best mages at taking objectives out there. Whenever you're attacking a tower with your team, put a glyph in front of that tower whenever you have it available and watch it fall.

Ultimate: Final Judgement

A rather powerful ultimate. It may just be damage, but boy does it do a lot of it! The fact that's it a charge up move means that this has a lot of depth to it but when used properly this is such a rewarding move.

- Fire this through the glyph! This ability is notorious for going really, really far but when not fired through the glyph it's about the same range as any other mage ultimate. The extra 10% scaling also makes this move a lot better.
- Related to this, fire this through walls! When you don't fire this through a wall, despite the length it goes, it is a really, really obvious move (this does, however, have advantages that we will get to later). Thoth's ult noise is basically a meme by this point, he has to put the glyph down before charging it (telling enemies that 'HEY I'M GOING TO ATTACK') and he charges the ult for three whole seconds. Firing through a wall will mean the enemy team are much less prepared for it.
- Because of the sheer distance this thing travels, and the damage it deals, this is an amazing move for stealing objectives. At higher levels, enemy teams straight up will not do an objective until Thoth is dead, because Final Judgement is probably the best move in the game for stealing objectives (apart from maybe Janus ult). It goes really far (further than even Ra's ult), is an instant hit of damage, and unlike a Kukulkan or Vulcan ult there isn't a targeter saying where it will land. If there is an objective that can be stolen, try to steal it! A lot of this comes with practice but there is no better feeling in the game than taking that Fire Giant.
- This move is also decent for securing objectives as well. Not as good as an Isis, Raijin or Anubis ult since Final Judgement is much more about the range and the instant hit than the raw damage numbers, but this is still a key move for ensuring your team gets the objective.
- This is a charge-up move. Like I mentioned earlier, this make Final Judgement an incredibly obvious move, however, this also means that you can cancel it! This allows you to play mind games with your opponents. Something that you will get used to when playing Thoth is suddenly cancelling this at the last second (I say this as a figure of speech). This allows you to bait out escapes, Aegis, and untargetable spells. Bear in mind this does cost 30 mana however.
- As this is a charge-up move, anticipating not just what your enemies will do, but what your allies will do, is crucial. A fully charged Final Judgement is a devastating follow-up to say, a Ymir freeze or Athena taunt. A lot of this comes with practice but always be mindful of this.
- While in late game and at objectives charging this move up all the way is imperative, in early game or when looking to just secure a kill, you can fire this early. The uncharged damage at 60 or 80% (depending on how long you charged it) is a lot higher than you would initially think. Whether you want to do this or not, is up to you). Remember that the Glpyh damage is the same no matter how far you charge the ult.
- Try to hit this on as many people as possible in late game, even if it doesn't net you a kill. Hitting a Thoth ult on 2 or 3 people can straight up win you a game since your team (and you for that matter) can clean up before they can retaliate.

Phases of the Game

Disclaimer: This is for Conquest!

Early Game

Levels 1-2: Just survive. It's that simple. Don't try to make fancy plays, invade or anything like that unless the enemy really ****s up, and I mean really ****s up. At Level 1 you're like the worst god in the game for very obvious reasons, you have no range, no control, no AoE, no instant damage. At Level 2 you'll either only have 55 range or you won't have an escape depending on which spell you took.

Levels 3-6: You're in a better position now, but you still have to play quite passively. With that being said, you'll have a decent amount of poke, a good escape and at Level 5 there's actually some kill potential to be had. However, you are nowhere near the best god at this point, and should still be cautious.

Mid Game

Levels 7-9: Your first big power spike! Congratulations! At this point you should have 4 points in your 1 and your first item. You're not as aggressive as a Poseidon or Raijin or something would be at this point but you now can full clear a wave from very long distances and your poke is now something to be feared. While you're nowhere near at your full power levels, you now should have a pretty easy ride to late game. Typically junglers will be looking to gank your lane or fight at this point, because Thoth's Level 7 and 9 are really good should you play your cards right. Try to pick up a couple kills at this point, get some passive stacks, and get the snowball rolling.

Levels 10-12: This is where Thoth becomes really scary. At this point, you should have Book of Thoth and Pen Boots or nearly be there. While your lane kill potential is a bit smeh (you don't have an instantaneous burst combo like a Poseidon, Zeus or Nox), your gank potential is TERRIFYING. You have insanely high ranged abilities, can fire everything through walls and insane poke - if ever the ADC overextends, go to that lane and punish them for it. Thoth's roams at this point in the game are ****ing disgusting, and his objective potential is second to none - this what you should be taking advantage of, and this is what's going to transition into that signature Thoth late game.

Levels 13-14: Thoth's Level 13 and 14 are really good. This the mid-late game, and is where the transition happens. At this point you'll have maxed out your 2 and your 1 and have three points in your ultimate, and will be at 2 1/2 or 3 items. At this point in the game you hit really hard. Your poke is a lot to deal with honestly, since you'll now have the items to really start abusing those scalings. Your roams are still fantastic but now is the point where the teamfighting starts to begin, and this is where Thoth really shines.

Late Game:

Levels 16-20: Teamfighting! Thoth's goal in teamfights is apply constant pressure and as much damage to squishy targets as possible. Honestly it's quite simple and there's not really much to explain, prioritise either squishy targets or people who overextends, try to hit big ults, use your ult to try and steal Fire Giants and the like, use your Glyph for objective push, stay safe and set up picks with your 2. That's it, Thoth is one of those gods where it's much more about the execution than anything else, what he's meant to do is honestly really simple, it's pulling it off. By this point, you'll have a lot of items and points in your abilities so your damage will be nuts. Thoth's range is such a massive boon in the late game.

Mid Lane Matchups!

Agni - Hard

Difficulty: 8/10

This matchup is in Agni's favour. In order to win against Agni you really need to play around his ranges. He is another artillery mage, he has more area of effect damage than you but slightly less range. He has better waveclear, and comes online earlier than you. He's also safe, just like you. The idea is to stay unpredictable in your movements and ensure you always have your dash should you need to dodge his bombs. You're never going to be able to kill a good Agni, unless your jungler can really punish Agni's terrible Levels 1-4. However if you can survive until Level 7, he doesn't have much kill potential on you either, but you need to respect his burst combos. If you get hit by a stun this matchup can turn nasty very quickly against a good Agni.

Ah Puch - Easy

Difficulty: 1/10

Another of my favourite gods, Thoth hard counters Ah Puch. He doesn't have any mobility to dodge your spells, an auto attack through your glyph oneshots corpses before Ah Puch can eat or blow them up, and your dash allows you to avoid his Corpse Explosion really easily. The only thing to be careful of is that in the early game an Ah Puch combo has a 6s lower cooldown that your dash, so be sure to stay at max range. Then again that combo blows half of his mana and won't be oneshotting you until the late game anyway. A very easy matchup.

Anubis - Easy/Medium

Difficulty: 6/10 if inexperienced on Thoth, 2/10 otherwise

This is a matchup that really tests your ability to survive Levels 1-2, abuse your 85 range, and dodge skillshots with your 2. In other words, it tests how good you are at Thoth. If you know how to pilot Thoth well, there's absolutely nothing Anubis can do against you unless you really **** up or he has a really on point jungler. If you're not used to Thoth's kit, this matchup becomes a lot more difficult since Anubis will really punish your mistakes.

Basically Thoth can stay out of range of Anubis' kit really easily, Anubis has no mobility to dodge your damage, and even if Anubis gets in range Thoth has the mobility to get away. The only difficult part about this matchup will be that Anubis SHOVES you under turret in the early game because of his incredible waveclear, but if you can survive to the point where you have serviceable long ranged clear you'll be good to go.

Aphrodite - Easy

(As someone who used to play a lot of Aphro this is the superior card art)

Difficulty: 1/10

She has no kill potential on you whatsoever. You have little on her as well, but every jungler, even if you don't tell them to, will focus the ever living **** out of an Aphrodite, making her a really easy matchup.

Her clear is a bit better than yours and her ult can **** you over at times but that's it, it's not like she can use any of this to her advantage in lane, since her kill potential is non-existent, she's slow and she's squishy.

Chang'e - Easy

Difficulty: 3/10

Same as Aphrodite. No kill potential, but every jungler will focus her to hell and back. A bit harder than Aphrodite since her spells can't be dodged and she's hard to hit but her range is terrible, so if you play well you won't have an issue here.

Chronos - Easy

Difficulty: 4/10

An interesting matchup. He has more early clear than you but it blows through his mana pool. His poke is decent with his 1 but you can dodge his 3 really easily, meaning that he doesn't have much kill potential on you. Snowballing on him is quite hard because of his ult making him hard to kill, and his Quadrant 1 heal is actually pretty good at countering your poke.

Overall this is quite an easy lane. What gives this the 4/10 rating, making it nearly a skill matchup is that Chronos WANTS a farm lane because he's the hardest carry in the game arguably, he's a very safe laner and wants to get to late game. You really want to force him behind honestly, and that's going to take ganks onto Chronos, using your CC and damage in an optimal manner so he can't get his ultimate off. Late game you can do your thing against him, poke him out with your 3+1 so he can be killed, but his insane AA damage, high ability scalings, crazy ult and bonkers objective push make him quite hard to deal with, so you really need co-ordination to specifically put him behind.

Discordia - Easy

Difficulty - 3/10

You outrange her hard. You out-poke her, you can avoid the second part of the 1 easily, you can dodge her spells with your dash even when rooted (since Strife doesn't cripple, and unless you're clumped out she won't ever get Madness on you).

This character is honestly ****, and this is from someone who likes the god. The things making this matchup a bit harder are that her camp clear is absurd so this can make the early game a bit harder, if you get hit by her **** you will die, her stealth can be a bit annoying since as Thoth you don't have much in the way of AoE damage and that can cost you a kill or two, and if she gets you caught in a Madness this matchup can turn very nasty very easily. Apart from that though, it's relatively straight-forward honestly.

Freya - Easy

Difficulty: 1/10

On the off chance that you go against a Freya mid (it's coming back recently.. somewhat. And for it's worth I think she works better in mid than ADC since she doesn't need to box before she gets three items in mid), you honestly counter her pretty hard. She has no kill potential on you at all in the early game, and miraculously, you outclear her!

If your jungler is halfway decent, you'll be able to put her decently behind. You must make sure you put her behind, since 3-item Freya is still 3-item Freya and will still shred through everything if she isn't put sufficiently behind (and she only gets stronger from there.

Hades - Medium

Difficulty: 5/10

Harder than you would expect actually! He doesn't have much kill potential on you at all if you play your cards right, since he's so close range. This matchup is really about abusing your 75-unit dash to avoid anything Hades can do damage-wise.

Why is this not a 1/10 matchup then? Well first, really good Hades players might buy Blink, Blink on you to bait out a short dash, then leap onto you and use his combo. Ensure you are always dashing through a glyph, and that you using that dash at necessary moments only. Secondly, Hades' early clear is really good. Like really good. You will get shoved under tower and get your jungle stolen when against a good Hades, it's just going to happen. What's worse is that this clear comes with amazing sustain, meaning you can't poke him down since he's close range. You just have to ensure your jungler takes advantage of the fact Hades has to blow his escape to full clear a wave before Level 6. After this, you'll have your wave clear online anyway so can somewhat cope with his crazy push, but by this point he'll only need his 3 to clear so will have his leap up pretty much all of the time. The third thing is that Hades is tanky for a mage, meaning you can't really kill him on your own unless the Hades ****s up. You'll really need help from your team to kill him. Hades will typically build like a bruiser and take actives appropriate to this like Bracer and Thorns which completely **** you over.

Apart from this three very big considerations, this is a simple matchup but honestly not respecting Hades can lead to you losing a game, hence why's he's Medium.

He Bo - Medium

Difficulty: 5/10

Ah, the god of three ultimates. Your advantage is your insane range. His advantage is his burst and very easy poke. This would be an easy matchup if it weren't for the fact that if you slightly overextend you will lose like a quarter of your health and potentially get knocked into two more of He Bo's ultimates, and there's nothing you can do about it.

You really need to take advantage of your ridiculous range in this matchup, and position well. Preventing a He Bo snowball is honestly just as good as snowballing this matchup, since He Bo is so reliant on getting fed. With that being said, He Bo can punish you for playing too aggressively very hard, so you're going to need ganks in this matchup. If you get to late game without feeding He Bo you can just poke him down to like 20% health before he can even combo anyone.

Hel - Hard

Difficulty: 8/10

It's hard to die to Hel early game, but honestly her free poke, lane clear, CC cleanse ****blocks, minion heals and sustain preventing you from doing anything will make you want to smash your head into a wall. That's not even mentioning her late game where she will draw out every fight to ridiculous lengths and stop anything from dying.

Buy Divine Ruin, and ask your jungler to camp the ever living **** out of Hel (he probably will anyway). If you can put Hel behind enough she will be useless but putting her there will require a lot of babysitting.

Isis - Hard

Difficulty: 9/10

Isis is THE early game mid laner, and as such is a pain in the ***. She will either ABUSE YOU Level 1-3 or take all of your farm. After the brutal Level 1-3, assuming you don't get an Isis snowball rolling, this matchup becomes somewhat easier, not that you should get complacent.

The key to this matchup is dodging that Spirit Ball, so she can't follow up with your 3 to slow you and high damage Wing Gust shots to do a huge chunk of health. Against a good Isis this is nigh on impossible without using your escape at the 55 unit distance (before you get your Glyph) since you wont have boots if you're not using your Glyph to clear. This is why the Level 1-2 against Isis is so hard, along with the fact that she outclears you hard. Once you have your glyph, play at max range, so you have plenty of time to dodge the Spirit Ball.

If you survive the early game against Isis, then congratulations, you've won! Isis is super reliant on getting ahead early as every other mage offers more range or confirmable damage than her. That however is assuming you play very well in early game.

This matchup gets easier as the game goes on, hence why this a 9/10 as opposed to a 10/10 matchup. In late, if you can dodge max range Spirit Balls, Isis doesn't do anything at all. Words cannot describe how hard you outscale her. It's just the brutal early game that makes this matchup so hard.

Janus - Medium

Difficulty: 5/10

Standard farm lane skill matchup. There are a few things to keep in mind (as a Janus player myself, these are kind of things I will be looking to do against Thoth):

1. WATCH OUT FOR PORTALS FROM BEHIND! Your dash may be quick but it isn't CC immune! A good Janus will place a portal behind you, then place a Threshold on your feet to try and trick you into dashing directly backwards. If you do, you're going to take Threshold scaling damage plus the full brunt of a Janus 1+2 combo which leads to a dead Ibis (you), and probably a dead ADC since that guarantees a roam for Janus.

2. Janus has a lot of mobility but only when near a wall. If he's not near a wall, Janus is really easy to hit, he only has a speed boost. If Janus gets too cocky he's really easy to kill.

3. Janus will outroam you. This is a fact. When he ults, first off, call 'VBA' and 'VF2' in chat so they have a bit of warning. You're then going to need to make a decision as to whether you want to counter-gank, or whether you want to farm and push the lane. Now I'm not going to tell you what to do, since it's entirely dependent on the situation, but be aware that this is what will inevitably happen when against Janus.

Kukulkan - Easy

Difficulty: 2/10

This God is honestly so bad. He has no control to speak of, you won't ever get hit by his 3 unless you really **** up since it has a really long cast time, and his ult is like the most telegraphed move in the game. His 2 is a decent escape, but you have so much range that you can just hit him anyway.

The only thing making this a 2/10 matchup is that Kukulkan's early clear is really good, especially at Level 1, it's better than Isis' clear. But he can't do anything with that gold since all of his spells are just so easy to avoid.

Nox - Medium

Difficulty: 5/10

Nox is a really cool character with a lot of strengths but also exploitable weaknesses that you can play around. She has a bad early game like you, so you don't need to worry about getting shoved under turret. Your advantage in this matchup comes from your range. If you play around the maximum ranges of your abilities it's going to be really hard for her to get a combo onto you. Her advantages come from her control and her instantaneous burst. If you get caught in Nox's silence, you can't rely on your 2 to dodge the root, you have to move in such a way that it's not easy for Nox to read you then hit the root, while at the same time you need to ensure you're not just juking inside of the silence until it blows up for ultimate level damage! This is why you need to play around your maximum range, if she hits a silence on you and you're in the edge, you can just walk out and even if she hits the root you've just avoided 60% of her damage about.

Always take Purification Beads in this matchup first. It allows to you get out of a burst combo once every 2.6 minutes approximately, which is HUGE, since Nox's combo isn't the easiest thing to land in the world. Granted, if she hits more than one combo every 2.6 minutes, you're trouble, which is why you need to play around her ranges. And her cooldowns. Nox is the most ability reliant character in the game, she can't even auto attack when she's comboing you.

Fun fact, if she silences you, you can still fire your 1 and 2, and these will go through the glyph so up until late, if she gets you in a combo and your beads are down, punish her! Bear in mind that you can't activate the abilities inside the silence, and these will be harder to hit since Nox has no strafe penalty while you are rooted, but you can just about return the trade, since it doesn't disarm you!

Nox is a very safe character, so really this will mostly be a farm lane, you just need to ensure that you are always on your toes so she can't **** you up with her 2+1 combo. If she can't root you inside the silence, then you'll be fine, since her ult isn't like yours where it hits for bonkers damage, it's much more about the utility, and her dash-pop out combo only works when she has a jungler to do it with.

Nu Wa - Easy

Difficulty: 2/10

She won't ever get a minion stun on you unless you really **** up. You outdamage her throughout all phases of the game. The only difficult things about this matchup are her stealth juking (which you can wait out) and her strong wave clear. If she does get a minion stun on you this matchup can turn around in a heartbeat but you have so much range and strong mobility so that's not going to happen.

Poseidon - Hard

Difficulty: 10/10

Ok, this is our counter. Everything about him ****s Thoth over. His early clear is notoriously good, making it easy for him to shove you behind from the get go, and unlike Kukulkan, if he catches you in that Whirlpool (which is easy since Whirlpool has a much shorter cast time than Tornadoes), prepare to use your active or get blown the **** up before you can even do anything. He has a lot of movement speed meaning he can juke you out well and out roam you 10/10 times. I mean that's it but those three things just completely **** Thoth over as a character.

To win this, you need to use your actives wisely. Take Aegis at Level 1 to avoid the inevitable Level 5 Kraken. Take Beads at Level 12 so you can get out of the Whirlpool with Evade and Punish before the Kraken connects. Poseidon gets wrecked by actives and you need to take advantage of this.

Apart from this, you need to position flawlessly and take advantage of your range, making it as difficult for him to catch you in that Whirlpool. You have more range than him but the movement speed means he can catch you by suprise, so always be wary. Rotate when he does, and try to counter-gank him - Poseidon has one combo and that's it. After he uses that, he's actually really easy to punish.

Other than this - ASK FOR GANKS. Poseidon has no leap, dash, teleport, or stealth, he literally only has a speed boost, making him easy pickings for strong gankers like Thor or Serqet. His Whirlpool is his clear but it's also his only proper self-peel since the Kraken stun or Tidal Surge when not used with Whirlpool is easy to dodge, so he opens himself up to ganks all of the time.

This is a pretty rough matchup but it's not completely impossible.

Ra - Easy

Difficulty: 4/10

You can't kill him, he can't kill you in early. His early game clear and his sustain will be quite hard for you to deal with, but late game you deal way more damage than him and from better range, so it evens out. Unless you mess up he doesn't have kill potential on you, his abilities are all very telegraphed and easy to dodge.

He will be looking to gank you, since while in a 1v1 situation Ra's damage is hard to get off, Ra's follow up to CC heavy junglers is beastly, every Thor or Susano loves ganking for a Ra, and not just for the damage, but Solar Blessing gives healing and protections, so these strong early game assassins are able to commit even harder to you. However, your Thor will also love ganking Ra, since he's immobile, squishy and has little control, giving Thoth the slight edge in this matchup. Just be sure to not open yourself up to ganks.

Raijin - Hard

Difficulty: 8/10

This god is broken and counters Thoth really well. Raijin is the most aggressive mid laner in the game (I used to play a lot of Raijin and honestly his early game is disgusting), sporting insanely good wave clear, a strong mobility spell, low cooldowns and eye-watering easy to confirm damage.

First off, Raijin's Level 1 and 2 are FANTASTIC, as is his Level 3-5. His waveclear is amazing and he will shove straight under your turret then take all of your camps. Even after this horrendous early game, should you overextend, Raijin has very high damage, and a gapcloser to top it off. A good Raijin will 2-1 you, bait your escape, jump to close the gap, then finish you off with Taiko Drums, the hardest hitting mage ult in the game, which you won't be able to dodge since your dash will be down, your base movement speed is **** and since Raijin's slow has a rather long duration. Late game, he's not as good as you since his range isn't as good as yours, but he still sports insane damage potential.

In order to deal with his god, first off, you need to accept that you will lose your jungle and be shoved under turret if the Raijin is good. If you don't get killed, Raijin can't snowball, which is honestly huge since Raijin's burst locks him into channeling the abilities, meaning he can be punished for it, and his escape can be interrupted, so he's really reliant on getting ahead and then snowballing this across all of the other lanes. His laning phase is very hard to deal with, however, Raijin has his limitations - you can use your stun to stop his escape. He can be ganked easily by CC heavy junglers like Thor or Ne Zha, since they can stop his escape. When he is ulting, while he can output a metric butt-ton of damage, he is also very suspectible to enemy attacks (READ: YOUR 1 AND ULT), since he's slow, can't jump away and doesn't gain any kind of mitigation during these attacks. Raijin is also an incredibly squishy character, just like you, so once you get a couple of items you can punish this stupid ape-monkey thing.

This is a rather horrid matchup but not all is lost, and there is at least a little you can do here.

Scylla - Medium

Difficulty: 5/10

Skill matchup. I have 4k worshippers on Scylla so I know this matchup pretty well. Scylla has less range but better AoE and CC and a slightly better early game than you. However you have more range and dodge her spells better than she can you (provided you use your dash well).

You both have pretty much the same powerspikes and both have great escapes making it hard for either of you to die honestly. If she hits a root on you, she can very easily snowball this matchup since that will guarantee a Crush, so always be on the lookout to dodge that spell and hide behind your minions. If she has a CC-heavy jungler, do all in your power not to get ganked so that you won't get CCed into her damage.

On your side, should she look to fight and you use your dash to dodge one of her spells, hitting a stun on her will really ruin your day, and similarly, you should look to get ganks from your jungler so you can snowball this matchup instead.

Sol - Hard

Difficulty: 7/10

This character is broken and has a really stupid kit, hence why she's on hard. Because you're Thoth she won't have much kill potential on you, but that won't matter with the sheer amount of clear, tower push and poke she has, which will force you behind anyway. God forbid she manages to get more than just her impossible to miss 2 on you.

You also have no kill potential on her at all unless she's bad, because of her 3, which allows for some of the most ******** escapes you will ever see. If you can't ban this character, just try to survive and not lose your tower (easier said than done). Don't ever try to fight her head on if you want to live, just abuse the fact that you outrange her and have a good escape.

An important side note - never roam unless you know Sol is roaming too. You probably know why, but in case you don't, Sol is capable of taking a tower in the mid game from one wave, you NEVER want to leave her alone with a tower, especially after Level 12, where she can press 1 and get 80% of her passive straight off of the bat.

Bear in mind that her 3 takes 3s to go into her 'get out of jail free' form, so try and get some nice ganks from your jungler and burst her before she goes into that form. Just don't ever expect to get a well-charged ult off on a Sol with half of a brain cell.

The Morrigan - Medium

Difficulty: 6/10

OK so Morrigan herself is quite easy to beat. Her clear isn't the best out there, so you'll have a pretty safe early game. Her stun is very obvious when not used with her stealth, and she doesn't have a dash or anything so she's easy to poke down. You need to be wary of her suddenly popping out of stealth and comboing you, but this usually doesn't do enough to kill you until quite late so you should be okay, and is easily anticipated by keeping a track of her movement in the lane in the early game.

What makes this relatively hard is the ult. Basically Thoth gets hard countered by gods that can stick to him past his dash - think Thor, Susano, Serqet, those kind of characters. Morrigan can turn into these characters and completely destroy you if you're not careful. The key to beating Morrigan is ensuring you're making it hard for her to all-in you with that ult. You need to poke her down and be conservative with your escapes. Also take advantage of that stun of yours when she decides to get too frisky, it can be a very powerful disengage mechanic. Also bear in mind that Morrigan's ult is the longest cooldown move in the game until late game - if you know that move is down, punish her for it, take her jungle, roam to side lanes etc. Morrigan's base kit is really **** until like four items where a 2-1 combo will do a massive whack of your health, but before then it's quite bad.

Thoth - Free

Difficulty: 0/10

LOL. You read my guide, now go **** him up. For maximum chances of victory, get a VEL macro.

In all seriousness, the better Thoth will probably win, this is the epitome of a skill matchup.

Vulcan - Easy

Difficulty - 2/10

You have range advantage, which is huge against Vulcan. Vulcan excels when enemies engage upon him because of his turret, knockback and Backfire, however as Thoth you won't ever be doing that, making his attacks really predictable. He deals less damage than you so even if he gets poke off on you, you will hit much harder. Your dash makes his ult very easy to avoid.

He has better wave clear than you, which can be hard in the early game, and he can punish your mistakes quite hard, which is why he is a 2/10 instead of 1/10 matchup.

Zeus - Easy/Medium

Difficulty: 4/10

This really depends on your jungler honestly, Zeus is known for his strong early game - his 2 clears the wave fully at Level 1, he has a ton of poke and his camp clear is disgusting. Level 1-2 will be pretty rough due to his insane wave clear compared to yours, which is terrible at early levels. However literally all he brings to the table is damage. From Level 3-5 a good Jungler will be able to abuse Zeus because of his lack of any safety or control, with some follow up you can actually kill him.

If you're caught in a lane against Zeus on your own, and you don't have a jungler with a ult that instantly puts him on top of Zeus from across the map (read: Thor or Ratatoskr), you will need to play passively, don't go aggressive on Zeus because if you over extend the slightest bit he will bounce his lightning off his shield, probably ult, and you'll get hit by a 300 nuke to the face with Detonate. Because you are Thoth, this is quite easy, but bear in mind this all of the time when against a Zeus. 99% of Zeus snowballs are the enemy ****ing up and trying to kill Zeus without a gameplan, Zeus is designed to punish mistakes. However, a lot of the time, because Zeus has such strong waveclear, but sucks at farming under tower, he will end up 'ganking himself' by shoving in the wave so hard as Zeus. You won't even to need to ask for ganks most of the time against a Zeus since even the most braindead jungler will focus the **** out of him. Just play around ganks and snowball off of them.

Late game - you hard counter Zeus. Zeus does rather a lot of damage, so he will typically be hiding behind his team, throwing out Chain Lightning, ults, and looking for big disgusting Detonates. However, since Zeus has no mobility, if he ever gets within 85 range of you, you can just hit him with your full 1 and force a back, and if not an ult to face should equal a dead Zeus.

Zhong Kui - Easy

Difficulty: 1/10

As Poseidon is to you, you are to Zhong Kui.

First off, his early clear is just as bad as yours, and just like yours, becomes good at Level 7! So he can't punish you in the early game at all. Second, he is a close range mage who excels at sustained damage output and sustain - just like Hades, except unlike Hades, Zhong Kui has no mobility at all, meaning he won't be able to deal any meaningful damage on you. If you ever find yourself in a Zhong Kui ultimate, you can literally just put your Glyph down, dash away, and you're fine. There's no way he'll ever hit a stun on you if you have a working keyboard and mouse.

You won't be able to kill him because he's tanky and has great sustain but that doesn't even matter, you will have the easiest laning phase of your life against a Zhong Kui.


So that's Thoth! A really cool with an amazing kit, who when who learn him, will win you a **** ton of games! His damage and ranges are off the charts, he's pretty damn safe and he even has control now.

Before I leave you, here's a very quick list of counters and gods that work with Thoth, that aren't mages:


    - Artio
    - Thor
    - Susano
    - Ratatoskr
    - Serqet
    - Hun Batz
    - Cu Chulainn
    - Geb
    - Hou Yi

Works well with:
    - Ganesha
    - Artio
    - Ne Zha
    - Thor
    - Fenrir
    - Erlang Shen
    - Athena
    - Rama
    - Artemis
    - Izanami

And with that, the guide is over. Hope you enjoyed, and if you have any questions or anything like that, drop a comment below. I didn't put hunters in the matchup section since I have a feeling you won't be seeing much them outside of ADC come Season 5, but if you want tips against a certain hunter (or other mid laner that isn't a mid lane mage), drop a comment below and I'll try to explain the matchup for you.


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