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Explosive Like a Supernova - Complete Sol Guide | Season 5 Guide (Patch 5.4)

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Smite God: Sol

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Purchase Order

Starter Build (Either Tiny Trinket or Uncommon Staff) + atleast 2 mana pots and 1 hp pot

Build Item Hunter's Blessing Hunter's Blessing
Build Item Tiny Trinket Tiny Trinket
Build Item Uncommon Staff Uncommon Staff
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Final Build Example

Build Item Soul Gem Soul Gem
Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Spear of Desolation Spear of Desolation
Build Item Book of the Dead Book of the Dead
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard

Alternate Final Build Example

Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff
Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Divine Ruin Divine Ruin
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard

Item #1 | Soul Gem (or If you want an even safer start go Warlock)

Build Item Soul Gem Soul Gem
Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff

Item #2 | Shoes of the Magi

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi

Item #3 | Book of Thoth if you went Soul Gem or Bancroft's Talon if you got Warlock's Stash

Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon

Item #4 | Spear of Desolation or [Divine Ruin if they got heals]

Build Item Spear of Desolation Spear of Desolation
Build Item Divine Ruin Divine Ruin

Item #5 | Optional (Choose what you want in this slot, maybe a defense, offense, or whatever you like)

Build Item Telkhines Ring Telkhines Ring
Build Item Hastened Ring Hastened Ring
Build Item Demonic Grip Demonic Grip
Build Item Book of the Dead Book of the Dead
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Soul Gem Soul Gem
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor

Item #6 | Obsidian Shard

Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard

Defensive Items for Physical

Build Item Dynasty Plate Helm Dynasty Plate Helm
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Hide of the Nemean Lion

Defensive Items for Magical

Build Item Genji's Guard Genji's Guard
Build Item Bulwark of Hope Bulwark of Hope
Build Item Stone of Fal Stone of Fal

Defensive Items for both Physical and Magical

Build Item Book of the Dead Book of the Dead
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Shield of Regrowth Shield of Regrowth

Situational Items

Build Item Divine Ruin Divine Ruin
Build Item Pestilence Pestilence
Build Item Winged Blade Winged Blade
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord

Sol's Skill Order



1 X
2 8 11 12 14
Stellar Burst

Stellar Burst

2 A
1 4 6 7 10


3 B
3 15 16 18 19


4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Hello friends, I am AstralScythe This is my first guide so I hope I cover everything in it, if not please comment and tell me if I missed something and just a quick disclaimer, although I main Sol and play her really well, I am NOT a pro, and all what is in this guide about how to play her is my experience and opinion, So you can basically do whatever you want, this is simply my opinion :D ,Also this took so much time to make so please make sure to vote it.

Non-Lore Sol Background

For Starter Sol, Goddess of the Sun, One of the hottest (Literally and Metaphorically) goddesses of smite, and comes on the top of tier lists of the sexiest gods of smite, not the no. top though cause Kumbhakarna is the top of the list atm.... or she can be Jessica Alba on Fire during Fantastic 4 Rise of The Silver Surfer.

Guide Overview

Sol is mage, with a really nice passive that makes her work as Mage as well as an ADC. In this guide, Ill discuss her pros and cons, her skills, her items and how to generally play her at both roles and how is she countered.The Abilities Section will cover tips and tricks for all the abilities, and how to use them to their max efficiency

Sol's Kit

Sol's Kit offers a bunch of utility, It contains attack speed, damage boost, an escape with cc and damage immunity, an area damage and a heal.

Sol Players (Beginners and Pros)

Other than her flexibility in roles, Sol is generally easy for beginners as well as very efficient in high levels of play; However, while any beginner will be able to play Sol decently, he/she might not be able to maximize her efficiency in terms of damage or play; However, I personally recommend Sol for beginners because she is one of the easiest gods of smite due to her kit, She has 1) Damage, 2) Heal, 3) Escape, and that is what most new players need as beginners.

Sol As a Solo Laner? (Why you shouldn't play her as Solo)

Sol can also fit as a Solo due to her survivability and her heal; However, I do not recommend this cause much of Solo laners are warriors aka frontliners who will be able to counter her by building a lot of health and magical defense, Sol's early game is not great especially against a warrior with decent starter protections, your team will probably need a Frontliner other than the Tank/Support, and generally it would be a terrible idea to have her as Solo especially that your team will probably have 2 or 3 other squishes which makes almost the entire team easily ganked, and destroyed very fast.

Sol as a Jungler? (Why you shouldn't play her as Jungler)

Notice : While sol can be played as Jungler because of her 1 and 2 for clear ,and her 3 would provide a lot of movement around the jungle and faster rotations; However , I would recommend not to cause she highly excels in Mage and ADC and using her as Jungler wouldn't be efficient for ganks or late-game fights. Ao Kuang or The Morrigan would fit more in role of the Jungler, since they can get in and out of the fights better than her and kill the key targets on the enemy team in team fights and ganks.

Pros / Cons

  • High Burst Damage mid-late game.
  • Role Flexibility (Can be ADC or Mage)
  • Easy and Efficient
  • Decent Cooldown
  • Good amount of Utility in her kit
  • Decent Poke (Since she can damage and escape obviously)
  • Safe Pick
  • Great Objective Control
  • Relies too much on Disapparate to escape.
  • Mana Hungry Early Game
  • Early game is not her best.
  • Hard to hit every single hit of her ult.

Abilities [Tips and Tricks Included]

Passive | Unstable Manifestation

Sol gains Heat as she uses abilities and hits with basic attacks. She gains +1% Magical Power and +1.2% Attack Speed for every 4% Heat. At 100% Heat, Sol's Basic Attacks gain +25% Damage. Heat decreases over time.

[*] Basic Attack: 5% Heat
[*] Grants 25% increased Magical Power and 30% bonus Attack Speed at 100% heat.

This passive is what makes Sol high damaging, and flexible, this is simply a really really great passive and the reason why is she is in great position in the meta aside the rest of her kit, due to the damage boost from the passive, her role as mage is good, and at the same time her role as ADC is even more efficient since she gets attack speed at max heat, this means that during a fight sol will definitely have more damage and attack speed, especially that all her abilities give heat as well.

1st Ability | Radiance

Sol burns bright, gaining a large amount of Heat, Healing herself over time, and igniting the ground around her. Enemies that walk onto the fire take damage over time.

[*] Damage: 30/50/70/90/110 (+25% of your magical power) every 1s
[*] Heal: 25% of missing Health over 5s
[*] Heat: 40/50/60/70/80%
[*] Cooldown: 13 seconds
[*] Ability Type: Ground Target
[*] Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana

This is basically your heal, it heals 25% of your missing hp, since the heal value is 25% and does not increase when you invest a skill point in Radiance, so I would recommend you level it up last, since the heal value will not increase, and you gain more advantage of you investing skill points in your escape, while it is not that much of heal (since the more hp you have the less you will heal of it), I personally think, it is decent and sufficient sustain. other than the heal, out of all of your abilities this is the fastest way to build heat up, In a team fight if you take damage and still survive you can simply use your escape get off the team fight, use Radiance, heal yourself a bit then go back into the fight.
you can also use this when someone is in melee range for example an assassin or a warrior or generally anyone who needs to stick to you, since this damages the enemy and heals you at the same time. Can be used to clear wave, but I wouldn't recommend you rely on it because it is dangerous and leave you exposed, rather use it to build stacks if you're ADC or sustain if you're a mage.

Please note that you will NOT heal from Radiance, if you are in Disapparate's Essence Form, you will only heal while disapparating and after essence form is done.

2nd Ability | Stellar Burst

Sol's next basic attack explodes, creating a shockwave that travels out, dealing damage. At full size, the wave retracts, dealing damage again and slowing enemies.

[*] Damage: 40/70/100/130/160 (+35% of your magical power) Per Hit (hits twice)
[*] Heat: 10%
[*] Slow: 15/20/25/30/35% for 1.5s
[*] Cooldown: 10 seconds
[*] Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana

This is your damaging ability, the ability has a decent range, and decent amount of damage since it hits twice, late game it does a lot of damage; however, there is an indicator that tells your enemy that you gonna use it and may maintain their range till you fire it or they simply try to dodge it, sol's hands are charged when you press the ability and you can't cancel the ability when you do so, you CAN cast other abilities and put wards; however, you CAN NOT basic attack, this can make you vulnerable a bit if the enemy gets in melee range and you don't have your Radiance or your Disapparate ready to use, and Stellar Burst in this case becomes harder to hit. my tips for this is try to aim at the side of the wave with Stellar Burst to hit both the archers and the melee minions early game so clearing the wave becomes much easier, also if you can hit both the minions and your opponent you will be poking your opponent and clearing wave at the same time, and since Stellar Burst charges your hand on use, that means you can use it in the fountain, so the mana regens instantly, and you have Stellar burst ready for the first wave, lastly an advice and a warning, the advice is trying to aim the line in Stellar Burst that appears when you charge it this will ensure that even if the enemy avoids the line the area will definitely hit him, the warning is more of a notice which is that gods who have dashes can only take half of the damage, for example, you hit Rama with Stellar Burst but as soon as it hits him he dashes out of it, he will take the first hit of damage but the 2nd hit won't hit him since he dashed out before it refracts and hit him.

3rd Ability | Disapparate

Sol burns down her manifestation, gaining movement speed and immunity to Slows while leaving a trail of fire behind her that damages enemies.
After 3s Sol loses corporeal form for a short time. Sol may leave her incorporeal form early.

[*] Damage: 20/40/60/80/100 (+25% of your magical power) every 0.5s
[*] Heat: 10%
[*] Movement Speed: 20/25/30/35/40%
[*] Cost: 60 mana
[*] Cooldown: 15 seconds

This is ability may seem simple as it gives you movement speed to escape; however, this is ability is really underestimated and is really one of the best abilities in my own opinion. Why? once you cast it, you become immune to slows and gain movement speed, exactly after 3 secs, you enter Essence Form and become invulnerable (equivalent to having Aegis Amulet); however, keep in mind you can't use your abilities or attacks when you are in the Essence form (you become floating small sun), you also gain cc immunity, so no stuns or roots or anything of that can affect you, equivalent of Purification Beads, and you can pass through player objects. Therefore, I recommend you max this ability 2nd Also in case the someone is heavily following you, for example, Arachne, she will take damage, as she steps on the flame trail that you leave before you enter Essence Form, this can work in your favor if you damage her enough as you escape and may end up in you getting a kill and it actually it happened that in a single conquest game i got about 3 kills using the damage from the trail as i was escaping; however, i wouldn't recommend that you rely on the trail for damage because most of situations your opponents will not be dumb enough to keep walking on the trail, it is merely situational, the only case that you can rely on the trail for damage or the stun at the end of it, is if you are running in circles around a target, for example, when Rama ults and no one of his team is around I rotated around his landing spot, as it is marked on the ground, and made him a nice circular trail for him to touch once he comes down :D, you can pretty much say he wasn't really happy about it, lol (this was one time troll situation XD when I and Hercules were waiting for him) *cough*.okay now let's discuss what you CAN and CAN'T do in this form.

[*] You can escape Ultimates like that of Ares, Da Ji, Xing Tian.
[*] Slows, roots, or any kind of CC CAN NOT affect you.
[*] You can pass through Odin's Ring of Spears and Cabrakan's Tectonic Shift.
[*] You can cancel out the ability early once you are in Essence form.
[*] You can use basic attacks and abilities while you are still disapparating.

[*] You can NOT go through Ymir's Ice Wall.
[*] You can NOT use basic attacks or abilities in Essence form.
[*] You can NOT heal from Radiance while in Essence form (you will heal as you disapparate but once you enter Essence form, there will be about 1 or 2 ticks of heal that you will not get.).

[*] You MUST be in the Essence form in order to escape the enemy's ultimates and this requires good timing and prediction

You have to be careful because this ability's weakness is that you can still take a lot of damage while you still disapparting, so enemies still have chance to kill you before you even reach it and mostly will dish out whatever they can to do so, since you will probably be low on hp and trying to escape. you have to time the ability well so you don't get dragged into their ultimates or take a lot of damage that can be evaded.

Trick (Kite and Poke) : You can activate Stellar Burst, use Disapparate, poke the enemy and safely retreat; however, you will have no escape if the enemy chooses to attack after you have poked them, and your Disapparate is now on cooldown.

Pro Tip: using Disapparate resets your basic attack, so basically AA-Disapparate-AA; however, you have to do it extremely fast because Sol's attack speed is already decent and might not make a difference.

4th Ability | Supernova

Sol unleashes all her flame and fury from the sky, striking 8 times along a moveable ground target location. Enemies are knocked back on the first strike, and take only 30% damage on successive hits.

[*] Damage: 150/200/250/300/350 (+50% of your magical power)
[*] Heat: 10%
[*] Ability Type: Moving Line
[*] Cooldown: 90 seconds
[*] Range: 55
[*] Cost: 100 mana
[*] Each strike has a radius of 12.
[*] There is a 0.24s delay between each strike.
[*] Sol is Crowd Control immune while casting. (for 1 sec exactly)

Sol's ultimate is more like Ah Muzen Cab's ability Honey, basically you mark the path which the hit supernova hits will strike, generally this ability is hard to completely hit because of the delay. My advice though is to try at least to hit the enemy once or twice with it, since the enemy will take the highest damage from the 1st hit that lands on him/her, also it is generally even better if you hit multiple enemies with it since then they will all take a good amount of damage, which makes this ult good in team fights, also if you find enemies whose abilities makes them stick to their place like Anubis's Plague of Locusts or Death Gaze or Cabrakan's Tremors you can simply use ultimate on them and do maximum damage to them; however, just be warned they can cancel out their abilities and bait and waste out you ult, just notice that when you ult, the enemy can see where the supernova strikes will hit, and the delay allows them enough though not much time to dodge it. last tip for this ability is that you gain cc immunity for 1 sec while casting it this is when Sol generally raises her hand, this is merely so no one interrupts your ult; however, if you time it well you can have this 1 sec of cc that might save you in case Disapparate is on cooldown, I recommend you leave this as last resort, and try to practice it few times before actually using it.

Match-ups and Synergies

This Part will cover who is Sol weak against, who is Sol strong against and who does Sol work with well. Note : The defensive items recommendations are only if you are playing a role other than ADC or you're playing a Duel Match.

Also Note that while the counters listed here are true to some extent, it is not a must, this only means that Sol's kit is generally a good counter to them; however, this does NOT mean that Sol will always dominate over that enemy god or necessarily weak against that god. Mostly it depends on how you build your items, use your abilities and generally play, and same goes with them, It also depends on the skill level of the player themselves. So while these Match-ups are to some extent are true, they are NOT a must...

Sol is Weak Against

Those are the gods who generally are very annoying to play against or have an edge against Sol.


Chronos is much like Sol. he is a magical ADC with destructive late game potential. Generally in a 1 v 1 between Sol and Chronos, although it comes to who has better mechanical skill and aim, and capable of dodging attacks. Chronos has an advantage over Sol, which is his ultimate. Chronos can rewind back time and gain his hp he had few seconds ago and all his abilities are reset that means a close range fight can turn out to the advantage of Chronos, all I can advice you with, is to dodge his Stop Time, which is a line attack, if it hits you, you will be stunned and he will definitely hit you with his Time Rift, that is about 3 hits on you since his Stop Time deals damage twice. I would recommend that you get Purification Beads, you will have a second to use it "if" he hits you with his Time Stop(I am saying if because you can dodge it as long as you maintain some proper distance, about the distance of your Stellar Burst). If possible save your Disapparate until he uses his Accelerate, and once you do so focus on dodging his basic attacks till the 3 seconds end and you enter Essence Form or until his ability time ends, you will notice that he activated it when he spins his staff and a shine glow will come out of him at that moment, and watch out for his build, if he has Polynomicon, you must avoid his basic attacks(at least his 1st or 2 AAs after he uses an ability) at all costs, since he will burst your hp if he hits it after an ability. Maintain your range and use Stellar Burst and basic attacks. use your Supernova to force his Rewind, then use Radiance if you need to heal up, once he rewinds he will fight you again since his abilities are reset. again... use Disapparate to dodge his attacks long enough till your Stellar Burst at least is ready.


Freya just like Chronos and Sol. She is weak early but once she has items. she can burst you down in almost 3 or 4 AAs(Basic Attacks). I would recommend at least that you have one magical defensive item, along with Hastened Ring so you can avoid her attacks. Disapparate whenever she slows you with her Pulse, have Purification Beads and use it when she Banish you, but make sure you have your Disapparate because she is going to close gap after her Banish. if you can have Aegis Amulet for her Valkyrie's Discretion since you can not always depend on Disapparate, you can also use your Supernova to bait her ult if she is low but be careful not to get close so you don't take damage. Keep your distance, use Stellar Burst, use Purification Beads if she uses Banish, use Aegis Amulet or Disapparate if she ults Valkyrie's Discretion. Radiance is going to heal you up if you can remain alive, but she will have her Pulse and Irradiate ready in few seconds, since their cooldown is low, so don't expect it to save you. My opinion is that Freya is a really tough counter to Sol


Kali can be bit hard to deal with since she is fast and capable of a lot of damage late game, get Hide of Nemian Lion, use Disapparate + Aegis Amulet if she ults Destruction, this should keep you alive from her ult Aegis will protect you for 2 seconds till you are in essence form, by that time her ult will be over. Generally, Kali will tower dive and will not be afraid because her ult will keep her alive even if she fails to kill you. that is when your chance comes if she tower dove or took a lot of damage chances are she will be low on hp, and you can finish her with Stellar Burst, good Kali players will probably have Blink, so they have their Nimble Strike as an escape, make sure you use Radiance often and avoid being forced to use Aegis Amulet before her Destruction. Just focus on Survival rather than fighting her.


Skadi is a hunter who has a bunch of reliable late game abilities; however, you can counter her if you are prepared, she is going to poke you and damage you hard with Permafrost and Piercing Cold, she is going to use one of them to clear the wave, most probably Piercing Cold, so try not to stand close to the wave, and avoid stepping on her Permafrost, a good Skadi player will know how to land it though, that is why you have your Radiance, other than that she will use Rune Of The Hunt along with Winter's Grasp, either have Aegis Amulet and use it after Disapparate when she does so, or if you have a lot of attack speed try beating up Kaldr (her dog) fast, he needs about 5 attacks to make him retreat (attacks can be basics or abilities, but AAs are faster in this case); However, don't expect skadi will watch her dog get beaten up once she ults, in fact she will ult and make her dog(will get full hp) reach you and root you, and then use Permafrost and Piercing Cold to finish you up, have your Aegis Amulet and Disapparate when she does so. Supernova should do fine if she ults you, just focus a path from her dog to her. Last thing buy Hide of Nemian Lion as defense.


Chaac for a while was thought to be the counter for Sol, and I found it annoying at first, till I figured out that you can easily counter him, Chaac will use Thunder Strike to poke you, just make sure you are not in AA movement when he does, the movement penalty for AA is what is going to make you get him, other than that you can easily dodge it, if you find yourself in AA movement penalty, use Disapparate and you will get out of it, it takes a couple of times to get used to it, but once you do so, you won't have a problem with his poke anymore, when he gets his ult Storm Call, he is going to use Thunder Strike + Torrent to teleport to you, and use Storm Call. simply have Aegis Amulet ready, and use it when he ults, his Storm Call takes some time before it hits, and its silence is 1 sec only so you will avoid damage from his ult, he would have used 3 out of 4 abilities, and he is going to use his Rain Dance + basic attacks, if he has a lot of CDR he will use Thunder Strike again, general item counters are Hide of Nemian Lion for his AA, since you are going to dodge his abilities most of the time, Brawler's Beatstick for his Rain Dance and Witchblade in case you think it is necessary to avoid his Rain Dance's slow and Aegis Amulet for his Storm Call. Also have some Life Steal item to help you in boxing him, also Demonic Grip can be useful since it works like Executioner and gives you some movement speed.


Ullr is one of the most annoying characters in the game. Since he got buffed, his stun on his axes gives him more than enough time to dish out his combo, his early game presence is annoying, my advise, is try to keep a distant from him most of the time, get a some health potions, whenever he switches to his axes, you must NOT be using basic attacks on minions, because you will have movement speed penalty, and it will be easier for him to hit his Bladed Arrow / Thrown Axe, my advice is to ban Ullr if possible, if not play extremely safe until you have build enough items to fight him, or your jungler is going for a gank.

Sol is Strong Against

Those are the gods that Sol's kit, help her survive, or negate enemies' abilities, or generally her kit is good against theirs.

Ah Puch

Sol is probably the main counter to Ah Puch, because Ah Puch mainly focuses on high damage and slows, and here is where Sol's Disapparate shines, Sol gains anti-slow from her 3, just add some magical protection and you can poke him with your Stellar Burst after you use Disapparate to safely poke him, warning he might try to attack you after the poke; however, if you land your Stellar Burst, you will not worry about that because it will slow him, also he has no escape while Sol has a lot of mobility, and if you thought Sol's early game wasn't great, check Ah Puch's early game, he is more mana hungry early game, and is so vulnerable and weak for pressure (That is the reason he is rated so low in the meta), his late game can be a bit annoying, but generally Sol counters him very well, whether he uses his Undead Surge + Corpse Explosion or his
Fleeting Breath, Disapparate pretty much counters him if timed correctly and used properly.


Bastet has very strong poke, since she can just use her Pounce, throw out her Declaw and Razor Whip, then just fall back, her damage over time, is what is dangerous about her; however, that is why you have Radiance, just put on a good physical defensive item and make sure she does not gank you while low hp, can be easily avoided by warding and communicating about her position with your teammates. you want to have your Disapparate ready when Bastet dives you and throws her kittens Cat Call, so you can escape very easily, her cats apply slow and Sol's Disapparate is an anti-slow. Just get a defensive item, and make sure you keep an eye on her movements on the map, ward properly and try to keep your hp up with Radiance and do not try to use Disapparate much when you do not know where she is, unless you are forced to, or get Heavenly Wings, it gives you slow immunity and movement speed to escape her ult.


Same case with Poseidon, he heavily relies on his Whirlpool and Release The Kraken! combo, generally, you will have your slow immunity from Disapparate to get out of his Whirlpool even if he buys Gem of Isolation, it is still useless, and have Aegis Amulet for hit Release The Kraken! once he does that combo, he will have only Tidal Surge and Trident, just keep some distance so you can avoid it and use Stellar Burst cause the only thing left for him now is his Trident, and since he used most of his abilities, his Changing Tides is probably out of its charge and his speed and damage will decrease because of that.


Artemis can be easily countered by Sol because you can simply keep constantly poke her with Stellar Burst, just to be extra sure, get Hide of Nemian Lion for her basic attacks, and Purification Beads for her ult's stun Calydonian Boar, even if she pokes you with Suppress The Insolent, you can use Radiance and heal up with no problem., she is not that much of a threat to Sol, unless in a team fight and you are out of beads and disapparate, then she can kill you in seconds, but again she has no escape and can be ganked easily by your jungler.


Hide of Nemian Lion since he is an AA physical assassin, and your Disapparate counters his ult Regurgitate's slow, you can easily walk out of his ult, and go away from him, also keep Heavenly Wings as an extra if you still think he might have a chance, keep your distance and use Stellar Burst and AAs if you want.


Pestilence as magical defense against his life steal, maybe Divine Ruin and Cursed Ankh, use your stellar burst when he is using his Plague of Locusts, use Disapparate when he uses Grasping Hands especially if he has Gem of Isolation, use your Supernova when he ults Death Gaze since you can easily land all 8 strikes, just don't use it when he is in Plague of Locusts because he can cancel it. also keep Aegis Amulet for his Death Gaze, and Purification Beads for his Mummify ; However, Do not underestimate Anubis since he is still capable of a lot of damage.


He is very slow movement so you can use Stellar Burst frequently on him, some magical protection for his Death From Below and Devour Souls, when he uses Pillar of Agony, use Purification Beads, and Supernova on him, 8 strikes, one stationary target, just be careful with Stellar Burst because he can just use Death From Below and start attacking you.


you will see him running towards you before he blinks to you and use his ult No Escape, so you can use Disapparate and take no damage and not get pulled by it, same with his Shackles use Disapparate, also he is very slow, so easy hit with Stellar Burst, you can also get Purification Beads in case you didn't time Disapparate well, along with Magi's Cloak you are basically giving him no chance at all to use his ult.


Get a physical protection for his Raven Shout + Lunge, or some mobility items + Disapparate to dodge it. use Disapparate to negate Gungnir's Might's slow effect. in Disapparate's Essence form you can pass through his Ring of Spears as if you have Phantom Veil. Just keep in mind not to stick around after Odin uses his combo, you want to get as far away from him as you can while you are in Disapparate, a good Odin will rather use his ult on your teammates instead of you or generally try to follow you till your Disapparate's Essence form is down, then he will ult you. It would help you and your teammates if you get Phantom Veil since you want to deny Odin from getting stacks for his Path of Valhalla since it only stacks if you or your teammates died in his Ring of Spears.


Cabrakan gains a lot of movement speed from his Seismic Crush and he has also his Refraction Shield each with a stun, generally use Disapparate to run away from him because if he generally wants to stun you it is because, he wants to use Tectonic Shift + Tremors. you can use Disapparate to get out of his combo easily. Generally he might stun you while you are still disapparating just when he uses his stun, try to run away as far as you can because he might just wait for your Disapparate to end and then use his combo, so that is why keep a Phantom Veil in case you need. Either that or Purification Beads, but pop it as he stuns you, so you can still run while you have the movement speed from disapparate. If he goes for Polynomicon + Soul Reaver, you can get Aegis Amulet and use it as he is using Tremors while waiting for Disapparate to reach Essence form. If he is stunning you a lot, consider Magi's Cloak and Purification Beads, and if he is building tanky, get Obsidian Shard.

Sol works well with (Synergies well with)/Teamwork with...

There is no specific rule to this, but any god with a slow or good amount of frequent CC works well with Sol

here are some examples... (not going to include Ares because almost everything works with his No Escape)


Because he is the no. 1 on the sexiest smite gods tier list, that and these 3 : Groggy Strike, Mighty Yawn, and Epic Uppercut, any of those will help Sol land her Stellar Burst. for Epic Uppercut it might need to time it well, to make sure the enemy gets the double damage from Stellar Burst. for Groggy Strike, you might use Supernova, or Stellar Burst; However, do not use Supernova when he uses Mighty Yawn because the first strike that will hit will wake them up from their mesmerize, and they can use their relic or escape or whatever they have.


Ymir has his Ice Wall, Frost Breath, and Shards of Ice. his Ice Wall can be used to block the enemy, and Sol can use her Stellar Burst or if it is a close area in the jungle, and there are no gaps that the enemy can run through, Supernova would be great, Frost Breath + Stellar Burst or Frost Breath + Supernova, and finally Shards of Ice slows by 30%, so use your Stellar Burst to slow enemies in ymir's ult even more.


On Sol's Release, Agni, Ra and Apollo crushed on Sol, and each wanted her to choose him; however, she did not like any of them, and when Khepri came, she was shouted happily and chose Khepri over them all. Leaving Apollo, Agni and Ra, screaming No, over their luck. (Also Hou Yi got Slapped by Chang'e).

Khepri's Solar Flare + Supernova/ Stellar Burst. Kephri's Abduct + Stellar Burst, if you are in a distance, if you are close to khepri use some AAs and then Stellar Burst.


Start with Stellar Burst to slow the enemy, as Hades' uses Death From Below, then Devour Souls for a normal combo, or Stellar Burst + Death From Below, followed by Pillar of Agony + Supernova, if the enemy survive Shroud of Darkness + Devour Souls , and some Sol's AA, makes a very deadly combo.


If Tyr is going for attack straight combo from the enemy's front, you can stay behind Tyr as he uses Fearless + your Stellar Burst + his Power Cleave. If he is going to blink for frontal attack, use Disapparate to catch up with him, then same combo. If he blinks behind the enemy, start with Stellar Burst to slow them down for him and he uses his Fearless + Power Cleave combo. you can use Stellar Burst at the end of his combo, but Stellar Burst's slow is just too good to not initiate with Or Stellar Burst to slow and Lawbringer + Fearless + Power Cleave.


Stellar Burst for slow, followed by Ragnarok, then he must stand still while the enemy god is in his mouth, then Supernova (this does not short his duration or help the enemy escape, you do not have to keep moving as fenrir to keep the ult Ragnarok going.). Stellar Burst to initiate for the slow, followed by Unbound Runes + Unchained (causes enemy to be stunned) + Supernova. I would say, use Stellar Burst + Brutalize, but it is not necessary unless the enemy is close to his/her tower.

Items that Counter Sol

Frostbound Hammer

Physical Item, If a Melee God basic attacks you , while he has it, your Movement speed will be reduced by 30% and your attack speed will be reduced by 15% (not mentioning hunters, because they almost will never even consider it in first place.), same concept with Witchblade ;However, you can just pop Disapparate and stay away from the enemy, it is going to be more harmful to Sol if you are building her as ADC rather than a mage.

Cursed Ankh

Relic Item, reduces healing by 50%, though not most people will use it on Sol, people would rather use it on Hel; However, It can be used with Pestilence and that can be really harmful because Sol will neither heal up from Lifesteal items, nor from her Radiance ; However, if possible just try to stay away from enemy and avoid taking damage till its 10 seconds duration ends, and it's upgrade is rather even deadly because Sol will take 20% more damage once she uses Radiance.


Generally built on Guardians, reduces healing by 25% to anyone near to the person who has this item, same idea of Cursed Ankh, Radiance effect reduced

Runic Shield

It reduces magical power of enemies, this item could be really annoying early game especially if you are building adc, and the enemy picks it really early maybe as first item, and though it was nerfed this season to reduce magical power to 30 instead of 50. It can be picked by warriors like Chaac who can teleport to you and hit hard (Check Match-ups Section to know how to Counter Chaac). how to counter it, build more damage and penetration and keep your distance.

Brawler's Beat stick

Physical Enemies abilities reduce your healing and regeneration by 40% for 8 seconds, this is pretty heavy, normally Rod of Asclepius would help a little bit in this case. However, I mainly would recommend you try to dodge that person's abilities and wait the 8 sec till it wear off then use Radiance. In team fights you will not have time to use Radiance, so you will usually fall back, use it then go back into the fight; however, in team fights you won't have that much time to wait for the effect to wear off and heal up then go back. All you can do is either buying rod of asclepius, having the team's healer (if there is any) buy Rod of Asclepius (just don't both of you buy it, it won't stack, unless each of you need it individually), or dodging the enemies' abilities.

Divine Ruin

Exactly same as Brawler's Beat Stick except for magical gods

Toxic Blade

It doesn't do as much anti-heal as other items; however, it is easily applied by enemies' basic attack, just keep your distance and avoid those AAs and you should be good.


Useful Relics

You become invulnerable to damage for 1.5 second, use it to survive ganks or enemy's ultimates, though some other relics might be better because it got nerfed, and it has much longer cool down duration.

In case the enemy jungler or enemy in lane, has CC ultimate Fenrir, Xing Tian, Ares you know the rest ,this will make you cc immune and cleanse you for a couple of seconds.

In case the enemy has slow immunity like Bastet's Cat Call or you need more speed for chasing the enemy or escaping from them. Also Its upgrade is very good for ADC since you get to run at full speed while maintaining your AA damage.

Very useful Early game, not good late game.

Situational, In case enemy has Odin or Cabrakan, just do not rush it unless they are in your lane, you already have Disapparate which works the same way for early game. Recommended to get it after level 12; however, your support will probably pick it, maybe in some other game mode.

If you need to slow an enemy so you can escape, but keep in mind the can counter it using Heavenly Wings.

Not So Useful Relics

Does NOT work with Disapparate's Essence form, It will not reflect any damage, because you are not receiving any. You CAN get it in Duel and use after Disapparate is completely done though.

Not useful at all, unless you are escaping, I do not recommended, since you already have a good escape.

Not useful at all, since you have Radiance, bracer will not help you that much compared to other relics.

Teamwork and Gameplay

Early Game

It isn't your best phase ; however, in the current meta, you will probably do well, if you can play it safe, use Stellar Burst for clear, Radiance for Sustain, Disapparate for escape, and Supernova in case you get ganked or trying to secure a kill.

At Level 1, you get Stellar Burst for clear, if you are clearing the waves fast, and pushing the enemy a bit to his/her tower, get Disapparate, to help you escape because their jungler will possible gank at this moment, however, if you are getting pushed to your tower, get Radiance to heal yourself, help you clear, and the heat it provides gives you bonus damage. Supposedly you are both clearing at same rate, which should you pick at level 2, you don't put a skill point in either until you know, if you are expecting to hit level 3 and you haven't used your skill point still put another point into your 2 or get radiance, and the other point for Disapparate.

If you are playing Mage, you will not have any trouble, you generally want to focus on clearing waves, side camps are not that important early, just focus wave after wave, and try to reach level 5 first if possible, enemies will always try to use their ultimates on you as soon as they get to level 5. if you find yourself not doing anything between waves, that is when you go for mid harpies. You do not have to ward at first few levels since the enemy jungler, will be busy and probably isn't ready to gank you yet, and even if he does, the current meta build allows for a lot of survivability early game, as long as you are trying to avoid the incoming damage, you still should survive even if you get hit by their abilities, this doesn't mean you should be careless though.

If you are playing ADC, same thing basically, try to reach level 5 first if possible, focus on clearing waves, since they give more XP than jungle camps; however, keep in mind since you are going to be very squishy, since you are building ADC. your main focus is to farm, farm and farm more, till you are done at least your first back in this case Book of Thoth. always back when you are capable of building a full tier 3 items, for example, you started with Hunter's Blessing and T1 Boots, once you have enough gold to complete boots, I recommend you finish the current wave, and fallback immediately, since having a full T3 boots, benefits you a lot early, and so on with the rest of the items.

Mid Game

This is when you start doing better and this (along with late game) is your best time to shine. You want to help your teammates, watch enemies' rotations and tell your teammates ,secure possible objectives like the Pyromancer and the Gold Fury if you can. same with Fire Giant but late game.

As a Mage, You will want to ward very often and watch the enemy jungler' rotations through mid. Where to ward?, this kind of depends a little bit, if the enemy's jungler is not afraid to just walk right next to you and rotate right next to you, then you should definitely ward that close area, if you don't see him/her that often, ward (far) which are the ones next to the enemy's when he backs away or when you go for harpies, or whatever, your reason is. Your job as a mid-laner is to inform your teammates with enemies' rotations through mid, because mostly the enemy's mid-laner will leave mid, and will try to gank your duo or solo along with their assassin. So you must say when the enemy is missing mid VFF, VF2 and when you are falling back, it is also a MUST that you inform your teammates. This is YOUR job, you are supposed to watch mid and constantly tell your teammates through VGS or COMMs (Voice-Chat in Ranked, preferable unless you have a bad mic, or you sound as a child / squeaky), since they are the fastest methods of communication, if you are not used to that by now, you should get used to it, also do not spam something unimportant like VEG or try to use your god's voice pack a lot. Anyways you want to stay alive, and if you find that the enemy's mid-laner is leaving lane, firstly warn your teammates, then if you find that you can't hear him/her clearing the mid harpies, or took too long to get their red, rotate to help the lane that he/she is going to.

here is a list of VGS commands that a guy posted on reddit...

As An ADC, you want to focus on getting your kit as fast as possible, and if possible, try to get the Oracles next to the Gold Fury since they give you and your teammate, an un-removable ward on the Gold Fury for a limited time, if you have enough items, no one can interrupt/steal the gold fury you should go for it a long with your teammates, make sure you and your teammates ward the jungle, the duo lane, and mid-lane passes so if an enemy knows, at least you will try not to let him/her steal it, If the enemy is doing the Gold Fury, if you can time it right with your Supernova, you can steal it, just try not to peak around the corner for it, or get too close, because they will probably try to kill the moment you do so, a ward on the Gold Fury or getting the Oracles will be great in this case if you have done it earlier.

Late Game

Mages role or purpose is still the same, which is to dish out and burst the enemies (Take a large portion of their health in a second/instant), you generally want to stay behind your teammates and dish our your Stellar Burst, and Supernova, if you get to low hp, escape using Disapparate and use Radiance to heal up a bit then go back to the fight. No matter what stay close to your teammates, try not to split up from them, and do not go for a kill chase using Disapparate this is your only method of escape and if you waste it chasing an enemy, you are basically dead.

If you are playing as ADC, don't wander away from your teammates in a team fight and look to either land Stellar Burst first to slow down their movement, if they are focused on you then use your AAs, or if they are not focused on you, hit few AAs first then use Stellar Burst to finish them off or slow down their escape. In middle of team fights, Supernova is a great initiate in a team fight, as long as there is a fight and not one team is waiting under tower, while the others are waiting for them to make a mistake, it deals a good amount of damage and makes your job as ADC a little bit easier, and you shouldn't have a lot of trouble since by late game you should be killing enemies in one combo or just few hits.

Item Choice

Useful Items

Ethereal Staff

This item is great late game because it has same cooldown as Sol's Stellar Burst and the passive is so great for late game, pick this item late game if you haven't invested heavily in cooldown

Soul Gem

It is really great item to get early, provides a bit of everything, will keep you sustained, has a nice passive and will do very good for Mage build for later game.

Dynasty Plate Helm

This item is great very early game if the enemy has a physical early game jungler, will help you survive, will give you penetration and damage, you can build it first item, beside blessing.

Not So Useful Items

Spear of the Magus

Building this item will not help you that much because often you will be using Stellar Burst to fight enemy which will proc only twice on the enemy, making it better to get other penetration items instead, Sol has abilities that has a good amount of ticks ; however, they are unreliable for fights.

Rod of Asclepius

Overall this item is decent ; however, in terms of passive it does not do that much, so I wouldn't recommend it, It will heal you a maximum of 5% more, and considering that Radiance heal depends on your current missing hp, I don't think this item will help you at all

Shoes of Focus

This item won't be helpful, since it will only reduce 1 second from Stellar Burs's Cooldown, you are better off getting Shoes of the Magi. The only case this item could be good, is in Duel.

Chronos' Pendant

This item is actually good ; however, the only reason it is in the not useful items, is because I don't want people to prioritize cooldown early game, you can build it if you want, just don't get it early in game because it will definitely not help you as much as other items


If there is a part of this guide that I would basically recommend to read instead of the whole comprehensive guide, It would be the Skills (Abilities) Section, It has mostly everything you need to know about Sol's abilities.

Other than that, Sol is a great mid-late game goddess, she is a good and safe mage pick , and a better ADC pick in a lot scenarios. Sol is great for beginners and pros since her kit is easy, yet full of utility and has a lot to it.

I hope you liked my guide, Sorry about it being lengthy, I hope I did not do much mistakes; however, if there is a mistake please tell me about it or feel free to post it in the comment section so I can fix it. also feel free to say to your opinion in the comment or if you have a tip or anything that can help other please post it. Other than that Thank you.

Special Thanks to Branmuffin17 and xXDannTheMannXx for Reviewing my Guide and Suggestions, and Kreiga1 for some build suggestions.

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Kriega1 (85) | May 25, 2018 3:32am
Book of the Dead is a bad item. Bancroft's Talon is superior to Book of Thoth unless you're getting Soul Reaver. Breastplate of Valor is a very situational choice and hence I wouldn't list it in a build. First item is also too early to get Soul Gem.

Build 1: Shoes of the Magi, Book of Thoth, Spear of Desolation, Soul Gem, Obsidian Shard, Soul Reaver.

Build 2: Shoes of the Magi, Bancroft's Talon, Warlock's Staff, Divine Ruin, Demonic Grip, Rod of Tahuti.
AstralScythe | May 25, 2018 10:26am
Book of the Dead is not bad item, it is merely mediocre, it provides, power and hp which is very decent to those who want a bit more survivability at the same without a drop in damage. It is certainly not in a good place, or in that much favor of the meta, but i think its decent for beginner players.

In my opinion Bancroft's Talon is not better than Book of Thoth, early game, yes Bancroft's Talon is much better ; however, in late game, Book of Thoth on Sol with provide more damage than even that of Warlock's Staff, the meta simply, is much rewarding for safety and Warlock's Staff is a great item for that.

Breastplate of Valor is a good defensive item, especially if the mid-laner is a physical god, such as Ullr, Hachiman, Neith, Medusa or Skadi, and their jungler is physical as well. I agree it is a bit situational, but overall if they have a lot of physical or their mid laner is physical, then I would definitely take it.

Soul Gem is decent early game item, it provides, lifesteal, hp, cooldown, and decent power for starter, it is a good overall stats item, and it's passive makes you bursty as well as sustain you in lane even more, it is good enough overall.

Overall these builds are my personal opinion, I am not a pro, and you can build whatever you want.
These items are simply my personal opinion's recommended builds for new players who are still learning the items, or are generally new to the game.
Kriega1 (85) | May 25, 2018 10:36am
Ok I can see your points, like the builds being your personal opinion. However, at the very least, if this build is meant for new players learning items, I wouldn't list Breastplate of Valor. I would rather list a power/health item instead (e.g. Ethereal Staff), and when those players learn more about the items and counter building they can decide whether Breastplate of Valor will be a good pickup or not, and the cases where it is a good pickup is rare.

Edit: Also why pick Book of the Dead when you can get Rod of Asclepius?
AstralScythe | May 24, 2018 5:47pm
Hello guys, It has been a while since my last update to this guide.
I changed the builds and made them more beginner friendly, and removed the item choice section because it is useless.

I usually said previously I don't like using Chronos' Pendant on Sol, and I still don't like using it, unless I am going for 40% CDR Build, the max cooldown allows you to keep casting your abilities and maintain your passive, allowing you to use Disapparate more often, move faster, heal more, and damage the enemy more. If you were frustrated by how hard it is to land Supernova, now it is 54 seconds without Chronos' Pendant's passive, , now you can use it a lot, Gem of Isolation is going to slow any assassin that get close enough, allowing more survivability, the build is fun, and as long as you are not committing mistakes you will always stay alive.

Also I used the Notes functionality in the Build 3 for all the Possible Starter Items. I am thinking about removing the Match-up and Synergies Section and using the New "Threat" Functionality.
AstralScythe | March 17, 2018 5:10am
Hello again guys, Here is what I changed in my guide,
for mage build, changed starter Item from Mage's Blessing to Hunter's Blessing, you can go for Mage's Blessing if you want for the mp5.

you might have noticed that I change the starter item for mage from Warlock's Staff to Soul Gem, So before I explain why I did this let me say this first. Unlike last season this meta is more about playing safe, that is why we are starting Warlock's Staff because it gives a lot of health and a decent amount of power. I dare say this might be possible the best starter item you can go with on any mage. I've been experimenting with items on Sol, I watched some of the last SPL matches. some pros were doing really nice plays with Sol while some others did not, and I figured out the possible starting item for Sol, which is Bancroft's Talon, It is a great start for Sol, since she is more of a magical adc, she applies the lifesteal on both her Stellar Burst and AAs, the item gives good amount of power, and passive is also great, for ADC, I would say yes, this is a great starting item for Sol, thus I am leaving the choice to you to whether you want start with Bancroft's Talon or stack Book of Thoth. However, for Mage build however, It is more about playing safe, and that is where Soul Gem comes in. Warlock's Staff was really great that I personally on several ganks on early game, I walked out of the fight after the enemy tried dishing out everything, I walked away with somewhere 30-100 hp (geez talk about a close death), thus I dare say Warlock's Staff is the safest item. Soul Gem is great as well, it gives you a bit of everything, the lifesteal is great early and will keep sustained much, you get a decent cooldown, health and power, and further more the passive still makes the item great late game, you are going to have to play a bit safer with Soul Gem early game. then in my build you stack Book of Thoth because you still need more damage for late game, I wouldn't recommend you start Book of Thoth because mostly your opponent in lane will probably go Warlock's Staff and you will have harder time dealing with him because of the extra hp, furthermore if the enemy jungler decides to gank you, you are probably dead in this case. so Soul Gem is merely a starting item that is going to help you survive and sustain early game if you are playing as a mage.

The Second part I changed was the ADC, I realized that though my previous build is very damaging and bursts out squishes fast, I would say it lacked one thing, which is fighting non-squishes, my build was surely damaging and does a lot of damage, in single game i got over 65k damage done, however, it lacks penetration, that is why I changed one simple thing in it which is instead of having both Rod of Tahuti and Shaman's Ring, I replaced one of them with penetration item Spear of Desolation or Obsidian Shard, my recommendation for this is to get Spear of Desolation if you have Demonic Grip in your buid, and get Obsidian Shard if you don't, that is beside the 10 penetration from Shoes of the Magi.

I also changed the skill sequence, because this is a bit depending on situation and added it to Early Game in Teamwork and Gameplay section. however, I'll say it here once again, you start level 1 with Stellar Burst for clearing wave, and depending on your wave clear you get you put the 2nd skill point in which skill. If you are winning lane, that means their jungler will probably go for you, therefore get Disapparate and you are already winning lane so you won't need more waveclear. If you are getting pushed to your tower, get Radiance, it will heal you, it will help you clear melee minions and it will give you heat, therefore extra damage and attack speed. If you are both clearing wave at same pace, I would say keep your point till the enemy either tries to gank you, put it in Disapparate or if you reach level 3 before that happens, you can either put a second point in Stellar Burst and get Disapparate so you have 2 points in Stellar Burst and 1 in Disapparate and zero in Radiance OR you can have 1 point in each skill, it is up to you.

I also added Ullr to Sol Match-up Counters, because he is very frustrating to deal with, he is very frustrating early on in the game because of his damage, his poke and waveclear, I explained what NOT to do when you are fighting in lane against him, also I would recommend in this case to get Bancroft's Talon as 1st item instead of Book of Thoth.

Lastly for Builds suggested by Branmuffin17, I concluded this:
Doom Orb is very great early on in the game, it is very effective considering its price ; however, It should be replaced later in the game because there are much more items that help late game instead of it.

for first 2 builds, I would say they can't be considered as ADC since you are building Warlock's Staff instead I'll personally go for Book of Thoth or Bancroft's Talon,
and I wouldn't consider the builds mage, because you are mainly focusing on AAs disregarding the focus of the build at each stage of the game. Another problem faced me is lack of penetration, the only 2 sources of penetration are Shoes of the Magi and Demonic Grip, after removing shoes for the 3rd ring, It is only Demonic Grip and this offered very poor penetration throughout the game especially later game, since mages get magical scaling as well now. first build offered a lot of survivability however, it is lacking in penetration, and if we remove Rod of Tahuti, we lose a good amount of damage since both Bancroft's Talon and Warlock's Staff won't suffice much for later game.

for second build, Other than what I discussed about lack of penetration, I would say I won't recommend Typhon's Fang anymore because it won't help that much regarding its passive. Doom Orb is great early on, but it won't do much later, I would probably have to sell it and get more damage. other than that just the lack of penetration.

for third build, other than Warlock's Staff, I would say it is a good build, the combat log showed 0 damage migitated until i removed Shoes of the Magi, for a mage it was good early on.

The builds had a lot of survivability but against tanks and ADCs it didn't matter much because the enemy would invest in crit, and the tank/warrior wouldn't have a problem with build that doesn't have the much penetration.

If I would build a 3 Ring build, It would be probably like this Telkhines Ring, Demonic Grip, Hastened Ring, Book of Thoth/ Bancroft's Talon, Obsidian Shard, Spear of Desolation.
with Book of Thoth : you will hit around 250 + 50 per hit from Telkhines Ring (That is at max Unstable Manifestation)
with Bancroft's Talon : you will hit around 230 + 50 per hit from Telkhines Ring also at max passive

That is both against squishes with nothing other than base protections, for tanks and warriors it will take more time, my advice for this build to be very effective is to try to land most if not all of the AAs.

I should really learn to be more concise and to the point when it comes to writing comments XD. I apologize....
AstralScythe | March 18, 2018 8:00am
Also I wanted to say that Warlock's Staff, Shoes of the Magi, Bancroft's Talon, a penetration item + whatever situational items you want should suffice and would do really well. As for Doom Orb I think it is also a really great start and I would recommend it in early game whether as mage or ADC, because it gives a really massive power spike early game considering its very cheap price; however, i personally prefer it more instead on magical junglers because in terms of playing safe, it offers neither lifesteal nor health for surviving early ganks. As for Junglers, It would work well since they will be clearing camps so they will always have stacks for Doom Orb and they need that power spike for early game.
Kriega1 (85) | March 17, 2018 12:14pm
For your levelling order, why are you levelling Disapparate before Radiance? You want to level Radiance first as it let's you gain heat much faster.
Branmuffin17 (287) | March 17, 2018 12:16pm
He talks about this in his writeup above, Kriega. Check it.
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AstralScythe | March 5, 2018 12:58pm
Hello guys, so apparently DM Brandon made a Sol Guide, and though my personal opinion and his opinion are different regarding some points on Sol , I would definitely recommend you check out the video, he is a more experienced player than myself, and I would definitely say go watch his guide :
Branmuffin17 (287) | March 5, 2018 1:31pm
I love his god much good info and he's so great about presenting the info. Glad he addresses the mage-build (e.g. CDR via Chronos' Pendant). Also like that he likes Hunter's Blessing. Interesting that Soul Gem seems to be so great now, and cool as an alt to Typhon's Fang.

And he also talks about that early game mage to late-game emphasis on basics. =)
AstralScythe | March 3, 2018 10:54am

So I was WRONG apparently, and Right as well...

So, I have written this once, but when I pressed the preview button in the comment, It give me a message display failure and I lost everything I wrote that took me about 20 mins. ;_; ty Smitefire, XD. Anyways to the point.

So I played against Sol, and I always take the chance to expand my knowledge of how to play Sol, from anyone who can play her, I said before I am good, but I think there are much much more people better than me with her. The Enemy's Sol went for this build Shoes of the Magi, Bancroft's Talon, Demonic Ring, Telkhines Ring, Hastened Ring, Rod of Tahuti, I was playing as ADC, and for one fact, I struggled a little bit mid-game to catch Sol (No she is not a pokemon), She had so much movement speed from rings that whenever i did too much for her to handle she ran away. However, I was intrigued to know if Diminishing Returns did that much effect, So... I went on and made my research about movement speed diminishing returns and I was surprised by the results.

Apparently with Shoes of the Magi, Demonic Ring, Telkhines Ring, and Hastened Ring in one build will give you around 511 movement speed once, when applying diminishing returns, it lowers to 500 movement speed, in my opinion I would say this movement speed is definitely WORTH IT. Movement speed is definitely valuable, even with Disapparate you will get 590 movement speed which is reduced to 550 because of Diminishing Returns, I still think it is worth it; however, what i did NOT mention about that game that i played against Sol, is that while it only took me around 3 to 4 hits to kill her, even with her Supernova, Stellar Burst she was not capable of even getting more than half of my hp, and we were both level 20, I had no defensive buffs or defensive items at all. Which brings us to the Definition of an ADC, and ADC is someone capable of delivering a lot of continuous damage per second ; however, current meta is mostly physical assassins building Crit, and the only ways to counter the ADC crit is by either building defensively, which face it, you will not so as Sol, or Killing that ADC before they can kill you. In this case, Sol's 3 Ring build will satisfy the condition of dealing damage per second, about 300 per hit and with 2.41 attack speed that is theoretically very effective and great ; however, in reality this will not happen, because before you can even do so, they will be able to land those 3 crits before you can even do half that damage, that is why I made my ADC build, it is not that much effective in terms of attack speed; however, going in a ranked game, I was able to do 65K damage in match of 50-60 mins long, my teammates got about 28K at most each of them, same with enemy team, except their ADC which had 87K damage, I didn't get as much damage as their ADC ; however, I did an undeniable damage, and I personally think It was decent enough to compete with in a serious match.


YES and NO.

Building 3 rings + shoes still good even with diminishing returns is still very good, and definitely is OK, and I support that I find this build incredibly FUN to play with which is reason of playing in first place.

However, For a serious match, building multiple Rings, will make you definitely not be able to compete in terms of damage against other ADCs, unless hypothetically of course, you were able to land all your AAs and not miss any of them and that is not something easy to do, if you are going to commit to attack speed over damage, you have to consider that you will be sacrificing damage potential to do so, and you need to compensate that by actually landing about 70% of your AAs at least while dodging enemies'. I personally wouldn't recommend it in a serious match that you are considering to be able to play ADC role Effectively.

I would definitely say that I believe that multiple rings build (3 rings + shoes), is definitely worth playing as long as it is not in ranked matches.
Branmuffin17 (287) | March 3, 2018 2:07pm
This is some good and interesting analysis, and neat to consider alternate builds when you see something else has worked.

I want to point out one thing I've discussed in the past that you might have overlooked. When you mention 3x rings, I think we should take a step back and look at the whole build and the function at different stages of the game. In addition, the fact that all the rings also carry MS is something to consider, and which is why I've mentioned a late game ring replacement for Shoes, if you DO consider a 3x ring build.

Talking Conquest, let's go back and consider strengths and purposes at different stages of a match. You can also build her differently for different purposes...she can be used as a more traditional mage, with secondary focus on basics for occasional boxing and, more importantly, objective damage. can emphasize her basics by focusing on attack speed early, and make her a standard magical ADC.

Although I'll talk about these options, what I'm looking to do is provide a hybrid solution, moving from a more ability-focused early game with a generally smooth transition to high basic attack DPS.

Early Game:

Purpose: Most of what this is about is wave clear, sustain, and poke. Sol is not going to do this with basic attacks, for the most part, she's going to do it with Stellar Burst. She has some sustain automatically in her kit via Radiance, and Stellar works very well for both wave clear and poke, and has a relatively low CD. So for the most part, it's best to focus on that ability.

Items: You can either go Mage's Blessing for the standard ability damage increase, or you can consider Hunter's Blessing. Hunter's can set her up nicely for an earlier transition to basic attack focus, if you so choose, but once she's got full stacks of Unstable Manifestation, it will also really help her clear via basics. Also probably consider how safe it is to clear with basics...if you've got a god with a lot of range/poke, then it might be best to just go for Mage's.

You can do the early stacking item as a first item, or you can consider going more directly into a nice power boost. Warlock's Staff is going to be great for her if you do consider a higher focus on late-game basics, as she'll need to be at closer range and the high health will help keep her alive as she boxes. Otherwise, you can do a nice power boost via an early Bancroft's Talon, or even consider Doom Orb, which can also work well...for a cheap price, the 200 mana and 20 MP5 is great.

Then of course, you'll move as normal into Shoes of choice ( Shoes of the Magi in most cases, especially with Mage's Blessing for the poke and since that blessing gives some CDR once evolved).

Mid Game:

Purpose: So now you're looking for a bit more objective push, and a bit of teamfighting. Sol at full passive stacks provides good DPS, but high DPS still requires itemization, and she's not going to quite be there at that point. Thus, it's a stage where you're still pretty dependent on Stellar Burst, but you CAN move into more basic attack use at this point. If you got Hunter's Blessing, that's also providing some great enhanced DPS.

Items: Earlier focus on basics means getting a ring as item 3, or 4 at the latest. If you find you're fighting other gods a lot, and they've already built at least 1 or 2 protection items, then Demonic Grip is an option, but I might generally argue for Hastened Ring. As you noticed, that enemy Sol was very hard to pin down, and it was more because of that than anything else. You'll have to be mindful of the CD of the ring's passive, but it provides plenty of time for you to poke with Stellar Burst and also slow them, activate your Radiance if needed for a boost to Unstable Manifestation, and then move in with basics and getting the most out of the Hastened effect.

If you do get Hastened 3rd, it's a strong commitment to basics, and you'll want to further enhance that with Demonic Grip immediately after. As an alternative, if you were still focusing more on wave clear and safe poke, then you might have gotten Spear of Desolation 3rd, at which point you might get Hastened 4th, or even 5th, especially if you didn't get Hunter's Blessing. Still following me?

Late Game:

Purpose: It's all about objective and teamfight/god damage. A hybrid build at this point will have good damage via both abilities and basics. A full basic attack build will look to enhance that however possible.

Items: Alright, so now you're finishing the build, replacing the blessing, and...possibly replacing Shoes. See, you don't have to talk about 3x rings PLUS can REPLACE Shoes with the 3rd ring. If you go with the ring trifecta of Hastened Ring, Demonic Grip, and Telkhines Ring, that gives you a base 24% MS...more than the standard build relying only on shoes (18%), which should be plenty in most cases...on top of that, the Hastened effect makes you difficult to pin down when fighting.

Those 3 rings combined with a maxed Unstable Manifestation does NOT put you over the AS cap of gets you to just above 2.4. You'll do massive damage to any remaining objectives, and unlike some hunters, you've still got good teamfight function out of your abilities.

Build Proposals:

So, here's a potential standard build with this transition focus:

Here's an alternate build with slightly earlier basic attack focus:

And yet another, with more ability focus early:

Would be curious if you'd try these out...or if you see flaws in these builds, let me know. Thoughts?
AstralScythe | February 28, 2018 1:02pm
I changed the the entire guide visual coding, modified few things in the builds, and added a special thanks to you guys for reviewing my guide, thank you, if you have any more suggestions, you are welcome to post it :D , I am still going to change the Item Choice Section and remove a lot of things from it when I have more time to do so.
Branmuffin17 (287) | February 28, 2018 1:18pm
It's looking nice. Glad you're continuing to work on it.
AstralScythe | February 22, 2018 9:33am
I'll update the guide soon because of the changes that are going to be implemented in patch 5.3, hopefully, I am making it, less lengthy and visually easier to read.
Kriega1 (85) | February 28, 2018 11:15am
For the triple ring build (ADC), the third ring is meant to be Hastened Ring not Shaman's Ring, not only since it hasn't been good on Sol since the bug with her and the item was fixed, but also because the item offers no attack speed. Shaman's Ring is better on a Mid build Sol than a Carry build one.
AstralScythe | February 28, 2018 11:22am
you can build any 3 rings you want for this build ;however, for Shaman's Ring, this is my opinion and i think its passive is what this build needs.
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Branmuffin17 (287) | February 21, 2018 4:02pm
Hi Astral,

You've definitely spent a lot of time on writing this, and it's apparent you've got some good base knowledge. I do wonder at some things though.
  • The mid build...pros build double-stacking? Early Warlock's Staff with a later Book of Thoth? I checked Smite Pro Builds and didn't see that, and from everything I've ever known, pros don't build double-stacking. Curious if you have reference to who builds that way...seems inefficient.

  • Well, interesting to see if you and others shift away from Staff now that it's getting a nerf in 5.3...also same with Book of the Dead and Typhon's Fang.

  • Would expect to still see Rod of Tahuti as a possible 6th item in the list at the top...your written instructions at the top say Spear of Deso 6th if you need flat pen, or a defensive item...but yeah, Tahuti or another damage item should also be considered...I know you probably don't mean to make it sound limiting that way, but the way it's written, it's confusing and, well, limiting.

  • In almost no case would I think that an item like Pestilence is good for a god like Sol. If anti-heal is needed, I would expect the Support or Solo to pick it up...where is Divine Ruin in the situational list? (Also, in your writeup of Pest, you say it gives 40%'s only 20%, I'm sure you know and it was a typo)

  • In your ADC build, I probably wouldn't suggest Warlock's Staff...probably would also skip Book of Thoth. Also, you state if you get Telk/Hastened, get Obsidian Shard. In your writeup of the items below (you call it the staffs tree, where it's the ring tree), you talk about one somewhat decent reason not to build too many of them, which is diminishing returns on MS...there's a simple solution for that, though...just sell shoes and get something else...those 3 rings together will give you 24% MS, which is just also won't quite overcap attack speed at full stacks of Unstable Manifestation (looks like it hits 2.41, max is 2.5). Not that I'm saying she needs all 3 rings, but I also don't think getting Obsidian Shard because of 2 rings is a good suggestion.

  • I would agree with Dann...if you don't really like an item, I would just leave it out of the guide...too much clutter just to say "don't get it" unless it's a very specific item you feel is used commonly on the god, but you think shouldn't be used because ...

Anyway, this is a solid first guide, and would like to see it continually improved and honed.
AstralScythe | February 22, 2018 8:55am
Hello Branmuffin17,
Before anything else, I just want to say that I read a lot of your guides, I think they're great , I personally use them, and truly thank you for your effort for the community.

Regarding the Double-Stacking, I know it is generally a tedious, and takes a lot of time; however, this was posted on a pro forum : . (Middle of the page) and according to Dukesloth it will be in this video : And generally I think It is a bit reasonable since Rod of Tahuti got nerfed. some pros did actually double-stack this SPW, I remember Thoth was double stacked with Book of Thoth, Warlock Staff (Warlock Sash previously) and used Obsidian Shard. I personally do not like it, since it takes so long and if you fall behind, it makes it even way worse; However, the benefits for it in this meta that when you get Warlock Staff early on, you are going to have more health to be able to survive, then when you full stacked it, and added Book of Thoth's passive on it , you will end up roughly with around 2500 mana (considering you're level 20, and I am not quite sure, I didn't calculate, again calculations in Dukesloth's video).

For your second point about Book of the Dead and Typhon's Fang, I just checked the 5.3 patch notes, and I'll update the guide accordingly, for Book of the Dead, I generally do not think it will be in the builds anymore since the change for it, basically makes it not that effective anymore, It would generally give you around 500 hp shield before nerf, but after the change, I would expect it would be around 200 hp shield(again I didn't do the calculations) which is basically 1 hit at most by the enemy gods late game. As for Typhon's Fang, I still think it is going to be viable though, I am not quite sure how is it going to go. I'll probably update the guide, re-publish it on the update day, maybe we will see Soul Gem being considered.

for Rod of Tahuti I think it might be okay to build it as 6th item ;however, I think mages won't generally need it, if they have enough penetration and the damage from double stacking, I don't think the passive from Rod of Tahuti going to even help unless it is against a tank, that is why I would recommend it more on ADC build since you are already using AAs most of the time.

Pestilence, yes I do apologize, It was a mistake, and I already fixed it. Generally, I agree with you, regarding building Divine Ruin instead of Pestilence. I would recommend it only for Duel against a magical god with a lot of lifesteal such as Freya. In Conquest, I would only recommend it if the enemy has Ao Kuang or The Morrigan with life-steal, since it provides some decent protection and health.

Regarding Warlock Staff for ADC build, yes I agree with you, Book of Thoth gives more damage, and I will replace it. I "personally" do not like multiple rings, because there are much better items aside from DR, building 3 Rings and no boots, I personally do not recommend it, but if you want to do that, I would recommend building it late game at least, just keep in mind the 10 flat penetration will not be there, and you might need an item in another slot for that. for Obsidian Shard, It has nothing to do with rings, the thing is I only recommend building Obsidian Shard if you do NOT get Demonic Grip because both give percentage penetration, and Obsidian Shard percentage penetration will be applied after each hit from Demonic Grip reduced percentage. I would recommend building both only if you are know what you're doing and know at which levels it is going to be most effective against enemies. when I said Telk/Hastened I meant Telkhines Ring "OR" Hastened Ring not necessarily both(I do apologize if i caused a misunderstanding, I shall fix it), and since you won't have penetration from Demonic Grip, that is why I recommend you get Obsidian Shard with either Telk/Hastened (if you are going both, I still recommend Obsidian Shard); However, if you are going with 3 rings, and one of them is Demonic Grip get Spear of Desolation or Divine Ruin instead of Obsidian Shard in that case.

Regarding Items, yes I will remove the unnecessary items, I just tried to list all items (was going to add rest of the trees) so if anyone had some thoughts on an item, It would be there; however, since you and dann are recommending not to list items unless it is necessary, I shall do so.
Branmuffin17 (287) | February 22, 2018 3:13pm
Hi Astral,

Thanks for taking the time to address my questions with extensive answers...always appreciate when people do that!

I understand the synergy between the high mana from Warlock's Staff combined with the huge mana from Book of Thoth, which works synergistically with the passive from Book of the Dead...makes sense. And I watched that DukeSloth video...funny how the pros really are building this...and I'm in agreement with Sloth and how he tailors the video...if this ends up being the best build type, it's freaking stupid. So HR obviously screwed up with their balancing...which is nice that they're addressing 3 of these problem items with patch 5.3. But that doesn't take away from your build, since that apparently IS the way they're often building.

That said, with guides in general, I personally feel it's better when people make the guides their own...if you don't personally like that build, then I'd say don't promote it, you know? Do the build YOU like the best. Otherwise, it's like "hey, I don't like Trump but he won the election so I'm just going to do what he does." (including grabbing p****** and being amazingly racist) (Sorry if that line offends anyone, lol)

One funny thing is that, in a lot of ways, I think Rod of Tahuti is fine. Sure, not necessarily as core anymore, but it does offer 25 higher base power than before, and the 50% barrier isn't all that bad in my estimation...especially for a god like Sol, she's not as much burst, so she's going to be hitting with some abilities then chipping away life with her basics...once you hit that barrier, you've got full Tahuti function back, and that will greatly help her take down gods.
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xXDannTheMannXx (2) | February 20, 2018 12:26pm
A lot of beginning users, including myself, have had a lack of BBCoding in their first guides. I'd recommend trying to experiment with different styles, and aesthetics to make your guide more visually appealing. I heavily recommend reading or glancing at nanoyam's guide to creating guides. I'd recommend looking at the spoiler section, so that you can have improved organization in your guide, particularly in the section for "Gods who counter Sol", and "Gods who Sol counters".

I would try to avoid having unnecessary information in your guide too. On SmiteFire, you can view basic ability information such as damage and cooldowns, upon hovering over an ability, which eliminates the need to restate it on your guide. Although this is my opinion, I'd refrain from cluttering the build section with too many items as it will appear distracting, intimidating for new players, and some information could be unnecessary in that section.

I don't want to touch upon the builds themselves because your builds seem, for the most part, reasonable, and some aspects are personal preference, such as prioritizing an early Warlock's Staff over an early Bancroft's Talon, sacrificing early strength for a late game advantage versus immense early strength and sustainability. It's also good to see someone other than myself attempt at making content for Sol.
AstralScythe | February 20, 2018 9:50pm
Thank you very much, yes I agree with you that my guide is visually tedious, so I will definitely check the link and try to make it less lengthy.
Kriega1 (85) | February 20, 2018 6:54am
Just wanted to mention that two of your builds on your mage builds page seem to be missing a sixth item.
AstralScythe | February 20, 2018 12:20pm
yes that is true, because it is optional for you to build what you want in it, whether it is situational item , defensive, or an item you prefer
Kriega1 (85) | February 21, 2018 3:27am
Also I wouldn't list Obsidian Shard as a core item on Sol even for mid lane, all you need to do is be good at landing your basics and you will get much better use out of Demonic Grip, which will also have better tower push than Obsidian Shard due to the attack speed. (You only really get Obsidian Shard for the most tanky of tanks.) In some cases, say where the guardian/warrior aren't a problem at all, you could forget Obsidian Shard and even Demonic Grip and just get Divine Ruin or Spear of Desolation. I know you list the pro S5 mage build for mid, but that currently really applies to burst mages like Thoth, Scylla etc... because they don't get much use out of lifesteal. Bancroft's Talon is still great for mid for Sol. Rod of Tahuti is quite bad as of now, but it can be a luxury last item in your build I guess, though Chronos' Pendant is looking like a much more attractive item now. Polynomicon should also be the last item in a build. Furthermore, if you are getting Typhon's Fang , you should get Bancroft's Talon as well rather than an item like Book of Thoth

One last thing your Sol example carry build orders can be tweaked a bit: I would build your second one like this: Bancroft's Talon, Shoes of the Magi, Spear of Desolation, Typhon's Fang, Obsidian Shard (don't get this as ADC, get Demonic Grip...}, Hastened Ring ( Telkhines Ring is an ok alternative).

and for the third example build: switch Book of Thoth for Bancroft's Talon (or keep it and switch Typhon's Fang for Bancroft's Talon or Chronos' Pendant)

, like this : Bancroft's Talon, Shoes of the Magi, Demonic Grip, Typhon's Fang, Spear of Desolation, Hastened Ring.

If you only want one lifesteal item, go for Bancroft's Talon instead of Typhon's Fang, otherwise get both.
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