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xmysterionz's Blog
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June 02, 2020

A Special Thank You

Views: 646 xmysterionz
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ratatoskr  |  smite  |  xmysterion
Hello my friends,

Today is a special day, I finally have my own Art :3

Since I created my youtube channel, I was always thinking about the art since I can't draw any ****. A subscriber talked with me and he said he had some friend artists that could help me with that. Then we created a special discord channel to talk about it. We talked a lot and I ended up saying my favorite "god" from the game is Ratatoskr and my name a reference to the "super-hero" Mysterion:

So the amazing artist, the @Hadassa_arts (follow her on Instagram pls) used her creative and awesome mind and hands to draw a mix of ratatoskr and mysterion!!!!

But we thought and worked a lot before she did it. Here are some original concepts:
the arts

And our work is not done yet, we still working on new stuffs that sooner I can bring here too

So, in the end I DO …
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May 13, 2020

Myst, where have you been?

Views: 883 xmysterionz
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smite  |  youtube
Well, you guys probably didn't notice my participation on the site and/or discord has been very few lately. That's because I'm quitting the site like every Vet does after get this title XD.

Jokes apart, @Boogie and @Bran already know it but the rest of you don't, so here it is: I created an Youtube Channel.

There I basically do what we do here. Talk and Theory-Crafting about Smite, but in my native language, Portuguese!!!
So all my attention has been driven to Channel and my personal Discord Server. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to participate as much as I wanted lately but these things are taking a good amount of my free time. I know you didn't noticed that I'm not complaining, or just flooding your feed however I thought it would be important tell why :P

If anyone wants to support the channel subscribing, even though you don't understand a word there I would be very happy :)
Same for the discord server. That's it guys, thank you!!!!!

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April 25, 2020

Games, games and more games

Views: 560 xmysterionz
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Hello, another update of my life. Covid caos arrived hard in my city and since I work on a school I was suspended of my work for 2 months. I still receiving my payment but I stay home doing nothing because the school company is handling the classes in their HQ. So, what else may I do locked at home? Yes, you are right, play videogames. I played a lot games and I want to share my experience with some of them with you reader.

Monster Hunter World

Call of Cthulhu

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March 23, 2020

An update of my life

Views: 989 xmysterionz
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life  |  mhw  |  ori  |  personal  |  smite
Hello reader, today I'm talk about my personal life a bit.

My personal life:
Spoiler: Click to view

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December 18, 2019

The Circus Smite Community

Views: 1038 xmysterionz
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Today I discovered a new expression for the smite community: A circus (credits to Stuke). A bit later I decided to play a ranked with a friend on xbox (Yes, you can imagine what comes now).

In the ranked I had the following situation:
I was a mid laner with no escape. The match was completely messed, I had a PS4 player that was the support (a support with no escape too but with decent damage). The support kinda played using I don't know, his feet maybe? and just threw some kills and fed the enemy a bit with some ultra non-sense calls (nothing new). But after he messed with duo he went mid to mess with me. There I started to get ganked by 3 guys and support watching me die. Not happy, Odin, who lost his lane on solo came to mid to once, twice, three times, four times... And our solo Chaac does think that because he said "Enemy missing" he doesn't need to do anything else. After some "Gently" pings he said "cancel that" and kept pushing the tower. Support and JG also started to **** f…
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