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Branmuffin17's Blog
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February 12, 2017
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Carry  |  KS  |  PS4  |  RageQuitters
Trying to grind to 30. Played a few matches the last couple of nights, and my SmiteGuru reset Elo has been on the mend again.

After putting him off for a couple of weeks (I blame the PC crew), finally got to play with newb again, along with some other people I met a few weeks earlier when playing. 4 is a pretty decent crew, so we got into a variety of games.

Figured with 4, Siege would be a good start. Seems it's a little-played mode...only newb and I were familiar with it. Since I link the games, unfortunately it looks like I'm advertising poor play from newb, but he was paired with me and we were solid early. He had solid damage taken & mitigation. Unfortunately, the other team mostly knew what they were doing, and got the better of us in the end...THE LONGEST FREAKING SIEGE MATCH OF MY LIFE (39 minutes). Is that long? I don't know. Seemed long. I was highest damage on my team, but was outdamaged by 2 on the other team...sorta sad about that, since I was with my wifey from another …
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February 09, 2017
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...I'm relegated to being an average player at best again, lol.

Played a few rounds with Soren the other night.

This one was the first, and I guess Soren wanted to brag and show off or something, because he chose his favorite rodent. Playing with him, I didn't want to screw something up, which is why I just chose fill...and of course ended up as Support.

One interesting thing is that pretty much everyone ACTUALLY CALLED ROLES. And there was a bit more talking/communication was amazing. Sad that I'm so happy to see that.

7/0/6 ain't too bad, while my Bacchus score of 1/3/7 with lowest gold income feels very familiar overall. Hmmm. Still fighting the controls a bit, but I'm feeling like I can use that excuse less and less. Not too bad when I was the only non-level 30...then again, even that's not quite right. My knowledge level is absolutely level 30, so...

FYI, Smite Guru is messed up...I definitely did more damage than 468 (LOL). Others have reported similar issues.…
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February 06, 2017

500 Games (Steam)

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I think I've talked about my Steam games before...specifically, a friend gifting them to me. And by gift, in most cases I only mean it in the most objective be given.

See, my friend started a "game" years ago with a friend that has since passed away. It started on a Christmas, when my friend was given an awful turned into a one-up situation where each tried to find an even worse game. These were usually not terribly difficult on the wallet; most were $1 (or on sale for $1).

Where's My Mommy? (Actually sort of fun, and disgustingly funny to boot)

Fast forward to about 2-3 years ago, and he reinitiated the game...with me. Except that it was only one direction...with kids, I hardly spend money on games at all anymore. And he knew this, and decided he would take full advantage. So he decided originally that he'd give himself a quest...spend $100 dollars on the most amazing games he could find for me.

Wyatt Derp (*sigh*)

Now, I can say that yes, I could refu…
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January 30, 2017

Bran's PS4 Adventures (Elo Hell?)

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Elo  |  PleaseHelpMe  |  PS4 can I increase my PS4 ranking with

And in that (last) Ne Zha match, we almost pulled off a 4 v 5 win...our only magical god was a no-show.

Now let me explain. Yes, I realize we have 3 assassins and 4 physical gods. I'd called Jungle, and then the Loki guy chose but (so nice for once) didn't auto-lock (OMG wow!) I stayed as Ne Zha because F him, and waited to see what else would transpire.

Poseidon chooses and locks. Then nothing for a while.

The time's ticking down, and Anhur chooses, but the "Glad" person is still blank. So I start thinking, hmmm, maybe I'll be saved from this match (like another match isn't going to have autolockers and whatnot, lol to me).

Lo and behold, in the LAST FREAKING SECOND, Serqet chooses and locks in. I have ZERO TIME to choose another god. *sigh*

And see, it's sort of nice for a change to play a jungler. When I play on PC with the clan, everyone else usually chooses damage gods, and I get stuck with tanks…
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January 16, 2017
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Conquest  |  Freya  |  PS4
So I can confirm... Freya is




A nice, simple setup with my most comfortable god works well even with my somewhat janky aiming. In that first linked match, it's good to see I can do well (57k dmg lol) against regulars (level 30s with 50% or higher win rates)...but holy **** if I still can't carry a team...that 3rd match (Conquest) was a surrender (the other 4 voted, I didn't, *sigh*).

I looked up at a certain point and was like "16-1 Ratatoskr WTF?!?" Fed to all hell. 3 teammates at levels 9 and 10 by the time I hit level 20...

And of course, I have other games like these (sorry, newbie). Seriously no consistency. Oh well. I'm a quarter through level 11 now! (Slowly but surely)

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