March 06, 2021

Random Games I'm Playing

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HOTAS  |  Rogue-Likes  |  Valheim  |  GuildWars2  |  StardewValley  |  RocketLeague  |  Sackboy
Thought I'd post a list of games I'm playing and some thoughts.

HOTAS (Hands-on Throttle and Stick)

I don't have an actual throttle yet, but I picked this beaut up a bit ago.

It's been great so far...a lot of complaints of sticks on the market are regarding their reliability, or lack thereof. From my research, it seems this brand is quite reliable overall, and this comes at a fair price point (Premium Right has a base price of $150, then add shipping). A lot of the more mainstream brands / products out there are boosted in price (sometimes 2x their original retail) due to low stock and people buying/scalping (same as video cards, PS5s, Switches, etc.). These include Logitech's X52 and X56 (throttle + stick) and Thrustmaster's T.16000M. There are, of course, higher end products, but I'm not willing to spend $500+ at this point =P

Anyway, the games I've been playing with it include Elite Dangerous, Star Wars Squadrons, and Ace Combat 7. I got Project Wingman as well but haven't started that one yet. If you're interested in these types of games (or something like Microsoft Flight Simulator), I think this stick is a good option.


Most people by now have probably played Hades. I had grabbed it when it was in Beta in the Epic Store and played through it at that point. There's been a ton of work done on it in the meantime, and I tried it a bit ago after it went full release. Just such a great game.

I will also suggest Curse of the Dead Gods. You might think it's a lot like Hades, but there's plenty different about it, and it can be a pretty deep game for its kind, IMO.

Dead Cells is another that's very popular. Since I'm an old gamer, I appreciate the nostagia of a more pixellated game, even if some of the effects are significantly more advanced than what was able to be done back in the NES / SNES days. The side-scrolling type is also one of my favorites (e.g. Mega Man, Mario, Sonic, Metroid, etc.).


Gotta mention this one. Played through with Boogiebass and another friend in a week or so. I enjoyed the house-building more than the fighting or crafting XD. Definitely a solid game, but wouldn't hold my attention too long. Never been much of a survival / crafting gamer.

Stardew Valley

That said, I've been thinking about getting back into Stardew Valley. I played that at first release and haven't touched it since. Tons of new stuff, lots of mods via Nexus...just sorta want to play it with friends. Can't convince anyone as of yet.

Rocket League

Got back into this a bit. Apparently I'm better at Rocket League than I am at SMITE, haha. In S7 SMITE I played enough ranked games (it says 35 games, 60% W/L) to get into Plat, and then I stopped.

I don't belong there, but in RL I snuck my way into Diamond in 3v3 and Plat in 2v2. This game is just such a solid, fun game.

Guild Wars 2

Trying to get friends into this. Haven't really played for years, and 2 DLCs have come out. Got those, played just a bit, and want to take people through the Fractals, which were some of the most fun dungeon events I've played in any game ever.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS4)

Still don't have a PS5. Will get one eventually. In the meantime, my kids enjoyed LittleBigPlanet and Super Mario Odyssey, so figured this would be an easy hit...bought it last night and will probably play some today.