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Branmuffin17's Blog
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January 10, 2018

Personal(ish) Question

Views: 5513 Branmuffin17
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JustRight?  |  TooMuch?
Hey people,

Sort of curious / looking for some feedback.

Specifically, for those of you who are regulars here, or have had discussions with me, or gotten feedback on builds / guides, do I do too much? Am I overbearing?

Sometimes I look at the "recent discussion" section and it's just filled with my comments.

If you can't tell (of course you can), I love the game and I love discussing the various aspects of items, gods, gameplay, etc. I want to drum up more conversations, but don't want to scare people away.

Anyway, thanks for honest feedback.

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October 07, 2017

Arena Match Against Jigz

Views: 1268 Branmuffin17
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Arena  |  Jigz
So I played Chiron a couple of times in my quest to get all gods to at least Mastery I...the following vid of MOST of the match was my 2nd game in a row against Jigz (captain of competitive team SSG). For those who don't know, he's a Support main, so he was just fooling around here as Mercury.

That said, here's the link to the previous game. He was the Anhur, and you can tell he's a pro just by the massive amount of damage he did (56k!). Finally got Thoth to Mastery I w/ that game, even though my score sort of sucked.

That ALSO said...he was sort of cheating. He had a shadow on him for BOTH games...The Aphrodite, Vinerak, was attached to him the whole time. Seriously. Allowed him to go in really aggressively, but man if having Aphro only be with Jigz didn't really handicap his team. Aphro did a lot of healing, sure, but it was almost like we were facing 4.5 gods, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, for this game, was just working on getting Chiron to Mastery I (which I got too…
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September 22, 2017
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Conquest  |  Ranked
Link to the game stats is here.

This is now the 2nd game in a row where I've played Support...this time as Athena. In looking at the levels of competition, there were 4 playing qualifying matches (including me), with the others consisting of silver and gold players.

Here was how bans/picks went:

Banning & Picking

Gameplay starts at 7:46...from this point forward, will refer to any times as in-game.

Felt pretty good in the beginning. At 2:38, Freya called for a gank in our lane. We were able to get both Ganesha and Jing Wei...I didn't mean to …
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September 19, 2017

So this happened...(A Hachiman Story)

Views: 4468 Branmuffin17
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Can'tFinish  |  Conquest  |  Hachiman
Last night, duo-queued a regular Conquest game with DV-8. Turned out to be interesting...and boring...but interesting.

Does anyone remember when the ADC role was one of the first roles claimed? I do. What happened? (And don't tell me it's because ADCs are's all subjective and I find them just as fun as any other role.)

Well, in 2 of my 3 ranked games (discussed previously), I ended up drawing ADC because no one else wanted it. Same with this casual match. Both DV and I called fill. He asked me if I'd played Hachiman yet, which I hadn't in an actual game...only Jungle Practice. Honestly, I didn't even have him unlocked...was going to wait until his favor price came down. Anyway, DV basically says "you can try him," so under peer pressure, I unlock him and then...lock him. He went Kuzenbo, which was an interesting Support option (TMNT is not a great Support but he has pretty good utility). The rest of our team chooses Bastet (Jungle), Chaac (Solo), and Janus (Mid).

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September 12, 2017

A Secondary Goal (God Mastery)

Views: 6519 Branmuffin17
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GodMastery  |  Noob
Alongside my recent goal to get through Ranked Conquest qualifiers for the first time, I developed a secondary target...get all gods to Mastery I.

Why? Well, little did I know that...apparently...I cannot choose gods in Ranked play that I haven't gotten to at least Mastery I. Oops. Not that I've had that problem as of yet. But the thing is, at least at some point, someone might ask me to secure a god for them if they're available. If I don't have that god mastered, then that would technically suck. Yes, in this case, "suck" is a technical term; one that applies very appropriately to me.

Hence the new goal. There are some gods that just haven't clicked for me before this point, and a few that I haven't touched at all for lack of interest or other reasons. As of right now, I've got 72 gods mastered...

By the way, I think they need to make a new term, specifically for me: "Gods-He-Has-Played-Enough-To-Get-50-Worshippers." What? You don't like it? Why??? It doesn't "flow..." Whatev
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