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Branmuffin17's Blog
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May 06, 2016

Converted Guides

Views: 495 Branmuffin17
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Smite  |  Guide  |  Conquest  |  Arena  |  Clash  |  Siege
Hey everyone,

If you've read my guides before, but haven't revisited in a while, just know that my Medusa and Freya Arena guides have been converted into guides for all modes (pretty much).

Both have ADC versions with full writeups, and Freya also has a Jungler version. Arena builds have also been revised.

With solid, existing guides by other people for Odin, Loki and Ravana, I do not have any current plans to convert those.

As for good ol' Bacchus, he doesn't appear to have any other current guides, but he's not really the most common pick in Conquest, so I'm hesitant to put forth the effort to convert that one.

So anyway, just a heads up on my current guide-making status. I don't have any plans on new ones, as it's a lot of work just maintaining the ones I have, but I have no problems reading and providing feedback on others' guides. …
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May 07, 2016
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Conquest  |  Noob  |  Educational  |  ISux
This here's a candidate
for "too long, didn't read,"
but if you've got the time,
some quality stuff, indeed.

Despite the total number of SMITE matches I've played over the past couple of years (approaching 2,000, and 521 hours according to SmiteGuru), I'm a Conquest newbie.

I've written guides, you say? Even one for Conquest? That's called a talent for gathering info, combined with the willingness to spend lots of time writing / honing / correcting / BBcoding. My actual skill in the game? That's another story. Actually, that's THIS story.

Depending on how often I attempt Conquest matches, and as I feel or see any progress in my level of play, I'll share my experiences in this type of format.

A History Of Me & SMITE

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May 12, 2016
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Conquest  |  Noob  |  Educational  |  iSux
With gameplay video at the bottom!

After a couple of days of avoiding playing Conquest (friends I would team with are usually never on when I play!), I felt brave last night.

Match #1 (ADC Medusa)

Decided to play a solo-queued Conquest match. Finally was able to conquer my fear of solo-queuing (maybe just this once). I tried calling Solo first, but was beaten to the punch, so I was able to get ADC. Chose Medusa...and found myself against an opposing Medusa.

I didn't do my Support any favors...poor Athena...sorry! Was just thoroughly outplayed, so it wasn't about bad god matchups, just my poor play. Though...I did get her just once. If I recall the sequence correctly, there were some Acid Sprays involved, maybe some other abilities, and Petrify being thrown around back to back. I think she activated hers first, and I activated mine. Turned around to avoid hers, then immediately spun and stoned her, and finished her with a couple of quick basics.

Went 1/4/0. Ouch.

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May 18, 2016
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Conquest  |  Noob  |  Educational  |  iSux
Last night wasn't a good night, game-wise. But let me go back a few days as a preface.

An Almost Perfect Support Match (for me)

I was handed a rare treat, and got to play with not only my nephew, but Ducks and Stuke too, to make almost a full team. Only our Susano was a solo queue.

Okay, Ducks knows how to play as Skadi. He dominated, 12/1/5. There was only one point where I wasn't able to save him as Athena, and it was a 10-15 second chase when my abilities were on cooldown, Ducks was juking, I was body-blocking, and the enemy Jing Wei was finally able to catch him. It felt like it went on forever, and he had gotten into the range of our tower, so it was a close call. No prob, said Ducks. Cool.

In the opposite lane, Stuke was showing us that he doesn't need to be a Warrior to do well. 6/3/1 as Zhong Kui.

I think my biggest error of the match was not starting to rotate soon enough. I know I should be moving around the 5 minute mark, but I was mostly staying around Duo unt…
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May 21, 2016
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conquest  |  noobie  |  educational  |  iSux
Another preface.

The Previous Night, like the Previous Night

Just like the previous episode, the previous night's SMITE festivities felt eerily identical to that horrible sequence. Creepy.

Started with a solo Assault match as Osiris (the only tanky god), with the enemy team having Guan Yu and Athena. Ouch. Tried to do my part, went 3/4/7 tanking about double the damage overall compared to any one of my teammates, while doing roughly the same damage as my team's Ra and Janus (WTF?). Tanking a lot didn't help, and I figured as much, based on our comp (I was also the only physical god). Eh, happens.

The rest of the night went as expected for someone with a defeatist attitude. Got a nice group of Zilby, TakeYoPantsOff (Taco), Stuke, and my nephew, for a full team. Decided I would try GameGeekFan's Cricket...but first, I had to unlock him. That done, we went into our first match, and Taco got the first babysitting assignment.

Just have to say for this match and the subsequent o…
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May 24, 2016
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conquest  |  noob  |  educational  |  iSux
Since I don't have that much to report, this is more of an interlude of thoughts, not so much on actual games.

That said, I guess I will comment on one recent Conquest match. Got to play this one with Stuke, Zilby, and Greenevers. I chose Athena Support, and it was an ugly thing (1/5/8). Bad choices on when to initiate. At one point, I saw our guys getting destroyed, and I got there too late. Thing is, in my head, I felt I needed to at least make an attempt, but at the point when I actually initiated the taunt, I think I was the last one standing. Slow reaction time, or something. Zilby was like "why did you taunt them?!?" because I basically had 3 guys basic attacking me via the taunt, while I should have just retreated.

Oh, and actually, there was this other one, where I got to play with GameGeekFan, who is a solid jungler. But...1/8/11 with Khepri. Again feel like I'm going backward.

Which got me to thinking...what was it about playing with Ducks where I was doing so well? The …
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May 28, 2016
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conquest  |  noob  |  educational  |  iSux
This episode's hidden title is called "Just Be Support."

A Quick Blurb On Being An ADC

So yeah, just going to summarize some horrible games I had attempting to play ADC Apollo 3 days ago. Granted, these were the first I played as him, and am just not very familiar with his kit.
  • 2/5/3 Win
  • 3/8/8 Loss
  • 0/0/1 Win
  • 4/9/1 Loss

Special thanks to AscendingBrohan for being nice and teaming up with me to duo and try to help me out (didn't work, but appreciated nonetheless).

Among my biggest, repeating issues, include not dashing from the fountain to get back to lane more quickly, being overaggressive when I have an obvious disadvantage, not going back to base when I'm too hurt to do anything except die, etc. I recorded some of these, and Bull was kind enough to review and point out every one of my mistakes. I could make a separate post just on his feedback, lol.

I'll try it again sometime, as I think I won't make some of those same mistakes again, but it'll take teaming with someone th…
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May 29, 2016
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conquest  |  noob  |  educational  |  iSux

Well, not really "carry," but still...practically flawless when regarding it was me playing.

Oh, and it looks like voice recording DOES work with people in my chat, hahahahahahahaha. Hi GGF.

Final score: 6/0/13.

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June 04, 2016
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Conquest  |  noob  |  educational  |  iSux
I've been trying to branch out just a bit more. Played a couple of Clash matches recently as Scylla (she's super fun, but I need lots of practice)...I'm at least even K/D but should be doing a lot more damage. 3 games went 11/10/4, 7/7/6, 1/1/1.

Also played some more Joust matches as Odin (I'm still not very good at Joust). Went 7/3/5, 6/7/7, and 1/3/6.

But anyway, back to Conquest. Over the past few days I've gotten a few games in. At this point, I'm definitely not a game-changer, but I'm also not (usually) a detriment to my team anymore, even when playing with people I don't know. I don't feel like I'm the weakest member of the team, which is something.

Khepri Support games:

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June 19, 2016
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Conquest  |  educational  |  noob  |  iSux
Long(ish) time, no talk. Let's catch up.

First, a quick summary of some conquest matches, in order, to see how things have been going:
  • Solo Queue Khepri Support: 3/7/10 (Loss @ 34 minutes)
  • Solo Queue Khepri Support: 1/2/5 (Win @ 14 minutes)
  • Solo Queue Khepri Support: 2/4/7 (Loss @ 22 minutes)
  • Group Queue Khepri Support: 3/0/3 (Win @ 16 minutes, Bullfrog as ADC, Prism as Jungler)
Oooh, some new stuff?

Group Game: Vamana Solo

Finally something new to talk...oh...0/0/0. Defeat @ 5 minutes. This was another game with Bullfrog and Prism, but unfortunately, Prism lost power in his house and couldn't get back into the game. 0 kills 0 deaths from both teams, but we surrendered as soon as we could.

Group Game: Isis Mid

Okay, let's try that again...Finally something new to talk about! Unfortunately, the results weren't good. Got to play Mid, I think for the first time (I might have played Mid a loooong time ago when I didn't know what I was doing, but I can't remember).

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June 19, 2016
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Conquest  |  educational  |  noob  |  iSux
Although the last post and this one have been posted on the same day, a week passed between the games mentioned then and now.

Last post saw me try Mid for the first time, and we'll see yet another role played this time, though, well, you'll see.

4 games, 4 different gods, and playing with 4 clanmates...These were all with Stuke, Ferrum, Taco, and Ducks.

Group Queue Game 1: Geb Support

Not much to say about this one, game-wise. Their Sobek Support never showed, and they surrendered at 7 minutes.

The thing I WILL talk about is how I don't like Geb. I'm sure his passive is great late-game, but I just don't like his gameplay. He's so passive in comparison to Khepri, that I feel I'm doing nothing most of the time. To be fair, I'll give him another chance later, but he's not likely going to be a normal pick for me. Khepri's kit is way more fun and fits my playstyle much better.

Finished 0/0/1.

Group Queue Game 2: Bacchus Support

Okay, I totally know how to play him in Arena. I …
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June 26, 2016
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Conquest  |  noob  |  educational  |  iSux
Hmmm, not sure what happened with SmiteGuru, but the site is only showing games as long as 4 days ago, so I don't have links to the games themselves right now.

Summary based on memory...played a couple of matches with clanmates... Khepri Support for one or two games with Zilby, Ferrum, and Stuke, (and then added GGF), then we had a nice custom 3v3 match where we got to hear God (aka Ducks) tell his teammates not to suck/die (with a lot of swearing from Stuke, like usual), and finally another Conquest match where Ducks replaced Ferrum.

And that's where I get to talk a bit about my newest experience with Athena.

I've tried playing Athena support a few times in the past, mostly because she's always considered one of the strongest guardians, and I need all the help I can get. Historically, I've royally sucked with her...wasn't good at timing with my ult, was too aggressive early and died multiple times, etc.

This one was played after getting generally comfortable with the support rol…
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July 26, 2016
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Conquest  |  educational  |  iSux  |  noob
Been a while since my last post. Got lazy, partially...okay, mostly.

I'll quickly summarize everything up to before last night...varying degrees of success, mostly playing Khepri and Athena in the Support role, though I've had a couple of deviations:
  • Freya ADC: went 2/2/2 in a 13 minute enemy surrender. Although GBow was already removed, still found myself, alongside Taco as Sobek, being pressured and pushed back under the tower by the enemy Ah Muzen Cab and Aphrodite. Interesting combo there, but they definitely had better early game presence. Thankfully, Zilby was destroying in the Solo lane, and his 6/1/1 score, alongside the teamwork of Prism ( Nemesis) and Ducks ( Nu Wa in her new volleyball outfit) destroyed the enemy team's hopes of a win.

  • Bacchus Support: went 1/1/8 in a 22 minute enemy surrender. This was the 2nd time I played him in Conquest, and this time, I heeded the advice of a more conservative early game. Jaberg as Rama and I held our own in the Duo lane ag

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August 08, 2016
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Conquest  |  Educational  |  Noob  |  iSux
I'll mostly summarize on this one. I've found my new Support main, who is an old drinking buddy.

Now that I've gotten used to how aggressive/conservative I need to be in the early game, the added mobility, strength of initiation, and general disruption of Bacchus is fitting me nicely. The added damage naturally provided within his kit also makes me feel like I'm doing something (though I could be deluding myself). The biggest help to this is having teammates that generally know what they're doing. That allows me to be a god that doesn't have quite as much pure support CC ( Athena' taunt, Khepri's pull and life-saving ult) and be an additional threat.

First, though, I unlocked Fafnir and played a round in a losing effort, going 3/3/15. Not bad for a first-go, but boy, did I feel like he fell off hard in the late game. I built pure support, with Traveler's Boots (why, I dunno, his mobility is actually quite nice but I didn't know that going into it), Hide of the Urchin, Breastplat
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October 16, 2016
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Conquest  |  Casual  |  iSux  |  noob
This is mostly about last night's match, though I'll summarize a few previous games.

Conquest matches have been few and far between for me lately. I only play that mode when friends are also playing, and since school started back up for a lot of them, it's made it more difficult to get people together.

So I've mostly gone back to my roots, playing Assault more than anything. In general, since expanding my repertoire of modes, my level of play in Assault has gotten significantly better.

Even when our team is losing, when our comp is horrible, when my score is poor, I find that I'm doing generally well, confirmed by looking at my stats. But man, there are streaks. One day, every game I played was a win. The next two nights, I couldn't buy a win. Weird how that goes.

Oh, and I had no clue how Raijin's ult worked. That was a lot of BM on that one. My bad, should have messed around with him in jungle practice or something first.

With regard to Conquest, it continues…
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November 17, 2016
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Ymir  |  Contest  |  Casual  |  gameplay  |  videos  |  iSux  |  Educational  |  Arena  |  Clash  |  Conquest
I thought for a while before deciding to do this. After all, I'm definitely not the best Ymir (in fact, I'm a pretty awful Ymir). I mean, I miss my Frost Breaths enough to be embarrassed about it. But then I thought, eh, I'll get over it.

So for the 2016 SmiteFire Ymir Guide Contest, I've made some gameplay videos, playing one match with select guides. I originally planned to try to record a video for EACH guide, but 2 things stopped me...1) that's a lot of recording...more Ymir guides keep popping up. 2) Some builds are quite similar, which is to be expected.

I will preface this by saying that in no way do the outcomes of the matches affect my end opinion of the guides. I'm not going to blame a guide for my poor play. However, I WILL provide my feedback and thoughts on the match, the items used for the build, etc. Agree or not, hope the videos and my writeups are interesting, and maybe helpful for the original guide makers. Another detail: I based my games on the guides as they …
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November 16, 2016

Bacchus - Buff Secure Fail

Views: 425 Branmuffin17
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Humor  |  Conquest  |  Fail  |  iSux  |  UltTheSpeed
Jaben: "Bran, that's MY speed boy...BRAN? That's MY SPEED!"

Me: Naw, naw, I got it...

Bran fail. =(

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January 16, 2017
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PS4  |  Freya  |  Conquest
So I can confirm... Freya is




A nice, simple setup with my most comfortable god works well even with my somewhat janky aiming. In that first linked match, it's good to see I can do well (57k dmg lol) against regulars (level 30s with 50% or higher win rates)...but holy **** if I still can't carry a team...that 3rd match (Conquest) was a surrender (the other 4 voted, I didn't, *sigh*).

I looked up at a certain point and was like "16-1 Ratatoskr WTF?!?" Fed to all hell. 3 teammates at levels 9 and 10 by the time I hit level 20...

And of course, I have other games like these (sorry, newbie). Seriously no consistency. Oh well. I'm a quarter through level 11 now! (Slowly but surely)

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July 01, 2017

The Old Gang

Views: 8741 Branmuffin17
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Well, the old gang was able to get back together for a night. The old gang was rusty.

GGF and Taco have played regularly. However, Zilby and Prism haven't played much over the past couple of months. I've been splitting my time with a variety of other games, and have only played 10 PC matches over the past 2 weeks, none of them being Conquest. Excuses, though.

This was a fun game. Our lineup was:
We were against Loki, Athena, Hades, Geb, and Rama.

Initial thought was to sort of talk about gameplay, builds and whatnot, but with a full group of 5, we got sidetracked. Oops. I've now added comments here about thoughts on all builds.

Critiquing Builds

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August 19, 2017
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This was a fun night...Zilby came back to play with us for a bit. In addition, we welcomed 2 SF members to the clan...Carve (boogiebass) and Vocoder (DV-8). After some earlier games (a couple of failed Custom matches and a solid Corrupted Arena match), Carve went to play with his friend, so we got into a Conquest match (unusual for us these days).

Our roster:
After what felt (to me) like a slightly rough first 5 minutes (at around 4:20, the fun started, with Taco rotating to our lane but 2 of theirs rotating in also), things started looking up for us.

I still find myself wandering without purpose too much, and not dropping enough wards. Will probably continue to happen unless I play Conquest more. Oh well.

Solid games from everyone, though the competition was questionable...I outdamaged the enemy Hel, Ravana, and Ganesha, and was within 500 damage of outdamaging their Ap
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September 01, 2017
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Ranked  |  Conquest  |  Toxicity
Link to the game stats is here.

Welp. I played my very first Ranked Conquest game ever. Honestly could have gone a lot worse, but boy did I feel a lot more pressure than normal. Didn't play very well, but I sort of expected that.

Only one other was actively talking/using the new in-game voice chat. And he was complaining (not unjustified I'm sure) a lot. He was our best player ( Ao Kuang), and without him, we definitely would have lost. Other than 2 others that were also playing qualifying matches, the spread of players consisted mostly of Silver division.

Keep in mind, the entire ranked experience was new to me, with the banning and all.

Here was how it went:

Banning & Picking

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September 10, 2017
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Ranked  |  Conquest
Game 2

Link to the game stats is here.

In my second Ranked Conquest game ever, I got to experience a rage-quitter ( Kali on the enemy team). My team was pretty darn cool...I didn't do well, but they were okay with that.

Here was how bans/picks went:

Banning & Picking

With an enemy Kali, Ullr, and Erlang Shen, I made sure this time to choose a build style that actually fit Witchblade...went with the Transcendence build, with a Bluestone Pendant and Bumba's Mask start. Planned to get Witchblade after Trans, in place of Asi. The game never got that far. …
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September 19, 2017

So this happened...(A Hachiman Story)

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Conquest  |  Hachiman  |  Can'tFinish
Last night, duo-queued a regular Conquest game with DV-8. Turned out to be interesting...and boring...but interesting.

Does anyone remember when the ADC role was one of the first roles claimed? I do. What happened? (And don't tell me it's because ADCs are's all subjective and I find them just as fun as any other role.)

Well, in 2 of my 3 ranked games (discussed previously), I ended up drawing ADC because no one else wanted it. Same with this casual match. Both DV and I called fill. He asked me if I'd played Hachiman yet, which I hadn't in an actual game...only Jungle Practice. Honestly, I didn't even have him unlocked...was going to wait until his favor price came down. Anyway, DV basically says "you can try him," so under peer pressure, I unlock him and then...lock him. He went Kuzenbo, which was an interesting Support option (TMNT is not a great Support but he has pretty good utility). The rest of our team chooses Bastet (Jungle), Chaac (Solo), and Janus (Mid).

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September 22, 2017
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Ranked  |  Conquest
Link to the game stats is here.

This is now the 2nd game in a row where I've played Support...this time as Athena. In looking at the levels of competition, there were 4 playing qualifying matches (including me), with the others consisting of silver and gold players.

Here was how bans/picks went:

Banning & Picking

Gameplay starts at 7:46...from this point forward, will refer to any times as in-game.

Felt pretty good in the beginning. At 2:38, Freya called for a gank in our lane. We were able to get both Ganesha and Jing Wei...I didn't mean to …
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January 18, 2018
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Season5  |  S5  |  Conquest  |  PTS  |  Discordia  |  Mid  |  Love

First time playing on the new S5 map in PTS (night of PTS release). Can't remember the last time I played mid. Fun though, even though I suck.

Super excited. The map feels great. The map looks great. The map IS great.

Love the new minion look (even though I don't pay too much attention to them, it's still different). Love the floor look between Chaos and Order. Love the look of the buffs when they drop. Love the simpler concept of the starter items (Blessings). Love the twists and turns of the jungle. Love the fog. Makes the lane feel scarier.

Hate that I consistently forget to buy wards. Oracle is going to be my friend due to forgetfulness.

The end game Titan area (more attacking it than being on my own side) feels brand new. Titan DOES feel a bit close to the middle wall.

Going to want to play Conquest a lot more. HR, you're doing good things, and you're headed in the right direction, no matter what everyone else says about you =)

So...who's with me?

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March 07, 2018
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Conquest  |  Ranked  |  iSux
With all the talk of Ranked play from Wayne and Marki, I knew I had to get my *** in gear. Marki even offered to queue ranked with me earlier in the week, but I was already in a full group =(

Here's the funny'd think, since I maintain the Conquest guide, that I'd be extremely comfortable with the mode and the various roles. But nope...I generally only play Conquest when I've got some friends with me (and they are okay playing it)...when Solo queuing, I usually just do Assault / Arena / Clash.

So I teamed up with Duotem last night and got through 3 ranked games. I'll break them down from my point of view below, and maybe Duo can offer some additional feedback. Going to keep it a bit simpler than my last blog series.

Qualifier #1: LOSS

Game stats are HERE.

Our team:
Enemy team:
I will tell …
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April 21, 2018
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ranked  |  conquest  |  iSux  |  Finally

I probably should have at least finished up my ranked qualifiers in 3 wins and 2 losses, it was automatically better than the showing I had this season...

Final qualifier score: 2-8. And the grand prize ranking?


Yup, yours truly was placed in the absolute lowest rank. And I even brought DV-8 out of Gold while doing so.

Now, I can't say I'm a good player...but damn if most of the games felt really lopsided, and not necessarily because of me.

In this one, I warned them about me playing jungle, but I ended up being Jungle anyway! LOL...I do have to say, Ratatoskr is tons of fun. In any case, our Sobek ragequit very early in the game after he died twice...left us all obviously at a disadvantage, so we were just holding for a short while and trying to stalemate...didn't come back, died some, and we ended up forfeiting because it was an obvious lost cause.

There was one where we were winning, DV-8 was Hachi-ing it up, and then he dropped...we held for anoth…
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May 04, 2018
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Ranked  |  Conquest  |  iSux
Yes, I'm actually back at it after the 5.7 ranked soft reset. Logged on last night, wife was super tired from restless sleep the night before so I knew I had a good chunk of game time XD

Warmed up with a couple of casual matches. Went 9/2/15 w/ Fenrir in an Assault game, where I accidentally auto-ran off the platform as we got into game, so started with 0 items...and got 4 kills before I died and was able to load up. Then went 7/2/19 w/ Bacchus in an Arena match that came down to the wire (3 tickets to 0). Was feeling pretty good after those matches.

Then DV-8 had finished up a ranked game, and so we partnered up for 3 ranked games.

Game 1 (Ganesha Support, Loss)

This game, DV-8 decided to troll with a spicy Ah Puch mid pick. It actually worked pretty well for him (6/4/2, the only positive K/D on our team), and he would have done better with better teammates =(

I had Rama as an ADC. I'd given him the option of either ADC or Support. First few minutes were okay..…
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April 29, 2019

Bran's Conquest - Ups and Downs

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Conquest  |  iSux  |  Yoink
I was originally just going to talk about my most recent ****py Conquest match, and was looking for the thread where we've been posting bad matches, but couldn't find it. Then I thought about the bigger picture and wanted to talk more about Conquest in general. TL;DR warning.

Conquest Vs. Other Modes

My disgusting pie chart of modes played

So, historically, as those that have known me a long time know, I was originally an Assault main.

For the first year or so of my playing experience (Season 1), I strictly played Assault outside of the random Joust match with my nephew. The (arguably) great thing about that is it made me really think and learn about building when considering comps, and it triggered the start of my guide creation career and participation on SMITEFire.

After that first year, I switched over (or rather expanded my horizons) with the Arena mode. You'd think it would have been the other way around, but whatever.

Eventually, I learned to…
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May 14, 2020

Cern Support is a Thing

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Cernunnos  |  Support  |  Conquest  |  IsThisTroll
Based on a couple (this and this) of Cernunnos Support builds we've seen pop up in the last few days, and especially after boogiebass was so positive in his comment about what - compared to meta - is a fairly troll concept, I proposed trying it out.

This proposal contained the stipulation of having DV-8 as my Carry, for 2 reasons:
  1. He made me support him as Loki Carry in a recent match, so he sort of owed me
  2. He's a solid player and it would give this experiment a better chance of success
Needless to say, right now I'm 2 for 2.

Cern Support Game 1 (DV-8 as Artemis)

Full 5 man team w/ Taco, Prism and Draisaitl that was nice and allowed me to do this. Allowed is the correct word, because the tone coming from them was...let's just say "hesitant."

As you can see, our entire team had a lot of success. I accidentally "secured" at least a couple of kills that I shouldn't have last-hit. Not like DV-8 needed the kills anyway, though.

All I know is that if I was in Duo and I saw 2 hunt…
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