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Slashin' Like Guns and Roses (Season 8 Jungle Fenrir Guide)

11 2 8,018
by CertifiedLuvrBoy updated February 17, 2021

Smite God: Fenrir

Build Guide Discussion 3 More Guides
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Fenrir Build

Starting Items

Build Item Eye Of The Jungle Eye Of The Jungle
Build Item Boots Boots
Build Item Chalice of Healing Chalice of Healing
Build Item Multi Potion Multi Potion
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads


Build Item Protector Of The Jungle Protector Of The Jungle
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Soul Eater Soul Eater

Primary Final Build

Build Item Protector Of The Jungle Protector Of The Jungle
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Soul Eater Soul Eater
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item Elixir of Speed Elixir of Speed
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher

Offensive Options & Boot Replacements

Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge
Build Item Berserker's Shield Berserker's Shield
Build Item Gladiator's Shield Gladiator's Shield


Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads
Build Item Bracer of Undoing Bracer of Undoing

Fenrir's Skill Order


1 X Y
2 8 10 11 12

Seething Howl

2 A B
Seething Howl
4 13 14 15 16


3 B A
1 3 6 7 9


4 Y X
5 17 18 19 20
2 8 10 11 12


1 X
Fenrir leaps forward, dealing damage to all enemies when he lands. At full Runes, the leap Stuns the enemies hit. If the leap hits a god, the Cooldown is reduced by 30%.

Ability Type: Leap
Damage: 85 / 145 / 205 / 265 / 325 (+95% of your Physical Power)
Stun: 1s
Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80
Cooldown: 15s
Seething Howl
4 13 14 15 16

Seething Howl

2 A
Fenrir rears back and howls, gaining 2 stacks of Unbound Runes and inspiring himself with a Physical Power and Lifesteal Buff.

Ability Type: Buff
Physical Power: 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80
Physical Lifesteal: 35%
Buff Duration: 6s
Cost: 60
Cooldown: 13s
1 3 6 7 9


3 B
Fenrir gains increased protections and pounces to his ground target location. If there is an enemy in the radius, he strikes them 4 times, dealing additional damage with each strike and hits enemies around the target for 60% of the damage. While casting this ability Fenrir is immune to knockups. At full runes, each strike gains 15% additional Physical Power scaling.

Ability Type: Leap
Damage: 45 / 75 / 105 / 135 / 165 (+50% of your Physical Power)
Damage (Total): 180 / 300 / 420 / 540 / 660 (+200% of your Physical Power)
Protections: 5 + 1 per level
Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80
Cooldown: 12s
5 17 18 19 20


4 Y
Upon Ragnarok, Fenrir grows massive in size, becoming immune to Crowd Control while moving faster. Fenrir bites enemy gods, dealing Physical damage and carrying them away. Biting a Crowd Control immune target deals the damage but ends his Ultimate. At full Runes, his Protections double.

Ability Type: Single Target
Damage: 200 / 275 / 350 / 425 / 500 (120% of your Physical Power)
Movement Speed: 75%
Carry Duration: 2s
Cost: 100
Cooldown: 90s


Michael Jackson's Thriller - A Comprehensive Guide to Jungle Fenrir (Season 8)

Fenrir is a physical, melee god that is largely seen in the jungle. With high mobility and high damage output, this god has great potential in eliminating the backline and ganking lanes.
This comprehensive guide covers an ideal jungle Fenrir build, including itemization, skill usage/leveling, matchups, and other useful information. I'm CertifiedLuvrBoy, and I hope to give both new and old players an insight as to how to properly play Fenrir and reveal his true potential in your gameplay.

Table of Contents

Pros / Cons

  • High damage ouptut
  • High burst damage
  • Ability to peel
  • High mobility and several escape options
  • Minor sustain
  • Especially strong early game
  • AOE damage
  • CC immune ultimate
  • Stong Steroid
  • Able to build brusier-like and still dish out solid damage
  • Great tower dove potential
  • Great objective stealing potential
  • Weak wave clear
  • Potential to fall off late game
  • Low on hand CC
  • Hard countered by cripples and silences
  • No poke
  • Damage output can struggle against warriors and guardians

Ability Discussion

Passive - Unbound Runes
Unbound Runes: At full runes (5 total), Unchained applies a 1 second stun to those hit, Brutalize's damage scales up by 15%, and Ragnarok doubles your protections. At full Unbound Runes, once you use an ability other than Seething Howl, your Unbound Runes reset to 0. To get runes, landing autos against anything gives you one per auto landed. Additionally, assists grant you 3 runes, activating Seething Howl gives you 2, and getting a kill gives you 5 (fills all Unbound Runes). The timing of Seething Howl is useful in ensuring all Unbound Runes are up prior to initiating. Feel free to auto some camps prior to ganking a lane as well, saving you mana and the full duration of Seething Howl for the engagement. Your 1.94 attack speed at full build is super useful in ensuring your ruins keep filling while in the middle of a fight as well.

1 - Unchained
Unchained: This ability has been buffed through the roof as of late, now scaling with 95% of your physical ability power. When Unbound Runes are full, this ability stuns for one second in hit. The stun and the damage of the ability are not single target, but consists of a small AOE effect. Following the landing of this stun, you immediately get an auto in as well. With your attack speed increased via both Ninja Tabi and Protector Of The Jungle, before using Brutalize on the target, you can get 2-3 autos in as well, to further increase the damage dealt. This ability works over walls, including ability walls, of the likes of Ymir, Cabrakan, and Odin. This ability has a wide variety of uses, including using it as an escape, an initiator, a way to peel, multiple times in skirmishes and as a gap closer. It's a pretty long leap as well, with practice the wide variety of utility of this ability becomes more clear.
Some utility tips:
Feel free to use this ability to stun enemies pursuing low health teammates, can definitely save their life by doing so. You should just be able to run away afterwards, however using your Purification Beads or Brutalize are safe options as well.
Great ability to use to objective steal as well, such as the Pyromancer and the Fire Giant. When this ability hits an enemy god, the cooldwon is reduced by an additional 30% in addition to your already present cooldowns ( Jotunn's Wrath and Soul Eater). This totals you out at 60%, leaving Unchained on a 6 second cooldown, which makes your stun, DPS, and healing far more potent.

2 - Seething Howl
Seething Howl: You'll start almost all your initiations/combos with this, however, there is variability in its use as well. While the stun is nice, perhaps lighting up that last Unbound Runes or two after you land Unchained to get the bonus 15% damage output with Brutalize is more optimal in the scenario. Generally, however, you'll be popping this ability right before you initiate (especially if you are one or two runes off having your stun), as the added 80 physical power is applied to both the autos you hit and to your ability scalings. The 35% lifesteal is extremely beneficial when dueling and sustaining through the jungle as well, and ties in well with Soul Eater and Bloodforge, if you so choose to build it.

3 - Brutalize
Brutalize: This ability is nuts, and is the cornerstone to your damage output. Also given a buff recently as well, it's AOE damage now does 60% of the damage done to the single target. The immunity to knockups is huge, and you continue to follow gods that attempt to dash away in the duration of this ability, making you a pain in the *** to deal with. The raw damage output of this ability and the healing you'd receive from Soul Eater's passive on it as well really puts this over the edge. Like Unchained, this ability goes through map-based walls and ability walls, like Ymir's and Cabrakan's. Feel free to use this as an escape or to disengage as well.
Some utility tips:
If you miss this ability, the AOE damage will stick proc once, so if you're just one hit short and just out of range of your target, use the ability, and the AOE damage will proc them one time and finish them off. If you suspect Cerberus of ulting soon, use Brutalize on him, and you won't be picked up in the ult, avoiding having to use your Purification Beads or Ragnarok to escape. Using Unchained or Brutalize to just get out of his way works as well. If you use Brutalize with less than two seconds left on your active Seething Howl, the scaled damage will still apply to all four hits. This ability semi-counters Aegis Amulet, as the duration of Brutalize will allow you to get one of those procs in, usually killing the target, as Aegis Amulet is typically utilized when they have a sliver of health left (Same applies to Chang'e's Moonlit Waltz ability, where you can usually get one proc off as well.) Hard to time, but you can intercept Mercury while dashing in his ult, and Brutalize will continue to hit all four procs, as Mercury's Sonic Boom is a dash.

4 - Ragnarok
Ragnarok: A solid ultimate, giving you the ability to pick up an opponent and peel them off for the team to take care of. At full Unbound Runes, your current protections will double when this is casted, surpassing protections caps if applicable. Upon casting this ability, you have 5 seconds to either runaway with it or to pursue and grab an enemy. After picking up an enemy, you have 2 seconds to carry them where you wish. Your teammates are able to damage the enemy while they are in your jaws as well. Ideally you would being them under tower, or towards your support or solo laner, where they can further CC the opponent so you can finish them off. Be careful when doing this however, as if you have low health teammates hiding under tower or in the backline, you run the chance of getting them killed. On the topic of saving teammates, feel free to use this to peel off opponents who are chasing a kill on a low health teammate. Also, do not be afraid to utilize this as an escape. If you get hard CC'd and your Purification Beads aren't available, use it to escape. The additionally 75% movement speed makes this an even greater escape than it already was. Feel free to use this to secure a kill and execute your prey.
Some utility tips:
Sometimes your opponents will get cocky, and when they see you cast Ragnarok, they'll immediately pop their Purification Beads prior to you actually grabbing them. Fortunately for you, Ragnorak lasts 5 seconds prior to picking someone up, so feel free to wait out their cockiness to teach them a bit of a lesson. When gods like Da Ji or Ares uses their ultimates, consider using Ragnorak as a counter attack. It will make your opponents hesitant to go towards your teammates who were pulled in. Additionally, this will give you immunity from being pulled in yourself.

Standard Combos

There are variety of combos that can be utilized on Fenrir, as there are a wide variety of situations that all of his abilites could be utilized with his Unbound Runes. In that case, below are the three combos that you will likely see much use out of, especially when initialing jumping in fights and ganking lanes:

1st Combo
*๐Ÿ ž ๐Ÿ žAuto 2-3 times๐Ÿ ž ๐Ÿ žAuto

2nd Combo
*๐Ÿ ž ๐Ÿ žAuto๐Ÿ ž ๐Ÿ žAuto๐Ÿ ž

3rd Combo (A Solid Tower Dive)
*๐Ÿ ž ๐Ÿ ž ๐Ÿ žAuto๐Ÿ ž ๐Ÿ žAuto

*When utilizing Seething Howl near enemies you intend to engage on, to those who are aware of both the audio and visual signals this ability gives off, can make the them aware of both your prescence and your intention to engage (In a similar vein to Thoth's Final Judgement). While this can't be helped in some cases, and especially if you already have all of your Unbound Runes up, sometimes it is better to engage with just Unchained first, to catch them off guard.

Itemization Discussion

There's a lot to dissect in this section and in the one's that follow, as Fenrir has seen a wide variety of play styles, and along with that, a wide range of itemization pathways. I'm going to present an argument for what may at first come off as a very unorthodox build for a Fenrir, but one that has proven both last season and in this current season to be lethal, sufficient, and effective.

Core Items
Starter Item: Protector of the Jungle
๐Ÿ ž
Bumba's Hammer is largely the go to item for Fenrir as of now, and on paper, it's easy to see why. When the season first started, like most other players, Bumba's Hammer passive was the reason I went with the item, as the true damage output, cooldown reduction, and healing you receive with Fenrir is impressive. Additionally, the early game sustain with this item is really beneficial as well, as you are much more easily able to keep your mana bar up. While Bumba's Hammer on it's own is amazing on Fenrir, it does not synergize well with how one should build Fenrir, having numerous flaws of its own, which will be discussed below:
  • First, many conquest games don't last to the point where you can actually upgrade your starter item. In this scenario, Eye Of The Jungle is much more useful item via stats.

  • Second, [Bumba's Hammer] provides no direct damage stats, only indirect damage output stats, those being 10% penetration and 20% cooldown, which in this meta can be easily acquired by other items. On the contrary, Protector Of The Jungle provides 65 physical power and a whopping 35% attack speed. The power is only increased by its passive, which when utilized by the Primary Build example given, totals 263, and that is without Seething Howl active. (Side note: this passive is extremely beneficial in general, however, it is even more potent when it comes to securing jungle objectives, stealing jungle objectives, and engaging in combat in the jungle in general, whether it's a one on one duel or a team fight.)

  • Third, Bumba's Hammer's lack of protections make shaping a build around this item tricky. There's Shifter's Shield, which was buffed recently as well, however, the lack of magical protections prior to being under 75% health is concerning. Void Shield shares the same problem. As for the magical/physical power items, they don't suite Fenrir well, and the item slots are better filled by other items. Caduceus Shield is a strong item with killer stats, but it's utility on Fenrir isn't worth the purchase. As for Ancile, it's passive is poked out of you too easily, and the defenses it provides (or lack there of), again hinder its defensive effectiveness. Runic Shield just becomes overshadowed by other items with both higher physical power and penetration, despite it having solid defensive stats and a passive that can be beneficial to Fenrir as well. With Hide of the Urchin built (at full stacks) in conjunction with Protector Of The Jungle and it's passive, provides you with a total of 179 physical armor and 111 magical armor, largely all within one item. As for integrating defenses into a Fenrir build, see the discussions below concerning Hide of the Urchin and the Bruiser Fenrir Build Path below as well.

  • Fourth, overcapping on cooldowns is an issue as well when building this item. With Jotunn's Wrath and Soul Eater you'll be at 50% cooldown cap. This isn't an "end all be all" rule, however, wasting gold on stats that don't aide you isn't beneficial in most scenarios.

  • The 5% heal that is part of Bumba's Hammer's passive scales with health, which encourages you to build at least somewhat tanky in order to increase the utility of the heal. However, the lack of focus on damage has the potential to make you less useful in taking out the backline in late game fights. That, in conjunction with a starter that give no damage stat or flat penetration, your damge output will be severely lacking, and so will your sustain from Seething Howl and Soul Eater.

For the reasons discussed above, and in account of the discussion had later in the guide, concerning building Hide of the Urchin and the flaws I see in building Fenrir to bruiser like, Protector of the Jungle is a much stronger item on Fenrir.

Boots: Ninja Tabi

I prefer these boots over Warrior's Boots for four reasons: DPS, camp clearing, Unbound Runes upkeep and sustain. While your abilities are on cooldown, the additional attack speed allows you to keep hitting hard, especially with your Seething Howl steroid active, increasing your DPS. Combined with Soul Eater and Seething Howl's lifesteal buff, you heal for 50% of the damage dealt via autos ( Soul Eater fully evolved, 45% while stack building). Your Unbound Runes will restore faster, allowing you to stun more, increase the damage output of Brutalize, and double the protections of your Ragnarok if you need to escape or engage. Finally, the attack speed helps your camp clear speed, especially as you lack mana sustain early.

Second Full Item Built: Jotunn's Wrath

A classic, cream of the crop, keystone item on any Fenrir build. The definition of a core item. You build this second largely for the cooldown, mana, and penetration. On almost any damage character, especially mages and assassins, building flat pen early on is a must. Gives you such a power spike, and is stilll handy annihilating squishy prey in the late game. The 20% cooldown is amazing on Fenrir, further allowing you to more constantly keep your steroid up, stun, get that damage in via your brutalize, make you more mobile, and clear camps faster. Mana helps you sustain for longer, allowing you to fire off the abilities more often. Recently buffed to provide 50 power as well, no reason you don't build this second. None.

Third Full Item Built: Hide of the Urchin

An unconventional item on Fenrir, and especially unconventional on assassins as a whole. However, in a similar vein to Jotunn's Wrath, this item is a keystone build on Fenrir. Fenrir has a reputation for being compatible with bruiser based builds, and this is definitely true, but only to an extent. Especially in the current meta, with a focus on damage and penetration, building at least some beefiness is almost mandatory. Fenrir's Seething Howl steroid and damage output via his autos, Brutalize, Unchained, and Ragnarok enable these build paths to be viable, but as mentioned before, only to an extent. Hide of the Urchin is the singular item needed to invest in Fenrir's beefiness. Hide of the Urchin in general is an amazing defensive item that is criminally underbuilt for how much stats are packed into an item that costs 2450 gold. Upon first purchasing, Hide of the Urchin provides 30 of both physical and magical protections, 250 health and 250 mana. Fully evolved, it then provides a total of both 51 physical and magical protections. Additionally, you generate a shield every 2 seconds when you haven't been in combat in the last 5 seconds. Every 2 seconds, you gain 10% of 100 health + 5 per level. At level 20, this equates to a 200 point shield at full stacks, again adding to your ability to last longer in fights. While this item provides no offensive component, the fact that it covers health and both types of protections, to a meaningful degree, allow the rest of the build to focus entirely on your offensive components (Side note: as for why you wouldn't opt for traditionally bruiser items, such as Ancile and Void Shield, see the discussion above concerning Protector of the Jungle and the discussion below concerning traditional bruiser builds on Fenrir). The physical protections provided by Protector Of The Jungle are just another cherry on top all of the stats mentioned prior. When paired with Fenrir's base stats and the Protector Of The Jungle's passive, your protections total at 179 physical armor and 111 magical armor. Being a melee assassin with no ranged abilities or poke, you're going to need the beefiness to get in and out of skirmishes, as your going to be right in the mix of things. Additionally, the extra sustain allows you to benefit more from Seething Howl's lifesteal, Soul Eater's auto-based lifesteal, and Soul Eater's ability based lifesteal, as you'll be alive longer to steal more health back to yourself. When it comes to obtaining these stacks, this is where the argument as for why you wouldn't want to build this item comes into play. This item requires 7 kills and/or assists to evolve, which can take time and potentially be difficult, especially if behind. However, as a jungler, you have access to ganking all three lanes, which in turn makes this process easier, as you arenโ€™t confined to the one or two opponents in your lane. As for build order, you build this third, as the mana will help you sustain longer in the jungle and in combat, and most importantly, gives you more time to build the stacks for it. With Hide of the Urchin being a scaling item, it helps you scale into the late game, thus helping make up for Fenrir's potentially shaky late game presence. Before moving on to the next item, I'll discuss as to why protections are so beneficial, a solid investment, and how just one protections-based item can't vastly change the amount of damage you take:
  • First, we must set up a baseline. The way Smite calculates damage taken is actually a fairly simple formula, which has been handily made available in the Word of Thoth Smite Guide, created by user Flareb00t (A guide I would highly recommend reading through, as it discusses how the math behind penetrations, CC reductions, etc., work within the game). The baseline formula is as follows:

  • "Damage Taken" represents the true damage taken from an ability or auto, prior to protections or mitigations being applied. "Armor" represents the protetions applied to that specific damage type, physical protections for physical damage and magical protections for magical damage. Finally, the "Actual Damage Taken" is the damage applied to you or your target after all the damage, penetration, mitigations, and protections have been accounted for. For the equations that follow, primary build laid out will be utilized (Totaling 179 protections and 111 magical protections (assuming Protector Of The Jungle's passive is active and Hide of the Urchin is evolved)):

  • This build will be compared with a fairly commonly seen build on assassins, including Fenrir, which is as follows (Totaling out at 104 physical protections and 77 physical protections, assuming all 3 stacks of The Sledge are active):

  • For the first examples, we will assume you are being hit with Neith's ultimate, World Weaver, fully leveled, without any items built on her. The first equation will result in the damage taken if you have built no additional protections. The second equation is the resulting damage received with the primary build of this guide in use, and the third equation the result of the damage received with the second build built:

  • As can be seen, protections is extremely useful, as just an item or two can drastically lower the incoming damage you'll be taking. With the Hide of the Urchin build, about 64%, essentailly 2/3's of all the damage was mitigated. As for the following build, about 49% of the damage was mitigated, roughly half. There's a 15% difference here, resulting in the Hide of the Urchin's build maintaing 64 more health points than the latter.

  • The next set of examples will present the damage taken from Vulcan's ultimate, Earthshaker, fully maxed, with no items built on Vulcan. The first example will result in the damage taken if no additional protections are built, the second equation represents the build with Hide of the Urchin in it, and the third equation the build with The Sledge:

  • Same as before, it's clear that a lack of protections resulted in you receiving roughly 150 more health points worth of damage. The Hide of the Urchin build mitigates roughly 53% of the damage taken, where as the following build mitigates roughly 44% of the damage. A less drastic difference this time around, a least percentage wise, as the Hide of the Urchin build mitigates roughly 9% more of the damage delivered. However, the Hide of the Urchin build does maintain 80 more health points than the latter, which is substantial.
  • The combination of Protector Of The Jungle's protections, Hide of the Urchin's protections, and Protector Of The Jungle's give additional survivability to get in engagements, rotate out, and rengage. The likelyhood of you being nuked into oblivion is drastically lowered as well. An item like Hide of the Urchin packs in health and protections into one package, allowing you to focus on your damage ouptut throughout the rest of your build path.
Fourth Full Item Built: Soul Eater

Like Hide of the Urchin, this is a largely unconventional item on Fenrir, but although intended for warriors like King Arthur and Sun Wukong, it is built on other assassins like Pele, in which it synergizes well with her passive Everlasting Flame and her ability to poke with Pyroclast. As with Tsukuyomi, who has a lot of ranged, poking options in order to receive sustain from Soul Eater. However, both Soul Eater's flat stats and passive synergize incredibly well with Fenrir's kit. Percent penetration is useful as any penetration helps break through enemy defenses, but in this case aides especially in the effort to bring down tankier prey. 20 physical power is of course a plus (35 when fully evolved), along with the 10% lifesteal (15% fully evolved), both of which, when combined with Seething Howl, allows you to heal for 50% of the damage done via autos. The 10% cooldown puts you at 30% total in conjunction with Jotunn's Wrath, allowing you to spam out your abilities even more so, which ties into this item's passive: healing for 5% of the damage done via abilities (20% when evolved). It's this passive that truly makes this item shine, especially with the recent buffs to Fenrir. You'll receive 20% healing when landing Unchained (which is an AOE remember, not just single target) and Brutalize, which will proc 4 times (and is also AOE, where the AOE damage is 60% of the single target damage to those in range). And as a cherry on top, the healing from Ragnarok is useful as well. Soul Eater's stacks are easily obtained as well, as it only requires an assist or kill on an enemy minion, god, or jungle camp. God and large jungle camp kills/assists will provide you with 5 stacks. Additionally, if killing or assisting on an enemy god, the kill will provide stacks to both Soul Eater and Hide of the Urchin simultaneously. Items like [Soul Eater] scale well into late game, helping keep Fenrir relevant in the later stages of the game. It's inexpensive base price makes this an even more attractive item as well. The stats and passive on this item synergize extremely well with Fenrir, resulting in it being core to this build.

Final Full Item Built: Offensive Options and Boot Replacement

It's hard not to buy this item every single time. This item is beyond solid. The item's passive scales with physical damage power. If your total physical damage power would be 200 or above with this item built, almost definitely build this item ( Seething Howl will boost this by 80 at max levels as well, making it more potent.) Additonally, the mana sustain is beneficial as well, as you lack it prior, outside of the flat mana you've purchased. If a team is building less health/protections focused, such as an ADC in the solo lane, opt for flat penetration instead. However, you'll be building this item in your 6th slot almost every game. When it comes to determining whether Titan's Bane or Heartseeker is a better fit, see the discussion below about Titan's Bane.

The Crusher

If not built in your optional item slot, it'll be your first option when it comes to subbing out your boots. Penetration and power to boost your ability damage and ability healing via Soul Eater. Attack Speed keeps your Unbound Runes up, increase auto-based lifesteal sustain and your DPS. An item that's been a solid pick up for a long time.

Titan's Bane

When facing a tankier team or a solo laner that is ahead, the decision really comes down to Titan's Bane or Heartseeker. Heartseeker is best suited for when you have 200+ ability damage ( Seething Howl steroid makes this even more potent) and when your opponents are largely building health over protections ( Stone of Gaia, any of the hammers ( The Sledge), any of the dagger/blade options ( Relic Dagger), etc.), as the passive's damage scales with your opponent's max health. Titan's Bane is better suited for scenarios where protections are emphasized ( Void Shield, Shifter's Shield, Breastplate of Valor, etc.) Titan's Bane can be especially dangerous if you are able to time the additional 20% pen from it's passive with your abilities well (ex. Using Brutalize with Titan's Bane passive up, at full Unbound Runes, with the Seething Howl steroid at work). The cheaper price is worth considering as well (2550 < 2900). As stated before, a situational pick that requires awareness of your opponents' builds.


An item that doesn't seem to be built among many gods anymore, and likely for two reasons: high cost and lack of penetration. Meta right now heavily favors damage and penetration, which has seen this item, as least from what I've seen, be built less and less. 75 physical damage is always solid, and the lifesteal boosts the potency of Soul Eater and Seething Howl. The shield and the boosted movement speed are handy, especially with the larger jungle this season. Shield scales with level, so you'd want to build this late in your optional spot. Additionally, if you aren't the one who has been securing the kills, the passive will be useless to you, so definitely avoid purchasing this if your teammates have largely been securing kills. Due to this item not being a meta based pick right now, I'd only recommend this pick up if you're way ahead.

The Executioner

An option to substitute your boots out with late game. A option better suited towards a tankier team, where as The Crusher would be a better fit for targeting squishy prey. Getting your autos in throughout your combo, and if able to, prior to using your abilities will increase the potency of your damage. Maintaining attack speed also helps keep health sustain up and your Unbound Runes full. Would avoid building if you opted for Titan's Bane in your option slot, but at times may be necessary.

Brawler's Beat Stick

A much needed pickup if the enemy team is reliant on healing. If Chang'e or Aphrodite are against you, this is a must pick. It is definitely a solid pick when facing off against other gods like Anubis, Guan Yu, Horus, etc. Additionally, if the enemy team is building items such as Stone of Gaia, Caduceus Shield, Soul Eater, Rod of Asclepius, etc., this item may be considered as well. This item did receive a slight nerf in the 8.0 update, but is still your best anti-heal option by far.
Berserker's Shield

Another unconventional item on assassins, let alone Fenrir, yet one that does have potential in being able to sub out for your Ninja Tabi boots. Surprisingly, this item synergizes very well with the rest of the build. 50 physical power on its own is huge, especially considering Ninja Tabi's mere 20 in comparison. 10% physical penetration is a great bonus, totaling out to 30% or 40% physical penetration. This would be including Soul Eater's 10%, and 10% from Heartseeker or 20% from Titan's Bane. While 5% less, this item still provides you with attack speed, synergyzing well with your lifesteal and Unbound Runes upkeep. The physical protection is an added bonus, and can be useful if an any ADC has been performing well. As for the item's passive, the increased physical power applies to both your autos and abilities, further increasing both the ferocity of your kit and the sustain received via Soul Eater and Seething Howl. This passive, along with it's base stats makes it a potential pickup if the enemy team has two or more auto-based assassins/warriors as well ( Erlang Shen, Arachne, Mercury, Osirirs, etc.). Same goes for the increased attack speed. The passive helps you heal more when were cutting it close, and put out more damge to eliminate the threats around you. Definitely a solid option to replace your boots with.

Gladiator's Shield

An item occasionally seen on bruiser Fenrir builds, like Beserker's Shield, this is a potential boot replacement option that should only be used in niche scenarios, such as an enemy team consisting of a largely physical damage output or if extra health and physical protection would be better suited to deal with a late game assassin ( Kali) or hunter ( Izanami, Artemis, etc.). 200 health and 40 extra physical protections, on top of your Hide of the Urchin and Protector Of The Jungle, bolsters your beefiness. The additional 10% cooldown would put you at 40%, in which for a multitude of reasons, that have been belabored over prior, is beneficial to you. The passive is a great bonus when it comes to your damage output, as the 15% damage scaling accounts for the Hide of the Urchin's protections, Protector Of The Jungle's protections, and Gladiator's Shield's protections. Without accounting for Protector Of The Jungle's passive, and with Hide of the Urchin at full stacks, the damage dealt by this passive would total 60 damage, which for how focused this build is on damage, is quite impressive (Side note: the passive on this item will only trigger after landing Unchained, Brutalize, or Ragnarok on an enemy below 60%. Empowered autos via Seething Howl do not trigger this). The item's lack of substantial physical power and lack of any penetration do hurt it's effectiveness on you, thus, as mentioned before, making it a very niche and situational option on you, and solely as a replacement for your boots.

Purification Beads

Mandatory first relic pick up. Being an assassin, especially early on, and even with your tank items built late game, you're still prone to being bursted down after being hard CC'd. Rare, but at times can be used offensively, to help avoid CC's to secure a kill you're pursuing. Typically you will be using this as yet another escape option. When dueling against gods such as Arachne and Awilix, try to time this relic in order to mitigate their combos Cocoon and Feather Step/ Gravity Surge respectively.
(Side note: When it comes to dueling with gods like Awilix, who hard counters you, it is best to avoid these engagements. However, if you're willing to basically burn everything in your kit, from both relics to health pots to your Ragnarok, you'll need it to compete with her.)

Bracer of Undoing

Ironically almost a relic of the past, Aegis Amulet and Blink Rune have seen priority over this relic. I don't like Aegis Amulet on Fenrir, let alone in general, because while it is very likely to save you, when teamfights begin to occur, Aegis Amulet won't let you back into the fight, as you'll have to go back to fountain. On the contrary, a well-timed Bracer of Undoing will restore you enough mana and health to rotate out and reengage when given the oppurtunity, especially with all the healing via Soul Eater, Seething Howl, and [Chalice of Healing]] you'll be receiving. Sometimes all it take to win a team fight is not to kill their damage output, but to get them low enough to the point where they'll have to disengage. With Bracer of Undoing, you'll have a "second life", to unleash your kit and rotate in for teammates, where the enemy team will have to scramble to defend against a second onslaught from you. As for Blink Rune, there is almost no need to build this on Fenrir. Fenrir is already extremely mobile, with 2 leaps and an ultimate that grants movement speed. With your 30% cooldown, these should be up quite often as well. Blink Rune is needed on gods with hard CC initiations ( Cerberus, Ares, Ymir, etc., and on gods with low mobility ( Osiris). Bracer of Undoing provides more benefits to you. Of course, the trick with Bracer of Undoing is timing it correctly. Too late and you die, too premptively and you get virtually nothing. However, as a melee assassin who will be in the mix of things upon initiatiing, you're likely to take a chuck of damage, and you'll likely pop this as you rotate out, especially if you were hit by abilities such as Kukulkan's Spirit of the Nine Winds, Ymir's Shards of Ice, and Vulcan's Earthshaker, just to name a few.

Bruiser Fenrir Discussion

This section will discuss the recent trend with building Fenrir like a solo laner, prioritzing bruiser items over pure damage, the issues I have with this, and the reasons why I beleive it to be an unsuccessful pathway to build Fenrir, especially within the Jungler role.

Physical Bruiser Items

Shifter's Shield

An item commonly built on Fenrir now, especially after it was buffed. Now providing more protections and at a lower cost, it is understandable as to why this is so commonly picked up on him. I use to love this item on Fenrir as well (as a sitiuational pick up last season), but what hurts it on Fenrir is two-fold: Lack of ever present magical protections and no penetration. As mentioned several times before, we are in a damge-focused, penetration-focused meta. While Shifter's Shield provides 65 physical power when above 75% max health, physical power is not wholey effective unless paired with forms of penetration. Obvioulsy these two stats don't have to be on the same item, but that'll be touched on later on. Shifter's Shield's lack of health also lends you to being in scenarios where you don't have the bonus damage, as you don't have the health present to remain above 75% max health for a sustained amunt of time. This further lessens your damge output. Of course, when built in conjunction with other bruiser items, this isn't an issue, but if you were to go a full damge route with Shifter's Shield thrown in, and you opt for Bumba's Hammer (for example), you reach level 20 too late for this to be effective, and that's if you make it to the late game. Additionally, Shifter's Shield's lack of sustained magical protections leads you to ptentially getting nuked, as you're magical protections won't be online if you are hit by a high damage magical ability prior to being below 75% max health, which is extrmeely likely to happen. Shifter's Shield is most effective when paired with other bruiser items, however, bruiser is not the route you want to go with Fenrir, in the jungle especially. as mentioned prior, on its own, Shifter's Shield's lack of penetration and sustained magical protection make it an incompltete item that must be propped up by other items

Void Shield

An item largely built on support Fenrir and for good reason. However, in the jungle, while I see this item as an improvement upon Shifter's Shield, it itself also has two flaws: Low physical power and lack of magical protection. What makes a lack of magical protection on these items such an issue, in which I'll touch on briefly here, but delve into further when discussing the magical bruiser items, is that the available magical bruiser items don't synergize well with Fenrir. Building Void Shield, just like Shifter's Shield, will force your hand into buying pure magical defense items, which completely lack direct damage output. Void Shield has a great base amount of physical protections, and some health as a plus. Additionally, it has a 15% physical protection reduction aura providing penetration to not just you but your teammates as well. However, Void Shield's lack of physical power forces your hand into having to support with stronger damage items, which is difficult in a bruiser build.

Berserker's Shield and Gladiator's Shield

As discussed earlier, these items have the potential to synergize well with the Fenrir build this guide discusses. These items are typically considered bruiser items, which is why I briefly mention them here. It's almost impossible to consider this Berserker's Shield a brusier item anymore. It has catered way towards the offensive end of the spectrum now, and in that case loses it's place in a Fenrir bruiser build, especially considering how lifesteal sustain isn't a primary focus of a brusier build, which this item strongly boosts. As for Gladiato's Shield, it is one of the few bruiser items with potential on Fenrir, and so is discussed above.

Health-Focused Bruiser Items
The Sledge

Seen on both Fenrir bruiser and assassin builds, Sledge is a solid item when playing support Fenrir, as it performs well when paired with other tank/bruiser items. However, it is a weak option on jungle Fenrir, especially when it is solely the only defensive item typically built (outside of a late game Bumba's Hammer, which doesn't provide any protections). The Sledge is a weak, singular defensive option on Fenrir as it lacks sustained protections and it's passive isn't as effective on Fenrir as it is on other gods. Hide of the Urchin is a superior defensive option for you, due to what was layed out in the discussion earlier, about how effective a Hide of the Urchin pickup can be on Fenrir over The Sledge, largely due to how strong a singular, all encompassing defensive item can be one him, and perhaps other assassins as well.

Blackthorn Hammer

This item faces similar problems as The Sledge, where just building health as a protective measure isn't sufficient enough. The damage, cooldown, and mana are beneficial on Fenrir, but like The Sledge, this item it strnger when supported by other tank items.

Magical Protection Bruiser Items

In a very similar vein to Berserker's Shield, it's hard to consider this item a bruiser item anymore, as it has also catered to the damage-focused end of the spectrum. The physical damage and cooldown on this item are really good stats, but it's largely the passive and protection stats that make this item ineffective on Fenrir. 30 magical protections is fairly low, especially when taken on its own, without the support from health and more protections on other items in a potential build. The passive is situationally effective, as it is beneficial when you dive a magical opponent and are on top of them, but the passive is easily poked out of you as well, as the ranged attacks of mages and some guardians can hit you from a distance. A lack of penetration makes this item overshadowed by other offensive items as well. Overall, this item does come close to being a solid opton in this build, but just comes short of carrying enough weight on its own. If it had 10 flat penetration added to it, then I would consider this a offensive option for the build presented in this guide.

Runic Shield

This is almost a really solid magical bruiser item. Like I mentioned with Ancile, if this item had a form of penetration attached to it, preferably flat penetration, this item would synergize really well with Fenrir. However, this item does unfortuately fall short in the damage department, making it a weak addition to a Fenrir build, even though the defensive stats are good, and the passive is beneficial to you and your teammates. On a support Fenrir build, I would definitely recommend this item.

Caduceus Shield

This item is really strong, and on the right god, is extremely effective ( Horus, Guan Yu, Camazotz, etc.). In a similar vein to Hide of the Urchin, this item covers both protections and health, which within itself makes it strong. 35 physical power is a great plus as well. The passive is interesting, and does synergize with your Bracer of Undoing, Soul Eater, and Seething Howl. However, it is largely better to focus on stronger damage items with penetration in this case, despite the item being a surprisingly odd suit on Fenrir. I haven't tried it myself, but in a similar vein to both Gladiator's Shield and Berserker's Shield, this has the potential to be an intersting substitution to your boots.

Bruiser-focused builds on Fenrir, while providing him with sustain and beeffiness, take away from his damage potential and exposure/utility to both better item passives and CDR. Some bruiser items have niche placements in the Fenrir build discussed in this guide, but largely should be avoided in the majority of circumstances.

Success In The Field/Match History

The following are all the Ranked Conquest games I've played as Fenrir this season, with this build path in use. All matches are listed, games weren't cherry picked to prove a point in a biased manner. Some of these games won, others lost. However, Fenrir performs well with the build. Of course, a build isn't everything, as other sections of this guide have discussed, but it is an integral part to performing well. (Side note: most matches took place when I was either in Gold V or Gold IV (current rank)).

Match History


Easy Prey

The large majority of these gods are squishy, and on top of that, have escapes that Fenrir's Brutalize hard counters. Any god with a dash ( Cernunnos, Thoth, Vulcan, Agni, etc.) virtually have no escape as long as you land Brutalize. Additionally, gods that resort to knockups to get you off of them ( Pele, He Bo, Jing Wei, etc.) are, ironically, brutalized by Brutalize as well, as it is immune to knockups. Look to harass and target these gods.

Hard Counters

Any god with a leap is gonna give you a hard time, as Brutalize is hard countered by this mobility ( Fenrir, Bastet, etc.) Cripples and silences are the bane of your existence. Ares, Artio, Nox, etc., will put you down like a dog. Spacing, rotating, keeping CC immunities up, solid escape utility and situational awareness are how you avoid being silenced to the grave.


Fenrir is a strong jungle pick this season, especially in light of his recent buffs. His high mobility and high damage output allow for backline diving and elimination, and the sustain and beefiness you can build on him further increase his survivalbility and potentcy. Looking to update this in the future as updates come through, and to add sections discussing gameplay in casual modes like Arena and the new Clash/Siege mode planned for later this year. I appreciate you taking the time to look through the equivalent of the Bible when it comes to Fenrir guides, and hopefully you've learned some new insights in the process.

Take care,


All artwork is my own work.

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ThickCookie (2) | February 22, 2021 11:16pm
Hey I have been experimenting with a auto attack/penetration build that I think works great. The build is from a YouTuber called Incon. Tons of great videos.

Protector Of The Jungle - Ninja Tabi - The Crusher - Stone Cutting Sword - Berserkerโ€™s Shield- Ancile

You can replace The Crusher with brawlers if you need anti heal.
boogiebass (46) | February 18, 2021 11:42am
Hey good guide!
I have doubts about some of the items. For example:
1) Hide of the Urchin (although it's nicely explained in your write up, why would I pick this up and ignore Mantle of Discord?,
2) Why is Ninja Tabi the go to boots? I agree with Big Damage's statement below about Warrior Tabi helping your early game burst.
3) You mention Brawler's Beat Stick in your writeup, but it would be a good idea to include it in your build examples as well. Most people who read stuff on this site usually just check the builds and ignore the rest of the write up.

I also want to point out a few things regarding your threats. You mention Agni, Rama, and Artemis are easy picking. Agni can stun you out of your brtualize. Rama has a cripple. Artemis can trap you while you're brutalizing her.

You definitely have more experience than I do, so let me know what you think.
Big damage (23) | February 18, 2021 3:51am
I like the idea of going for Protector Of The Jungle on Fenrir, a god that is generally built with a good mix of protections and power. However, I don't think investing so much into attack speed is the right call here.

So the biggest issues here are Ninja Tabi, The Executioner and Berserker's Shield. Warrior Tabi really helps your early game burst before you transition into a mid-late game tank.

The Crusher so late into a build is worthless. It's a pure early game power spike that falls off as the game goes further so last item makes no sense.

Soul Eater could be okay if you want to keep it but I overall suggest an alternative. If you want to increase that late game percentage hybrid items are great for him.

Void Shield, Shifter's Shield, Ancile and The Sledge are all great options for him in terms of hybrid. Mantle of Discord is a perfect full defence item too. I like your choice for Hide of the Urchin to get some HP, dual prots and when stacked the shield for the start of a team fight.

With this in mind I would suggest building him like this:

Protector Of The Jungle > Warrior Tabi > Jotunn's Wrath > Shifter's Shield > Heartseeker > Ancile > swap boots for Void Shield

Try this or other builds, keep the itemisation in mind and see if you find an improvement.

If you need any help feel free to ask!
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