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Branmuffin17's Blog
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September 01, 2017
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Conquest  |  Ranked  |  Toxicity
Link to the game stats is here.

Welp. I played my very first Ranked Conquest game ever. Honestly could have gone a lot worse, but boy did I feel a lot more pressure than normal. Didn't play very well, but I sort of expected that.

Only one other was actively talking/using the new in-game voice chat. And he was complaining (not unjustified I'm sure) a lot. He was our best player ( Ao Kuang), and without him, we definitely would have lost. Other than 2 others that were also playing qualifying matches, the spread of players consisted mostly of Silver division.

Keep in mind, the entire ranked experience was new to me, with the banning and all.

Here was how it went:

Banning & Picking

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August 19, 2017
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This was a fun night...Zilby came back to play with us for a bit. In addition, we welcomed 2 SF members to the clan...Carve (boogiebass) and Vocoder (DV-8). After some earlier games (a couple of failed Custom matches and a solid Corrupted Arena match), Carve went to play with his friend, so we got into a Conquest match (unusual for us these days).

Our roster:
After what felt (to me) like a slightly rough first 5 minutes (at around 4:20, the fun started, with Taco rotating to our lane but 2 of theirs rotating in also), things started looking up for us.

I still find myself wandering without purpose too much, and not dropping enough wards. Will probably continue to happen unless I play Conquest more. Oh well.

Solid games from everyone, though the competition was questionable...I outdamaged the enemy Hel, Ravana, and Ganesha, and was within 500 damage of outdamaging their Ap
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July 21, 2017

Happiness, Vol 1.: A Freya Rant

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Fatalis  |  Freya  |  Nerf  |  Rant
Right now, I just straight up do NOT suggest even touching Freya. I'm not even going to make an effort to play her until she's fixed.

That's maybe an overreaction, depending on who you ask, but to me, Fatalis was a 100% core item on her. The only other god where it is 100% core is Kali (oh and sure, Bakasura too, happy Bernardo?). But for Kali, she got an arguably BETTER version of Fatalis in Hastened Katana...yes, it loses a bit of early function from its 10 pen that was taken away, but it added 25 physical power, went back DOWN in price, and so...yay for Kali?

But see, Kali has some really nice things going for her. Besides sticking to enemies with the new Hastened Katana, she has:
  • A leap / escape...she can jump over walls or use it to catch up to fleeing enemies. Freya does not have a movement ability.

  • A stun, after which Kali can continue slashing away. Freya can interrupt with Banish, a smaller AOE but at distance, BUT she can't damage them while they're hanging up

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July 15, 2017

Bran's PS4 Adventures (Plateau)

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iSux  |  Plateau  |  PS4
I think I've basically hit it. You know it. The point where you feel your skill has hit its peak and you don't see any noticeable improvement. It's pretty frustrating.

Here's my main Guru stat page on PS4.

(IF you're interested) Check out game details of recent matches.

If you delve into the numbers, the general theme is that, with this last set of games last night, I've been basically carried by GameGeekFan and bad_juju40 (newbiemj here on SF). Even when I'm an offensive god that is supposed to carry, it's just not happening that much.

Excuse or not in some cases, I know some of my biggest issues:
  • I will never be that good with PS4 controls. I still struggle with instinct with regard to the buttons (shoulder buttons are absolutely not the natural controls I'm familir with on my keypad), and my aim is often trash.

  • I get tired of playing the same gods over and I play gods that I'm okay with on PC, but it's not the same. No way in Hel I can combo stance switch with her

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July 10, 2017
Yes, this is what it's come to...

(as I'm getting to lane in a Conquest match)

Zilby: "I guess Watcher's Gift is still fine to get."

GGF: "Yep."

Zilby: "Watcher's, shoes, potions."

Me: "Watcher's, Lono's Mask, and potions."

Zilby: "Watcher's, WHAT, and potions?"

Me (slowly): "Lono's Mask."

Zilby: "I...literally can't afford that."

Also, side note, some other "fun" things we're not doing again:
And one that's always fun:

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