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Knock, Knock, Knocking at the Underworld's Door

May 19, 2017 by newbiemj
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Build 1
Build 2

General Build Order

Smite God: Hades

Item Purchase Order

Usual build

Build Item Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Warlock's Sash
Build Item Spear of Desolation
Build Item Spear of the Magus
Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Defensive options

Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Stone of Fal Build Item Void Stone

Other offensive options

Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Soul Reaver


Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Divine Ruin Build Item Shield of Regrowth

Relic possibilities

Build Item Blink Rune Build Item Bracer of Undoing Build Item Horrific Emblem Build Item Shield of Thorns Build Item Purification Beads

God Skill Order

Death From Below

Death From Below 2 8 11 12 15 key bind

Shroud of Darkness

Shroud of Darkness 3 14 16 18 key bind

Devour Souls

Devour Souls 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Pillar of Agony

Pillar of Agony 5 9 13 17 19 20 key bind

Knock, Knock, Knocking at the Underworld's Door

May 19, 2017



Welcome to my Hades build guide. I recently got to level 10 with him in a short amount of time. Due to the fact that there were triple worshipers and boosters. Here are my stats for reference if you want to check them out. In this guide, I am primarily focusing on all game modes but Conquest. I don't play Conquest much so I feel like I would not be able to give a good explanation or build for it.

Hades is an unique mage that relies on getting up close and personal to inflict damage with his kit, unlike other mages who rely on ranged abilities. With this in mind, Hades is completely ability based. So builds should focus on some CDR, health and maybe some protections. I will discuss item choices later on. First, let's get into some Pros and Cons.

Pros and Cons

Hades- Pros & Cons

........ Pros ........

- Can have high burst
- AoE heal
- Decent escape

....... Cons .......

- Anti-heal items really hurt
- Slow movement speed
- Has to get close to do damage




Hades' basic attacks apply a debuff to the target. It stays on for 8 seconds and can be refreshed. When affected by this, all the other abilities for Hades will have an additional effect. It is always best to have your enemy blighted before using your kit. You can tell an enemy is Blighted when they havea black aura like thing on them NOTE: Death From Below and Shroud of Darkness also apply Blight

Death From Below
This is his initiator and escape move. He descends into the ground and erupts from it. Damaging everyone in the circle. This applies blight if the target does not have it. If they do have Blight, they will also be slowed. This does count as a leap, so when used around Awilix she can pull him in with her ultimate.
Max this out 2nd.
Death From Below

Shroud of Darkness
Hades silences all enemies in a cone in front of him. If the enemy already has Blight they are also feared, which basically disorients them like a taunt would. It makes them move away from you. So you could potentially come from behind, fear them and make them walk towards your teammates and tower and they can't do anything about it. This also applies Blight, if do not have it already. This is good to use as an initiator or after you initiated with Death From Below. This will either make enemies fear you or will apply blight making them take more damage from Devour Souls.
Max this 3rd
Shroud of Darkness

Devour Souls
This is his bread and butter move. Every enemy is damaged in a circle around him. If they are blighted, the enemy explodes dealing damage to nearby enemies as well. It also heals you and nearby allies that are within the circle as well. This is why you want everyone to have Blight because this move consumes it and heals and does even more damage when Blighted. This is usually your end part of your combo as it consumes Blight. You max this 1st.
Devour Souls

Pillar of Agony
A perfect team fight set up move. When used, enemies within the area of effect will be pulled closer to you while getting damaged every .5 seconds for 4 seconds. If they are blighted, their protections are reduced as well. Hades also gains protections for the duration of the move. It can be canceled early if needed. The downfall is that you are stationary and do take damage when used. Timing is also key, as enemies can use leaps, dashes and teleport out of it. They can also use beads to escape it as well. Focus on gods who have used their escape move already or ones that do not have one to at least force the use of Purification Beads. If they do escape, you can cancel Pillar of Agony early. I would recommend this as you are just sitting there doing nothing. As well, you can use Pillar of Agony as a way for the enemy team to draw out their relics, like beads and Aegis, while setting up a teammates ultimate.
Max this when available
Pillar of Agony

Combo Time

Main Combos





Item choices

Item choices

Hades can be built in a couple of different ways. You can go with more protections while diminishing your damage. You could go a full damage build but be subjected to more punishment while ulting. You could just build health and use your heal as your defense. Personally, I like building health with power and penetration while occasionally getting a defensive item when needed.

In my opinion, your main focus as Hades should be getting some lifesteal, some CDR and penetration. With these, you can replenish your life more often while shredding through enemy protections with your build items and also your abilities. Remember when using Pillar of Agony, that their magical protections are reduced between 60-100, if they were blighted beforehand. So always make sure they are blighted.

Let's discuss item possibilities shall we. In this portion, I will split between Offensive, Defensive and Utility items, with the ones showing as my preferred items for Hades.


These are the boots for Hades. Provides the most power and some flat penetration along with your movement speed. With the power and pen they help with early wave clear. You do sacrifice some Cooldown reduction, but they fit much better in my opinion

Replacement / situational items

Offensive Items

So this is usually my first item even before boots.
The increase in lifesteal makes Devours souls heal more potent while increasing your damage by 100. You also gain more power and lifesteal from missing health making you even more dangerous so early in the game.
A big increase in health even at the base stats. I usually get this item after Bancroft's Talon and Shoes of the Magi because by then your Devour Souls clear wipes out the entire minion chain. Plus usually your teammates are building early stacks, which makes it less of a fight over minions. If you don't want to stack or in a game mode where it is tough to stack (Arena), sub this out for Hide of the Urchin. It will provide you some the health lost and also give you some protections.
Little bit of everything needed. Nice power, +20 penetration, and some CDR which is needed. The price is right at 2600 and just helps you in so many ways.
Double penetration items just shreds through enemy protections. With this item, it is only truly effective when using Pillar of Agony,
but it is more helpful than Obsidian Shard in team fights. This item could be subbed out for a different item.
Don't think need much explanation on this one, but your damage will jump up majorly. With this and double penetration items, you will be the god feared most.

Spear of the Magus replacement / situational items

Defensive Items

If I do get a defensive item, it would usually just be 1 item. Usually this would be item 4 in the build.

Really nice physical protections with 20% CDR. I would get this if facing a majority physical enemy team that has high burst.
One of the cheapest dual protection items available. After stacks it provides the most dual protections as well. Nice increase in health and mana. Downfall, no CDR and actually have to build stacks to fulfill its potential
Nice dual protections for a heavier price. Has some CDR. The passive can be helpful while using Pillar of Agony so it could stun them while caught in it if tirggered.

Replacement / situational items

Utility Items

Good power, some health and a little bit of CCR. When you hit enemies with your abilities it will slow them down as well, making it harder for them to escape your grasp.

Replacement / situational items

Relic Possibilities

Keeps Death From Below from being used so you can use it as an escape if needed. Can catch enemies off guard more easily as well.
Using it will subtract 3 seconds from abilities but will also restore 50% Health and Mana lost within the last 3 seconds. So if you are in the middle of your ultimate getting pummeled, you can pop this and your life back then hopefully have Devour Souls back up to replenish even more.
It slows enemy gods, making it potentially harder to get out of Pillar of Agony. Also reduces attack speed so you could take less damage as they attack you while in Pillars.
Reflects damage back to enemy for 5 seconds. Use this before using Pillar of Agony to take less damage while giving out more.
Because getting CCed sucks. This can help with that.

My usual build

Imagine awesome build name here

My usual build has been used in all modes besides Conquest. I believe it could work in Conquest but am unsure since have not tested it. So most of the focus will be on the other games modes.

Build details





Hades is an unique mage that can punish gods with high damage output while also taking a fair amount of damage by healing himself with Devour Souls.

His downfalls include: having to be close to do his main damage, being vulnerable to CC after initiation, being left open for attacks during Pillar of Agony and his slow movement speed. With that in mind, you should pick and choose when you need to initiate and when to hang back. Make sure when you initiate, you are not doing it by yourself and have the aid of teammates. If you have a support teammate, have him initiate and after he uses part of his kit use Death From Below to come in and take over with your silence from Shroud of Darkness with a finish of either Pillar of Agony or Devour Souls. With these things in mind and with the build items suggested, you should do well more often than not.

If you like this guide, check out my others!

Many Thanks

Many Thanks

Special thanks to the following:

Zerostrike for his Spruce up your words guide and helping out with some coding issues.

Technotoad for his Color Compilation guide

Zilby for his Template Guide

Notes about the future

Notes about future changes

Of course this guide can change dramatically after Patch 4.9 drops, which will increase Hades cooldown on Death From Below by 2 seconds. His heal from Devour Souls is also scaling back from 15% to 10%. I am unsure at this time how much this will affect him. If it affects his healing quite a bit I would be more prone to get protection item(s). If Death From Below is down to long to often, it would force me to put more focus on CDR. (My usual build only builds 10% usually.)

I will be doing some game play sections in the future as well. I just really dislike doing them as each players play style can be different in each match and it is hard to explain all the different scenarios as well. I am sure I could get some excellent feedback on game play from BranMuffin among others.


We talking bout changes.

5/19- Minor revisions from feedback from Bran. Added relics
5/18- Original publish date

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