July 09, 2021

New Toy: Azeron Classic

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Azeron  |  Keypad
Alright, here's a quick vid going over my new toy, the Azeron Classic. Tried to make it brief and cover its features, adjustability, and customization, along with a quick look at the software.

Previously I was using the Razer Orbweaver keypad. Reason I wanted to get this is because the Razer keypads have had fairly short lives. I've already gone through 1 Orbweaver (~1.5 years) and a Tartarus V2 (6 months)...thumbpads broke...and I was hoping to get something that might last longer once my second Orbweaver dies (thumbpad already starting to go and it's been about a year).

As an FYI, the way I have this set up, I can use this and my mouse (Corsair MMO w/ 12 thumb buttons) to handle all general VGS requirements in SMITE.

My key setup:

2 high buttons (middle and index): Esc, T (skill level up ult)

4 buttons above: 1, 2, 3, 4

In the finger rest section:

Push forward: Q, W, E, R (W, E, and R are skill level up for skill level 1-3)

Push down: A, S, D, F (A = Scoreboard, S D & F are skill use for 1-3)...Index push side = G (ult use)

Push back: Z, X, C, V (Z is store, X and C are relics, and V obv starts VGS)

Thumbpad is movement obviously, hat down = B (backing), and thumb out = free look.

Liking the feel already, though it's going to take a bit of getting used to. The button presses have little actuation force to register a press, and the actuation distance is maybe 1mm. I've changed the analog stick angle just a bit, and adjusted deadzone and sensitivity so it feels good for movement.