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Love, find your mark! - A Cupid Guide to all Modes

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Smite God: Cupid

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Conquest (ADC)
Conquest (ADC) Arena, Joust, Clash, Siege Assault Conquest Jungler (risky but funny) Duel Build

Purchase Order

Final non-crit build example Notes This build is a standard build for those people that don't like crits on the little Cupid.

Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais

Final crit build example Notes This is a Standard Conquest build that may work pretty well on him using crits.

Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Poisoned Star Poisoned Star
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer

Alternative non-crit build example Notes Alternative non-crit build to him. Sustain, power and basic attacks, everything you need.

Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge

Alternative crit build example Notes The traditional hunter crit build. I personally hate this build and I don't like crits on Cupid, but if you want a high sustian cupid almost totally dependent of his basic attacks, this build is what you are looking for.

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Poisoned Star Poisoned Star
Build Item Wind Demon Wind Demon
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer

Start Notes Standard Start for conquest as an ADC. Hunter's Blessing is the best option here due your only damage skill be the Heart Bomb, so Mage's Blessing won't worth for just one skill. Baron's Brew is a nice option instead of mana potions, letting you be much more aggressive due the sustain (if available).

Build Item Hunter's Blessing Hunter's Blessing
Build Item Morningstar Morningstar
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Baron's Brew Baron's Brew

Core Items Notes Items you must build on him (See more in builds section). Although Transcendence is listed as a core item you can do, you can change it on Devourer's Gauntlet.

Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi

Bridge Items Notes Optional Items to help you be a threat sooner with low cost. Choose one. (See more in builds section)

Build Item Asi Asi
Build Item Ichaival Ichaival

Crit items Notes Critical items that work well on Cupid. Choose two (max 3) items if you want to do crits. (See more in builds section)

Build Item Rage Rage
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Poisoned Star Poisoned Star
Build Item Wind Demon Wind Demon

Non-crit items Notes Items you may choose if don't wanna crits. Sell your Hunter's Blessing your bridge item (if you did) to buy more items.(See more in builds section)

Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker

Situational Items Notes Items to consider to do on Cupid in some occasional situations.

Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Toxic Blade Toxic Blade
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane

Defensive Items Notes If you are in need of some protections. Totally situational, choose ONLY ONE!!!

Build Item Genji's Guard Genji's Guard
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord

Cupid's Skill Order

Heart Bomb

Heart Bomb

1 X
1 4 6 7 10
Share The Love

Share The Love

2 A
2 14 16 18 19


3 B
3 8 11 12 15
Fields Of Love

Fields Of Love

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20
Array ( [major] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 90 [display_name] => Artio [url] => artio ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Cripple, stun, root and tons of other CCs that can put you in serious trouble. Be careful in a 1vs1 fight and don't go if is 1vs2 or more. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 86 [display_name] => Cernunnos [url] => cernunnos ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Due his kit be so strong against you in early/mid game, you will suffer a lot until late game. ) [2] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 95 [display_name] => Chernobog [url] => chernobog ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => ) [3] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 17 [display_name] => Cupid [url] => cupid ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => ) [4] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 44 [display_name] => Mercury [url] => mercury ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Too much fast for you, crits everywhere and immunity to slow, it's tough fight against him. Ask for help always, group up with your team and don't forget the wards. ) [5] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 34 [display_name] => Ne Zha [url] => ne-zha ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => ) [6] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 30 [display_name] => Neith [url] => neith ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => ) [7] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 97 [display_name] => Pele [url] => pele ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => ) [8] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 66 [display_name] => Ratatoskr [url] => ratatoskr ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => ) [9] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 74 [display_name] => Skadi [url] => skadi ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => ) [10] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 43 [display_name] => Thanatos [url] => thanatos ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Due his skill [[Scent of Death]] makes him immune to slow, your skills are useless against him. But you can kill him using your [[Heart Bomb]] when he uses his ultimate to escape. ) [11] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 51 [display_name] => Ullr [url] => ullr ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => ) [12] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 12 [display_name] => Ymir [url] => ymir ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => ) ) [extreme] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 15 [display_name] => He Bo [url] => he-bo ) [scoreVal] => 1 [notes] => [[He bo]] is stupid broken so, if he is a thread even to tanks think about a little chubby boy that will die with 2 buttons, do I need to say more?. ) ) [even] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 5 [display_name] => Anhur [url] => anhur ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Early game too strong, be careful with the snowball. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 23 [display_name] => Ares [url] => ares ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => ) [2] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 1 [display_name] => Artemis [url] => artemis ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => ) [3] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 93 [display_name] => Cerberus [url] => cerberus ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => ) [4] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 91 [display_name] => Hachiman [url] => hachiman ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => ) [5] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 62 [display_name] => Hou Yi [url] => hou-yi ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => ) [6] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 80 [display_name] => Izanami [url] => izanami ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Clear wave too fast, be careful with her pokes (that really hurts) ) [7] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 68 [display_name] => Khepri [url] => khepri ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Due his high control may he be a little annoying to you and open a lot of opportunities to his teammates kill you, so pay attention! ) [8] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 52 [display_name] => Kumbhakarna [url] => kumbhakarna ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => ) [9] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 64 [display_name] => Medusa [url] => medusa ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => ) [10] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 55 [display_name] => Rama [url] => rama ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => ) [11] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 27 [display_name] => Xbalanque [url] => xbalanque ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => ) ) [minor] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 45 [display_name] => Ah Muzen Cab [url] => ah-muzen-cab ) [scoreVal] => 4 [notes] => ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 61 [display_name] => Awilix [url] => awilix ) [scoreVal] => 4 [notes] => While you have your ultimate you are safe. Try to avoid her ganks and your ultimate can really save you from her, so make some cooldown items to always counter her! ) [2] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 71 [display_name] => Chiron [url] => chiron ) [scoreVal] => 4 [notes] => ) [3] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 75 [display_name] => Jing Wei [url] => jing-wei ) [scoreVal] => 4 [notes] => ) [4] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 79 [display_name] => Terra [url] => terra ) [scoreVal] => 4 [notes] => ) ) [tiny] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 33 [display_name] => Apollo [url] => apollo ) [scoreVal] => 5 [notes] => His kit is weak against you and your [[heart bomb]] CAN counter her ultimate when used to escape, just like [[thanatos]] ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 77 [display_name] => Fafnir [url] => fafnir ) [scoreVal] => 5 [notes] => ) [2] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 69 [display_name] => Xing Tian [url] => xing-tian ) [scoreVal] => 5 [notes] => ) ) ) 1

Cupid' Threats

Click each Level on the left to view
Cupid' threats


Hi everyone, my name is x MysTeRioN z. I play this game on Xbox one.
I started playing Smite with Cupid and since this I haven't stopped.
I`m here to help you play with this little cute guy that can be very annoying and a really demon for the enemy team if used in the right way.

Art by rinlenneko via DeviantArt

"Have you ever been so in love that you feel like your heart will explode?
...Do you wanna be?" - Cupid

Best phrase in the entire game hahaha

Recently I have heard this God is the Teemo of Smite (Teemo is a character from League of Legens that is cute, small, annoying, very good and is only played by people that don't have souls). I don't agree with that,
Cupid is cute, small, can be annoying but he is only Love <3. People that don't have soul (and brain) play as
He Bo :v (I'm just kidding). Anyway, let's go to what matters.

I'm open to suggestions to make this guide even better, so don't forget to like this guide (if you liked) and tell me what I should improve, what I should change and if this guide was helpful for you.

Pros / Cons

"You can't stop true love!" - Cupid

  1. Good individual damage
  2. Good cooldowns
  3. Good chaser
  4. Very good teamwork
  5. Permanent attack speed buff
  6. High sustain in lane
  7. A big trouble if used right
  8. Heals himself and the team
  9. Has an escape
  10. Flexible God
  11. Very Cute and Lovely
  12. The cutest game cards in the game

  1. Very squishy
  2. Your heal is not powerful enough
  3. Escape is good but not great
  4. Mesmerize effect in his ultimate is stopped by damage.
  5. The skills will be removed even when you miss it
  6. ****py early game
  7. Too much Mid-Late Game



"Love is a battlefield!" - Cupid


Type: Passive
Skill Type: Stacking Buff

Cupid fall in love with everything he hits, with more love, more powerful he becomes. He stacks a heart with each basic attack he hits (max 8 stacks). He will have the following additional effects with the stacks:
  • Each heart stacked will increase in 2% your skills damage
  • Each heart stacked will increase in 2% your heal
    When all the 8 hearts are stacked you gain:
  • Mesmerized effect on his ultimate is doubled (1.5 secs to 3 secs).
  • Heart bomb when explode now will cause stun on all targets in the area.
    (This two skills will ALWAYS consume all stacks even when it's not at max.)


Heart Bomb

Type: Projectile

Cooldown: 12 secs
Hit Damage: 50/80/110/140/170 (+90% of your Physical Power) (Single Target)
Explosion Damage: 50/80/110/140/170 (+90% of your Physical Power) (In Area)

Cupid fire his famous arrow charged with a heart. The target hit with this arrow will loose 20% of movement speed and the heart will stuck on him. After 3 seconds, the heart will explode causing damage to the target and all enemies in the area. If your passive is fully stacked, the explosion will cause 1s stun to the target and all enemies in the area.


Video demonstrating

Share the Love

Type: Ground Target

Cooldown: 14 secs
Heal: 30/50/70/90/110 (+25% of your Physical Power) per Heart

Cupid show to all teammates and himself the face of love throwing 3 hearts on the ground that heals allies or himself if picked up. If an ally get it, it will regenerate Cupid's mana.


Video demonstrating


Type: Dash

Cooldown: 16-12 secs
Attack Speed increased: 4/8/12/16/20% (Passive)

Cupid happy with his love dashes forward leaving a trail of love that increases in 30% all allies movement speed and himself when above it. Also Cupid gain a permanent attack speed buff by upgrading this skill to help him spread the love.


Video demonstrating

Fields of Love

Type: Ground Target (Ultimate)

Cooldown: 90 secs
Damage: 220/300/380/460/540 (+100% of your Physical Power)

Cupid decides to turn the battlefield in a Love field firing arrows with hearts in a large radius circle in the ground, preventing enemies from use movement skills and stopping them if they already used keeping them close of his love, and also slowing all the targets in 35%. After 2 seconds the hearts on the arrows will explode causing damage and a mesmerize effect on all the targets in the area.

Tips and how to use

Video demonstrating

Skills Order

"All you need is love!" - Cupid

Here I'm going to help you choose what skill you should upgrade first and what is the priority. You can have a: High damage or High Sustain or even be Hybrid. I will explain each skill order below.

High Damage and High DPS (Standard upgrade to most game modes)

High Sustain (Recommend to Assault)

High Damage and Sustain (Situational)

Skills Combos

"This arrow is aimed at your heart!" - Cupid


Flutter + Heart Bomb + Basic Attacks

  • An excellent Combo to chase an enemy with low life.
  • Use your dash to get closer and then fire Heart Bomb on the target.
  • I recommend if possible you stay close and firing basic attacks 'cause Heart Bomb may not kill the guy by itself unless he is literally almost dead.
  • Watch out with this combo 'cause you won't have any escape until Flutter comes back.
  • You can invert the order if you want to escape and fire first Heart Bomb on the target making him slower and do a dash away. If fully stacked you will have a stun so I'm almost sure you will escape alive.

  • Excellent to chase more than one enemy that is trying to escape OR to get quickly into the fight. Hit many targets with Fields Of Loveand focus on 1 with the Heart Bomb and your basic attacks. I STRONGLY recommend that you fire first Heart Bomb and then Fields Of Love 'cause if you are fully stacked, it's better the stun from Heart than the mesmerize effect doubled from Fields since this effect is broken with any damage.
  • If you are focusing in Burst damage, this is a VERY HIGH POWERFUL BURST DAMAGE.
  • You have to fire the Heart Bomb and next (very fast) the Fields Of Love to match the explosion time of both.
  • Be careful using this 'cause you won't have any escape until Flutter comes back.


Flutter + Fields of Love

  • Excellent to chase enemies that are going away and you are not sure if will hit the Heart Bomb.
  • Also the mesmerize effect from the Ultimate will stop the target for you hit the Heart Bomb if it didn't die.
  • If you are trying to escape and there is enemies chasing you, you can fire Fields Of Love at your position and do a dash to escape, If the enemy don't have a skill to go forward, you'll have a safe escape.


Heart Bomb + Fields of Love + Basic Attacks

  • Excellent to kill someone that is near to you or trying to escape of you after lose a fight.
  • Your most powerful burst damage. Use and abuse of this combo.
  • If you fail to kill the target, use the Flutter to go away. This combo is very powerful in the early game and mid game, in late game still powerful, but not so much as it was.

Combos and Duos

"Shot to the heart and I'm to blame, baby!" - Cupid

Here I will show to you some synergies that Cupid has or not with other characters. All the descriptions here were made thinking about conquest and all the characters here were also supports, which doesn't mean you can't port the tips here for other modes or if the god is in other role.


Synergy: Good



Synergy: Reasonable



Synergy: Good



Synergy: Good



Synergy: Reasonable



Synergy: Bad (if support)



Synergy: Good



Synergy: Good



Synergy: Good


I could put almost everyone in the game here because how I said, Cupid has a very good team work, and his skills works very well combined with almost every other character. I just chose the Gods that usually are used as support and/or combo well with Cupid.

If your favorite support isn't here don't be sad, I will update it as soon as I can.

How to play with Cupid

"Alright let's get it on, hahahahaha!" - Cupid

Cupid, God of Love, a very nice and funny God to play, and also a little easy. Here I will help you saying how you should play with him, the general gameplay, that is common on all game modes.

If you haven't read the Skills sections right above, I suggest you do it before stars here.

I consider Cupid an Hybrid ADC (Half of your skills is focused on damages), so your build must consider your skills and also your basic attacks.

Early Game

  • You are VERY WEAK and can't heal yourself well at beginning SO YOU MUST PLAY PASSIVE AND SAFE.
  • Try to clear the wave as soon as possible, and try to don't take damage from the wave. If the enemy cleared his wave first, retreat to your tower.
  • High recommend you take the damage buff, but if mid took it, whatever.
  • Try to don't start unnecessary fights until you have power, usually Transcendence.
  • In teamfights try to participate from some distance and run for your life if someone focus you.
  • PUT WARDS ON THE MAP to avoid be Ganked (See "Warding" section)
  • Poke your enemy as soon as possible (using Heart Bomb) but not too much or he will call for help and put you in seriously trouble
  • FOCUS ON FARMING, you need to get big as soon as possible so every farm you see, do it if possible (camps or minions waves).
  • There isn't so much to do here. Just be careful to don't die. IF THE ENEMY GETS BIGGER THAN YOU, YOU WILL SUFFER SO MUCH.
  • Ask for help every time you need, and don't do anything that can compromise you.

DON'T CHASE AN ENEMY IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU'LL KILL, just go if you have the Heart Bomb and/or Fields Of Love and you hit the target. DON'T GO IF THE ENEMY HAVE TEAMMATES NEAR HIM

Prefer to don't try and stay alive instead of dying trying and feed the enemy. Don't forget to use your heal on your teammates to get mana.

Mid Game

  • Now you become some sustainable with Share The Love if you rushed it and do a decent damage, probably you are killing a minions wave without problems using Heart Bomb.
  • Now it's time to become a little aggressive. Your damage scales very well now (mainly with the build I did). You will see your basic attacks doing something like 175~200 basic attack and it surprises the most part of the enemy. Now think combined with heart bom and/or Fields Of Love, plus your CC (slows, stun and mesmerize). Time to shine.
  • I recommend you start playing a little more aggressive, but not too much aggressive. Remember that your kit is not the best kit in the game and CANNOT save you well from some hotter situations.
  • REMEMBER THAT OBJECTIVES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN KILLS, so it's time to start do your job, carry the game doing the objectives.
  • ALWAYS try to participate of teamfights now, 'cause your skills ARE VERY USEFUL to the team.
  • Now it's a nice moment to start rotate to surprise enemies and blow them with your love.

Late Game

  • Time to group up.
  • Now you are stronger than ever so, time to keep shining.
  • Use wisely your skills now 'cause they are powerful and can change the games's destiny.
  • Stay with your team helping them and now, more than ever, participate in the team fights combining your skills with theirs.
  • Unfortunately, you are very squishy, so YOU DIE VERY FAST at late game so you will notice that you will shine less than mid game, BUT, you can counter it by playing safe behind your teammates. So, as long as you don't try to be a front line and stay together with you team you will still being a killing machine.

Obs.: Change the skills from "default" to "instantaneous" in settings to get better responses (except Fields Of Love and the Heart Bomb).

Cupid on game modes

"Don't be afraid of love! Nobody has ever been hurt by love!" - Cupid (that's a lie hahaha)

Here you will see specific tips to the game modes







Joust, Clash, Siege



"Watch over me please!" - Cupid
"Ahh, You are as tall as me!" - Cupid

To do theses images, I CONSIDERED I SPAWNED AS ORDER SIDE, the light blue team.

I will show you how to warding the DUO, usually the place you will play with Cupid and some places additionally that may be useful. To see a complete section about warding check these two options:

Bran's The Overarching Conquest Guide

EmilZy's Warding Video

Early Game

These are the first minutes of the match (0:00 to 10~13:00), until you get your first items online (2 ~ 3 items).


Mid Game

This is when you get strong enough to take care of yourself, so your support go rotate (something around 13:00 ~ 22:00 minutes), and is when you get you 3rd, 4th (sometimes even the 5th) item online. You may find something like this at your minimap (the first tower of each lane should be gone or is almost falling).


Late Game

This is when you finish your build (something from 23:00 until the end of the match). With all items online you and your team (and your enemies) are strong and teams usually group up here to do the remaining objectives. Wards here are used to know the enemies movements and stop "split-pushes" or precious objectives such as the Fire Giant as well punish enemies walking alone. Here your towers probably fallen and you need to protect your phoenixes, the last block to the titan.


Remember your team will be also Warding (or at least should be) so if someone put a Ward on "your" location, change it and put on other place.

Pay attention on the minimap, it CAN save your life!!!! When the beep plays and you see an enemy on the ward is recommended retreat unless you know what you are doing!!!


"Something to spread the love!" - Cupid

Conquest Build

Arena, Joust, Clash, Siege Build

Assault Build

Situational Items

Understand the 4 steps and rush the right item:
    The 4 questions to be answered:
  1. What is the problem?
  2. What item I did (or I intende to do that) won't help me or isn't helping me with this problem?
  3. What is the best item below that better solves my problem?
  4. Will I loose something very important to this match changing this item?

If you answer all this question in the right way, you will change the right item and the new one will helps you a lot. Choose wisely!!!!!

Defensive Items

"I've never needed clothes before!" - Cupid


Damage items

"This might be too big for me!" - Cupid



"I want it! I want it!" - Cupid

These are items with large cooldown that can help you in the battle or even save you life, so don't forget to get it before go to the battle. Relics are free, but can be upgraded for 500g. Players unlock their first Relic at
level 1, and their second Relic at level 12.

details about the relics

Random Facts

"True love never dies!" - Cupid

about Cupid (the God)

About the Smite Cupid (the playable character)

cupid just want to ask to hirez...

cupid soon

Final Considerations

So go ahead now
Let's make love find his mark!!!!

My final considerations is that he is very funny to play and brings a big satisfaction feeling when you helps a lot the team (Killing or help to kill).

If you follow the tips and the builds here I'm sure you'll be EXCELENT as Cupid.

Special Thanks:
  • Zennore - The guy who did this amazing art of cute Cupid in the headers (Via DeviantArt)
  • branmuffin17- The big "brain", who helped me with some tips and builds to this Guide.[/color]
  • icecoldpappsi - Who helped me solving some errors.
  • Everyone else that put a feedback into comments section <3

Check my other Guides:
Art by Zennore via DeviantArt

That's it, thank you for reading my guide.













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Kriega1 (44) | October 18, 2018 10:17am
I think in your alternative non-crit build you get heartseeker way too early, and it doesen't really belong in a build without Transcendence, same for Jotunns. Im thinking: Devourer's Gauntlet, Warrior Tabi, The Executioner, Qin's Sais, Titan's Bane and Odysseus' Bow.

For the crit build there is a bit of a problem, you have no lifesteal in a crit build and you're building a weird crit/ability build. Rather: Devourer's Gauntlet, Ninja Tabi, The Executioner, Poisoned Star, Wind Demon, Deathbringer.
xmysterionz (22) | October 19, 2018 7:56am
Alternative non-crit build I created it's a mix of Skill and Basic Attacks trying to balance both sides. Heartseeker is used as a 3rd item due the mana regen (as said in the explanation topic about this build), since the extra damage is not so much, but the mana regen is REALLY helpful when you don't have Trans. Also I hate Odysseus' Bow (I hate this item) and The Crusher (mesmerized effect ;P) on Cupid. With the build you listed your cupid will be a almost a pure basic attack hunter and I personally think cupid doesn't have potencial to act like this.

In crit build, Devo is an option, as listed in situational items. I don't think Cupid need pure basic attacks crits just like Rama since he has a burst combo with Heart Bomb and Fields Of Love, so, two crits is enough for me. Plus Jotunn's Wrath and Transcendence is almost core items on him since they really combine each other.

So, there's nothing wrong getting trans and crits and no lifesteal on him, since you have Share The Love that is enough when played right with cupid (with jotunns and trans cdr). You basic will destroy the squishies and you also have you burst combo to help, making necessary only 2 or 3 basic attacks to finish.
Branmuffin17 (235) | October 18, 2018 11:19am
I think DukeSloth had a video talking about HS, and suggesting it was best 3rd or 4th for select ADCs...
Kriega1 (44) | October 18, 2018 11:23am
3rd no. Don't get it third item. 4th item or after is ideal. Crusher is a much better third item.
Load more comments (8 more replies) →
Kriega1 (44) | September 28, 2018 7:31am

Cupid been receiving some play in pro league recently, could check out the builds in the link and give them a go.
boogiebass (20) | September 28, 2018 8:39am
Why the sudden pick of Cupid? I was wondering if it was new heartseeker that caused it? But i only see it in one game.

See bran, i wasn't crazy to build crusher on vupid. The pros did it.
xmysterionz (22) | September 28, 2018 8:46am
Yes, the new HS makes her Heart Bomb a portable ultimate every 12 secs (or less combined with Jotunn's Wrath) plus the true ultimate comes to help your burst even more crippling and slowing the target. Now I'm feeling he viable on conquest again and very good to counter squishy targets with some movement skill dependency, including himself.

The Crusher was since the changes a good item on him, I guess bran, just like me, don't like this item on him due the passive countering the ultimate and crusher's passive working in only one skill besides the ultimate, so I prefer to use other items, like Jotunn's Wrath on cuspid
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xmysterionz (22) | September 28, 2018 7:47am
Thank you Kriega, I will analyze it and update the guide here ;)
xmysterionz (22) | September 28, 2018 10:48am
I saw the build and the game that "CycloneSpin" got him, and my thoughts on this forum topic were confirmed. He goes with trans and Heartseeker being passive and when he has the opportunity he strikes with everything, but he is extremely vulnerable with no sustain in battle, but has a big burst damage.
Kriega1 (44) | July 31, 2018 11:16am
Hydra's Lament into Ninja Tabi for your jungle build? Also why second it's a little early for him.
xmysterionz (22) | September 25, 2018 6:35am
Ninja is there to help him with his passive, that is very important when you are playing as jungle, also he doesn't have any active attack speed buff, what force me go for it. Hydra is just a sugestion, you can go jotunn's or transcendence first if you prefer. I just do hydra as third item when I'm a jungler with him because the boost on basic attacks help in the jungle and mainly in ganks executing the right combo (heart bomb + basic attack + Fields + basic attacks, and if runs or stay alive + flutter + basic attacks.). Also as said in the title, this should be just for fun.
Branmuffin17 (235) | September 25, 2018 9:36am
I'm guessing what kriega is wondering about is not so much Ninja but rather Hydra so early, because the Hydra passive is helped by power in the build. Later in a build is almost always better, though I can understand your thought process. Even Transcendence might be a better option a little bit later rather than first.

A better bet for first item might be heartseeker, since you will definitely be getting stacks easily, and it goes with your concept of getting some early bonus damage. It also gives you some penetration for early gank potential.
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Negroroludo124 | July 3, 2018 3:00pm
Foda p krl,agr sim eu posso jogar esse lixo de jogo sem dar rage #CupidoMeta
Bernardozomer (33) | July 4, 2018 8:41am
Aê é isso aí caralho rumo ao hexa só agora que percebi teu nome de usuário fio duma égua hehekekekekkdkkdkkddk
xmysterionz (22) | July 4, 2018 9:05am
kkkkkkk também não tinha percebido o nick do meliante. #Rumoaohexa
Gulfwulf (29) | July 3, 2018 3:08pm
For those of us who can't speak Spanish Portuguese, here's a rough translation of what was said: "**** p krl, agr yes I can play this game trash without giving rage #CupidoMeta"
xmysterionz (22) | July 3, 2018 3:16pm
It's like: So Awesome, Now I can play this bad game without rage #cupidmeta (cupid is the new meta)

He is using some slangs and these slangs are abbreviated.
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xmysterionz (22) | July 3, 2018 3:04pm
kkkkkk valeu, esperando a Hi rez dar um buff nele pra ficar ainda melhor e talvez até vire o novo meta #cupidovaiseronovometa

(Hahahaha thx, just waiting hi rez buff him to get even better and maybe become the new meta #cupidwillbecomethenewmeta)
Gulfwulf (29) | July 3, 2018 3:12pm
Would you tell Negro that only a few people here speak Portuguese? I can only think of you, Prism, and Bernie who do.
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IceColdPappsi (13) | March 15, 2018 1:46pm
Yo, this guide is amazing. And I haven't even read it yet!
xmysterionz (22) | March 15, 2018 1:58pm
Hey IceColdPappsi,

Thanks for the comment, I hope you read and like the guide.
If you have any tips, suggestions and review to do, feel free to say.
Also don't forget to upvote it :p (if you liked of course).

Thank you.
IceColdPappsi (13) | March 15, 2018 7:32pm
Two things: One, "Priorize" or "Prioritize"? Two, another interesting fact about Cupid is his association with Valentine's Day. You can do research on the holiday, and how he represents it. Other than those trivial things, perfect.
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cleytonjhon | March 15, 2018 1:36pm
Hello xmysterionz,

I liked so much your guide. I like Cupid but and I was looking for some guide to help me and your guide did the job very well. Thank you. Also I want ask you: Don't you think Cupid is a skill based hunter? All good Cupids I fought did only damage items and only 1 or 2 attack speed item. What do you think about it? Again, thanks for the tips in build, it helped me a lot, I hope you do another guide like this for Tyr.
xmysterionz (22) | March 15, 2018 1:55pm
Hey cleytonjhon,

I'm happy to know you like my guide and it helped you. That's why I made this, to help other people.

About the skill-based Cupid, yeah man, how I said in the guide, Cupid is flexible and you can do a lot of things with him. But in my opinion the best way to work with Cupid is a Hybrid Cupid. You only have 2 skills that do damage so I don't think worth rush a entire power build without some attack speed, also you will need attack speed to stack your passive ( Lovestruck), so these are the two main reasons to don't do a total skill based Cupid. But that is my opinion.

About the Tyr guide, yes I might do it since I like very much Tyr, thanks for the tip.

Thank you for read my guide and I hope you stay tuned, since I always update the guide as soon as possible.
Branmuffin17 (235) | February 21, 2018 2:56pm
Hi xmysterionz,

A thing I noticed that I think you've misunderstood, but this is a very big thing and will really change the way you implement it. Flutter provides passive attack speed when you level it...BEFORE, it used to provide the attack speed only when you used it, but now if you level it, it's a permanent attack speed buff. This is a huge boost for Cupid's DPS, but instead of having the dilemma of choosing escape or attack, you now have to choose leveling other abilities or this one depending on what you want. Overall, I think it's a very nice ability for him, and this is the main reason why people in S4 converted over from a Transcendence build to a Devourer's Gauntlet one...his basics are pretty good now...and of course building for basics with good attack speed means you'll get more out of Lovestruck.

Not that Trans isn't got that nice CDR buff, so you CAN play him a bit more like a mage and do well with your damage overall, especially with the great scaling in Heart Bomb and Fields Of Love...but it's not the only way to build him.

In any case, I think this one difference in Flutter may change how you'd prefer to build him (maybe), and probably should change the order of your skill leveling.

I like that you have a warding section and that you emphasize that Cupid really should be warding too. That said, I really think you can push the wards back into the jungle a ways...the radius is enough that you can cover more paths instead of just the very entrance. If you want to see examples of better locations, check my Conquest guide (or see one of my ADC guides like Medusa or Freya).

You show Warrior Tabi in your Conq build at the top, but feature Ninja Tabi in your build writeup. I personally agree with Ninja more, but either way, this sends mixed messages, even if you say "you can change it with Warrior Tabi..."

I think you miss out on one of the biggest reasons to get Transcendence in your writeup of the item... Cupid's high scaling on his 1 and ult, along with an enhanced heal, since his heal (although small) is one of the few physical god healing abilities that has scaling.

Also, with the upcoming patch 5.3, Malice is getting an interesting adjustment meant to help gods that rely on abilities...this might work well for him as a replacement to Deathbringer or Poisoned Star...but you'd probably want to build a bit more attack speed into his kit. That could mean a variety of changes to the build, but just something to think about.

xmysterionz (22) | February 22, 2018 7:11am
Hey Branmuffin17,

First of all, thank you to share your thoughts with me, I'm glad you gave me your feedback to help me improve this guide.

Now, let's to what interest. I divided your comment in 7 parts to give you a better answer (1 for each paragraph).

1 - Flutter passive

2 - Play styles, the build and items

3 - Change the skill order

4 - The Warding section

5 - Showing Warrior and explaining about Ninja

6 - The Transcendence and power scale

7 - Update the guide to patch 5.3

That's it. One more time, thank you to help me improve this guide. It's the second time you provide a VERY GOOD help to me, thank you.
Branmuffin17 (235) | February 23, 2018 11:22am
Hey Mysterion,

Thanks for the response.

Alright, so here are some other things to consider in honing the guide...mind that I don't want you to change based on what I'm saying, but rather consider these, maybe try them out, and THEN, if you like how it feels, consider adjusting or adding as you see fit.
  • You've made adjustments to Flutter's description and how it interacts, and have also made adjustments to the skill leveling. To that degree, I know 4% attack speed every level isn't all that big, but you might consider a couple things here.

  • Your heal, as stated, is nice for some sustain, but isn't a huge effect heal, so you CAN consider delaying leveling it. In the early game when laning with a Support, it's GREAT for mana sustain, and you should be abusing that by making sure your Support constantly picks it up...if nothing else, you'll get some additional mana each time you use it, and the small heals can add up and allow your Support to be a bit more aggressive in chipping at the enemies' health...even if you're not going to be playing aggressively, doing as much as you can to force them to use up their potions is going to help your own laning.

    But later, that heal might be best delayed. Your main priority is always going to be Heart Bomb first, and I don't see why you wouldn't prioritize getting that to max ASAP, just to help with wave clear and stronger poke. You COULD consider getting HB to max rank by level 10. And at that point, you might then consider your next priority to be Flutter. As you're getting deeper into your build, you're getting past Jotunn's Wrath and moving into The Crusher, and then into Poisoned Star (at least in your full suggested build). These are items with attack speed, which means you'll get enhanced DPS...why not further help that along by leveling Flutter alongside it? In this case, it becomes your next priority, instead of the heal...and you can have that maxed by level 14 or 15 depending on how you level your ult and heal earlier. By the time you finish, your DPS will have received a significant boost overall from skill and items, allowing you to more aggressively jump into fights and contribute more damage overall.

Adjusted Skill Leveling

  • So...alternative build paths...Trans in your build setup again is great, and is fine as your main build (though when focusing so much on CDR and power, you MIGHT want to back out of crit and get more pen instead, possibly even via Titan's Bane), but you might also consider 2 other paths...Trans w/ Qin's (I know you list as a replacement item, but you don't really say what you might use to replace it), and Devo's with crit.

    In the Trans w/ Qin's case, you'd probably want to focus more on basics...Trans as a start for strong clear, then moving solidly into a basic attack focus centered on getting the most out of Qin's as'd then also probably want to build in some actual lifesteal... Asi as a 3rd item (optional), The Executioner, Qin's Sais, and a final situational item.

    In the Devo's w/ crit case, standard stuff...Devo's, Ninja, Exe, 1st crit (WD or Rage usually), DB, then situational item. Again, this is a viable build because, although not the strongest AS steroid, it's a constant passive one that you don't have to activate like Artemis or he can do well with his basics.

Anyway, those are further thoughts for you to explore if you so desire.
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