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xmysterionz's Blog
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March 05, 2019

The new snake god to Brazilians

Views: 331 xmysterionz
Hi-rez: *creates a new God that is a big snake*



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February 28, 2019

Some top moments of my season 5

Views: 383 xmysterionz
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plays  |  smite  |  Top
Some of my top plays in Season 5

A big compilation of skills that I thought I would miss/moments I thought I would die but I hit it/got out alive

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February 17, 2019

My first lol matches

Views: 309 xmysterionz
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Lol  |  teemo
Today I tried play lol to see how different the game is when compared with smite.

Where I work there are SO MANY PEOPLE that play this **** and insisted with me to play it. I resisted until this week, when I gave in.

This isn't my first contact with this game, I've played it when it was around season 5 or 6 I what I remembered was that I hated the game.

Starting with my PC, this **** was kidding with me. At tutorials matches this **** was running the game at full hd with high quality and stable FPS (30 to 40). When I went to play a coop vs AI, my highest FPS was 12. And I dunno what happened that the game suddenly dropped the FPS but it was unplayable. Then I reinstalled all my drivers, mainly the graphic ones and tried to see any differences and the answer was no. Then I just remembered why I DO HATE PLAY GAMES ON PC, one day is everything ok on the other the game is unplayable. Hopefully I installed a game booster (Razer Cortex) and this program DO HELPED me. The game now is runni…
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February 01, 2019

Am I a joke to you Smite?

Views: 276 xmysterionz
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boosters  |  chest  |  godlike
When you get 2 Godlike chests and: (jump the video to 0:26)

Am I a joke to you Smite?

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January 31, 2019

Season 6 delayed

Views: 226 xmysterionz
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6  |  Season
Just wanted to say that Hi-Rez posted on their Facebook page that season 6 will start on Feb 11th and not the 5th.

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