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No Gusts No Glory- Isis Season 4 general guide

August 14, 2017 by newbiemj
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General Build

Smite God: Isis

Item Purchase Order

General Build order- Sell Starter late for need

Build Item Sands of Time
Build Item Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Book of Thoth
Build Item Obsidian Shard
Build Item Polynomicon
Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Boots- Either or (prefer Magi)

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Shoes of Focus

Stacks (if needed)

Build Item Book of Thoth Build Item Warlock's Staff

Penetration- Pick 1 possibly 2

Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Spear of the Magus

Lifesteal- Pick 1

Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Pythagorem's Piece

Power- Last Item

Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Soul Reaver


Build Item Ethereal Staff Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Divine Ruin Build Item Rod of Asclepius Build Item Shaman's Ring

Starter possibilities

Build Item Sands of Time Build Item Soul Stone Build Item Vampiric Shroud

Non stack example

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Chronos' Pendant

God Skill Order

Wing Gust

Wing Gust 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Spirit Ball

Spirit Ball 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Dispel Magic

Dispel Magic 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Circle of Protection

Circle of Protection 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

No Gusts No Glory- Isis Season 4 general guide

August 14, 2017


8/14- Updated through 4.15. Moved Obsidian Shard to top choice for penetration. Added it into builds


Hello all, Welcome to my guide for Isis.

I am shooting to give a short, sweet and simple explanation on how/ why these items work well with Isis. I will assume you know the basics to Smite like, Buff camps, minions, rotating etc. If not feel free to check out any of the Overarching Guides done by Branmuffin17 to get a feel of the tactics used in Smite.

Isis is an ability based mage who can control the field with Spirit Ball while dealing damage and also healing teammates with her ultimate Circle of Protection. She is primarily used in the Mid lane in Conquest but could perhaps do Solo lane. She does have some good things about her, but also some bad things.

..... Pros .....
- Decent ability CC
- A versatile ultimate
- Decent escape with Wing Gust
- Can control battlefield
.... Cons ....
- Squishy
- Can be Mana hungry
- Lacks a true escape
- Movement speed is slow



Passive: Funeral Rites
Isis shares additional HP5 and MP5 with nearby allies. This increases per stack gained (10 max) and stacks are gained witnessing god deaths. When she reaches full stacks, she gains 10% cooldown reduction as well. This passive used to be okay, because it reset on her death, but now it doesn't reset and you gain 10% CDR. So it is a whole lot better now.


1: Wing Gust
This ability is your main minion clear move as well as your escape. When used, Isis gains increased movement speed and doesn't have a backpedal penalty.She is also immune to roots and knockbacks, but can get silenced and disrupted by other forms of CC as well. As an escape, it is not terrible as long as you can anticipate a little before needing it to give you a head start. If used to late, you can be silenced and lose the ability. As a minion clear, at max level this should clear the minion wave.
This makes it a priority to level up 1st in Conquest. You could maybe upgrade this 2nd when in other modes especially if you are not the main clearer.
Ability Video


2: Spirit Ball
This is her main disruptor and poke. The further it travels, the stronger it becomes. At max range, it will do 1.5x more damage than one at point blank range. You can also detonate it early by pushing the casting button again at the desired moment. It can go through walls and also stun multiple enemies if within its range. It can be hard to gauge the distance on when you need to detonate, but the stun and damage it produces can turn around any fight.
This is usually upgraded 2nd. Maybe 1st if you don't need to minion clear as much.

Ability Video


3: Dispel Magic
Her other form of Crowd Control. This ability silences and takes away a certain percentage of Magical Protections when used and also slows. This can be used as an initiator to steal those Magical protections away or as a means to escape. The silence can stop individuals from using abilities and the slow will make it easier for you or your teammates to escape. This ability is great in teamfights if you have other high damage magical teammates, as they will do more damage due to the Magical protection reduction.This does not have much range to it, so use it with caution as you could get jumped when trying to use it. I would focus this ability more on higher defensed individuals, as you will take off more protections from this ability.
Max this 3rd.

Ability Video


4: Circle of Protection
Another good teamfight ability. Isis plants her staff in a desired location. Damage dealt inside the circle charges up the staff. The staff will explode after 5 seconds or earlier if Isis detonates it earlier. Any enemy inside will take damage, while any ally inside will be healed. The quicker you detonate it,
the less damage/healing it does. It does do decent damage when detonated early and it won't be to often that you detonate it with a full charge sadly. You can use this ability in a variety of ways. You can put it in the middle of a team fight to charge it up. You can use it as a final chance for a kill when chasing. You can use it as a detractor for when you are escaping. I.E. place it on you as you are escaping then when you are about to leave it detonate it to heal yourself and potentially damaging the god chasing you. You can also use it for zoning the enemy. For example you can put it in front of the tower on the enemy side to keep them from coming closer without taking damage while you take down a tower, or you can put it around your tower while they attack it to deal damage to them, or you can place it around their tower as you take it down to heal you and your teammates. The possibilities are limitless! Okay, maybe not limitless but it is pretty versatile.
Max this when available.

Ability Video







Item Choices

Item Choices

Listed below are items that work well on Isis. The first items shown in each category is my preference, but the other items can be chosen as well. It all depends on a couple of things like playstyle, comfort, enemy team composition and enemy team builds. If teams are more tanky and/or I have early CDR, I would sub out Spear of Desolation for Obsidian Shard more than likely.

Starter Item Options

Starter items are a great way to get an early advantage in certain aspects of a game mode. In Conquest, starter items are vital for numerous things like sustain, CDR, defense for example. They tend to not be a for sure item in other games like Arena, but can still have function in Clash,Siege, and Joust. The following will suggest 3 starter items that Isis can use. Sands of Time Soul Stone and Vampiric Shroud. Each one offers a different attribute that Isis needs in the early game. Sands of Time is for the cheap CDR and mana sustain. Soul Stone is for the extra ability damage and Vampiric Shroudis for more overall sustain and early survival. Which one you decide to get will mostly depend on your play style and who you are facing.

The cheapest CDR in the game. In any game mode you can start out with 10% CDR, making you able to cast abilities more often right from the get go. This item also provides some power and MP5. You also gain additional MP5 per 10% of your missing mana, which is in addition to Isis's passive, so you can regenerate a fair amount of mana every 5 seconds with her. This makes you able to stay in lane longer due to the mana regeneration. A solid starter item overall.

Replacement / situational items

Boot Options

One must always buy boots early. Either as a 1st or 2nd item or possibly 3rd if get starter item and stacking item. Movement speed is vital for many things like escaping or chasing. Each set of boots provide the same amount of movement speed, but have different attributes. Below, I will discuss the 2 kinds that you can consider for Isis.

These are a solid choice for Isis. They provide the most power and some flat penetration along with your movement speed. With the power and pen they help with early wave clear. You do sacrifice some Cooldown reduction, but you can get that from other items if needed like Sands of Time.Late game you could sell these and get Shoes of Focus if you need cooldown and have plenty of penetration.

Replacement / situational items

Stacking Item Options

Stacking items can be very useful and easily built for Isis as she can blow through a minion wave with Wing Gust when upgraded. Stacking produces a large increase in power as well as another attribute. For magical gods, there are 2 sets of stacking items. One that produces a huge amount of Mana and the other a huge amount of health. The choice is yours depending on your play style. You don't always have to stack with Isis, but you should for sure in Mid Conquest. In Joust and other modes, you will probably have others stacking so you could either vary your build so you are not stacking at the same time or not stack at all.

Book of Thoth is a solid item for Isis because her wave clear is pretty good with her Wing Gust. So stacking is not necessarily hard. Thoth gives more Mana so you can sustain longer in lane, spamming abilities. It also produces slightly higher damage output than Warlock's sash. This is usually her most common stacking item. I would suggest this item, if you are comfortable with her and know when to escape as you will have less health to survive.
warlock's sash
Warlock's sash is the opposite of Book of Thoth in regards to what it provides from stacks. Instead of more mana from stacks, you gain more health from the stacks as well as some power. The base stats alone are also helpful as you get 300 health right away which is huge for Isis because her health pool is so low. I would get this if you are facing more bursty gods, as the increased health could help you survive a little bit better and also if you are slightly unfamiliar with her. Getting to 100 stacks might seem daunting but can be done relatively easily with Wing Gust.

Penetration Item Options

Penetration items are the real key to doing damage in Smite. It helps you deal more damage to gods, minions and objectives. Without penetration, you will not do near as much damage as you would with item penetration. You should shoot for at least 1 item of penetration in your build if not 2 (not including penetration boots).

Provides % penetration along with some power for a cheaper price than Spear of Desolation. It is solid for her as this will do more damage towards tanks and heavily defense gods.You will do more consistent damage with Spirit Ball as you won't be able to use Dispel Magic to reduces protections beforehand.*Note- Dispel Magic also reduces % magical protections, which could cause this item to be less efficient as you won't be hitting through the same amount of Magical protections as you would without Dispel Magic. With the decrease in price, this item is a must for her as a penetration option.

Replacement / situational items

Lifesteal Item Options

Lifesteal is vital for a god like Isis. Since you rarely build defensive items on her, you need lifesteal items to provide you with sustain and healing. You need one of these items in all builds at least. Listed below, are the most common ones for her. Each provide varying degrees of lifesteal, power and also something else be it extra power, extra life steal, or extra power to basic attacks. The choice is up to you on what you feel you need.

Provides a whole lot of power and lifesteal which both increase with the amount of health you have left. The price is still good after the nerf. With the lifesteal from this, you can easily gain life back with Wing Gust on the minion wave to rejuvenate you so you can get back into the fight. Lifesteal is a must have in any Mage build. You can get this either before or after penetration item depending on matchups.

Replacement / situational items

Power Item Options

Obviously, mages like Isis need power to be relevant in a match. Without power, they are a weak link in the game and will not be nearly as effective as they should be. Items listed below are solid in power, but high in price. Rod of Tahuti is core for most every mage and should be gotten by Isis. The others, you could sub in for something else, but not necessarily needed.

Obviously, this item is a go to for Mages. The increase in power is crazy which makes it crazy expensive. This would be last item bought either just before selling of Starter item or after depending on game mode and gold count.

Replacement / situational items

Situational Items Options

Situational items are items that you don't necessarily need every match like lifesteal, penetration, boots for example, but only in times of need. Each match is different, with different teammates, team composition, enemy composition or even different game modes. Below are a few items, that can help you in different situations or if you need to counter something.

A solid item for her as it provides some health and good power along with some Crowd Control Reduction. The passive can help keep enemies inside Circle of Protection longer or let you keep up with them with Wing Gust. I like to get this early on for the health and the passive. It is expensive to get but provides a lot of survivability for Isis

Replacement / situational items

Isis General Gameplay Overview

Isis General Gameplay Overview

Early Game

Regardless of game mode, early game Isis is there to clean up minion waves and the occasional poke with Spirit Ball. She should be played conservatively because she can die almost instantly if CC'ed and converged on. So always be aware of surroundings. And don't be afraid of retreating prematurely sometimes. If you do attack, your tank should initiate first while you follow up slightly later with Spirit Ball to continue the stuns. In Non-Conquest, you should get the mana buff first as you will need the mana sustain for your abilities. If in Conquest Mid, you should get damage buff as you will need the extra damage for minion waves since you will clear most of them yourself.

Mid Game

Mid game you can get a little more courageous with Isis.You still have to remember to help with minion wave clearing but now with her ultimate available, you can help out in teamfights more while also controlling the field with Spirit Ball. She should remain on the cusp of the main battle as her abilities have the range to still reach the major part and this will make it safer for you. If things do turn south, retreat back with Wing Gust. If you have an early Gem of Isolation, you should be able to escape easily due to the slow from the passive and the increased move speed from Wing Gust.

Late Game

Late game Isis is similar to Mid game Isis as you are there for teamfight support and controlling the battlefield with your abilities. You shouldn't stray far from anyone so they can benefit from Funeral Rites and also it would be safer for you. With that in mind, use Dispel Magic to debuff Assassins and Hunter's since they are the main damage dealers to shut them down and then push further if possible. Use Circle of Protection to help heal and damage during teamfights, while using Spirit Ball to stun enemies. Use Wing Gust to finish the target off, escape or to clear minions. Because you still have to clear minions.

General Gameplay

Be wary of your surroundings at all times as you can be easily converged on even with the additional movement speed from Wing Gust. Remember, you are primarily a teamfight goddess, so use your abilities during big teamfights and don't try to 1vs1 someone as it could end up bad for you. Use your abilities to control the field as you can stun, heal, damage, silence and reduce protections from your abilities. It will take awhile to get a hold of constantly hitting your abilities but when you figure it out. You will be able to turn any fight around.



Isis is an ability dependent mage who can control the battlefield with CC from her abilities. She is squishy and can be converged on easily, making her somewhat tough to play. She does take some practice, but with some patience and awareness she can dominate the battlefield.



Special thanks to the following:

Zerostrike for his Spruce up your words guide. Without his coding guide, I would just have walls of ugly text.

Technotoad for his Color Compilation guide

Zilby for his Template Guide

Branmuffin17 for offline feedback and I am sure future feedback.

Thanks to Thumbzdown for the Isis Gif. He has some pretty cool pixel gifs.

If you like this guide, check out my others!

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