July 15, 2017

Bran's PS4 Adventures (Plateau)

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I think I've basically hit it. You know it. The point where you feel your skill has hit its peak and you don't see any noticeable improvement. It's pretty frustrating.

Here's my main Guru stat page on PS4.

(IF you're interested) Check out game details of recent matches.

If you delve into the numbers, the general theme is that, with this last set of games last night, I've been basically carried by GameGeekFan and bad_juju40 (newbiemj here on SF). Even when I'm an offensive god that is supposed to carry, it's just not happening that much.

Excuse or not in some cases, I know some of my biggest issues:
  • I will never be that good with PS4 controls. I still struggle with instinct with regard to the buttons (shoulder buttons are absolutely not the natural controls I'm familir with on my keypad), and my aim is often trash.

  • I get tired of playing the same gods over and over...so I play gods that I'm okay with on PC, but it's not the same. No way in Hel I can combo stance switch with her with these controls. Maybe if I play her for 50 consecutive games...but note the first sentence of this point.

  • General Smite skill. In the grand scheme of things, no matter the platform, I'm an average player at best. I can absolutely noob-stomp because I've got the basics down, and can even outplay some good people here and there...but I'm not a dominant force that can often carry teams of similar skill. With a proper team, I can hold my own, and that's about it.
So here are my list of gods that I'm basically fully comfortable with on PS4.

Athena, Bacchus, Bastet, Chaac (even though I never play him), Freya, Isis, Medusa, Odin, Ra, and maybe Ymir.

Others might be so-so, but again, instincts for proper button presses aren't there, and aiming, especially distance, is suspect at best.

Granted, I overthink things. Some others might just play the game...I'm always thinking.

So anyway...rant on myself over. Bleh.