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Branmuffin17's Blog
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November 03, 2016

First Penta

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Penta  |  Pentakill  |  Freya  |  Assault
It finally happened. First penta ever. And of course it was in Assault. And of course it was with Freya.

Weird match. Enemy team had 4 physical gods. Ours was balanced, but only for the first 5 minutes or so...then our Kali dropped. She DID try to come back...but immediately dropped again, and we never saw her after that.

A fairly early Witchblade really helped me soak up damage. I really wish our Bacchus didn't start Soul Reaver and got Sovereignty instead. Our entire team seemed to have major issues healing up, and Sov would have helped that.

In any case, my penta came a few minutes before we finished the match. They had just finished our Phoenix and we had been pushed back all the way to our titan. It took me a span of about 30 seconds to get them all, and I didn't actually realize I had gotten the Penta until I heard "congratulations!" or something like that, in...I think it was Freya's voice? I don't know, I didn't have my speaker…
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January 16, 2017
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PS4  |  Freya  |  Conquest
So I can confirm... Freya is




A nice, simple setup with my most comfortable god works well even with my somewhat janky aiming. In that first linked match, it's good to see I can do well (57k dmg lol) against regulars (level 30s with 50% or higher win rates)...but holy **** if I still can't carry a team...that 3rd match (Conquest) was a surrender (the other 4 voted, I didn't, *sigh*).

I looked up at a certain point and was like "16-1 Ratatoskr WTF?!?" Fed to all hell. 3 teammates at levels 9 and 10 by the time I hit level 20...

And of course, I have other games like these (sorry, newbie). Seriously no consistency. Oh well. I'm a quarter through level 11 now! (Slowly but surely)

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July 21, 2017

Happiness, Vol 1.: A Freya Rant

Views: 1915 Branmuffin17
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Freya  |  Rant  |  Nerf  |  Fatalis
Right now, I just straight up do NOT suggest even touching Freya. I'm not even going to make an effort to play her until she's fixed.

That's maybe an overreaction, depending on who you ask, but to me, Fatalis was a 100% core item on her. The only other god where it is 100% core is Kali (oh and sure, Bakasura too, happy Bernardo?). But for Kali, she got an arguably BETTER version of Fatalis in Hastened Katana...yes, it loses a bit of early function from its 10 pen that was taken away, but it added 25 physical power, went back DOWN in price, and so...yay for Kali?

But see, Kali has some really nice things going for her. Besides sticking to enemies with the new Hastened Katana, she has:
  • A leap / escape...she can jump over walls or use it to catch up to fleeing enemies. Freya does not have a movement ability.

  • A stun, after which Kali can continue slashing away. Freya can interrupt with Banish, a smaller AOE but at distance, BUT she can't damage them while they're hanging up

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