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Branmuffin17's Blog
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May 12, 2016
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Conquest  |  Educational  |  iSux  |  Noob
With gameplay video at the bottom!

After a couple of days of avoiding playing Conquest (friends I would team with are usually never on when I play!), I felt brave last night.

Match #1 (ADC Medusa)

Decided to play a solo-queued Conquest match. Finally was able to conquer my fear of solo-queuing (maybe just this once). I tried calling Solo first, but was beaten to the punch, so I was able to get ADC. Chose Medusa...and found myself against an opposing Medusa.

I didn't do my Support any favors...poor Athena...sorry! Was just thoroughly outplayed, so it wasn't about bad god matchups, just my poor play. Though...I did get her just once. If I recall the sequence correctly, there were some Acid Sprays involved, maybe some other abilities, and Petrify being thrown around back to back. I think she activated hers first, and I activated mine. Turned around to avoid hers, then immediately spun and stoned her, and finished her with a couple of quick basics.

Went 1/4/0. Ouch.

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May 07, 2016
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Conquest  |  Educational  |  ISux  |  Noob
This here's a candidate
for "too long, didn't read,"
but if you've got the time,
some quality stuff, indeed.

Despite the total number of SMITE matches I've played over the past couple of years (approaching 2,000, and 521 hours according to SmiteGuru), I'm a Conquest newbie.

I've written guides, you say? Even one for Conquest? That's called a talent for gathering info, combined with the willingness to spend lots of time writing / honing / correcting / BBcoding. My actual skill in the game? That's another story. Actually, that's THIS story.

Depending on how often I attempt Conquest matches, and as I feel or see any progress in my level of play, I'll share my experiences in this type of format.

A History Of Me & SMITE

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May 06, 2016

Converted Guides

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Arena  |  Clash  |  Conquest  |  Guide  |  Siege  |  Smite
Hey everyone,

If you've read my guides before, but haven't revisited in a while, just know that my Medusa and Freya Arena guides have been converted into guides for all modes (pretty much).

Both have ADC versions with full writeups, and Freya also has a Jungler version. Arena builds have also been revised.

With solid, existing guides by other people for Odin, Loki and Ravana, I do not have any current plans to convert those.

As for good ol' Bacchus, he doesn't appear to have any other current guides, but he's not really the most common pick in Conquest, so I'm hesitant to put forth the effort to convert that one.

So anyway, just a heads up on my current guide-making status. I don't have any plans on new ones, as it's a lot of work just maintaining the ones I have, but I have no problems reading and providing feedback on others' guides…
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April 07, 2016

Something's Coming...

Views: 1252 Branmuffin17
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