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Branmuffin17's Blog
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April 28, 2017
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PS4  |  VVT
If you're going to spam VVT ("Thanks!") in a game, at least back it up with decent play and a legitimate reason for your indignation. Otherwise, I'm going to blog about how seriously rage-inducing your god-awful play is, and have no remorse in doing so.

Seriously...straight into the midst of the enemy team many, many times. Diving the tower to try to secure a kill (which you basically never got). Your VVT, which I have to assume was sarcastic, was apparently directed at us for not agreeing to drink the same punch you did. Sorry, my life goals don't include seeing how many deicides we can give the other team in a single match.

Then again, maybe your thanks was in appreciation for us 1) not completely losing it and reaching through the screen to strangle your scrawny neck, and 2) eventually carrying you to a victory you absolutely did not deserve.

Anyway...the rest of the night was fairly productive. Warm up Joust with AMC.Flawless victory as Poseidon. 2 enemy team surrenders as He Bo
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April 16, 2017
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Joust  |  Man Down  |  PS4  |  Snipe
Haven't been playing as much SMITE as much lately, due to various factors (still on Zelda, yes, but I've beaten all 4 divine beasts, so it's just a matter of time).

That said, got a nice night of SMITE-ing last night with newbiemj/bad_juju and timetomedicate/GOTZ. However, I just have to talk about 1 game in particular...

This was after GOTZ left for the night...newb and I figured this would be our last one (unless we lost horribly, at which point we'd HAVE to play another because you can't leave on a loss, amirite?).

Our Cupid chose first and locked in, so newb countered with Athena. Figured I should probably go Mage, and after just a bit of deliberation, chose Ra.

Our enemy team was a full party, and I had the lowest Smite.Guru Elo of the match. They looked like they had a decently balanced team.

As the match started, Cupid made it as far as our tower before:
  1. Mommy told him to get in bed
  2. He'd forgotten to pay his electrical bill and they shut it off at a very inopportune t

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April 03, 2017
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iSux  |  PS4
A man who isn't ruled by his wife and doesn't cringe at the thought of her anger isn't a man at all.


It was Sunday, man. I almost never play games in the middle of the day when my kids are up. Usually, it means I'm being dragged around by my kids, intervening in their fights, cleaning up their messes, or doing random chores for the wife.

We'd just gotten back from the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival at our local museum, and I wanted to relax. Told the wife (indirectly asked for semi-permission) I was going to play one game...ended up playing two (which she definitely noticed, lol).

It was an opportunity to play with newbiemj/bad_juju40, and a nice surprise of getting to play with xZeroStrike, whom I've never played with previously. Took me a month to accept his friend request, since I didn't see it. My bad. Also played with a kid (Monkey) that saw my Bacchus guide and friended me because of it. (BTW, holy ****, that kid talks more than Pappsi does! Hi Pappsi. Oh, and he also sq…
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March 10, 2017

Judging Guides

Views: 1341 Branmuffin17
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Contest  |  HowIDoIt  |  Judging

This post is partially in response to Sodsboy's blog, found here.

Not sure how this will be taken, but I wanted to give some transparency to the way I've sort of judged and scored the guides in the last 2 contests.

In the end, you may not agree with how I do it, but I've tried to be fair. That said, I'm also only one of several judges, so the guides I choose are not always the ones that win.

I provided the spreadsheet to the others, but I don't know the extent of its use.

In any case, I want to point out that when I score things like BB coding, I'm pretty lenient overall. Unless it's a gray wall of text, if you've at least linked to the database and have enough separation of information to give it clarity (e.g. Put in at least some minimal effort), you're good in my book. Maybe you'll get docked one or two points, but in the grand scheme, it's not much.

Why? It's the content that matters...the build quality, the build order, explaining options that give enough info to help b…
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February 15, 2017

The Coached Experience

Views: 1567 Branmuffin17
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This is going to be a long one. Are you surprised?

Coaching is an interesting subject and experience. We've almost all been coached sometime in our lives...sports of all types, etc. I've played soccer (okay, okay, futbol) for 10 years, indoor volleyball for 4, karate for over 20. I currently play ice hockey, but I've never been officially trained/coached.

You might even consider teachers "coaches" of a type...they're helping you learn. To that extent, most of us have also coached others at some point in our lives...whether it was giving tips to peers, tutoring others, and whatnot.

Coaching is now a thing in E-sports, and even on SMITEFire, people request help, and others offer their time and knowledge to help others improve.

As a mindset, I'm a very casual player. I don't generally get upset at all, win or lose, though of course winning is more fun. Although I just play for enjoyment, I am definitely one of those that is always looking to improve, whether via better builds, le…
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