February 20, 2018

What's the point of calling roles

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... if you're just going to ignore them? Wanted to do a quick Conquest match a little bit ago and play some Da Ji. Call Jungle, lock in Da Ji. Then last guy picks Nemesis. I was like, "Okay. He just wanted to play Nem and unfortunately was too late to get the role he wanted. No biggie." Then the match starts and first sign of trouble is Nemesis attacking at me in the fountain. THought he was just mad I called Jungle first and didn't think much of it. After we buy our items and head to our lanes, our Vulcan goes to Speed with me along with the Nemesis. Both me and Vulcan tell them to go to Duo. They don't move. I decide to be nice and not wanting to try fighting with this guy over jungle camps, I reluctantly head to Duo with Cerb. I wish I could say they did horribly, but they didn't. Wish I could say I beat the equally strange Duo comp of the enemy Ymir and Serqet, but I didn't. We ended up surrendering after like 20 minutes. Said match.