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Horus - the king of Egypt

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New Guide

Smite God: Horus

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Summary Notes Brawler's Beat Stick allow you to deal more damage unlike to Heartseeker 3% reduction of your damage since it ruins our combo with extra damage from Hydra's Lament

You can swap Brawler's Beat Stick with The Crusher if you want to get a little more damage (around 40) and get a little more Attack speed to damage with Horus wings

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item The Sledge The Sledge
Build Item Genji's Guard Genji's Guard
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick

Against mostly magical team Notes You can swap Brawler's Beat Stick with The Crusher if you want to get a little more damage (around 40) and get a little more Attack speed to damage with your wings

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item The Sledge The Sledge
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick

Against mostly physical team Notes You can swap Brawler's Beat Stick with The Crusher if you want to get a little more damage (around 40) and get a little more Attack speed to damage with your wings

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Genji's Guard Genji's Guard
Build Item The Sledge The Sledge
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick

10 less protection, little more damage Notes Swap Shifter's Shield with Berserker's Shield if you want to hit faster, but damage will same to build with Breastplate of Valor

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Gladiator's Shield Gladiator's Shield
Build Item The Sledge The Sledge
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield


sorry in advance for the bad english
𓅃 Horus 𓅃 is Ability based mele god of sky, freedom, day\night cycle, life, pharaohs, royalty, and all Egyptian gods (There are a lot of titles, right?) who lead his army forward to victory, thanks to the wise and noble leadership, who used his combo to hold enemies, not letting them leave, making them easy prey for allies. And this is reflected in his gameplay - at first, it may seem that his contribution to victory is minimal, by bare numbers, but if you look deeper, he creates many situations, which lets allies move the team to victory.
Unlike Guardians, Horus are Warrior, he has only two damage skills, no any AOE, and able to attack only one target (mostly). Because of that he not able to live such long as guardians and deal damage while he is fighting in junk, forced to leave the fight so as not to die while his abilities are on cooldown. This is not to say that there is something he good in: he not best in damage, not best in tanking, not best in healing, not best in support BUT he average in all of it. His impact on combat can be summed up in the word "additional", it means that during the whole battle he deal some additional damage to the whole of your team's damage, some additional healing (sometimes the only one), some additional supporting, some additional tanking. This reflects his essence - support for the avant-garde, be always ahead and ready to help, but not too deep on the enemy side.
Of course, you can get a lot of protection, but this will only be useful in rare situations, and being surrounded by enemies is a big problem for him since he is not a guardian and can attack only one. It means that his build should be focused on Cooldown Reduction to let him use abilities as often as possible to help as much as possible and be able to go back in fight sooner

Let you balance between some survivability and damage dealing on enemies you caught in your Crowd Control.

These builds are designed for arena play mainly, but maybe some of them can be useful in other modes as well.

Defencive build Mixer

This is a list of items that I suggest you mix to achieve some result and keep CDR. The order of items is indicated conditionally, except for the first two
Depending on the enemy team prevailing damage type, you need to choose between Breastplate of Valor and Genji's Guard at the beginning

More balanced protection      
More physycal protection      
Much more physycal protection      
If you have problems with crit enemies          
More magical protection  
Much more magical protection      

You cans swap Spirit Robe and Mantle of Discord to get more protection or CCR
Mail of Renewal is a good item to keep you with full health (only if you have results of your tanking)
Spectral Armor will save you if someone starting to be very annoying focusing you with low skill critical attack
Void Shield you can use any other physical protection item instead of this because most of them have an aura which depends on the current situation

Supportive build Mixer

If you want to help the team not only with your abilities this a list of items that I suggest you mix to achieve some result and keepCDR. The order of items is indicated conditionally, except for the first two
Depending on the enemy team's prevailing damage type, you need to choose between Breastplate of Valor and Genji's Guard at the beginning. You can add these items to other builds if the situation requires it

More magical protection      
Do not forget antiheal                  
More physical     any supportive item   any supportive item  

For antiheal you can use Pestilence or Brawler's Beat Stick


Although Horus is an ability based god, his first ability allows him to use this item to increase damage and stack it with the default Updraft basic attack damage multiplier and not feel deprived with damage abilities
Quite cheap physical protection, giving 20% of CDR and early HP5
Since the goal is to reduce cooldown and increase survivability, this item is a must thanks to it passive. Not wear it if enemies have low magical damage.
Very useful item for Horus which allows him to heal a little more. Use it when you already have full CDR and not know what to buy next or you can't choose between defensive ore offensive opinions.
The next main thing. Get our birb extra 30\30 protection and some CCR which will stack with Horus passive Resolute. (Will helps him in long fight) and add us a bit power, good to use.
This item increases damage quite well, coupled with a passive reduction of enemy healing. As a result, the item is effective in itself, and if there is a need to use the anti-heal, this stuff becomes a panacea
According to the description, this item could be very useful (and some guides recommend this) but, according to my experiments, in Horus arsenal, it has no effect on his Updraft and affects only on the second part of Fracture, this item does not create an aura for allies, therefore I would not use this.
Despite the increased damage of the first skill, and the temptation of a large bonus to physical power, this item reduces the damage of all subsequent ones for a 3s, therefore it puts Horus in a certain frame, forcing them to use combos in a certain order and make pauses. But these 3 seconds are extremely important and can be fatal


Depending on your game style you must use different items

AS a base play style. Swap Magic Shell with Belt of Frenzy if you needed.
Swap Purification Beads with Aegis Amulet if against Thanatos or Achilles or other god with execution
If you playing with low protection then use this two


Pretty useless passive which let us get a little bit of healing which completely useless with aggressive gameplay. A little defense which useful when we fight longer, and a little CCR wich still pretty bad with engaging but helpful with longer fights
Our main damage ability consisting of two parts first - throw all enemies around in the air and second - attack them with a morphed basic attack which gets extra damage. Сan be interrupted by the enemy.
The second damage ability which let us engage in a fight, catch targets, and make them easy to kill. Also can be used to leave when everything is crumbling. Important. This ability has cast time in which you can be interrupted, by enemy CC, and ability will be counted as used.
Our escape ability with some extra healing (can be pretty useful at a late game). can only be applied to allies or allied minions, as well as minions of allied gods like Vulcan's Inferno Cannon or Kuzenbo's Nene Kappa so keep it in mind, because you can use it to move in some extra ways. (wish it would be possible with wards). Сan be interrupted by the enemy even in flight.
One of the worst ultimates if no one knows how it works (and most don't know and don't listen to you) and able to flip the whole match with teamwork. Since second is pretty rare in solo you get almost nothing in return for the price you pay for using this ability: cooldown time, inability to cancel, damage vulnerability (including execution), unstable damage, long charge. All of it makes our ult extremely hard to use effectively. One thing is that Horus is immune to CC so it would help him to avoid some dangerous ult, like Ares


The basis of all combos. Use it when: your team is not helping you; you are alone; there is a lot of enemies; a lot of CC. In a word, always when you have little time before the potential death of you. This would be just little extra annoying damage and not a problem with high CDR (you will able to repeat soon)
The main damage combo with two CC which able to bring your target on the verge of death most likely with ally's help. Also, you can make extremely lot of damage with that combo despite the fact that the enemy can't hurt you (Possible to kill squishy targets with one combo). The main difficulty is to reduce the time window between abilities, in which the target will try to use escape or a response CC on you because no one wanted to be a punching bag

extra version of this combo but with Hydra's Lament

Extreme combo in cases you sure that allies will help you or you will not get into a dangerous situation and you can get out. Helpful to confuse enemy at a distance from you and think he is safe if he didn't kill the minions. Same complexity with time window.
The same combo but against a group of enemies, let you deal much of damage to all of them, stop them at 1 second and slow down, bring panic and force them to use their escape. Then you will able to stop one of them with your Fracture and possibly kill with help of allies.
MLG combo

Use your ult in any of that combos only to get in fight, not to get out.

Some difficult tricks with your ult

Suicidal build

This build is about maximum damage, very risky and dangerous, but stil maximal CDR (or almost)
If you cant morph Transcendence  
extremely suicidal
If you cant morph Transcendence  
You are not afraid of death when Osiris is your father and Anubis is your brother

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Big damage (17) | October 13, 2020 11:42am
Hello! I see that this is your first guide on this site so just along with this welcome I'm just letting you know that this is all meant to be constructive criticism and honestly your guide isn't even bad, these are just my thoughts on a few things as I went through it all.

I am confused with the explanation of your main build summary. How does Brawler's Beat Stick provide more damage than Heartseeker; where does this 3% damage reduction come in? Also how does the attack speed from The Crusher affect your 'windgust' as it is only a single auto, not several like your auto attacks?

Jotunn's Wrath is not a good mid to late game option. Similar to Breastplate of Valor it's for early pressure and even worse than BoV it's more common for users to sell this item just because of how lackluster it is after 15 minutes, whereas BoV can have optimal use throughout a game.

The builds for vs physical and magical are the wrong way around, you wouldn't be building BoV into more magical damage and you wouldn't be building Genji's Guard into more physical.

In your introduction you mention that he isn't the best at anything but he is average at everything. I would disagree, I would say his early game support damage and set up is one of the best in the game, definitely the best taking into account how much easier his CC chain is to hit compared to Hercules; otherwise Herc takes that spot.

You mention here after the title, main builds and the bottom of your introduction which game mode these builds are for (Arena). I would change this to be near the top or even in the title so people finding this guide can see clearly immediately what they are building Horus for, instead of someone who wants to build him for Conquest reading through and finding near the bottom.

I really like the style and layout of the "defensive build mixer" but here I am confused. As a user trying to find Horus builds I would be asking, what were the main builds for as opposed to this? Why aren't these other builds with the main builds I saw earlier and separated half way down the page? Also I would not recommend picking up Mail of Renewal, overall meh stats and passive for it's price and I can see the passive use in Arena coming into play however there are much better options on Horus.

In the "Supportive Build Mixer" some questions I would be asking are; Why Shogun's Kusari in a build with more magical protections rather than Genji's which as 10 more prots and 150 more health? Why Mail of Renewal over Caduceus Shield as well in magical protection build even though it provides less magical protections? What is the build with Relic Dagger for?

Just a small typo but for the Breastplate of Valor item choice explanation you should write that it increases your mana pool and provides a small amount of MP5 instead of HP5.

The thing with Heartseeker is that it doesn't decrease your total damage over the next 3 seconds, but just the bonus from the passive. For example you deal 250(100%) damage plus 20(100%) bonus damage with Fracture, then you attack with Updraft which deals 200(100%) damage plus 5(75% less) bonus damage. HS is still a great item on any physical ability based god.

Being brutally honest the abilities description is very off the mark with Resolute and To The Skies! The easily stacked protections and CCR helps with Horus' early aggression which is so prevalent in his kit. Getting an extra 15 protections for free before you get any items is more useful than you think, the heal is good for disengaging and reengaging too; being able to dive in stack it up and get back out so it heals and keep repeating isn't exactly powerful but it's handy.
To the skies I can understand not being that great in Arena, however to write it off as "one of the worst ultimates if..." in the first sentence isn't really doing it justice.

In the combos you accidentally missed the image for Updraft in the first combo.

Overall reading for Arena there isn't anything inherently bad with this guide. There are a few tid bits that need to be fixed when you get a moment but a great effort has been put into this from your personal experience. My main thing that I think you should focus on is clarity; try and put yourself in the readers shoes while you're writing the build perhaps. I can tell (as you mentioned) that English isn't your strong suite which is fine, I'm impressed even at how well you have done. Thanks for the guide I'd love to see if you come along further with this guide or expand on more guides in the future!
Falcrus | October 14, 2020 10:05am
Hello and thank you.

- This is very odd, I made a lot of texts before with that basic build, and each time Brawler's Beat Stick deal 92 more damage that version with Heartseeker. Until now, I made a new test, and Heartseeker made 60 more damage. Strange, but Brawler's Beat Stick still okay if you need anti heal instead of Contagion (its is good as early anti heal if swap with Breastplate of Valor, but then need to use Jotunn's Wrath

- Jotunn's Wrath because build need CDR, and this is pretty well. Same to Brawler's Beat Stick, you could swap it with Mantle of Discord but the problem with 30% cdr and you will need to take Arondight instead of possible Heartseeker and lose extra damage from it (what I just checked). (But yes, you will get more magical protection with that). You can remove The Sledge but then you need to rebuild all, because you will need to Spirit Robe instead of it, then you will need to use Jotunn's Wrath or [[Arondight but you will have less physical protection. It's all about balance Anyway, all those robes made you tanky in some cases and I still plan to add more about balanced build here.

- Yes, I messed that names of builds but I not able to fix that - I do not see my guide

- Not agree, he exactly AVG, his early support damage? There is whole support class (guardians) and they able to deal tonnes of damage and be tanky. Horus - can't. His CC is neat, besides the fact that it is very easy to interrupt and much more risky

- I do not know how to put it higher. I wanted to make a name in an upright corner but it did not work

- Because first build only for them who not want to read anything more. There should be only one balanced build but not for now.

- Mail of Renewal because of CDR and healing, let you not exit from a fight. What can you offer instead of it?

- Shogun's Kusari using with Genji. sense of that build is that you sell The Sledge and Mantle of Discord and buy Runic Shield and Spirit Robe. In summary, you have the same Magical protection, same CCR but you reduce enemy magical defence. (but you pay with 30 physical protection)
Mail of Renewal just alternative, use caduceus if you want. You can combine items as you want, you just need only to not forget about CDR and that list is just items that can be used for sure.
I need to rework that section to make it more understandable. Relic Dagger if you want to support more and +10% CDR



- It seems you forgot, that to activate his passive he must gain damage. Whats a point of 15 protections if you need to be damaged 10 times before and you will gain full damage first, after 5 hits you will get 7.5 protection (how much it mitigate?) and how many damages you will get before? This extra useful only if you already have good protection. Healing is just extra, not cool enough to consider it a plus, because you pay too much for it. Just bonus which will let you stand against one basic attack. It does even not help you against very annoying Nu Wa ult.
CCR is good only if you already have some (20%) and again, you still need to be damaged before, but CC not cares about it, they just stop you and damage. Ofc with each damage on you you will free yourself faster but still (It would be really cool if you could over cap it to 55% CDR, like set ult allow you to increase his damage with Silverbranch Bow and his ultimate (Also, set able to activate passive very fast with his 3 on enemies or minions, so you will go to take damage from minions on horus?) As I said in a guide - those passives useful only in a long fight when fully charged.
To The Skies! - yes, if ultimate working only if some specific situations - it's bad, if you still pay full price for it outside these situations - much worse. In most cases, you will not able to use his ult properly, so you will use it as possible and will pay for it like if you going to teleport the whole team and bring victory, no, you just going to move yourself, few damage, very hard to aim, stupid charging, hard to use as escape, possible to die. As a result, you just use it as teleportation of yourself somewhere with 100 sec cooldown. (Ra have 1000+damage with 90 sec CD and i not think is harder to hit someone than with horus ult). You paying for an opportunity that you will never use

- no, I did not. This is full combo, like fenrir Brutalize+ Unchained or Bastet Pounce. Sometimes using full combo is deadly for you(imagine if his 15% cdr was permanent, but no). + they will able to stop you in flight with your Protector's Surge, you just shouldn't give them time, dive and out

- thanks, of course, I will fix and expand when I will able to edit
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