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xmysterionz's Blog
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January 07, 2019

Some Clips I want to share

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clips  |  smite

Here are just some clips I want to share:

The most perfect medusa ulti (by MadLeo, my friend)

For the first time, luck was by my side

Best loki ulti ever made


Running for my life!

I love when loki's plan fail (bonus: chang'e racing at the start)

Poor Ares hahaha

Surprise Motherf***er

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December 22, 2018

How to pass your birthday

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 |  Birthday
Is there a better way to pass your birthday than stressing in Smite? Hahaha

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December 17, 2018

My personal story with Smite and SF

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anniversary  |  birthday  |  community  |  me  |  smitefire
Two days ago (from the date I'm posting this blog) in the last year I joined this site with no expectations of what could happen.

So I'd like to put here how was my year with smite and smitefire.

I was a majority FPS (Battlefield mainly) gamer but I liked to play other games, such as racing games (I love Forza, mainly Horizon ones <3), Adventures, Platforms, sometimes RPGs...

I started playing this game in fact at the beginning of season 2, on PC. But I hated the game. Then, In 2016, a friend of mine insisted and gave in, installing this game on my Xbox. But again, I gave up few days after started. Finally at the end of 2017 around october/september I tried again and this time it worked.

I started playing with Cupid, my main character. Why? just because I have a crush on cute characters, mainly if they are annoying :p plus cupid is cheap for no reason (at least that I know)so it cost to me only 1250 favors. So my friend (now "ex-friend") indicated him to me saying it's everything …
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December 11, 2018

Hard Carry Hard Fail

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conquest  |  kukulkan  |  match  |  xbox
I just want to put this match here and make some comments.

First of all I want to complain about Nemesis. What kind of Jungler says "Attack" then immediately retreat letting you die then returns to get the kill? Plus she wasn't able to secure a single kill without die, so congrats to all your kill steals. Not happy with everything she just left the game staying base, a game that was possible to win due my hard carry (I'm Kukulkan). Congrats kid, one the worst junglers I've met.

Second, what is in the mind of this Baron Samedi? What kind of support build like this? Do you want to support or steal kills? And congrats to miss all your skills in teamfights too.

Third Congrats to Chiron always trying to split push and not helping with anything losing a FG while he could ult to secure it.

As Ratatoskr would say "It's hard to find good help these days"

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December 10, 2018

A good game recomendation

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 |  but  |  fractured  |  park  |  south  |  the  |  whole  |  xbox
This black Friday I saw a good discount on South Park: The fractured but whole (hehehe)("A fenda que abunda for├ža" in Portuguese) and I decided to buy it, I payed something around 64 reais (something around 15 dollars) with all DLCs.

I'm suspect to say it 'cause I'm a really fan of this cartoon (you can see it by name :p) but man, what a good game. This game fixed all the "The stick of truth" flaws (such as the poor combat system and quick campaign) with a very cool and funny campaign (less funny than stick, but still funny), a well made combat system that is pure tactic in high difficulties and nice characters with all good personalities (except toolshed).

I REALLY recommend you play this game sometime in your life, probably one of the best games I've played in my life. Just put the advice that the humor used in the game is kinda..."strong", just like south park is. Worth every cent I paid.

Here is some cool screenshots I took (there are spoilers)

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