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SkyPirateShini's Blog
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March 04, 2019

Highest hunter build?

Views: 2653 SkyPirateShini
Not sure how many of you guys saw this but yesterday Dukesloth put out a video talking about the new highest DPS hunter build right now based on calculations by a reddit user named ImpishCoconut. (Reddit thread link for those dorks who wanna see those boring numbers.) The build is Silverbranch Bow (not for the passive just for the new buffed stats), Ninja Tabi, The Executioner, Qin's Sais, Bloodforge, and Odysseus' Bow. It seems to be really good from the few matches I've played with it, though those were arena matches and haven't tried it any other mode yet. Just curious what you guys think of this build

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January 02, 2019

First new year post

Views: 563 SkyPirateShini
First post of the New Year from me, so Happy New Year to everyone. I just wanted to make a post on here about my Smite goals both in game and on this site. As far as the game goes, I feel like I've been getting slowly better, but I need something to push me further so I switched to quick cast. It feels better with certain skills and I feel it will solve some issues I've been having with my play once I get used to it. Also gonna try to play more conquest and might try ranked at some point this year, still thinking about that. Gonna try to finish my Izanami guide I've had archived forever and work on guides for some of my other favorite gods like Nemesis and Ravana. Might also try streaming some Smite too and just stream more in general anyway. Sorry for my rambling here, just wanted to have this written down somewhere.

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August 24, 2018

Haven't done one of these in a while.

Views: 492 SkyPirateShini
Decided to post another one of my matcheshere for no real reason. Would have done more, but this one was 40 minutes. Game felt pretty even, though I'm not sure what some of those people were thinking with their builds (AS Bellona? Whatever that Neith was doing. Tahuti second item on Nu Wa? Atalanta's Bow in general.) A good portion of my deaths were reasonable from the other team picking me off, especially the Tyr. As weird as AS Bellona was, I did get demolished the one time I boxed her alone. Also, weirdly most of the enemy team had Meditation and only me and Chacc built anti-heal. Granted that was more than enough to combat it but still.

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February 20, 2018

What's the point of calling roles

Views: 661 SkyPirateShini
... if you're just going to ignore them? Wanted to do a quick Conquest match a little bit ago and play some Da Ji. Call Jungle, lock in Da Ji. Then last guy picks Nemesis. I was like, "Okay. He just wanted to play Nem and unfortunately was too late to get the role he wanted. No biggie." Then the match starts and first sign of trouble is Nemesis attacking at me in the fountain. THought he was just mad I called Jungle first and didn't think much of it. After we buy our items and head to our lanes, our Vulcan goes to Speed with me along with the Nemesis. Both me and Vulcan tell them to go to Duo. They don't move. I decide to be nice and not wanting to try fighting with this guy over jungle camps, I reluctantly head to Duo with Cerb. I wish I could say they did horribly, but they didn't. Wish I could say I beat the equally strange Duo comp of the enemy Ymir and Serqet, but I didn't. We ended up surrendering after like 20 minutes. Said match.

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January 19, 2018

My first Diamond!

Views: 1037 SkyPirateShini
So when I first start6ed playing way back during Raijin release, (which was Amaterasu release for me since console was still a whole patch behind then,) I looked at the diamond skins and said to myself I'd never play a god enough to get them that high. Fast forward to today and I got Izanami to diamond. Not to use a dead meme, but it fills me with a sense of pride and accomplishment. NOw I need more. Next stop, Diamond Nemesis.

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