November 06, 2017

A couple of games

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I figured I'd toss a few of games up here and maybe get some tips build wise. I don't have video cause console and I didn't even think about it at that time.

First match:
I felt my performance here was alright. I think I built too tanky as it felt like I wasn't doing as much damage as I should have been, but the other team was wrecking us pretty hard at the start, specially the Chaac. (if it's still not showing, my missing item was soul eater)

Second match:
Another one that was an uphill battle mostly because I'm not as used to Ammy as I am Ravana. Glad that He Bo knew what he was doing. It could have gone much better and I really need to play more Ammy to get used to her.

Third match:
Boi. This one was a doozy. This was my first time playing Jungle in Conquest, and it showed. I'm pretty sure if my team had anyone else as their jungler, they could have won. Didn't help that most of my deaths were from the Ao Kuang. I could not attempt to engage him without losing like three fourths of my health in 2 seconds and then getting eaten. Made me play scared later in the match which also hurt my team.

That's about all the matches I had, not counting the motd which were over in a few minutes and really aren't worth talking about. I'll probably do more of these later on.