January 02, 2019

First new year post

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First post of the New Year from me, so Happy New Year to everyone. I just wanted to make a post on here about my Smite goals both in game and on this site. As far as the game goes, I feel like I've been getting slowly better, but I need something to push me further so I switched to quick cast. It feels better with certain skills and I feel it will solve some issues I've been having with my play once I get used to it. Also gonna try to play more conquest and might try ranked at some point this year, still thinking about that. Gonna try to finish my Izanami guide I've had archived forever and work on guides for some of my other favorite gods like Nemesis and Ravana. Might also try streaming some Smite too and just stream more in general anyway. Sorry for my rambling here, just wanted to have this written down somewhere.