July 01, 2017

The Old Gang

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Well, the old gang was able to get back together for a night. The old gang was rusty.

GGF and Taco have played regularly. However, Zilby and Prism haven't played much over the past couple of months. I've been splitting my time with a variety of other games, and have only played 10 PC matches over the past 2 weeks, none of them being Conquest. Excuses, though.

This was a fun game. Our lineup was:
We were against Loki, Athena, Hades, Geb, and Rama.

Initial thought was to sort of talk about gameplay, builds and whatnot, but with a full group of 5, we got sidetracked. Oops. I've now added comments here about thoughts on all builds.

Critiquing Builds

Anyway, we almost won at the 24:30 point of the match...but didn't focus it in a timely manner and that, in the end, spelled our doom, as they slowly made a push back.

I didn't do all that well, but that's pretty much expected. Although I had top damage on my team (barely), and went 12/8/3, I also died too much. A better model for a good score would be Taco's 7/2/11.

In any case, check it out if you'd like.

Also, here are my critiques of my own game. Times given are time of the video, NOT the time in the match.