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XBox player LF mentor. Also... clarify how to group up on headset???

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by OliverSuddenBAM » February 4, 2019 8:15pm | Report
That’s okay, thanks though!


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Gulfwulf » February 4, 2019 8:19pm | Report
If you have recording abilities, record your match and post it on YouTube. We can then view it and offer our critiques.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Branmuffin17 » February 4, 2019 8:35pm | Report
Yes, you can call me Bran. My dad was the first one to call me that, some of my closest long-time friends call me Brando (e.g. Brando Commando), and the people at my work call me either Brandons (with an emphasis on the s, don't ask) or The Voice of God (lol). Bran works, and is what most people here call me.

Athena—starter: guardian’s blessing, magic shell upgrade, chalice of healing; shoes of focus. In my “core” group, I have Gauntlet of Thebes for health, Sovereignty to bulk up even more, and Hide of the Urchin. I like to bulk up early so my team can go for kills while I rank and distract.
My next items depend on what the opposing team is like, or do I need more attack (phys or mag) or defense (same)? Attack: talisman of energy, jade emperor’s crown; defense: spirit robe, Shogun’s Kusari. Final relic is usually Aegis, or Bracer. Final consumable is elixir of defense.

Alright, so my first suggestion with god choices and builds is to keep it very, very simple. Choose a couple of gods in each role to get really comfortable with, and just practice. Choose typical gods for the role. Meaning, Guardians for Support, Mages for Mid, Warriors for Solo, Assassins for Jungle (okay don't go Jungle yet), and Hunters for ADC. And don't choose, like, Xing Tian for Support, even though he's Guardian. He's better in Solo. If you want some suggestions, we can give you some.

Now, with the Athena build, one thing you'll want to do is get more familiar with items, itemization, etc. First thing you might look at is Prism's Athena guide.

With regard to your build list, a lot of it is good, but some of it needs work, and some I think you might have the wrong idea.
  • Guardian's Blessing is almost always core, and you should not veer from that right now. That's good.
  • You mention Magic Shell Upgrade, and I'm not sure if you mean that or just the base Magic Shell. That's a fine 1st relic, though Heavenly Wings can also be good. Don't get the upgrade at the start. It's way too expensive. Save that til late build.
  • Chalice of Healing: for any god that doesn't have healing in their kits, and even some that do, this is a solid starting consumable (and it refills!). Consider if you don't overlap, it provides 750 health. That's huge in the early game. Allows you to be aggressive and absorb some hits if need be, or just stay in lane longer.
  • To further consider, Shoes are a possible starter. It's expensive value-wise for just 6% movespeed, but it gets you that much closer to your first item. BUT...your other option would be to get a few more potions to go with Chalice of Healing. You could consider more Health Potions, or maybe go a couple Multi Potions. You can use a potion at the same time as a Chalice, and the healing will work for both.
That's the start. Then, you work into shoes, which you say you get Shoes of Focus. That's fine, though you can also consider Reinforced Shoes if you want to be more tanky early.

Next are protections, and what you call your core.
  • Gauntlet of Thebes is good as an item after Shoes, and it will be more solid in Season 6 in a week, as it gains a bit of extra health. But when you choose this item, consider that it starts with 0 health. You have to assist (or just be near) minion kills to gain protection stacks.

    Consider a popular first protection item (that you do mention), Sovereignty, which is great for your own health sustain (due to HP5), has good physical protection (helps against physical gods like a Hunter/ADC and against minions and tower damage), and similar health. Note that as soon as you buy the item, you've got 60 physical protection (45 base + 15 aura which ALSO applies to you). You only get 60 physical protection with Gauntlet of Thebes when you get all 50 stacks. With minion waves coming every 30 seconds, you'll have 18 protections after 90 seconds...while you have 60 at the start with Sov. Sov can allow you to be way more aggressive earlier, and time can absolutely matter. Typically, I'd say Sov is the better first protection item, but if you're having to play passively and maybe you're facing 2 physical + 3 magical gods, then Gauntlet can work (though others can work also).

    Knowing when Thebes is a good choice that early, or when you might want Sov or another item, is a thing you'll just need to learn as you get more familiar with the items.

  • Hide of the Urchin is okay and is a very tanky item, but not one I typically suggest in a Support role. Your job in Supporting is to help your teammates as much as possible. It does mean being tanky, but you can be tanky without Urchin, as Urchin only provides protections for you, with no other outside effects against enemies or for teammates.

    In many ways, Supporing means using your abilities in a timely manner, and getting items that help you control the situation or at least influence it in some way. This often means CDR so you can use your abilities more often, or items that buff teammates (e.g. Pythagorem's Piece, Shogun's Kusari) or debuff enemies ( Witchblade, Midgardian Mail, Void Stone).

  • Note that Jade Emperor's Crown is an item that I'd not suggest for you. It requires you being aggressive, and your teammate going in with you (so, teamwork), and recognizing when your matchup or timing is best. It's also purchased early, as it has much less effect late. Sov is the better choice.

  • The most "offensive" you should consider is Void Stone or Pythagorem's Piece, and probably really just Void for now. You shouldn't consider Talisman of Energy at all IMO. It's not a very good item in most respects, and the function is situational.

  • Really, though, Prism's build covers most items you should consider. I'd get more familiar with those items. My Athena build preference against 3 phys/2 mag would probably be: Guardian's Blessing, Shoes of Focus or Reinforced Shoes, Sovereignty, Void Stone, Spirit Robe, Midgardian Mail, sell Blessing and get Oni Hunter's Garb. In a week, when season 6 hits, you'd sell Shoes if the match goes that long, get Elixir of Speed (new item), and get one more full item of your choice.

  • As for 2nd relic, don't get those. If you got Shell first, get Wings, and vice versa. Or if you want, get Horrific Emblem or something. Not Bracer, not Aegis. Something that helps your teammates.

Zeus—starter: mages blessing, bracer, chalice heal, elixir of defense; core: shoes of the magi, hide of urchin. Damage: pythagorem’s piece, obsidian shard, rod of tahuti, spear of desolation. Defense: void stone, gem of isolation, travelers cloak, rod of Asclepius. Meditation cloak for 2nd rune.

I'll be shorter on this one. Blessing is fine. No Bracer. Start not buying bracer for anyone. Get Purification Beads or Aegis Amulet depending on enemy threat. Then get the other relic 2nd. Don't consider Med. Get used to NOT getting Med except in Assault.

Magi is fine (Focus is fine too). Don't get Urchin. You're a damage dealer, and you need to deal damage (and learn how to avoid damage as much as possible). The only item you might consider that's not offensive / has no power or pen) is Mantle of Discord, if you really need the protection...or maybe an early Celestial Legion Helm if you're getting ganked by physical gods (e.g. jungler).

Probably don't get Pythag's, though it's not bad. Probably get Soul Gem instead if you want lifesteal. Bancroft's Talon is another option.

When you get Obsidian Shard, make sure you get it late. 4th item or later, typically. You'll probably want more flat pen early, such as Spear of Desolation or Divine Ruin (also for anti-heal). Get Ob Shard after those sometime.

Gem of Isolation is a good item for him, and you can get that wherever. Tahuti is also solid, but definitely make sure you get it late in the build.

Xbalanque (I love this build)—starter: ninja tabi, multi potion, ward (specifically for conquest, in case you were wondering). Core—bloodforge. Damage: the crusher, wind demon, poisoned star, deathbringer (that’s right, run b*tches). Defense: none (always up for suggestions). Runes: I love heavenly wings and shield of thorns, but sometimes go bracer. Lastly, elixir of power.

Here's my build suggestions from another post I commented on, but I'll throw in that you can consider lifesteal items whenever you want (these builds were suggested for Arena, but you want some sustain in Conquest usually). Asi in the middle of a build, or Bloodforge late are both fine.

Hybrid build: Partial commitment to ability use, but with an end focus on basic attack DPS.
Basic Attack build: True basic attack function.
You can also take a look at Kriega1's Xbal builds. His first build would be the one I'd suggest if you want to go Devourer's Gauntlet.

I don't prefer crits on Xbal...and they're getting weaker when Season 6 hits. Probably avoid for now.

In any case, you probably want either Devo's or Trans in Conquest, depending on your preference. You'll avoid those often in Arena, but they're pretty important in Conq, where you have a much easier time stacking, and get good benefit from them. I can explain if you'd like why your build isn't suggested, though one major point is lack of strong pen ( The Executioner would be core).

Anyway, that's what I have for now.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by xmysterionz » February 5, 2019 3:23am | Report
Man I'd love to help but I have no time to play anymore. I work all day long and at night I have classes on my college so I could help you, but unfortunately I don't have time to do so.

You can feel free to check my guides and ask something to me/us here and I bet we would love to help.

A tip: Just wait until Season 6 Crossplay, then people from PC here may help you ;)


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