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Prepare for Doom- The Morrigan guide

August 14, 2017 by newbiemj
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Considerable items

Smite God: The Morrigan

Item Purchase Order

Boots- Pick 1

Build Item Shoes of Focus
Build Item Shoes of the Magi

Items 2,3 (If Magi-get Poly, If Focus- get Spear)

Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Spear of Desolation

Item 4

Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Bancroft's Talon

Item 5

Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Gem of Isolation

Item 6

Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Other Considerations- Sub for Bancroft's Talon

Build Item Divine Ruin Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Pythagorem's Piece Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Shaman's Ring


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Aegis Amulet

Starter Item start

Build Item Sands of Time Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Alternative Start-Early Poly

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Alternative Start- Mid Poly

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Alternative Start- Late Poly

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Rod of Tahuti

God Skill Order

Deadly Aspects

Deadly Aspects 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Dark Omen

Dark Omen 2 8 11 12 14 key bind


Confusion 3 15 16 18 19 key bind


Changeling 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


8/14- Updated through 4.15. Added Artio to Situational list. Changed order for Obsidian Shard



Hello all, Welcome to my build guide for The Morrigan.

I just hit Level 10 with her and my stats are here . I am shooting to give a short, sweet and simple explanation on how/ why these items work well with The Morrigan. I will assume you know the basics to Smite like, Buff camps, minions, rotating etc. If not feel free to check out any of the Overarching Guides done by Branmuffin17 to get a feel of the tactics used in Smite.

The Morrigan is mostly an ability based mage who can burst down her opponents with her kit late game. She does have some good things about her, but also some bad things.

..... Pros .....

- Can turn into a god that suits the situation
- Can burst down squishier gods
- Decent escape
.... Cons ....

- Squishy
- Can be Mana hungry
- Long cooldown on her Ultimate
- Early game is just terrible


Every 3rd attack will proc Doomsayer regardless of other attacks hitting the target or not. When it hits an enemy it deals damage to all enemies within range. Enemies afflicted will take additional damage over time as well. Unsure if this is before or after damage mitigation. If it is before mitigation, this passive will deal quite a bit of damage. If it is after mitigation, then it is slightly underwhelming.

Deadly Aspects
Her main damage option. It produces a stun for 1 second which allows for you to escape if needed or to finish the enemy god off. The cooldown is medium in duration.
I max this first in most game modes because it is the main damage output for her and with Dark Omen already having a short cooldown, you would want this on line quicker as well.
Deadly Aspects

Ability Video

Dark Omen
This is your poke ability. It causes enemies to be doomed which in turn they will take more damage from the next damaging ability from The Morrigan.
I max this second. I might max this first in Conquest, as this would be your main minion clearing move or in joust if you do not have a hunter teammate so you can clear the wave faster. It has a short cooldown if you have some CDR built so you would not need the cooldown scaling as much as you would for Deadly Aspects which is why I choose to upgrade this second.
Dark Omen

Ability Video

Either your initiator or your escape move. She sends out a clone of herself while you can move freely invisible. Getting hit or attacking removes the invisibility as well as if affected by DoT before casting. Use this to move to get into position to surprise attack. Or when you retreat, as you will have additional movement speed when cast. This has a relatively long cooldown
I max this third.

Ability Video

Her most unique move. She can turn into any god on the field. This can be a game changer, but can also be underwhelming. The cooldown is really long and only helps if you are familiar with multiple gods. Tip: You can preselect a god while walking, to give yourself a quicker cast time. Some of the best gods to turn into in my opinion are: Loki Vulcan Zeus Ares. I'm sure others as well just didn't want to list them all.
Max this when available, unless you do not have gods you like to turn into. Then put points towards other abilities first.

Ability Video

Quick Combos Revamp

Combo #1-Consistent Damage


Consistent Damage Explanation

Combo #2- Max Damage


Consistent Damage Explanation

Combo #3- Close the gap



I am not going to include any combos with Changeling because it is to dependent on team makeup and comfort. I am sure there are more combos at well, but they are her main ones where you will use them the majority of the time.

Combo Comparison

TL:DR Combo Comparison

A case for Polynomicon or not

I consider Polynomicon basically core for The Morrigan. With her stun from Deadly Aspects, you can hit its passive often and easily, producing a large chunk of damage as shown in the combo comparison section above. Let's compare some builds without Polynomicon to one with it and see the difference Polynomicon has on it.

Without Polynomicon- Soul Reaver substitution


Without Polynomicon- Ethereal Staff substitution


With Polynomicon


Let's now pit The Morrigan against herself with the builds and combos from above and with her at 1900 or 2100 health.

Combo#1- Consistent Damage

Soul Reaver- 805 + 190(Reaver passive) + 229 + 412 + 229 = 1865
Ethereal Staff- 795 + 95 (Ethereal passive) + 226 + 408 + 226 = 1750
Polynomicon- 780 + 223 + 450 + 400 + 223 = 2076 damage w/ 1 hit from Poly

Combo #2- Max Damage

Soul Reaver- 412 + 190(Reaver passive) + 229 + 805 + 412 + 229 = 2347
Ethereal Staff- 408 + 95 (Ethereal passive) + 226 + 795 + 412 + 226 = 2162
Polynomicon- 400 + 780 + 400 + 223 + 450= 2253 damage w/ missed first Poly

As you can see, Soul Reaver adds solid damage overall, but still comes up short on combo #1 but barely beats Polynomicon on combo #2. Ethereal Staff is a little weaker than Soul Reaver but you gain some health and the passive has a shorter cooldown. Other factors to consider is price and passive use. Polynomicon's passive can hit every 3 seconds while Soul Reaver's can only deal extra true damage every 40 seconds and Ethereal Staff every 10 seconds. Making it less appealing than Polynomicon. Lastly is the price. Soul Reaver is an extra 650 gold while Ethereal Staff is an extra 350 when compared to Polynomicon. That with all the other factors makes Polynomicon a better item for her.

If you feel you can't hit the skill shot to use Polynomicon's passive consistently, I would consider Ethereal Staff over Soul Reaver due to the passive being shorter on Ethereal Staff and the cooldowns of her abilities line up with the passive cooldown of Staff better. (20% CDR= 9.6 seconds for Deadly Aspects). Making it synergize with each other.

Items for Non-Conquest

Note: Most of this could work in Conquest, just probably in different orders. I have yet to play Conquest with The Morrigan so I can not give a good explanation for item choice in that mode


Provides the most power and some flat penetration along with your movement speed. I usually don't go with these, because I like the CDR on the other boots, but still solid otherwise
Slightly less power than Shoes of the Magi and no penetration, but it has 10% CDR which is extremely beneficial for her. The mana increase is also vital since she is ability based.

Good items to pick up for The Morrigan

I love Polynomicon on The Morrigan as you can tell from previous chapters. With her stun from Deadly Aspects, it makes it easy to hit the passive consistently. Resulting in heavy damage for the enemy late game. This is usually built later when you have more power to make the passive stronger, but I like to get it second as her early game is terrible and with the little bit extra damage from the passive helps mitigate that a little bit.
With the recent decrease in cost (2600 now), this is definitely an easier item to get mid game. +80 power, 20 Magical Penetration and also some CDR makes this item a go-to for her. I usually pick this up 3rd or 4th depending on my earlier items, which is easier to do in other game modes than Conquest. I feel this wouldn't be item 3 for Conquest, since gold is harder to come by then. For Conquest, Item 4 or 5
Reasonable cost (2300). Gives a lot of power (+100) as well. Gives you more lifesteal, which she needs especially if you do not build any defensive items on her. With this and Polynomicon you would have between 32-52% lifesteal (depending of health), which if you kill the minion chain, it replenishes most of your health. I usually get this after Spear of Desolation in Joust/Clash/Arena to give me more sustain. It you do not want to do double lifesteal, substitute this out with Gem of Isolation perhaps.
Decent price and gives good power (+60). But also provides some % penetration. This will help more with tower damage, but also could help against some of the tankier gods. This is usually item 4,5 for me but with the recent decrease in price, you could get this at item 3 instead. You could bypass this if facing squishier gods as the penetration from Spear of Desolation and Shoes of the Magi would be enough for true damage on squishier gods.
+100 power and +300 Mana, but the passive is the best thing about it. Basically when you hit a god with an ability, they will take normal damage but also 10% of their maximum health in true damage. However, it does have a long cooldown between uses, but an effective item nonetheless. This would be item 5 or 6.
Basically a given to get for a mage. It is pricey (3300) but it is worth it. +125 power, some MP5 and a passive that also increases your magical power by another 25%. When fully built, you will be able to combo kill squishy gods with Deadly Aspects and Dark Omen along with the additional damage from Polynomicon. This would be item 5 or 6. Item 5 in Arena since you would not probably be able to build it fully if item 6.

Alternative Items

I used to pick Book of Thoth as item 3 (after defensive item), but it recently has fallen out of favor for me. It takes awhile to get online with the stacks, especially early game Morrigan is pretty bad, so it would take even longer to get online. But once it is fully stacked, it is an effective item, but I think now there are better items. I would probably only consider this for Conquest now.
A useful item against healers. Relatively cheap and gives +80 power and +10 penetration. Would sub this in for one of my penetration items.
Gives good power (90), some health and some CC reduction. The slow from the passive is nice as you can potentially hit the Max Damage combo easier.
After Dark Omen they would be slowed so you could hit your basic attack for Polynomicon easier, then move in closer to finish with Deadly Aspects
A good alternative to Bancroft's Talon especially when in more team fights. Gives some power, CDR, Mana and lifesteal. In team fights, allied Gods within 70 units will gain lifesteal and power depending on their class.
Pricey, but gives quite a bit of cooldown reduction. Gives +80 power and +25 MP5. But you mostly just want it for the CDR. I am not to keen on it as I don't think full CDR on The Morrigan is needed, but is always an option.
With the rework of Shaman's Ring, it could become viable for The Morrigan in replacement of Bancroft's Talon. It is relatively cheap, with decent power. It gives you some additional movement speed as well which could be nice. The downfall is that the passive would take some time to get online as you have to deal 5000 damage total while you have the item fully built. The 10% increase in damage from abilities is nice and you don't have much drop off in total damage within the combo damage listed above. With this being new, additional testing would be needed so proceed with caution if you get this item.

Protection items

With The Morrigan being squishy, sometimes a little protection is needed. The best defensive items for her would be dual protection ones in my opinion.

Depending on the match up and how you are doing, I would get Spirit Robe later if needed, like at item 5 if doing okay without it. It provides solid magical and physical protections, some cooldown reduction and also some crowd control reduction. You also gain some additional damage mitigation when hit by hard crowd control. It is a little pricier (2500) but it is a solid item for her.
This item is best when gotten 2nd after boots. It is cheaper than Spirit Robe and also provides more protections (after some stacks) +250 health and mana. I would get this early if you are behind.
The more expensive brother to Spirit Robe. It provides a bit more protection and also 10% cooldown reduction. The passive can help you get out of some situations. This would be best gotten late game if needed, but I feel there are better options.


Solid relic that protects you from damage for 2s. Can help you get away. The downfall is that you can't use any actions.
Use to get away after Confusion is over or if it was on cooldown. Just something to help you get away.
Use against CC heavy opponents. It may keep you alive....maybe

Alternative Starts- Non-Conquest

Listed up top are alternative ways you can start out for The Morrigan. Now let's explain when to use each start.

Sands of Time start


Early Poly


Mid Poly


Late Poly


So which start to use? The best start would be either Sands of Time start if you want to run Polynomicon early. If you do not want to do that, late poly is probably the best as your power is there for a stronger passive for Polynomicon. I prefer early Poly with Shoes of Focus, but that is just me. No matter what you start with, The Morrigan will always have a terrible early game. There is no way around it, besides grinding through it. Spear of Desolation at item 2 is probably the strongest early game you can get, but it is a little pricier.

General Gameplay- Joust/Clash/Arena/Siege

The Morrigan has a terrible early game. It really is one of the worst. So it is best to play conservatively early in my opinion. If you can escape the early game with just a death or two, that would be considered a win in my book. After you get to the point where you have 3 items or so, that is when you can play a little more aggressive. The Morrigan shines mid to late game, when she gets her damage online, but with her being squishy, it all depends on the early game.

Early game

Mid Game

Late Game

Changeling tier list

Alright so I put together a tier list for good gods for The Morrigan to turn into. This could fail miserably because it is based on my opinion and god familiarity, which can be debated on and changed. I am mostly focusing on team fight capabilities and not necessarily 1 vs 1 fights, since her Cooldown is so long, you mostly want to use Changeling in team fights.

I know everyone's tier list could be different due to their knowledge of certain god kits, or on the builds of gods in match. I mean if you have an Auto attack build on Poseidon, he won't be as good of an option since you basically want him for Whirlpool Release The Kraken! combo, which wouldn't have as much damage due to the build focus. So take this with a grain of salt, with a basis of optimal builds for each god. I am going to put them into 3 categories: Always, Situational and Better options available.

So when Changeling is used, you have 10 seconds as another god to wreak havoc on the opposing team. She copies all of their stats and can use all abilities. However she keeps her own relics. Also the rank of her abilities will match the skills of the god you copy. So in my normal progression, I level up Deadly Aspects first, which then if you turn into Ares his Shackles will match the same ranking as Deadly Aspects. Something to keep in mind when turning into a god. Certain abilities won't necessarily be as strong due to the level ranking you do.

These are the gods that, when available, you should always change into with your ultimate Changeling. Changing into these gods will almost always give you a solid advantage over the enemy team.
Gods you should always change into

These are the gods that are niche picks to change into. Before changing into one of these, assess the situation (e.g. who are our enemies?) and then pick one of these gods that would make for a good counter to them.
Gods you should situationally change into

Practically never:
These are the gods that you should avoid changing into as much as possible. Of course, if there aren't any other gods available you might as well, but always opt for an option of one of the above 2 tables first, before looking to change into one of these.
Gods you should stay away from

So I know these are up for debate and are contingent on numerous things like familiarity and god builds, but I feel strong about the "Always" group and could see some from each category move up a category. I will take into account people's opinions as well if they convince me otherwise.


Huge shout out to Zerostrike for putting together some coding for the Changeling tier list. Turned out great and it took him like 30 minutes to put together. I am pretty sure I would still be working on it if it wasn't for him.

Also shout out to BranMuffin for some insight on the tier list.

Also shout out to the rest of you guys for the future insight I hope to get for this guide.

If you like this guide, check out my others!

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