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Nemesis: Distributor of Fortune [S4 In-Depth Guide] (Updated for Patch 4.14)

August 7, 2017 by Papa Murmz
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Distributor of Fortune

Smite God: Nemesis

Item Purchase Order

Personal Standard Build:

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Toxic Blade
Build Item Wind Demon
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Qin's Sais

Movement Items:

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Ninja Tabi

Penetration Items:

Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item The Crusher Build Item Titan's Bane

Protection Items:

Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Spirit Robe

Power/Movement Items:

Build Item Hastened Katana Build Item Stone Cutting Sword

Anti-Heal Items:

Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Pestilence Build Item Toxic Blade

Utility Items:

Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Void Shield

Starting Items: Conquest (Jungle):

Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Bumba's Mask Build Item Death's Toll Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Conquest (Jungle) Build:

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Void Shield Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Horrific Emblem

Starting Items: Arena/Clash/Joust:

Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Death's Toll Build Item Boots Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Arena/Clash/Joust Build: (Alternative to Personal Standard Build) >> Sell Ichaival at Full-Build:

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Ichaival Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Qin's Sais Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Horrific Emblem

Starting Items: Siege:

Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Death's Toll Build Item Combat Boots Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion

God Skill Order

Swift Vengeance

Swift Vengeance 2 15 16 18 19 key bind

Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice 1 3 6 7 10 key bind


Retribution 4 8 11 12 14 key bind

Divine Judgement

Divine Judgement 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Nemesis: Distributor of Fortune [S4 In-Depth Guide] (Updated for Patch 4.14)

Papa Murmz
August 7, 2017


Of arrogance and pride, the Greeks have but one word: hubris. It is a crime against Gods and Men, but a crime many commit with impunity. Even mighty Zeus is guilty. But when punishment is due, there is one from whom even the God of Thunder shrinks. She is Nemesis, the red-washed blade of Divine Retribution.

Recall the tale of Narcissus, so taken by his own beauty. Proudly, his visage was flaunted, to the detriment of all. Until, at last, he was led to a pond of crystal hue where his own reflection enraptured him. So long did he remain to gaze upon this self-image that hunger claimed his life. Thus does Nemesis respond to hubris. It is consequence equal to the crime.

Now, behold the war torn land, beset by the wrath of wanton Gods filling the air with blood and boasts. This battlefield is stained with hubris. Unwittingly, these foolish warriors have summoned their greatest adversary. Nemesis has come!

No longer will foul deeds engender success, no hoard of wealth held in undeserving hands, no legends told when falsely earned. Nemesis will unleash a tide of retribution. Punishment for the crime of hubris is death.


High Mobility
Shreds Enemy Protections
Shield/Self Heal
Excellent Boxer
Ability Dependent (Depending on Build)
Locked Down by Hard CC
Slightly Mana Hungry (Early Game)
Weak Lane Clearing (Early Game)

Base Stats
  • Mana: 210 (+38)
  • Damage: 39 (+2.25) +100% of your Physical Power
  • Range: 12 (+0)
  • Attack/sec: 1.0 (+2.16%)
  • Health: 470 (+76)
  • Physical Protection: 11 (+3)
  • Magical Protection: 30 (+0.9)
  • Hp5: 8 (+0.7)
  • Mp5: 4.3 (+0.4)
  • Speed: 375 (+0)
Note: Numbers in parentheses are the amount gained at each level.


Scales of Fate
Nemesis holds the scales of balance. Hitting enemies with Basic Attacks tips the scales in her favor, reducing the target's Physical and Magical power and increasing hers (Stacking). At max stacks, this passive reduces enemy Power by 20% and increases Nemesis' own Physical Power by the same amount.
Nemesis' Passive saw a change in Patch 4.11 that reduced the power gained and the power lost from 6% → 5%

Click Here to see Scales of Fate

Swift vengeance
Nemesis dashes in a line, dealing damage to enemies in her path and may dash again within 2s. Nemesis can now use Abilities and Basic Attacks in between her first and second dash. Her second dash still goes on Cooldown after 2 seconds This ability deals a total of 100/160/220/280/340 (+50% of your physical power) damage.
Nemesis’ Swift Vengeance is seeing a large change in how it is used. Before, if you canceled Swift Vengeance before using the second dash, the ability would go on Cooldown and you would lose the second dash. Now when cancelled, Nemesis will have up to 2 seconds to use the Ability again even if other Abilities or Basic Attacks are used. This should allow skilled Nemesis players to get additional damage and control during the 2 second window and will make Nemesis a less predictable.

Click Here to see Swift Vengeance

Slice and Dice
Nemesis swings her blade, dealing damage in an area in front of her. Enemies in the center of her swing are struck for 2x damage and Slowed for 2s. At the center, this ability deals 80/130/180/230/280 (+50% of your physical power) damage.

Click Here to see Slice and Dice

Nemesis activates a temporary Shield around herself that protects her from a set amount of damage, or until time expires. A percentage of incoming damage from gods is healed and reflected back to the source. Hard Crowd Control effects remove the Shield. This ability does not protect Nemesis from being killed by an ability that executes under a health threshold.

Click Here to see Retribution

Divine Judgement
Nemesis chooses a single enemy god, reducing their Health and Movement Speed and stealing a portion of their Protections for a time period. Her Movement Speed is also increased during this time.

Click Here to see Divine Judgement

*All Videos in regards to Nemesis' Abilities were provided by Zeus Tube*

Ability Combo

In my opinion, Nemesis has one of the most effective Combo's in all of SMITE. The combo of Divine Judgement + Slice and Dice + Retribution + Swift Vengeance is a fairly easy Combo to execute with a lot of benefits and killing potential.

With the activation of Divine Judgement you will be reducing between 20 to 40% of the enemies HP (Depending on the Skills Level), Gaining +25% Movement Speed and +50% of the enemies Protections for 8 seconds. This will also decrease your enemies Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Next, you will use Slice and Dice, making sure you hit the enemy in the middle of the ability for 2x Damage and an additional slow.

From there, the activation of Retribution is a safety precaution to help you box more effectively. Retribution will allow you to reflect a portion of the damage back to the enemy you are engaging on while healing you for a portion of that damage too. Lastly, you will utilize your Basic Attacks and Passive - Scales of Fate to secure the kill. If you need to further chase the enemy use Swift Vengeance to chase them down and secure the kill that way.
Note: If building Hydra's Lament, you will want to break up each Ability with a Basic Attack. Changing your Ability Combo to Divine Judgement -> Basic Attack -> Slice and Dice -> Basic Attack -> Retribution -> Basic Attack -> Swift Vengeance Dash #1 -> Basic Attack -> Swift Vengeance Dash #2.

Standard Build Items [NEEDS UPDATING]

Warrior Tabi
For 1,550 gold I pick up Warrior Tabi to add +40 Physical Power and +18% Movement Speed. I prefer this over Ninja Tabi because I enjoy having the extra bit of Power later in the game rather than Attack Speed. Ninja Tabi can certainly be built and be viable on Nemesis if the surrounding build supports it.


Jotunn's Wrath
Jotunn's Wrath is one of those items that really gives you a bang for your buck. for 2,450 gold I pick up Jotunn's Wrath to add +40 Physical Power, +150 Mana, +10 Physical Penetration and +20% Cooldown Reduction. Getting this item caters to several things on Nemesis. First off, by adding 150 Mana, this will allow you to stay in Lane & curb some of Nemesis' early game frustrations. Next we add a bit of Penetration to really give Slice and Dice some substance to it. Why not add some hurt to your Poke and your Main Lane Clearing Ability. Finally, we see the much needed CDR that Nemesis needs. This will allow you to use your abilities more frequently in particular, your Ultimate Divine Judgement which had its Cooldown increased from 70s at all ranks to 90/85/80/75/70s in Patch 3.17.


Spirit Robe
Now we're at that stage of the game where it's time to beef up and get back to the ye ole Nemesis roots. I know most of you may know this, but way back in 2014 Nemesis was reclassified from a Warrior to an Assassin. Even though her base stats had been tweaked slightly, she still to this day resembles a Warrior in my opinion. She's a bit beefier than most of the other Assassins which can be very beneficial if built that way. This is why I like to pick up Spirit Robe. For 2,500 gold I pick up Spirit Robe to add +40 Physical Protection, +40 Magical Protection, +10% CDR, +20% CCR and you gain an additional 15% Damage Mitigation for 3s whenever you are hit with a hard Crowd Control Effect. This can only occur once every 15 seconds. I really enjoy this item on Nemesis purely based off of my bruising play-style. I like to be in the fight as much and as long as possible and Spirit Robe really helps you do that with the Protection and CCR. This really caters to those who play Nemesis in that Boxer/Bruiser role.


Hydra's Lament
With the new change to Swift Vengeance, this makes Hydra's Lament a bit more relevant for Nemesis. This will allow her to proc its passive more frequently and effectively. Therefore, for 2,150 gold I pick up Hydra's Lament to add +40 Physical Power and +10% Cooldown Reduction, but that's not the best part. For 8s after using an ability, your next Basic Attack will deal an additional 30% damage additionally, this item grants 2.5 MP5 per 10% of your missing Mana. This give Nemesis more versatility and less predictability while adding more opportunities within her Ability Combo. Ultimately being able to potentially use Slice and Dice twice within the Combo, depending on you CDR of course. By breaking up the Ability Combo explained in the above section with Basic Attacks you can not only effectively use Hydra's Lament, but you can also maximize the damage you are putting out.


Titan's Bane
This item is pretty much a given in any Ability-Based Build. For 2,300 gold I pick up Titan's Bane to give abilities such as, Divine Judgement and Slice and Dice a bit more of a punch. This will make your damaging abilities have more of an impact in fights allowing you to put some meaningful damage onto tankier characters as well...hint hint Ares. Overall, this is an item that should be a must-have unless the team has no tank presence at all, then it can be foregone for an item like The Crusher.


First of all, I'd like to thank Branmuffin17 for suggesting this item to me. Also, be sure to check out all of his awesome guides! Now, I mean what else is there to say about this item? For 2,400 gold I pick up Heartseeker to add +25 Physical Power, +10 Physical Penetration and +10% Movement Speed. Oh yeah, and did I mention that every successful Basic Attack gives you 1 stack and at 5 stacks, your next ability deals bonus damage equal to 100% of your physical power to the first enemy god hit. You read that correctly, at 5 stacks, your next ability will deal 100% of your physical power to the first enemy god hit. The procs on this item are absolutely insane and the item as a whole really caters to Nemesis' kit by adding Penetration and Movement Speed.


Countering Nemesis

Scales of Fate
Scales of Fate is Nemesis’ passive ability which, upon hitting basic attacks, will steal power from the target’s items that they are using. This Passive allows her to reduce the damage that you do to her while increasing her own and, therefore, makes it important to keep Nemesis as far away from you as possible as she is then unable to utilize this ability appropriately.


Swift vengeance
This is the first ability of Nemesis and this allows her to dash in a line with the potential to then dash again within 2 seconds of first use, unless another ability is used that would then cancel it. The dash will also deal damage to those that are within the range. This ability will be used by an enemy Nemesis to either catch up to enemies, escape or as a finisher. To counter all of these uses, the cripple crowd control should be used as this will disable her dash completely and will probably catch the enemy off guard resulting in them having little knowledge of how to act next. If this has been used effectively it will easily result in her death.

A good example of a character that can use a cripple well against her is Poseidon as his Whirlpool won’t only stop her from using her dash but also hinder her escape further by pulling her into the ability. If the enemy Nemesis has used this dash to catch up to you (this may be to engage in combat or to pick off a free kill) it would be great to have another dash or leap. This would mean that the use of her dash has now been pointless and it may leave her out of position, at which point teammates can enter the fight to finish her off. The opposite of countering her catching up would also be effective in stopping her escape, by this I mean using something such as another dash or leap against it although it would be used to follow her in this scenario to bring the enemy to an untimely death.

If the enemy Nemesis has used this to finish you off then there are only a few options, one would be to attempt to dodge both hits by predicting the player’s movements or to use an ability that will give you partial immunity such as Nu Wa’s Fire Shards or Aphrodite’s Undying Love.


Slice and Dice
Nemesis’ second ability is called Slice and Dice and when activated Nemesis will swing her blade toward the area in front of her, dealing damage in a cone-style area with two areas of effect. The outer areas on each side of her slice will be dealt the normal amount of damage for this ability but those caught in the center will be hit for twice the amount of damage and will also suffer from a slow for 2 seconds. This ability will be what the enemy chooses to level first and, therefore, will be their main source of damage and control as the slow rating will increase as the ability is ranked up further. As this ability is typically very easy to hit the best way to counter it would be to avoid the center, if you are able to see where the enemy is facing you should quickly move to the left or right of them to receive a lower amount of damage or use another dash or leap to avoid the completely if you face a dire situation.


Retribution is the third ability of Nemesis’ which provides the Goddess with a shield that will last 2 seconds, within this time she will protect herself from a set amount of damage (based upon the level of the ability) and within this period of protection Nemesis will heal and reflect damage that would have normally applied to her though it is important to note that hard crowd control will remove this shield. As you may have guessed from the description there is one obvious counter to this ability, hard crowd control, which applies to characters that use such control types as silences, stuns, taunts and banishes.

While it’s all good that all hard crowd control will counter her shield some users are better, especially those who deal no damage with the abilities that apply the control onto Nemesis as she will then get literally no value from using her shield, examples would include Isis Dispel Magic and Freya’s Banish. Another counter to this ability if you had no form of hard crowd control would be to simply not touch Nemesis while she is using the shield as this also removes value from the ability.


Divine Judgement
The ultimate ability of vengeance is Divine Judgement, upon use Nemesis will target an individual enemy and reduce their health and movement speed but will also steal protections for a set amount of time whilst increasing her movement speed. It is important to remember that Nemesis will not simply be able to miss this ability, it will always activate on a target though it may not be the target intended by the Nemesis. This ability allows even the support of the opposing team to become a target so in terms of countering the ability it would be a great idea to protect her target as this, again, removes value from the ability as she will not be able to take advantage of the target losing protections.

Another good idea, depending on the composition of the enemy team, would be to group together quickly as this may make the enemy player miss the ability on the desired target though this would not be a good idea if the enemy team had high area damaging characters as it would make more than one member of the team vulnerable.


Counter Picking Nemesis

Characters that are viable against Nemesis should be able to cripple her or implement hard crowd control onto her, as suggested by the individual ability analysis as this removes all value from her abilities which is really effective in shutting down her early game before she becomes based around her basic attacks.

Based on the above I would suggest countering Nemesis with characters such as:

Though these are a few of many example that would have the potential to play well against Nemesis based upon their kit as the importance is removing as much value from her actions as possible. A character that has a dash or a leap is also useful against her as this hinders her kill potential against you.

Counter Building Nemesis

As suggested by her abilities it wouldn’t be highly sensible to build defensively against her as Nemesis will be able to steal all the protections that you have and use them for her own personal gain so, therefore, building items that grant physical defense will benefit Nemesis more than it will benefit you in a situation against her. It would be best to build items that will grant utility and damage against her, such as cooldown items and high damage items in general (such as critical chance and damage items on a physical character).

I specifically feel that an item such as Winged Blade is the most effective against the Goddess as this item not only grants additional health, movement speed and cooldown reduction but will also grant slow immunity upon times that you would normally be a death sentence to you against Nemesis and will allow you to move, unaffected by abilities that would usually tip the scales of balance in her favor during engagements.

In terms of actives I feel that Purification Beads would be useful against the Goddess as this will also nullify the use of her slowing abilities whilst decreasing your own cooldowns which you may then be able to use against her further. Another good active would be either form of Heavenly Wings as this active, when ranked to at least the second tier, will remove slows that are currently applied to you which will again allow you to effectively nullify the control that Nemesis gains in combat due to her abilities. If you are in the jungle role it is likely that you would have picked up Hand of the Gods when beginning the game and when upgraded to Hand of the Gods it can be used as a counter to Nemesis as this active will stun the target caught within its use and as a stun is a form of hard crowd control this can be used to cancel Nemesis’ shield and prevent her from using her dash to escape for a second.

*All Information in regards to countering Nemesis was provided by Team Dignitas*

God Match-Ups

Ah Muzen Cab
Ah Muzen Cab is one of, if not the most underwhelming in Smite, largely due to his lack of a true escape. While there are other Hunters in the game without a true escape like Artemis and Skadi, they have Abilities that allow them to sneak out of gritty situations.

Ah Muzen Cab is just one of those typical "targets" for Nemesis...an immobile, squishy God. There is no doubt that he has a great deal of damage output, but with 2 Slows and Retribution in Nemesis' arsenal, just get in this Gods face and it will be game over before he knew what hit him.


Ah Puch
Ah Puch is one of those trickier Gods to face, but nonetheless he still fits our mold of an immobile squishy to a T. There isn't much though when it comes to picking Ah Puch as your primary target if facing him. After he throws his combo of Undead Surge, Fleeting Breath, and Corpse Explosion, that's your prime time to initiate. You can Either dash in with Swift Vengeance or save it for an escape and just get right in his face.

This is what occurs with a lot of Mages in Smite...they have high burst potential, but once you are up close and in their face, it is difficult for them to counter you. You just need to be patient on initiating or utilize the Gank. The only issue with Ganking is the enemy usually become aware of it after you've done it a couple of times and will start counter-warding it.


Anubis is by far, in my opinion, the easiest target you will face. With low base movement speed, no true escape and two abilities that self root...this is simple. The biggest threat you will have going against Anubis is the AOE of Grasping Hands, but that can be countered and reflected with Retribution. There isn't really that much to say about Anubis besides, attack on site. Just be sure to pick up Purification Beads in case he hits you with his Mummify. You can get out quick and chase with Swift Vengeance to finish what you've started.


Now we move onto Ra. I was on the fence about making him an easy match-up solely because of Solar Blessing, but this can be easily overridden by Nemesis' Kit. If you are following my Personal Standard Build, you'd want to switch out The Crusher and pick-up Brawler's Beat Stick. This will allow you to counter the healing Ra is receiving from Solar Blessing and effectively box. As a side note, if you are boxing with Ra inside Solar Blessing, you should activate Retribution to reflect as much of it as possible. This ability is what makes Nemesis a second to none boxer.


As we move into the Medium Difficulty match-ups you will see a common theme throughout and that is Gods with Immunities and Heals. First up is Aphrodite. She isn't the most difficult God to face, but her kit does have small counters towards Nemesis. First is Kiss...this ability effects you, more than you think, not only does Kiss stun you for 1s, it also creates "jealousy" for Aphrodite's Soul-Mate and increases their damage by 20% at max rank for 5s. Next is Back Off!. This ability effects both Aphrodite and her Soul-Mate. Back Off! will knock you back 25 units away from Aphrodite or her Soul-Mate and slow you by 25% for 2s. Lastly is Aphrodite's Undying Love. While this is active, Aphrodite and her Soul-Mate are invulnerable to all damage for a short duration all Crowd Control effects are also removed when activated. This ability directly counters the effects of Nemesis' Slice and Dice and Divine Judgement for not one God, but 2!


I honestly should have put Chang'e as a hard match-up, but that's just me letting this little b&%$# get into my head. Chang'e is annoying...period. With her passive Jade Rabbit, Chang'e literally never has to leave the lane and she can keep farming and farming and farming and not to mention her Crescent Moon Dance is on a 5s cooldown and is literally the easiest ability to hit. Oh, and did I mention Moonlit Waltz is an immunity where for each tick of damage from an ability or Basic Attack that was avoided, she restores Mana to herself and her allies? And Moonflower Dance is a heal? Let's not even mention the stun and damage on her Ultimate Waxing Moon.

Chang'e is tough to play against, but not impossible. Moonlit Waltz, does have somewhat of a lengthy cooldown...12s at max rank and as Nemesis you do have Retribution so boxing with Chang'e won't be terribly difficult. Just as I mention for Ra, I'd recommend picking-up Brawler's Beat Stick when facing a Chang'e. Though her heal isn't the strongest heal in Smite, it is still something you need to respect. Be careful when initiating, I personally would only Gank a Chang'e due to the low cooldown and potential damage she has on Crescent Moon Dance. It is crucial to shut her down early-game and prevent her from stacking. Force her to back, nullifying Jade Rabbit.


I have Hel on this list mainly because of Hinder (Dark Stance) and Cleanse (Light Stance). First let's start with Hinder. This ability allows Hel to debuff all enemies in the targeted area, reducing their Magical Protection and slowing them for 3s. At max rank, this ability slows for 40% while debuffing 25 magical Protections. Hinder cannot be avoided or canceled out by the activation of Retribution and really puts Nemesis in a bad position if Swift Vengeance is on cooldown.

Next is Cleanse. This ability allows Hel to cleanse all allied gods in the targeted area, removing all Crowd Control effects instantly and protecting them from future ones for a duration. What is there to say about this ability? It is a free Purification Beads in a sense. Just like Aphrodite's Undying Love, Cleanse will completely nullify the slowing effects of Slice and Dice and Divine Judgment.


Nox is the only God in the Medium section without a "true" immunity...even though Shadow Step can be used as one if Nox dashes into an Allied God. The biggest thing when facing a Nox as Nemesis is Siphon Darkness. This ability from Nox not only does a ton of burst damage, but also, silences. Siphon Darkness can stop Swift Vengeance right in its tracks making it very difficult for Nemesis to initiate and escape on and from Nox. Nox also has a powerful root in Shadow Lock when paired with Siphon Darkness, can do a significant amount of damage to you. The only upside is if you survive the combo, Nox will not have her silence available to prevent you from escaping.

With Path of Flames, up close damage, and the ability to poke you with at Rain Fire range makes Agni a tough opponent to take down. Nemesis' slows will not keep him from using Path of Flames to escape and then using Noxious Fumes and Flame Wave to stun you. In my opinion, Agni is one of those "avoid at all costs" Gods for Nemesis...though he isn't a "hard-counter" to Nemesis his kit does nullify much of Nemesis' kit. There really is no middle ground against Agni. If you're keeping your distance, he'll poke you out and hurt you with Rain Fire. If you get in his face, he'll lock you in position with Noxious Fumes and Flame Wave. There's never an easy match-up against Agni and he should be engaged with extreme caution.


Well this it it. The biggest direct counter to Nemesis in all of Smite. Ares. Purification Beads can only save you so much when it comes to this guy. If it's not Shackles then it's No Escape...there literally is just no getting away from this guy. I don't know, maybe Ares got dumped by Nemesis back in the day, but his kit is everything you don't want.

Well, why not just be a huge buzzkill Ares and your dumb Shackles. This ability allows Ares to extend chains from his shield, doing damage to all enemies in its path. Hitting a god shackles them to Ares, crippling them, preventing movement abilities, dealing the same damage every second while slowing them and buffing Ares. While shackled, Ares can fire another chain for free within 2s, up to 3 chains. If Ares successfully shackles all 3 chains, he can gain up to 45% bonus move speed and deliver a 45% slow. When paired with Searing Flesh there is truly no getting away. Retribution won't save you here and due to the cripple, you won't be able to even active Swift Vengeance...in this case, it's either death or burning your Purification Beads, but once you burn those from this combo, a good Ares will pop up No Escape. and when I say No Escape, I literally mean it at this point. You're toast. For those whom aren't familiar with Ares kit, No Escape Ares throws chains out to all enemy gods in an area around him. All enemies hit by the chains are pulled to Ares after 2.5s, taking damage and are Stunned.

This can really go without being said, but don't even initiate on an Ares. Once you are in Shackles, death is almost imminent. Just take my advice and stay away.


With Spirit Ball, Dispel Magic and Circle of Protection, I find Isis to be extremely annoying and difficult to face when playing Nemesis. Stun, Silence, Heal...it's overall a pretty tough kit to go against, not to mention, a hell of a lot of damage too.

Let's take a look at Spirit Ball. This ability allows Isis to send forth a ball of spirit energy. As the ball travels, it gains in power up to 1.5x at max. range. At any time, Isis can activate the ability to detonate the ball, dealing Magical Damage and Stunning enemies within 10 units, scaling in duration up to 1.5s at max range. Not only does this ability hurt a lot, it also stuns you and is on a flat 10s cooldown at all ranks.

Now we move to Dispel Magic. 20% Slow, Magical Protection buff/debuff, and a silence. This ability is a pain and is what makes Isis so difficult to face in my opinion. The silence alone is devastating enough to Swift Vengeance, but the slow makes it a bit worse. At Max rank, the silence on this ability is 2.5s which gives Isis plenty of time to blast you with a Spirit Ball making your day just that much worse.

Now it's time for the big one, Circle of Protections. This ability allows Isis to plant her staff at her target location for 5s. Isis and her allies within this radius take less damage. Any damage dealt within the radius charges up the staff. If Isis activates the staff again, it explodes, dealing damage to enemies inside and healing allies.


Lastly, we move to Poseidon who can be seen compatible to Ares in the dens of his powerful cripple in Whirlpool. Much like Ares Shackles, this ability will prevent Nemesis from using Swift Vengeance leaving her in a vulnerable position. Retribution doesn't really see any value on this situation for the sole reason Release The Kraken! is likely to shortly follow the Whirlpool you are trapped in. Poseidon does have his vulnerabilities in his limited mobility, but with Tidal Surge having a knock-back, this allows Poseidon to keep you at bay while he locks you down with Whirlpool.

I don't recommend initiating on Poseidon while Whirlpool and Release The Kraken! are not on cooldown. You will need to be very aware and keep track of Poseidon's abilities and figure out when you have your opening to strike. Just keep in mind that Whirlpool is an incredibly strong cripple that will lock you down allowing Poseidon the opportunity to burst you down.


*These are not all the Gods in Smite that Nemesis can succeed or fail against when matched-up with them. These are the ones that are in my opinion the easiest and most difficult ones to face. Lastly please note, all Guardians are difficult match-ups for Gods like Nemesis and should not be taken lightly. Ares is on the list because he is a direct hard-counter to Nemesis*

How To Conquest

Conquest Early-Game

So here you are, in a Conquest Match as Nemesis in the Jungle and you have no flippin’ clue on what to do. Don’t fret, there’s a first for everything. So let’s just take it nice and slow and take this step by step.

What do you do when you first enter a game? You figure out what you want your Starting items to be. As Nemesis in the Jungle, I would recommend opting out of Boots and picking up two Starting Items and I say this because Nemesis Early-Game is quite a painful experience due to her poor Camp Clear and Mana issues. So with Season 4 they added so much more depth to Starter Items, but we’re going to stick with two classics… Bumba's Mask and Death's Toll and then grab a Relic of Choice and some Healing Potion's and Mana Potion's.

First let’s start with Bumba's Mask. What does it actually do? Bumba's Mask allows your Basic Attacks deal +15 True Damage and your Abilities +15% Damage versus Jungle Camps. When a jungle monster is killed: only the closest ally god in assist range with Bumba's Mask will be healed for 15% of the monster's health, restored 25 Mana, and given an additional 4 gold. This is going to help you limit your backs and progress in your build. This will ease the pain of your Early-game Clearing problems and slightly curb your Mana Hungriness.

Now let’s move to Death's Toll. Death's Toll is going to allow you to restore 8 Health and 3 Mana when you hit an enemy with a Basic Attack. This is going to help you when you helping other Lanes. This will allow you to box with the enemy a little bit in the Early-Game and stick around and be a nuisance for a bit longer.

Now that we discussed what you’ll be starting with you’re probably wondering, well now what the heck do I do? As the Jungler you will be spending most of your time, well, in the Jungle. Clearing Camps and Dropping Buffs is going to be Primary Goal. This will help you continue your progression in both your Level and your Build. Now you won’t entirely be in the Jungle 100% of the time. You will spend periods of time in both the Solo and Mid Lanes to help them potential secure a kill or cover the Lane for them while they back. I usually tend to stay away from the Duo Lane unless they call for Help or a Gank.

Now we get to your level of Aggression in this stage and to be quite honest it is limited. As I said earlier, your Early-Game is going to be a bit Reserved. It is very important to pick your battles wisely. In the Early-Game, I’d only pick battles I know I am going to win and preferably battles that come off a Gank. You’ll mostly be looking at the Mid-Lane for this, in particular, immobile, squishy Mages like Ah Puch and Anubis. It is key to always save Swift Vengeance as an escape as opposed to an initiator in these situation

Nemesis Early-Game requires a lot of Patience. You’ll need to learn to use Abilities sparingly to save Mana and know when to be or not to be Aggressive. Be persistent in Clearing Camps, Dropping Buffs and Supporting Lanes that are struggling or looking to be Aggressive.

Conquest Mid-Game

Okay so, you survived the Early-Game and hopefully it wasn’t a complete train wreck. Now you should be moving into the Mid-Game with a bit of Confidence in your strut. You should have a few items Online by now like Warrior Tabi, Jotunn's Wrath and part or all of Void Shield.

As Nemesis in the Mid-game this is where you can really start to shine. Your Ultimate Divine Judgement begins to have an impact and you really start to come Online a bit. Depending on the flow of the Match you will be shifting out of the Laning-Phase and moving to a team-Fight or Push Phase. You will still continue to Clear Camps to ensure you are still progressing in Levels, but you will put less of a focus on Dropping Buffs for your teammates.

The Mid-Game is where Gold Fury and Team-Fights around the Gold Fury can really come into play. If your Support isn’t Warding over by the Gold Fury you should make it your Priority to Ward it.

Moving into the Team-Fights, you should NOT be your teams “First-Line of Defense”, hang around the ropes of the fight and swoop in on enemies who are engaged with others. Don’t hang too far back out of the fight though because you don’t want to just be an outlier looking in from the outside. Assert your presence around the fight by poking with Slice and Dice for it should have some substance behind its hits now. I would stay say at this point to be sure that you still have Swift Vengeance as an escape. It is a very important Ability to use when pushing an objective with your teammates. It allows you stay in on the tower longer than most because you can quickly Dash out taking limited to no Tower Damage.

Now, as you are progressing to the later stages of the Mid-Game, the Fire Giant starts to make his presence known. I’d say for safe keeping only push this objective when your team gets a Deicide or you are way up in numbers, for example 5 vs. 2 other than that, save it for the Late-Game. You should only have 1 or 2 items left to build as you move into the Late-Game.

Conquest Late-Game

Now, it is the time you have been waiting for! The Late-Game…the part of the game where Nemesis becomes a menacing, raging, hormonal b*^%& who is on a mission to exterminate every ex-boyfriend she's ever had!

Okay, I’m getting a little carried away, but this is the part of the game where you should feel very comfortable in all situations; Team-Fights, Pushing Objectives and Initiating on enemies. Your build should be complete by now and you should play with an urgency for aggression. You’re going to want to be in-the-thick of Team-Fights where you can really making an impact. With the damage reflect on Retribution, the mitigation and protections from Spirit Robe and the versatility of using Swift Vengeance as an initiator or escape you should have no fear. With Full CDR, loads of Penetrations you should be an absolute menace in the fight.

As like every other stage of the game, Slice and Dice and going to be your most effective and consistent form of Damage other than your Ultimate, Divine Judgement. You will want to utilize the Ability Combo stated in above sections and utilize Retribution to your Advantage to reflect damage and self heal when necessary. As always, don’t focus so much on bruising down the tankier gods…look to single out those squishy, immobile gods who won’t be able to escape the Slows in your kit. Just be sure to have Heartseeker stacked before you look to do meaningful damage, it’s Passive is what really makes this build shine. Remember, just because you are doing a lot of dmage doesn’t mean you can’t die. Be smart with your encounters and abilities.

Other than that, there really isn’t a whole lot to say about the Late-Game. Be effective with your communication and don’t stray far away from your team. You could very well be their biggest asset or their ultimate downfall if you get caught out of position. You can sneak off for a potentiall Split-Push, but that could be risky if you are not well prepared with teammates who communicate, Wards, Swift Vengeance off Cooldown and maybe Heavenly Wings in your arsenal.

Warding in Conquest

Solo & Duo Lane Warding

Green: Warding on the right, warding will help you see if enemies are invading your buffs. While on the left, warding will help you see if you are being Ganked by the enemy Mid Laner or Jungler. If you can anticipate the Buff Steal or Gank, you set you and your team up in a good position to gain a lead.

Yellow/Green: Warding here gives you a better view of the entrances into your lane.

Yellow: Warding here provides limited visibility, but this is a safe area to keep on your radar to avoid any chance of a possible Ganks.

Orange: Warding here is high risk, high reward. This area is where the enemy will most liekly be Ganking you from. In addition, this provides you and your team information on where the enemy Jungler is within the map. This can also help you and your Jungler have a chance at stealing enemy Buffs.

Red: While warding here provides superb vision of the enemy Jungler's position, you will sacrifice any lane entrance vision you may have had.

Mid Lane Warding

Green: Warding here gives you vision on the Mid Camps and allows you to anticipate enemy team Lane Rotations and Ganks.

Yellow: Warding here gives you complete vision on the Mid Camp, but limits your ability to anticipate Ganks.

Red: Warding here allows you to see when the enemy team is moving to take Mid Camps. This provides you vision of the whole camp and partial vision to your lane entrance. This is risky and leaves you susceptible to Ganks.

Gold Fury & Fire Giant Warding

Green: Warding here is a safe option that allows you to see a lot of enemy movement, but supplies limited vision to the Objectives.

Yellow: Warding here provides the ideal amount of vision on the Objectives. a Sentry Ward is often used in this area to counter any wards the enemy team may place.

Red: Warding here is much like the Green ward spot, but is more of a risk to place.

Late Game Warding

Green: These are your essential or bare minimum wards. Warding here opens your team up to pushing safely. Without wards here, you and your team are susceptible to Team Ganks and unsafe objective pushes.

Yellow: Warding here is an aggressive style of warding. When paired with the aforementioned Green wards, pushing lanes will be as safe as they come, as long as you don't lose track of your mini-map.

Red: Warding here is again high risk, high reward. If you have these, it will be hard for the enemy team to move without you knowing where they are.

Note: As the Jungler

Being a Jungler can be a tricky task when it comes to warding. There is no doubt that you will be the most mobile role on your team. Thus, you will cover the map throughout the entirety of the game.

It is your job to fill in the blanks. Since you will be passing a majority of these areas, both safe and risky on a regular basis. It may not be a bad idea to drop down a ward or two when you feel necessary.

Now, if for some reason no one on your team is placing any wards, as the Jungler it is now your responsibility to highlight the key areas of the map. mainly focus on the larger objectives such as Gold Fury and Fire Giant. It is crucial to provide as much vision to your team in this circumstance, but don't get caught up in the wards. You don't want to be buying so many wards that you start to get behind in your build.

*All Information and Diagrams in regards to Warding were provided by the Where to Ward thread on the Smite Forums*


Thank you for taking the time to check out my God Guide for Nemesis.

In September, Nemesis had a slew of nerfs which impacted her Ultimate/Cooldowns, ultimately shifting her out of the META. Since then, it has been difficult to find builds that allowed Nemesis to excel in all game types.

The builds above are what I feel are the most effective for Nemesis in Smite’s Current State. I have tested or am currently testing all the builds I have provided above for a minimum of 25 games (5 games in each game type except for Assault due to the randomized God). However, I do encourage you all to use this guide as a reference and to experiment new builds for yourself! The information I have provided is solely my opinion on how to build & be effective with Nemesis in several different roles.

Please keep in mind, that it is sometimes difficult for me to put things in a Conquest perspective for I am exclusively a Joust player with the occasional Siege match under my belt.

Some of the information provided may be inaccurate to the Conquest play style for it is sometimes difficult for me to get out of that Joust mindset. I have tried my best to give Nemesis a good representation in all game types for I do test my builds in each game type as stated above; however, if you do have a suggestion or have a correction, please feel free to let me know and we will work together to fix it!

Thank you again and best of luck in Season 4!

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