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Horus - the king of Egypt (Also the secret salad 🥗 recipe maker)

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by Falcrus updated November 24, 2021

Smite God: Horus

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Horus Build

Solo possible build

Notes For more builds open solo role build list


For more builds open solo role build list

Build Item Sigil Of The Old Guard Sigil Of The Old Guard
Build Item Golden Blade Golden Blade
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Caduceus Shield Caduceus Shield
Build Item Genji's Guard Genji's Guard
Build Item Mail of Renewal Mail of Renewal

Support general build

Notes Benevolence still worth to use that, but can be swapped with Sentinel's Gift
For more builds open support role build list


Benevolence still worth to use that, but can be swapped with Sentinel's Gift
For more builds open support role build list

Build Item Compassion Compassion
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Gauntlet of Thebes
Build Item Caduceus Shield Caduceus Shield
Build Item Mail of Renewal Mail of Renewal
Build Item Spectral Armor Spectral Armor

Jungler general build

Notes For more builds open jungle role build list


For more builds open jungle role build list

Build Item Manikin Hidden Blade Manikin Hidden Blade
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield
Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Caduceus Shield Caduceus Shield
Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer

Horus Threats

Tap each threat level to view Horus’s threats


Horus Synergies

Tap each synergy level to view Horus’s synergies



This guide had the honor to be Warrior Category Winner of SMITEFire Season 8 Guide Contest and get S8 warrior badge!


Horus is Ability based\AA melee god whose abilities can deal basic damage and who can utilize both ability and basic attack items and playstyle. He is god of of sky, freedom, day\night cycle, life, pharaohs, royalty, and all Egyptian gods, With Set together he is the personification of world balance, day\night, life\death, good\evil. He leads his army forward to victory, with wise and noble leadership, uses his control potential to hold enemies and not allow them to leave, making them easy prey for allies. At the same time, he is not only a leader and frontliner he is also a valuable team player, who takes care of everyone in his team, empathetic, caring friend and mate.
And this is reflected in his gameplay, how he moves, what he does. If you will look at bare numbers, it may seem that contribution to victory is minimal and lower than other gods, but if you look deeper you'll understand how much help he made. His effectiveness goes hide, you may not even notice how much he has helped you, but he creates many situations to secure the victory. Horus loves you if you love him, appreciate him and he will be your waifu (or even senpai so love him, please) Horus goes to help you, and he will support you if you will be his faithful warrior.
His bird-referenced abilities provide him a specific playstyle and good mobility. Abilities focused on Crowd Control, same to many guardians, but unlike Guardians, Horus is a physical Warrior and fights enemies with his beautiful wings in melee combat and uses his abilities to gank one target. But unlike warriors he has only two damage skills since he tends to support his soldiers and help them, while they fight for their king, so these two had big supportive potential via CC and to be more effectively he got one fully supportive ability, to heal, to protec, but most important, instead of to attac.
Even more, unlike guardians, he has no AOE (only small with his Updraft, and focused more at control, than at damage) and attack area, as result he able to attack only one target and deal not so much damage, since he deprived with damage abilities, unlike warriors. And compensation for this is the fact that, though into clutches of the falcon-god, falls only one unfortunate victim, not the whole team which usually should hold on to onslaught of any other guardian, distract attention on them, the fate of this victim becomes a foregone conclusion: be torn apart by the Horus allies, who follows his lead as his loyal army. I think this is a good variation of "Falcon punch" (hit&run) tactics since he an actual falcon.
He is not a full warrior and not a full Guardian, he average, he between of them, hence he is not able to be as heavy, as guardian - live long in the fight against 5 enemies, dive very far and deep, deal a lot of damage trough AOE, as many guardians can as usual. And not able to be a strong damage dealer with pretty survivability because of lack of abilities and taking a long time to do decent damage. But he has strong support in his own way.
His combat impact can be summed up in the word "additional", it means that he deal some additional damage, not compare to other warriors, or hunters; some additional healing, not compare to strong healer-supports, but still (and sometimes the only one); some additional supporting, some additional tanking. Keeping this in mind and you play more patience, not dive too deep and think first because Horus does not forgive mistakes as guardians, make sure your feathers stay dry and cozy until you get a good chance to snatch a defenseless victim, stand some enemy' damage, until your good allies help you to deal with your prey, and then rush into attack with allies, with just acquired advantage, help them, make sure that your soldiers remain healthy and safe, be ready to catch the next target.
Of course, Horus can get a lot of protection, but this is useful very rare because being surrounded by enemies is a big problem for him since he is not a Guardian and can attack only one. So I offer to build him in a balance between damage and survivability with focusing on Cooldown Reduction (CDR) to let him use abilities as often as possible to help his army as much as possible and be able to go back in fight sooner. Do not forget about Crowd Control Reduction (CCR), thanks to his passive Resolute you get extra 15% which is so tempting to combine with some CCR items. Make Horus balance between some survivability and damage dealing on enemies you caught in your Crowd Control, to make them easy prey for your team and send their souls in Duat.
Watch your allies, help them here and now, so that they can fight the darkness and after death, their souls will go to the Fields of Aaru.


Check my new old Tiamat guide here

Who is Horus? Pros and Cons. Horus Wiki!


The rightful heir

Who is Horus and why he is nor Warrior and nor Support

The most important thing to know about Rightful Heir that is setting up his gameplay is his role on the battlefield. He is a - Utility warrior, Warrior with high supportive potential. Roughly calling him a Support is a big mistake, that may cause wrong decisions in the heat of battle, it is not all so easy and obvious. Warrior class not only assigns a type of damage or attack range but also defines statistics, parameters, the philosophy behind and such. All of them Horus has are different from what Guardians usually have and that puts him away from many functions and things that guardians are usually able to do. (Briefly, he has 10% less defense and 10% less health). But unlike most of the Warriors, he only formally belongs to a warrior class, and having the lowest Offensive potential in class, he brings Highest single-target locking down potential as well as more Utility and supportive possibility than overall warriors could usually provide, and which fits the Guardian class in general.

The very essence of Warriors is existing somewhere in-between Guardians, the supportive potential of which they get, And assassins on another side, the damage potential of which they have. Warriors are meant to be supportive, so Horus is not unique on that, but his real feature is the type of potential he brings from a support role , not the fact of having that potential by itself as a warrior. Keeping that in mind Bird don't have to and don't suppose to be as effective as supports, playing as supports or building as supports; Horus has to find his own way, strengths and weakness, brought by his specific and build differently, not simply blind copy support build if he wants to use own potential fully. Because there are no other warriors who have such type of utility, but plenty of guardians who can do that even more effectively, why should he become the same as guardians if that would be better for his loyal allies to have a guardian and actual support, instead of Horus who pretends to be a guardian? That would completely ruin his concept of being a core leader, who isn’t rushing forward to be a punching bag, but leading his army to victory and creating favorable situations, not hiding behind their backs at the same time, always ready to protect his allies, take some damage, and strike back.

As a warrior, he is more supportive than other warriors, but as support - less than guardians. And The king of Egypt has to bring something from support\guardians as well as warrior roles, accumulate knowledge of both of them to help his allies, be the strong rod of the team, and secure the victory. Nor a physical guardian, nor that he has something from support, nor a lane where everyone is used to seeing him, nor specific matchups, but The Warrior with high utility. This is what makes him unique.

The second detail is how he changes the way the team should play. This is what I call Team core character. That means, having such a character team will have to change the way they are usually playing, and use new and unique strategies and tactics these characters are providing by being in a team. The most obvious and perfect example is Khepri. Having him in the team will make new tactics available for his allies, that would change the way they usually play. This is his ultimate that can revive an ally that has just been slain, extra life for one team member that can be used in many different ways, either from saving their lives or finishing with suicidal maneuvers that can flip the tables. There are many team core characters in the game - khepri, ganesha, athena, terra, nu wa, tiamat, ra, kukulkan, etc.
Rightful Heir is no exception and also a core character. Team should play around him not as usual support who can simply tank or peel or do other support things. Being not the best tank (do he supposed to be?), not the best healer, not being able to provide huge zone control and a big mess, massive buffs or debuffs he still has The deadliest single target lock-down potential including long stun, knock up do not affect by Diminishing returns, and enemy protection debuff, as well as team teleport. All of these things the team must understand and keep in mind to use Horus correctly and effectively: understand how long and when Horus is able to tank, is he in danger and need an ally to let him use protector’s surge to jump out of that situation, is he gonna provide massive teleport to engage, or he can use his teleport to create you escape door to save your lives. The team has to be ready to follow Heir who is engaging, making vulnerable, and locking down one single target for them, otherwise, if they miss that short but good chance, Horus will be very vulnerable in the bad position surrounded by enemies and may die here due to lack of massive AOE ability (especially if he already used his protector’s surge as an engaging tool), And this is will very bad not only for him but for the team overall. And This is not only what the Falcon-headed god should keep in his mind, this is how the team should play around him. Supporting Horus will open to the team new ways to play, thanks to benefits Horus will be able to provide back.

His protector’s surge - he needs his team to give him a chance to escape, and save his life. If the team would not help him to escape - he will die and will not be able to help.

Another way to use protector’s surge is for engaging alongside with an ally. Most of the time people are used to supporting go forward, tanking damage, and engaging somehow. Horus can also do that, but not being a guardian makes it hard for him, but his Protector's Surge allows him to use ally as an engaging factor, nor Horus, especially someone who has big and independent movement ability Horus can jump after them from a very big distance and give them protective buff, healing, gain even more defense, and locking down the target after catching a target. Technically his leap is 70 units range, but he needs someone to use that. The team must support him to let him support them back.
Take a short look at his ultimate, To let Horus be able to save everyone the team must protect him with all they have because Horus is not able to defend himself, which is not a favorable situation for everyone. Team also must keep in their minds that they have a character with such ultimate ability that can teleport everyone for a big distance once per 100sec. So, these is some examples that have to explain what core character means, why sometimes Horus can flip games, and why sometimes he is absolutely useless no matter how effective he playing

Real God info and Personal status

Other names:
• Heru
(Egyptian version)
• Hrw/Hor/Her
• Heru-Sutekh
• Heru-pa-khered
(Horus the Younger)
• Heru-ur
(Horus the Elder)
• Horakhty\Heru-em-akhet
(Horus of Two Horizons)
• Ra-Horakhty
(Ra-Horus of Two Horizons)
• Heru-Merti
(Horus with the Two Eyes)
• Hor-sema-tawy
(Horus Uniter of the Two Lands)
Pantheon: Egyptian
•The rightful hier
• Sky god
• The king of Egypt
• Horus the Great
Belief type: Monolatric\Monotheistic (later)
God rank: King of the gods, supreme god and demiurge (later)
Age: ~5000 BC - 400 AD
Other personification:
Ra, Aten, Amon, Montu(female)
(Great-great-grandaunt\ Ra' sister)

Game info and lore

Status: Alive
Place of origin: Egypt
• Leader of Egypt pantheon
• Ruler of Egypt
Type: High utility Warrior
Role: Core character
Damage type: Physycal
Target type: Single target
Role in fights:
• Locking-down\Setting-up
• Frontline leader
• Support
• Healer
• Burst-assasin
• Core-character
• Jungle
• Support
• Solo
Skill floor: Average
Skill ceiling: Very high

Horus is preffering ability damage
Horus is not best tank
As falcon he is using Hit and run strategy
Horus is more agressive

pros and cons

Roles and How to Horus

Horus, being a mixed god can be pretty flexible in different roles during matches.

Horus protector

Classic tank-support
Objective: Protect and save
Protect your ally, make sure that your army is safe under caring wing of Horus, who always watch and ready to help

When classic tank-support, Horus can use his innate self heal and healing abilities to build massive HP pull, healing, and sustain, increase outcoming healing to care about his ally. A lot of protection and hp are two ways for Horus to be a chonky birb, but most important is do not forget that Horus is not the best tank in game, he is less supposed for long dive, and should keep that in mind not going too far and for a long time. His abilities are not suitable for long dives and long tanking with lack of massive zone controls, but he still can get a lot of protection tho. Periodically leaving the battle to get a little healing and heal ally with protector’s surge and Resolute before his CC chain will ready back.

Horus's eye

Aggressive support
Objective: Protect and lead
Be a strong foundation for your team. Create a favorable situation and lead the charge, setting up for your allies. Rush to their aid when they are in danger.

This style of play is more supposed for Horus, less defensible but more aggressive, focusing around locking down targets, withs skillset aimed at creating a favorable situation and setting up one ingle target. Find a vulnerable victim and lock down them with masiveCC,remove their protection and deal big damage with some power in build, while allies are dealing even more damage. The target caught in Horus' hard CC chain should be deleted as fast as possible and team must always be ready for this when they have Heir by their side. For late games Horus is going to be more solo-like, backline-frontline support, (can even have some power) using actively his movement in many ways, providing some healing, combining offensive and defensive potential as effectively as possible.

Engaging tip and extra playstyle info

Kingship keeper

Supportive solo
Objective: Tank and attack
The most important thing for every Horus warriors: He. Cannot. Defeat. Any. Opponent in solo lane (if the enemy has enough skill, [ but this is possible if enemy solo plays out of role character]). Most likely, Horus will have to confront the meta gods or strong gods, who will defeat him even with a bad player. Horus is very limited and neither tactics nor experience will help him win the lane, only win the match. He doesn't need to be too aggressive, and his main job in that situation - killing minions, forget about Ku totem, do not try to kill enemies in solo - wait for help, or attack only win for sure. Keeping towers alive at least is pretty enough before the late game, when Horus is able to unleash his CC and support potential through aggressive gameplay, tanking, and healing allies.

Falcon God

Hit and run jungler
Objective: Gank and heal
Go into the jungle, defeat another threat to your kingdom and bring order in these chaos lands. Do not forget to say for all worthy creatures - Thank you for your power .

Jungler? Of course! The Horus combo is one of the most dangerous and powerful combos in the entire game, a victim caught in His CC claws can easily lose most of HP or even die. Playing in the jungle, attack style is a pure gank, it is a real gank, when the victim is quickly hit by a dangerous falcon without any chance to do anything and avoid damage while in his claws. Like falcons in life, the falcon-headed god strikes quickly, catches the victim in a dangerous combo and sends it Duat.

But not everything is so great, because one must not forget that having abilities aimed at a pure gank Horus does not have the possibility for longest fights (This is why CDR is still important for him)

more playstyle info

As a result of his flexibility and mixed role (warrior-guardian) he can сhange the second part of his mixture for being solo-support as solo laner, damage solo as jungler, and full support as support for the duo lane. but one thing remains the same - everything meant to be supportive just in different styles and with a different tendency (more support, more dmg), do not forget it - he is not a solo god.

Starting items and build examples

Note: Do not forget, you can use any other items you think are more effective, here I just show some interesting combinations which can be useful for a whole game. All these builds include speed potion opinion. You can not change the type of starting items you chose, but you can NOT BUY it at the start of the game and buy an upgraded version of it at 17 or 20 lvl, this may help you avoid not useful items, or not useful starting items if you use out of role item at 17 or 20 lvl.

! Items above or below main build is possible opinion of startin, to swap, swap boots, and starting item upgrade

This jungler staring item gives Horus healing and helps to kill jungle monsters faster. After 20 LVL this item transforms into Bumba's Hammer which fit in Horus combo. If he is putting basic attack after Fracture and before Updraft he is geting extra healing and reduce 1s of cooldown. Since Horus Gust counts as a basic attack he also get second activation. Do not forget about Caduceus Shield, Protector's Surge and Resolute, Horus has so many ways to heal himself so combining all of them together brings massive healing to bird. Besides all of this Bumba's Hammer gives CDRand extra HP which makes healing more effective

Diving falcon mk1

Utility Horus jungler build

Jungler Horus with an interesting mechanic. Bumba's Hammer passive in late game fits well in Heir’ CC chain. Auto canceling and Gust of Updraft which is also working as basic attack, highly benefits from Hydra's Lament and bumba's passive. Because of falcon punch, hit & run play style Horus can empower his basick attacks inside of his CC chain for more damage and getting healing, based at His health pool because of his class, and defensive items in this build that also increasing his health, buffed by Caduceus Shield, combined with his Protector's Surge and Resolute; flat cooldown reducing for a 1s each time, Horus uses his combo synergizes with Hydra's Lament CDR. Also more interesting is another combo: basic basic . Using Protector's Surge as engaging makes Horus able to get extra activation of Bumba's Hammer and Hydra's Lament. Overall this build makes Horus solo-like jungler with high defensive and utility, survivability, tankines and decent damage that will make him much more effective in late game team fights. Flat cooldown reduction will allow him to rotate his ability often which very useful because of they high default cooldowns.

Chonky burb

AA-canceling self heal support build for a late game
- counterplay for Qin's Sais because of massive HP in this build
- rushing it for early CDR and lot of Mp5
Thanks to no boots Horus able to get Breastplate of Valor early, get Mp5 that can be converted into health via Protector's Surge until he get Gauntlet of Thebes. Transition into late game brings even more health and more healing with Protector's Surge that better to increase with Caduceus Shield and Mail of Renewal that also can be sinergized with Bumba's Hammer later.
-> Horus's Gust of Updraft has no limits for number of enemies it damages, that makes passive of this item heal him for every enemy hit in 70 units lane, giving massive self heal from entire wave, which gives 16 healing from wave at 1lvl and benefits from health items.(

Self heal build

Secondary Horus solo build

Shillelagh as first into Blackthorn Hammer+ Death's Toll after returning to base earlier, gives more health for sustain and some CDR. The ammount of power he gets may be enough to clear waves, but is still far from Golden Blade-based builds Next item is Mystical Mail that gives even more health for sustain and extra damage which Horus is getting when sticking to enemy and auto attacking them. Blackthorn Hammer may be swapped with Frostbound Hammer to sinergise it with Updraft slow

Vampire support bird

Aggressive self heal support build for duo lane
Iron Mail+ Death's Toll as starting items into early Mystical Mail for more agressive gameplay. Solo-like support build for horus, around self heal from basick attacks

Specific item, not so useful for Horus. Gust not counts as ability and Cleave of Fracture too. So it activates only two times. Manikin Scepter is a more effective item if using auto-attack after ability.

Benevolence is now reward rotating supports by granting healing and gold after gaining stack from assist and roaming. This healing is affected by Caduceus Shield and synergizing with Horus' healing which makes this item even more useful when used with Bird and other healing items. Both of its upgrades are useful. Horus can use basic attacks inside his combo, to prock Animosity twice, when Gust of his Updraft will highly benefit from this item, dealing extra damage to every enemy that it touched. On another hand Compassion which is the best support item, will give a lot of magic defense late game and provide even more utility for the team.

These items are increasing Horus HP pool which let Animosity deal more damage, coupled with high defence and some CDR. Winged Blade can be used as well as Witchblade

Common support

But with Horus specificity
-> At level 17 Horus get huge defensive support item. It works pretty similar to Gauntlet of Thebes and spread defense to nearby ally, but than less ally around then more protection they get (including Horus). If Horus alone he gets huge magical and physical protection bust which let him to build protection cap if needed.

Fatty birb

Conquest support edition
So much HP and protection cap, supporting auras and a little of CDR. As using Caduceus Shield to increase Horus healing it may be good to buy Stone of Gaia to combine it with to buff passive healing and get more HP. If you feel you could use something more effective then buy it instead of Gaia stone. Winged Blade to get some speed at least, and magical protection, but also important CDR. And do not forget about speed potion

-> Solo oriented items. Sundering Axe Is allwong to still deal damage even have massive defence late game. Hero's Axe more supportive item for solo.

Can Horus play solo?

Oppressive potential solo build[/color

Can Horus play solo 2?

Less oppressive potential solo build
The only difference is that Fighter's Mask allwong to use it instead of starting item and skip them until late game. If Horus not able to create pressure at solo lane hw would like to focus at killing minions, instead of fighting with better enemy solo.

-> Manikin Scepter Is an interesting item to fix Horus clear instead of using of Golden Blade or even WITH. (But do not forget about specific way Golden Blade works for Horus, before deciding what you need). Manikin Hidden Blade is a late-game item which immediately damages the enemy for a part of their HP and fits very well to Horus jungler gank playstyle, has synergies with his Runeforged Hammer because of slowing enemies from hidden blade activates when Horus going to use his deadly combo. Since Fracture separated for two parts Manikin Hidden Blade activates when Horus reaches his enemy with a dash (which has less damage) and all next damage gets +20% of damage and makes it an extremely deadly trick in Heir arsenal!

Important note: Manikin Hidden Blade Damage and Slow applies before any damage

Diving falcon mk2

Burst jungle build
This build is a compilation of possible opinions for Horus Jungler. This build might have defense, healing, and can flex into flat, or % penetration combined with Horus' own flat penetration.

Oneshot them

The only real glass cannon build
High skill level build. In most cases Rangda's Mask is a troll item but with Horus’ playstyle, this item may be a serious opinion to play with. Requires very high skill and understanding of the game. This build allows to kill any squishy enemy with only one combo or even faster. But the cost of that is very high and any mistake may be fatal, and this is where Horus's mobility may help him to survive and use this item! This item can always be sold when it starts being not possible to play!
Important note: This build may cause an unpleasant and unacceptable bird population decline.

Learn how Horus damage is working Damage brakedown

-> War Flag is an early aggression item, which grants sustain for allies. Horus can make his early aggression even more effective, by healing himself and ADC while fighting the enemy. War Banner provides healing for entire team unless Heir keeps himself in a fight. Healing from these items can be combined very well with Horus own healing.

Important note: Horus can activate passive this massive multiple times with his Gust of Updraft by hitting multiple targets


Core items

The most important Horus items.

Although Horus is an ability-based god, his first ability allows him to use this item to increase damage and stack it with the default Updraft basic attack damage multiplier to not feel deprived with offensive abilities and damage.

Important note. Since Horus Gust of Updraft counts as many separated basic attacks, Hydra's Lament will procks only for FIRST target in the line of attack.

Item to increase damage from the second part of Updraft and extreemly good choice for wave clear and cleaning camps. Gust comes through all enemies, each triggers a golden blade passive and gives you damage at all targets, even at the main target you threw in the air with Updraft. This item also get extra damage with scaling from gust bonus damage. Mostly useful at Solo lane Horus.

When its about clearing a wave this item makes Gust to deal X2 damage to every minion, instead of extra 50%, because minions stands by 3 close to each other, which means this item is equal to 60 power (30x2) +50% of gust' bonus damage against minion wave, as first item and with very cheep price. This is why it's an extremely viable pick! For example. With 3lvl Updraft Horus will deal (32+30)*2=124 damage to every minion, which is equal to 92 physycal power if using brute force.
Important note. This item gives Horus quite unique tactics which makes this item very useful not only to waves clean. Since Horus Gust of Updraft counts as many separated basic attacks Golden Blade will activate after EACH hit in the line. It means that in a 15 pcs radius you can deal significantly more damage if many minions stand inside. So try to hit god when the enemy stands RIGHT IN minion wave. For example, if the enemy god stands near to 3 archers or 3 swordsmen, if you hit them all with gust then god will get x3 Golden Blade damage. Most importantly, that you get a damage bonus for knocked up, and deal strong CC for gods, not letting them leave, which means this is a 100% chance to deal very much damage from ability by stacking Golden Blade and maybe hydra's lament

These items are full defence, Genji's Guard is a must thanks to it passive + CDR. As alternative is Shogun's Kusari - less protection, and more supportive passive, +extra 20% of CCR.
Despite that fact this item is considered as more solo-oriented and not welcomed in most of the other support builds for traditional supports\guardians, Horus is a warrior with unique support oriented potential, also because of how He balanced and plays, he is getting a very great benefits from building it, especially early game because of it's cheap price. This item gives him:
- Massive CDR that is very crucial for him because of long cooldowns, and makes his set-up play style more effective in teamfights not less than meta Gauntlet of Thebes, because he can do his main work more often.
- Mp5 and Mana even in cheep t2 Silver Breastplate (which he can rush earlier) that gives him early mana regeneration, but which he can also convert into health via Protector's Surge, that means he is getting free health sustain as well as mana sustain in one item and don't have to rush Hp5 items.
- Big early physical defence to protect himself from minion and tower damage. This is why rushing this item in the no boots era, instead of Gauntlet of Thebes may be very effective!
- Can also be considered to replace starting items in some situations or rushed earlier.
Very useful combined defense item for Horus which allows him to heal a little more besides more damage. Probably always useful in all roles but can be not so necessary in high-level plays if the team understands how Horus healing works and will group up for it, in that situation Horus can use something different!
After rework became a very useful item with passive looks good with Bird' own passive. This item increasing Horus's ability to get mitigation while getting hits. After rework also gives some protection that very viable in builds around HP that Horus can utilize very well because of his innate self-healing! And of course, strong healing aura for allies, increasing Heir' own healing
Gives to birb extra protection if surrounded by enemies, and some CCR which will stack with Horus passive Resolute. (Will helps him in long fights) and gives him a bit of power, good to use for aggressive playstyle when Horus usually puts himself in the surround of enemies. Do not help him if he got a gank by one enemy.
In default scenario this item increases damage only from the Cleave part of Fracture, and basic attack right after Fracture, This item NOT increases damage from your allies and works ONLY for you, and does not activate with Updraft But using this item coupled with specific items like Manikin Hidden Blade creates a bunch of variable synergies. Using this item may also require learning Auto attack cancel tactick to put strong basic attack between Fracture- Updraft combo.
Replacement for The Sledge as Spirit Robe for some build. Gives you more and permament defence at the cost of damage, both gives extra 10% of CDR. And alternative for it is Mantle of Discord, if you have enough CCR.

Other items

The less important Horus items.

Items to get protection, CDR and damage. A bit of everything. Gladiator's Shield besides that very useful CDR also give HP and extra damage from protection and most important is that Horus can get extra damage from his passive Resolute and his Protector's Surge. Ancile is combining very good with Horus' own CC chain and may also help him when he get CC-ed
This shield is very viable for mixed offensive “hit&run” and defensive Horus since he is able to balance between both gameplays. Shifter's Shield can work as a "switcher" between offensive and defensive playstyle by swapping little part of physical power to both of protections and back. This item fits very well for jungle Horus using his unexpected "falcon dive" hit (gank) to utilize extra power he gets when over 75% HP and then switch to more defence when he gets his hp down under 75%, deprived of dealing damage by abilities gone to cooldown, forcing him to be tankier and get more protection, (or just not die so fast and survive trying to retreat). Because he has his own healing he is able to switch back to offensive mode after getting his HP back.
Item about healing with aggressive tank gameplay by increasing Hp5, gives Horus "healing" % of Full HP after getting CC'ed with some types of CC. Very useful because Horus has his own passive and active Protector's Surge healing.
enemies who good to use Stone of Gaia against

This item increases damage quite well, coupled with a passive reduction of enemy healing. As a result, the item is effective in itself, and if there is a need to use the anti-heal, this stuff becomes a panacea
Antiheal items to use instead other protection items. Physical and magical. Not gives you CDR so you must choose what more important.
Use it as last item if you have full CDR to increase damage
Base item to get a lot of physical power and very important for Horus CDR. The sense of this item is giving a lot of power in only one slot. The fact that Transcendence does not have a penetration is not a problem for ability based gods unlike ADC and this item very useful for them by itself because their main target is squishy, and Horus is not an exception.
Horus can not use it in Arena mode because of his weak wave clear. This is just very hard and long to build stacks.
A good way to finish CDR and get some damage.
Pridwen is a very situative and disputable item. It is still one of the best ways to get CDR in one, gives a little but both of protection. But its passive currently does not work with Horus ult by dev decision for an unknown reason. Just think twice before choosing it, because this item in Horus's arsenal makes him pay a lot for the benefits it gives him.
Jotunn's wrath is a good item to use as a source of cheap damage and a lot of CDR when Horus needs power not depriving himself of CDR, usually for mixed defensive\offensive builds. For mainly offensive builds this item not so useful because Horus gets an opportunity to have all these stats with other offensive items, but he still can use it as a temporary item. Yes, this stuff not gives a lot of power, but a summary of all stats is very very useful.
Horus still can use this item because of it passive and some penetration. Extra attack spead may help him to confirm kill faster after using his main combo.
Horus can also utilize crits with specific and unique way - not with attack speed (but he still can use it too if it safe for him), but inside of his deadly Fracture basic Updraft combo, or even Protector's Surgebasic Fracturebasic Updraft. This way crits may increase damage very strong and allow to "one shot" any squishy, but since this is very hard to perform and needs a lot of experience, good ping etc make Horus a real glass cannon and very vulnerable, this is why CDR still very important and Malice may help with it. Learn how to put his basic attack into combo and do not forget to look at Runeforged Hammer
Items to finish critical chances and deal damage more guaranteed. Two ways - more damage or much more high crit chance.

Both of these items are very useful especially to fill not finished stats. Both of them besides useful stats, has good passive being a good counter for specific enemy's builds Reducing enemy attack speed when you just stand close, not need to hit or get hit, or slow immunity as a very common type of CC when Horus is generally very vulnerable for all of them.


Horus can use all default and casual relics. But here is list of special interaction and synergies of Horus kit with some relics:

Can be synergized very well with Horus' own healing, which makes this item very useful. Its upgrade can be very healthy for Horus long cooldowns
Can be synergized with protection buff and stack with To The Skies! shield.
Can be synergized with protection reduction and overall setting up potential
Can be synergized with Updraft slow.
Can be synergized with Horus high mobility for even better results.
Can be synergized with Horus’s setting up potential, to increase the damage even more with protection reduction and long CC-chain

Skill priority

Horus ability kit gives him multiple ways of prioritizing leveling order. His kit is separated for supportive and offensive parts.

This is the main burst damage ability, consisting of two parts and providing 50-60%% of the overall Heir's damage. Horus can prioritize leveling this ability in order to improve wave and jungle camps clear especially with some basic-oriented items such Golden Blade and Hydra's Lament

A locking down ability that sets up enemies for further Updraft or ally’s damage. Provides a stun as well as enemy's protection reduction in order of increasing any next damage target will get. Prioritizing this ability can be useful in supportive roles for early flat protection shred for teammates either for reducing enemy protection on solo lane if so needed. This ability is rather less useful against non-god targets hitting them, does not activate cleave part and does not provide protection shred for AI and deal less damage. Yet this ability steal can deal damage for waves and jungle camps and also provides some stun for them, which can be useful. If overall this ability is less effective as a damage source in the jungle, it still can be very effective in combination with Updraft against gods.

Fully team-oriented ability yet can be used as personal little support in 1v1 fights and as movement escape or engage ability. This provides healing for everyone in that area and protection buff, including minions (that means the wave was affected by Horus healing at least once will win the enemy wave if there are no other factors). Prioritizing this ability can be useful in supportive purposes, to provide Horus' allies even more healing and protection buff, but still can be used in order of increasing personal sustain and survivability via healing and protection bust for a short period. Yet prioritizing this ability in very offensive play styles is very doubtful.

For the most part is Utility and for less - offensive. There is literally no reason to level 2-5 this ability until late game, because it does provide nothing but increased landing damage which is very hard to confirm and shield size. So it is better to level other abilities in credit for this.

Depends not only on the role in a match but also at the current level of teamplay and situation, The Falcon-Headed god can change leveling order to adapt, so there is some examples below.
For classic support:

For Aggressive support\solo:

For jungle and more offensive solo:



Stacking defensive passive
Each time Horus is damaged by an enemy god, Horus gains a stack of Resolute provides CCR, defence. When Resolute fades, Horus is healed based on the number of stacks. Set provides two stakcs
Pretty weak passive which lets Falcon god get a little bit of healing which doesn't compensate even a part of damage gotten to activate passive. A little defense which is useful only in longer fights (which again activates after he already got damage), and a little CCR still pretty bad with engaging and after getting CCed first but helpful in longer fights.
+ CDR reduction.
+ Some extra heals.
+ A little extra magical and physical protection.
––– Requires getting damage, which lowers the value of the ability in the beginning. Requires a long time in battle to receive a bonus protection and CCR.
Activates only by God's damage.
Healing much lower than damage Horus must receive to get stacks.


Knock-Up and morphed range basic attack
Horus uses his wings to create an updraft around himself, knocking up nearby enemies, after using this ability Horus's next basic attack is Gust of wind.
Horus' main damage ability consists of two parts: first – knocking nearby enemies into the air and second – Gust attack with a morphed basic attack which gets extra damage to enemies that are knocked up. This ability deals the biggest damage in entire Horus' kit, which makes the source of half of his damage being Basick attack. That meeans Horus can utilize plenty of AA items with this ability. Can be interrupted by the enemy.
+++ Strong CC.
++ CC cannot be interrupted with Purification Beads (only before).
+ Deals significant damage twice.
+ The first part is AOE (damages all enemies around).
+ The second part is considered as base attack.
+ The second part has a damage multiplier.
+ The second part has a slowdown.
+ The second part is Horus only ranged attack.
+++ The second part damages all enemies in the line.
++ The second part goes through obstacles and walls.
+ Looks very nice.
The ability has a cast time which lets the enemy use escape or their own instant CC.
Small AOE radius.
–– Can be interrupted.
–– Vulnerable to Disarms CC.
The second part has low base damage.
The whole ability takes a long time to apply.
You are not immune to enemy control effects.
"Rooting" Horus around one target.
The only and weak way to clean waves and camps (in early game).

Important note. The Gust part of this ability counts as separated basic attack for each enemies in the line. That means that Hydra's Lament will procks only ONE time for a FIRST target in line. And Golden Blade will stack for EACH ONE target in the line.


Dash to enemies and CC. Defense debuff.
Horus charges forward, ready to strike with his weapon and looking to stun any god in his path, if he successfully hits a god he unleashes a powerful cleave attack that breaks the armor of whoever was hit lowering their protections.
The second damage ability and last one, which allows Horus to engage in fights, dash, catch targets and make them easy to kill by CC and reducing their protection for a couple of seconds, for squishes this reduction around 70% of their magical defense and 50% of physical defense. This is increasing incoming damage from all sources by around 20%. After using Fracture allies are getting a short time gap to kill targets faster, especially at duo lane. Also can be used to escape when everything is crumbling. Important note: This ability has cast time when it may be interrupted by enemy CC and ability will be counted as used. For the same reason it is very hard to use against Thanatos Hovering Death. Also dashing through silence or Cripples zone like Poseidon Whirlpool immediately stops Horus dash.
++ CC.
++ Can be used to escape or engage.
++ Separated for two parts which allows to activate items before main damage.
+ Dash.
+ Deals damage to all enemies 180* in front of Horus.
+++ Reduces both protection of the target and all targets in front of Horus (squishes get almost 50% protection reduction).
Short distance.
––- This abbility has longest wind-up time among all that type of abbilities in game.
–– As a result may be interupted very easely. Very easy to notice.
––– Not likes Cripples CC.
––– Goes at cooldown after interruption when technically wasn't even used.
The whole ability takes a long time to apply.
Makes Horus very vulnerable and put him in center of battle.
The total ability damage divided into two parts, each does not have significant damage.
Not immune to enemy control effects.
Low duration of target protection reduction.

Protector's Surge

Leap and heal. Protection buff.
Horus selects an ally and flies to the aid. Upon landing, all nearby allies have their health restored and gain bonus protections.
Escape\engage ability with some extra healing (can be pretty useful at a late game). Can only be applied to allies or allied minions, as well as minions of allied gods like Vulcan's Inferno Cannon or Kuzenbo's Nene Kappa, Scylla's Sentinel, which allows Horus to move in some extra ways. This provides healing and protection buff including minions (that means the wave was affected by Horus healing at least once will win the enemy wave if there are no other factors) Сan be interrupted by the enemy even mid flight despite that Horus untargetable.
++ Healing.
++ Can be used to escape or engage.
+++ Increasing both protection of the allies around the target and Horus himself (squishies get 50% extra of their total defense).
++ Moves Horus over obstacles and through walls.
++ Untargetable mid-flight, that means Horus can avoid damage even jumping at minion near to him.
–– Not enough healing.
––– Has no damage.
–– Can be interrupted.
––– Needs targets to be used.
Only some type of targets can be used. Not works with wards.
The aiming is incredibly odd. Be ready to die because of it. Consequently no confidence in success because it does not depend on skill.

To The Skies!

Team teleport.
Horus will begin channeling, sending a mirror image of himself into the sky to scout a destination. Upon selecting a new destination Horus will start channeling to fly to that new location with any ally near him. Horus land with such force, enemies are knocked away and take damage. Horus and his allies at the landing location gain a protective shield.
At the same time If no one knows how it works this is one of the worst ultimates and is able to flip the whole match with good teamwork. Playing solo Horus gets almost nothing in return for the price he pays for using this ability: cooldown time, inability to cancel, damage vulnerability, long charge, low damage despite the fact this is AOE. All of it makes Horus ult extremely hard to use effectively and team–dependent. One thing is that Horus is immune to CC and provides him some tactic benefits. Consider, that Horus ult is mostly offensive forgetting that may cost him a life. Also Horus ultimate is the only one ult that can kill his own ally (if unlucky landing) so Horus must be careful with choosing the destination location!
+ Moves Horus a big distance.
+ Can be used to engage.
++ Expands the tactics possibilities.
+++ Immune to CC.
+ Deal shield for Him and allies even if they stand in the landing zone.
+ Let Horus chase the enemy.
+ Most beautiful ult with many animations, effects and sounds.
+ Сan teleport the whole team.
++ Horus can teleport allies when they ulting, to create a deadly combo.
+++ This ultimate can change the course of the entire battle.
++ Can be used as escape for you and allies.
+++ All enemies in the landing zone get strong CC.
+ Damage type is AOE.
–– Not immune to damage and executes.
Has low damage.
–– Long cooldown.
–– Horus cannot cancel ability.
––– After interruption by dead, begins cooldown.
Very visible.
The enemy sees and hears his spirit copy in sky

(His own sky)

and sees the landing zone.
––– VERY long charging.
–– VERY hard aim to hit someone.
Enemies can wait for this and the entire team, avoid damage and CC, and kill all.
––– This ultimate can change the course of the entire battle.

timings and no one needed info

Ultimate part has three columns and two categories of advantages because due to the peculiarities and focus of this ability, some potential become inaccessible or very difficult to use depending on the situation, and the actions of allies. Therefore, these advantages can be ignored. And vice versa, if you are good or have a team play you can use these advantages.

Horus Damage breakdown

Explanation of Horus's very unobvious way to make damage

Horus is a unique god that has lack of direct damage through ability but has a lot of interesting mechanics like two-parts ability, morphed basic attacks, protection shred, CC, and knock-ups. Combining these mechanicks and different ability combos makes ways to utilize specific items requiring fulfillment of specific conditions and accumulate different damage bonuses.
All of it allows Horus to embed extra damage multipliers as long as more difficult his playstyle become

Fracture-basic- Updraft in math form:

((((((Gust*1,5)+Base)*1,4)+ Updraft+Cleave)*1,2*100)/(76-10-30+100)+(( Fracture*1,2)+%)*100)/((76-10+100))))*1,2

1,5 - Knocked up targed damage multiplier
1,4 - Hydra's Lament basick attack bonus multiplier
1,2 - Runeforged Hammer damage multiplier
1,2 - Rangda's Mask damage multiplier
% - Manikin Hidden Blade bonus damage.
Not affected by Runeforged Hammer because applies before, but affected by Rangda's Mask and flat penetration

10 - Item flat penetration
30 - Fracture Penetration shred.
Fracture Dash not affected by Cleave damage cut-of, so it has its own final damage protection correction.


This formula is a complex math explanation of How Horus Fracture-basic- Updraft combo works with a specific item's damage multiplier against targets having default physical protection 76 units (Odin bot). This build includes Hydra's Lament, Runeforged Hammer, Rangda's Mask, and Manikin Hidden Blade, each of them creates a damage multiplier after implementation of specific ​conditions and Horus' combo meets all of them.

This formula can be used for damage calculation with any builds by removing multipliers or changing them with 1.

Item effects

Spoiler: Click to view

Ability effects

Spoiler: Click to view

These little tips help end explains the mechanics of Horus's main damaging combo, why and how to collect, accumulate different types of damage bonuses(without pots and duffs), and useful ability effects Horus has to transform simple CC chain into the most deadly combo of the entire game.

To the skies! Strategy, tips, tricks and avanced knowlages

Base invasion

Backdoor and base pushing strategy
Phoenixes invasion area

In the sky, Horus is in his native environment — he feels free from the limits of ground walking, which causes him moves faster being a falcon.

This picture demonstrates Horus coverage area for phoenix pushing. His mobility while ultimate allows him to teleport himself and his entire team close enough to enemy phoenix almost from mid of the map (green area) or directly at phoenix (golden area). That means Horus team has an effective way to attack enemy base phoenix right after getting Firegiant or Fury which is very far from the enemy base, use this mobility advantage when enemies expect their opponents left into the jungle for farm and they all have time to regroup or farm their own jungle. Horus can reach 2 of 3 phoenixes if he ulting from the jungle or from tier-2 tower of right and left lanes, and may reach all phoenixes if he ult from middle t2 tower. Ulting from tier-1 tower allows him to reach the phoenix of that lane

He flies straightforward to his landing spot ignoring jungle geometry that usually increases the distance gods should cover to get to an objective while walking on the ground, and that means Horus is the fastest way to move the whole team from that spot on the map to the enemy phoenix. Horus, his team, and enemies should know how far from important structures he can use To The Skies! to teleport him or his entire team to these structures and the enemy may want to ward these areas to prevent this tricky maneuver!
Deep base and Titan invasion area

Horus sends his spirit into the sky and fly over the massive and gorgeous walls that defending titan and palace from invaders, but not able to stop Falcon god from achieving his goal

This picture shows the area Horus may cover to attack Titan (backdoor) and damage it upon landing (golden area) and the more safe and distant take-off area that he can use to just teleport himself or his team to titan zone (green area) which may be more sneaky and safe because Horus can start his fly deeply from the jungle and further away from enemy base walls. overall Horus may backdoor from speed buff or zone of destroyed tier 2 tower.

Using jungle as a starting point is a more safe and sneaky way because harder to be spotted unlike launching directly from the lane that very visible, but if Horus or the team are spotted in the jungle, they all got trouble, taken by surprise, surrounded by the jungle, having one their mate focused on controlling his spirit in the sky to teleport team and not able to fight and even defend himself. In that situation, it crucial is to stay close to Rightful Heir and protect Prince because his ultimate may save the team taking away everyone from this place, and even bring to victory even if allies lost some health defending their Feathered Savior because the enemy will need some time to recall back to the fountain, a very crucial time. Otherwise spread out may put all in situation 4v5 without support (if Horus fill that role) or Horus may teleport himself solo to an enemy base and even die there if he didn't notice that gank or had no time to change his landing spot to a more safe area.
Ward this zone to prepare to Horus backdoor and always be ready for unexpected Horus, ward some area around to know who may find Horus charging his sneaky maneuver!

Map objectives

Fire giant, Fury and buffs coverage area
Horus gets wind and flies in his spirit form when his enemies at gold fury, fire giant, or else. Avoiding jungle geometry and reaches the destination much faster Horus selects his target very carefully, like a falcon tracking his prey, choosing to land at the enemy team to steal an objective, defend it, or while his teammates were near to him he teleports everyone to immediately cleans up the enemy team and secure the objective.

This picture demonstrates Horus coverage area for Fire giant and Fury. The golden area shows whence Horus can ult to damage Fire giant or Fury upon landing to Objective steal for example! The green area — whence he can take off to land close to Objective in their camp zone.

Overall Horus ultimate allows him to jump into these zones even from tier-2 towers of lanes closest to objective or even from speed buff. If Golden armored God needs to steal them he must go deeply into the jungle but he still can teleport himself from tier-2 towers except for the middle tier-2 tower. These areas also demonstrate whither he can teleport himself or his team to save them from the enemy team trying to gank allies of Falcon God weakened by fighting Firegiant, which will face jungle labyrinth if they gonna chase them!

This picture depicted buff coverage areas that may be useful to steal them, defend from enemy jungler, or to understand where Horus can run away after stealing buff. This also shows the area Horus may cover in ult from that places at the map, which also may be useful.

Lanes and Towers

Lanes and towers coverage area
Horus using his spirit able to jump between towers and cover very big areas much faster than other gods, which allows him to defend or attack towers more effectively and as an enemy may not expect!

What does this image show? The golden area is a zone Horus may cover if he starts from close proximity to the tower. The green area where he will be able to land if he flies from the tower area border in the direction he needs to fly. At the same time, it works opposite and Rightful Heir may use this to choose a place where he needs to start ulting to be able to reach any tower to help an ally, for example! These areas have different shapes because of map and lane geometry.

Overall Horus can not reach another lane tier-1 tower if he is also at tier-1 tower, but lanes becoming closer to each other in the area of tier-2 towers allows Horus to jump between lanes as well as he can jump from tier-1 tower to tier-2 tower of the same lane!

Horus ultimate can provide extra tactics for his team during getting different objectives such as towers.

The Horus team can do two things at the same time, which it usually can’t. Namely destroying the tower and moving to the next objective at the same time. Horus can be some kind of time machine, that takes two different timelines: one is when his team is still in the process of destroying the objective, second, is where the team has destroyed it and moving to the next one at their own; and by flying to the next objective during the time his team needs to destroy first he can merge these timelines into one where his team is moving to the next objective while they are still standing at first and yet not destroy it. Time machine? Even though it is just a teleport, it allows Horus’ team to win the time, in order to get a strategic advantage over an enemy team that doesn't have the ability to skip time that way, and for a more guaranteed chance of getting the next objective.

- Fire giant and Fury secure. After Destroying the tower the team can decide to instantly start attacking the big neutral objectives on the map, and Bird’s ult, with its ability to skip the path from tower to them, might bring the biggest advantage and 100% chance for free FG or Furry. For example, if the entire enemy team had regrouped under the next tower or phoenix expecting your team to attack them, but instead Horus teleports his team to FG the enemy team would simply have no time to get there as fast to defend it.

- Same to FG and Furry, Horus can use his mobility to teleport his entire team to the different lane's tower or phoenix, instead of pushing forward objectives of the current lane that the enemy would likely defend, but would not have time to regroup to defend other sides. That very good tactic on sieging phoenixes since these seconds of safety that the enemy team would need to get to another lane may be enough for Horus’ team to DPS phoenix and retreat. The result of that is getting two objectives for the cost of one.

More default strategy is to keep sieging the actual lane by teleporting the entire team to the next one after destroying one objective. That is less tricky but still can win sometimes.

Another default but very important strategy is escaping during objectives. Horus may prepare exit points for his team during risky objectives and if everything is about to collapse. That exit point allows the Heir’ team to be sure they will be able to get that objective because they can stay there for a little longer, instead of trying to escape earlier in order to save their own lives. They can keep attacking the objective even if they will lose 90% of their health, knowing that after finishing the objective Horus will likely instantly take them all out very far without having to run away on their own.
Horus is an extremely mobile god. Under his protective wings is a much wider area than the lane itself he being on. Concentrating he sends his copy in the sky and gazes very far around an area to find where his help is needed!

This shows Lane coverage area which may be helpful in understanding how far Horus can fly from the lane and how far from the lane Horus may start to ult if he needs to reach the lane much faster than if running through the jungle and avoiding obstacles.

Combos and advanced movement

Horus has unique and uncommon mobility via his abilities, inaccessible to many gods. Use it to fly around map like a bird, not only for offense or defense. Leap from ally to ally, slide and move where you are not expected, make them think that you are far away, and hit. Here you can find some examples of master level mobility and complex movement chains combo, besides usual attack combo.

Press pluses to see gif
The basis of all combos. Sometimes it is deadly for you to use a full combo. Use it when: your team is not helping you; you are alone; there are a lot of enemies; a lot of CC. In one word, always when you have little time before the potential death of you. This would be just little extra annoying damage and not a problem with high CDR (you will able to repeat soon)

The main damage combo with two CC which are able to bring your target on the verge of death most likely with ally's help. Also, you can do extremely much damage with that combo (especialy with Hydra's Lament) and preventing enemy from dealing damage to you in return (Possible to kill squishy targets with one combo). The main difficulty is to reduce the time window between abilities, in which target may try to use escape or a response CC on you because no one wanted to be a punching bag
Extra version of this combo but with Hydra's Lament

Advanced combo in cases you are sure that allies will help you or you will not get into a dangerous situation and you can get out. Helpful to confuse the enemy at a distance from you and think he is safe if he didn't kill the minions. Same complexity with time window.

This is a same combo, but first you do Updraft. Because it faster, that using Fracture it may be more useful against group of enemy. Also this is more faster way to stop enemy, than using Fracture first after Protector's Surge and not let them move or escape

MLG combo
Use your ult in any of that combos only to get in a fight, not to get out. Drop yourself at their heads. Check map. Try to surprise them, attack when they think they are safe or have managed to escape, be a real diving falcon who always above his prey and always sees it. And remember: never expect you hit someone with Horus ultimate.

Some difficult tricks with your ult

Auto attack canceling and advanced combo using

So you want to be more effective as Horus, you think you know him enough... so I have one more Trick for him.
Auto Attack Cancel\Auto cancel etc trick pretty useful on many gods especially on Attack speed based, so how it can be helpful for Falcon headed god since he is an ability-based, and have only 2 offensive ability in his regular kit?

Step 1

How to apply it and differences in timings

First is need to know, that attack canceling working by fast activating skill after some millisecond after you made a basic attack to replace attack animation with ability animation, which wins some time as result. By itself is useless but it useful if performed before ability that gonna be used to free extra damage
Here are some examples of the timing difference of using a basic attack after Updraft with and without canceling. In Horus case, unskippable animation duration is 182-190 millisecond
Spoiler: Click to view

Step 2

Why Horus want canceling?

This may seem useless itself, but Rightful Heir has many combos available in his arsenal, (and many CC that makes enemies very vulnerable and helpless for a long time when Horus can play with new slaves before killing them 👀), and implementing a basic attack may be very useful especially with Hydra's Lament that already viable in Heir arsenal! The problem starts with Fracture - Updraft combo; the remaining available stun duration after Cleave part match with the initial phase of Updraft in gameplay reason to combine them both in CC-chain if the enemy has 0 CCR, but default Basick attack animation + initial animation of Updraft is longer. This is where Horus gives the enemy a chance to escape or use their own countermeasures if Heir has been using his basic inside the combo! Here is an example of using Auto-attack canceling in the combo. Not so big difference in timing
Spoiler: Click to view

Step 3

Results of using that

Using an auto-attack inside a combo allows to significantly increase the damage since Horus has a good scaling of basic attack damage, moreover, Hydra's Lament activating after every ability and increase damage from canceled basic attack as well as Gust after Updraft. There is an example below of how attack canceling allows defeating the Thor bot much faster than the regular use of auto-attack between skills. In the first case with canceling, the AI does not have time to gain immunity and got knocked up, providing increased damage Gust. In the second case, implemented basic attack have increased delay that allowed Thor to gain immunity, which causing Horus Gust deals less damage, Thor also got a chance to apply his own CC on Falcon god. Not using basic attack is lowering combo damage in general!
Spoiler: Click to view

This is very hard to perform, and useless against an enemy with CCR but, you will learn how to use combo and put auto-attack inside very quickly at least. Not all people are fast as heck, boi (+ping)

Of-topic facts

I think it more interesting for someone to play Horus knowing some amusing facts, lore, and story behind him.

Spoiler: Click to view

Special interaction with Set (bonus chapter)

Being two sides of the same coin, two aspects of something one, the personification of eternal confrontation, at the same time being the closest ones to each other, they know all the strength and weaknesses, all the innermost secrets like no one else. They are so far from each other following different goals and using different methods, but they are such close as intimate lovers, showing secret affection like two essences of the same force like two opposites attracting.

Set is an irrepressible source of rage which is like a sandstorm following him on his way to the throne, anger that he does not hide and ready to use at any moment, unlike his nephew. At the same time, he is shrewd, restrained, cold-blooded, and cunning when it comes to reining in Horus. But sometimes even kind and loving towards not only as someone his life is connected with but also as to his own blood represented by his nephew for whom he replaced father practically, being in Horus life from his childhood in the form of a prophecy and vendetta to which the boy was prepared since birth.

Horus, on the other hand, is always restrained, far-seeing, and shrewd, striving to demonstrate himself as a worthy and perfect leader when it comes to lead his people or army to victory. But next to Set, an uncontrollable desire for revenge and an intensified sense of justice grows inside of him like the primordial force of a hurricane, wind gust, he suppresses, unlike Set. Next to Set, being vulnerable to emotions that he tries to hide under the guise of a worthy heir and unwillingness to accept his inner desire for his uncle, Horus can commit stupid, rash, unworthy to ruler deeds, like a young chick.

Both of them must hide their true feelings to each other due to the circumstances of life: Horus denies the attraction due to duty of revenge he owes to the elder gods, a confrontation with an uncle, which he did not choose and to which Set, suppressing his feelings, forced to go because of his desire to make Egypt better and stronger.

They are opposite and one.

This dualism, their dialectical struggle of opposites, similarities, and simultaneous differences are reflected in their gameplay.

In game they different - support and assassins, two completely opposite sides. But both very team-dependent that makes them similar.
And in the game, they can finally refuse their eternal struggle, which brings pain to both of them, in the game they can be together, can work and fight alongside forming Synergy, the very ONE force, only a part of which they represent separately

Horus and Set can jump into battle together using their movement abilities. Horus always together with his uncle to protect him, tank damage when Set trying to deal with enemy as fast as he can with nephew help!
Horus' Protector's Surge can be applied before Set' Sandstorm at spawn and Horus will fly after his uncle despite that Set's leap counts as teleport. That allows Heir to be with Set anywhere he goes to fight alongside him, to support him, give extra protection, and tank some hits instead of his donkey uncle. An important feature of it is that Set doesn't need to wait while Horus comes up enough because Falcon god can leap at Set being 70 units away from him and without coming closer and still leap at the same point after Set performed his own teleport. This is causing 70 units to leap into 140 units fly which is extremely a lot and helpful to chasing an enemy when every time is crucial (but needs high cooperation)! This is still can be used as default and Horus can leap after set used his teleport because this tactic still gives to team an assassin who has his personal protector always nearby and ready to jump in with him to interact and combine their potential. Very mobile tank alongside very mobile assassin is very strong, making Set much more dangerous.

Horus and Set both has something to slow their enemies and they could synergise it!
Horus' gust Updraft and Set' Skewer 25% slows together causing the enemy to slow for the whole 50% and become easy prey for this duo. Duration of these effects is almost the same that makes it fit well and this also may be stacked with Frostbound Hammer viable for Set. One trick is also increasing their potential of fighting alongside, slowing may also help Horus to catch up the target to use his own cc chain because Set have no strong CC at his own so teleporting after enemy may not always be a deadly for his target, even if he used his Skewer to slow it, but Horus, leaped with his uncle could use this slow from Set (or even burn his Updraft to slow enemy to update slow debuff or after enemy used beeds) to get close up to 35 units where Horus could use his Fracture to finally stop an enemy and set-up it for Set unleashing his rage. So that way this interaction may be used very well with their mobility trick (described before) if they need to chase an enemy, making them extremely dangerous and effective together.[/colums]

Horus some way mentioned to be a combat healer and no one said he can not use his healing to help Set in his fights. Horus healing combined with Set innate healing while ultimate, makes angry donkey even more resilient
With Horus' Protector's Surge protection buff, healing, an optional items aura, and Set' Sandstorm physical damage reduction Set gets huge defense while ulting along with self healing. Horus set-up and CC potential gives to Set some time of more safe damage when he dives against enemies caught in deadly Horus CC chain, when 3 sec of Horus' Fracture flat protection cut-of making him effective against both squishies and frontlaners even if he builds mostly % pen items

Horus can always perform extra way for Set and him to escape from the fight, using his To The Skies! to take them out of this.
When Set' Sandstorm at cooldown Horus may offer to his uncle a second way to escape trough To The Skies!. Since Set Kingslayer lasts for 12 seconds Horus can use this time to help his uncle by rotating his own whole kit from healing, cc chain, and setup potential to channeling his ultimate to get away together. Because Set going to be a more dangerous target for an enemy during his Kingslayer and enemies will probably prefer to focus Set Horus may not be afraid to be killed during channeling his ultimate When Set' Sandstorm at cooldown Horus may offer to his uncle a second way to escape through To The Skies!. Since Set Kingslayer lasts for 12 seconds Horus can use this time to help his uncle by rotating his own whole kit from healing, cc chain, and setup potential to channeling his ultimate to get away together. Because Set going to be a more dangerous target for an enemy during his Kingslayer and enemies will probably prefer to focus Set Horus may not be afraid to be killed during channeling his ultimate

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An4rchy | September 25, 2021 7:59am
a little complicated but works
Farthus (5) | March 24, 2021 11:57am
heart seeker in Build 2 seems a bit out of place. Horus does have very long cooldowns and does not make good use out of this item at all. Besides that, you need high amounts of power for it to make any real impact which is not the case for that build.
Falcrus (2) | March 24, 2021 1:28pm
Heartseeker is a pen item for ability-based gods, no matter of cooldown, since in gives % of enemy health same to Qin's Sais or Soul Reaver. That build is some kind of bruiser and has more than 200 of physical power so I think it's okay. Maybe Titan's Bane better but not for Horus combo, unfortunately, bust Fracture penetretion not best
Farthus (5) | March 26, 2021 12:51pm
Cooldowns do matter , horus has very high base cooldowns so that already makes the item less viable. Also horus only has 2 damage abilities outside of the ultimate which also reduces the value of this item (fewer times the item can proc). On top of that horus does have very little range on the actual abilities that proc this item so thats even more reason to not build this item on him. You can easily miss the first part of his first abilitiy.

Not to mention this item has been nerfed quite alot and now only deals a mere 5% health damage at 400 power which this build does not have. You would be much better off by getting Sundering Axe, because this item procs even on the ranged part of his first ability and steals 10% Max hp + all the other benefit that the item gives.
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Mother Bear | February 16, 2021 2:54pm
Very detailed. Help me out a lot
Falcrus (2) | February 28, 2021 3:00am
Thank you!~
CastleHaze00 | December 30, 2020 11:51am
So do you have an ability build for Horus? I'm used to seeing an ability build for the gods and I wasnt able to find one. Unless I just didnt scroll far enough lol.
Falcrus (2) | December 30, 2020 11:56am
What do you mean?
Farthus (5) | December 1, 2020 12:40pm
Never EVER build Pridwen on Horus! It has a weird interaction with the shield he gets from his ultimate and basically, the two shields cancel each other out.
Falcrus (2) | December 2, 2020 8:38am
ye, I know, passive just not works on Horus ult, I put it there only for his 20% CDR and both type of protection. They must fix their fix for pridwen and horus.
Farthus (5) | December 4, 2020 12:45pm
Not only does the passive not work, it also removes the acual shield horus gets through his own ult as well. So if your reasoning is CDR and protections there is better options out there for him.
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Horus Gaming | November 20, 2020 11:24am
Have you ever gotten a kill with ult? It's so satisfying!
Falcrus (2) | November 21, 2020 5:30am
Yes, sometimes and only squishy who tried to escape. Lack of damage with ult and hard to aim :D
Hartholz | November 19, 2020 12:01pm
Nice Build, Nice Dude
Falcrus (2) | November 19, 2020 12:06pm
Thanks ^^ you so kind!
Big Damage (34) | October 13, 2020 11:42am
Hello! I see that this is your first guide on this site so just along with this welcome I'm just letting you know that this is all meant to be constructive criticism and honestly your guide isn't even bad, these are just my thoughts on a few things as I went through it all.

I am confused with the explanation of your main build summary. How does Brawler's Beat Stick provide more damage than Heartseeker; where does this 3% damage reduction come in? Also how does the attack speed from The Crusher affect your 'windgust' as it is only a single auto, not several like your auto attacks?

Jotunn's Wrath is not a good mid to late game option. Similar to Breastplate of Valor it's for early pressure and even worse than BoV it's more common for users to sell this item just because of how lackluster it is after 15 minutes, whereas BoV can have optimal use throughout a game.

The builds for vs physical and magical are the wrong way around, you wouldn't be building BoV into more magical damage and you wouldn't be building Genji's Guard into more physical.

In your introduction you mention that he isn't the best at anything but he is average at everything. I would disagree, I would say his early game support damage and set up is one of the best in the game, definitely the best taking into account how much easier his CC chain is to hit compared to Hercules; otherwise Herc takes that spot.

You mention here after the title, main builds and the bottom of your introduction which game mode these builds are for (Arena). I would change this to be near the top or even in the title so people finding this guide can see clearly immediately what they are building Horus for, instead of someone who wants to build him for Conquest reading through and finding near the bottom.

I really like the style and layout of the "defensive build mixer" but here I am confused. As a user trying to find Horus builds I would be asking, what were the main builds for as opposed to this? Why aren't these other builds with the main builds I saw earlier and separated half way down the page? Also I would not recommend picking up Mail of Renewal, overall meh stats and passive for it's price and I can see the passive use in Arena coming into play however there are much better options on Horus.

In the "Supportive Build Mixer" some questions I would be asking are; Why Shogun's Kusari in a build with more magical protections rather than Genji's which as 10 more prots and 150 more health? Why Mail of Renewal over Caduceus Shield as well in magical protection build even though it provides less magical protections? What is the build with Relic Dagger for?

Just a small typo but for the Breastplate of Valor item choice explanation you should write that it increases your mana pool and provides a small amount of MP5 instead of HP5.

The thing with Heartseeker is that it doesn't decrease your total damage over the next 3 seconds, but just the bonus from the passive. For example you deal 250(100%) damage plus 20(100%) bonus damage with Fracture, then you attack with Updraft which deals 200(100%) damage plus 5(75% less) bonus damage. HS is still a great item on any physical ability based god.

Being brutally honest the abilities description is very off the mark with Resolute and To The Skies! The easily stacked protections and CCR helps with Horus' early aggression which is so prevalent in his kit. Getting an extra 15 protections for free before you get any items is more useful than you think, the heal is good for disengaging and reengaging too; being able to dive in stack it up and get back out so it heals and keep repeating isn't exactly powerful but it's handy.
To the skies I can understand not being that great in Arena, however to write it off as "one of the worst ultimates if..." in the first sentence isn't really doing it justice.

In the combos you accidentally missed the image for Updraft in the first combo.

Overall reading for Arena there isn't anything inherently bad with this guide. There are a few tid bits that need to be fixed when you get a moment but a great effort has been put into this from your personal experience. My main thing that I think you should focus on is clarity; try and put yourself in the readers shoes while you're writing the build perhaps. I can tell (as you mentioned) that English isn't your strong suite which is fine, I'm impressed even at how well you have done. Thanks for the guide I'd love to see if you come along further with this guide or expand on more guides in the future!
Falcrus (2) | October 14, 2020 10:05am
Hello and thank you.

- This is very odd, I made a lot of texts before with that basic build, and each time Brawler's Beat Stick deal 92 more damage that version with Heartseeker. Until now, I made a new test, and Heartseeker made 60 more damage. Strange, but Brawler's Beat Stick still okay if you need anti heal instead of Contagion (its is good as early anti heal if swap with Breastplate of Valor, but then need to use Jotunn's Wrath

- Jotunn's Wrath because build need CDR, and this is pretty well. Same to Brawler's Beat Stick, you could swap it with Mantle of Discord but the problem with 30% cdr and you will need to take Arondight instead of possible Heartseeker and lose extra damage from it (what I just checked). (But yes, you will get more magical protection with that). You can remove The Sledge but then you need to rebuild all, because you will need to Spirit Robe instead of it, then you will need to use Jotunn's Wrath or [[Arondight but you will have less physical protection. It's all about balance Anyway, all those robes made you tanky in some cases and I still plan to add more about balanced build here.

- Yes, I messed that names of builds but I not able to fix that - I do not see my guide

- Not agree, he exactly AVG, his early support damage? There is whole support class (guardians) and they able to deal tonnes of damage and be tanky. Horus - can't. His CC is neat, besides the fact that it is very easy to interrupt and much more risky

- I do not know how to put it higher. I wanted to make a name in an upright corner but it did not work

- Because first build only for them who not want to read anything more. There should be only one balanced build but not for now.

- Mail of Renewal because of CDR and healing, let you not exit from a fight. What can you offer instead of it?

- Shogun's Kusari using with Genji. sense of that build is that you sell The Sledge and Mantle of Discord and buy Runic Shield and Spirit Robe. In summary, you have the same Magical protection, same CCR but you reduce enemy magical defence. (but you pay with 30 physical protection)
Mail of Renewal just alternative, use caduceus if you want. You can combine items as you want, you just need only to not forget about CDR and that list is just items that can be used for sure.
I need to rework that section to make it more understandable. Relic Dagger if you want to support more and +10% CDR



- It seems you forgot, that to activate his passive he must gain damage. Whats a point of 15 protections if you need to be damaged 10 times before and you will gain full damage first, after 5 hits you will get 7.5 protection (how much it mitigate?) and how many damages you will get before? This extra useful only if you already have good protection. Healing is just extra, not cool enough to consider it a plus, because you pay too much for it. Just bonus which will let you stand against one basic attack. It does even not help you against very annoying Nu Wa ult.
CCR is good only if you already have some (20%) and again, you still need to be damaged before, but CC not cares about it, they just stop you and damage. Ofc with each damage on you you will free yourself faster but still (It would be really cool if you could over cap it to 55% CDR, like set ult allow you to increase his damage with Silverbranch Bow and his ultimate (Also, set able to activate passive very fast with his 3 on enemies or minions, so you will go to take damage from minions on horus?) As I said in a guide - those passives useful only in a long fight when fully charged.
To The Skies! - yes, if ultimate working only if some specific situations - it's bad, if you still pay full price for it outside these situations - much worse. In most cases, you will not able to use his ult properly, so you will use it as possible and will pay for it like if you going to teleport the whole team and bring victory, no, you just going to move yourself, few damage, very hard to aim, stupid charging, hard to use as escape, possible to die. As a result, you just use it as teleportation of yourself somewhere with 100 sec cooldown. (Ra have 1000+damage with 90 sec CD and i not think is harder to hit someone than with horus ult). You paying for an opportunity that you will never use

- no, I did not. This is full combo, like fenrir Brutalize+ Unchained or Bastet Pounce. Sometimes using full combo is deadly for you(imagine if his 15% cdr was permanent, but no). + they will able to stop you in flight with your Protector's Surge, you just shouldn't give them time, dive and out

- thanks, of course, I will fix and expand when I will able to edit
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