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xmysterionz's Blog
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May 21, 2019

CPTL (Community Permanent Tier List)

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community  |  list  |  tier
What do you guys think about we create a permanent Tier List?

It would be a tier list we would keeping updating and discussing about it, just like we already do with bran item choices guide, but this one focused in gods.

Anyone would be able to give your suggestions to which tier aech god should be and we all would be able acquire knowledge in the process.

It would be divided by conquest roles and maybe in the future we include other game modes. Also it would be a forum thread and I would update it, in the initial post.

What you guys think about?

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May 12, 2019
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cons  |  lol  |  pros  |  Smite  |  teemo
Hello my people,
As you should noticed I'm away from this site and smite at all 'cause this week I was playing more lol (but I still liking women... until now).

Anyway, there are things I liked on the big league that I think HR could improve, and things that smite have that lol doesn't or have a poor version. Let's start:

Things that I liked on lol and should be improved in smite:
  • Role division on Summoner's Rift (Conquest): The character selection on lol Summoner's rift (conquest of smite) has a different separation, they are separated by roles not class. That means you see the roles that accept the character, not their class. So teemo (my favorite character :3) is displayed as top (solo) not his class Specialist (there isn't this class on smite). This would help mainly new players understand which role the gods should be played.

  • Advanced ping: You can hold CTRL an press on your ping to show it to your teammates, on objectives to show the timer, on enemy "relics" to say it was u

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April 29, 2019

What's your opinion about this build?

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build  |  ratatoskr  |  smite  |  spl
I was looking for some builds for my lovely Ratatoskr and I found this one:

What's your opinion about that Devourer's Gauntlet on Ratatoskr? Soul Eater wouldn't be better? Also double stack on a jungler?

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April 08, 2019

Matches I would like to share

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matches  |  smite

Let's play ranked I said to my friend, it will be fun, I sad:

Cupid 3/2/1 - First match and we got a troll, gg Awilix.

Agni 7/10/4 - Another troll, Bastet adc n Kuzenbo sup full damage (technically a mid), and to get even worst a Kali jungler, gg.

If I complain about picks on a casual match they say that it is not ranked and when it is a ranked?

Chernobog 11/9/12 - We lost 'cause Geb and Scylla were focused in get kills, mainly and specially this Geb instead help the team in teamfights.

Zhong Kui 6/4/11 - We lost 'cause Me and Terra had to carry 3 guys. Again, too much focus in kills. We lost 'cause Pele bought a fight against 3 guys alone, died, then Vulcan was a pure bot, died, and me and Terra were fighting alone against ALL THE 5 guys while Cernunnos just watched then obviously we died and he killed himself jumping into the five guys. GG, cancel that.

Kukulkan 9/1/11 - My first flawless victory in assault. They didn't even touche…
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March 22, 2019

The world isn't the same

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bran  |  smite  |  update show
When HR make their update show but it passed almost 3 days and there are no Bran's thoughts:

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