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Nu Wa - Don't Try to be a Hero - ARENA GUIDE

December 6, 2018 by DrxFlaskers
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Standard Arena Build

Smite God: Nu Wa

Item Purchase Order

Build Item Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Spear of Desolation
Build Item Soul Gem
Build Item Soul Reaver
Build Item Rod of Tahuti

? Divine Ruin for Anti-heal
Obsidian Shard against a tanky opposition

*Replace Soul Gem with either of these, as its really there for the extra CDR and extra burst with the passive.

Build Item Divine Ruin Build Item Obsidian Shard

Defensive Items
?If you want to buy a defense item, which i generally don't do on mages in Arena, Any of the above items can be viable depending on what you're up against.

Mantle of Discord, good for the stun since Nu Wa has no escape.
Magi's Cloak offers good defense against hard CC with it's "pseudo-Beads"

I didn't include Mantle of Discord or Spirit Robe since they'd overcap your CDR if you pick up blue buff or get a Potion of Magical Might, but they're viable if you're not going to pick either of those up.

Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Magi's Cloak

Nu Wa - Don't Try to be a Hero - ARENA GUIDE

December 6, 2018


Hi Everybody,

This is the first guide I've done so try to bear with me. I chose to do Nu Wa because she's very straightforward and can frag out in Arena if played right.

I haven't been playing her for very long, but she's surprisingly easy to pick up if you give her a chance.

Note that this guide is exclusively for Arena, and shouldn't be used in Conquest.

Also note, I'm still novice level with BB coding, so for the sake of progress, I'm going to update this guide regularly based on feedback, and after I read more in depth in the BB coding guides on this site.


Strength of Wood - 5 SUCCESSFUL basic attacks. Note that you have to hit a target for this to progress. Also, minions WILL get rooted if you hit them, so count that 5th auto as an ability and aim true.

Mysterious Fog - Early game, I use this ability mostly for zoning because it doesn't do a ton of damage, but enemies will still avoid it like the plague for some reason, so it's useful to disrupt enemy movement more than as an actual damaging ability. Once you start putting levels into it later in the game, it will clear the minion wave, so its a good "fire and forget" wave clear ability. Also, when someone is chasing a teammate towards the fountain, its good to fire to give them some invisibility and to shred down the enemy protections if you built Spear of the Magus.

Clay Soldiers - Early game, this ability is basically a stun tool in Arena, late game, you can detonate these bad boys for upwards of 800 damage assuming your hit the enemy with Shining Metal as well. Very good burst damage. Also, I like to throw these out at enemy Minotaurs and let them attack it for as much of their life as I can and then detonate them when they're about to die.

Shining Metal - Put at least 3 points in this ability as soon as you can. This will be your minion clear until late game, so it helps to have it to real damage to build stacks. It also can be a bit of a skill shot, since its only a little bit bigger than a regular auto attack.

Fire Shards - This ability is the ultimate troll ability. Especially if the enemy decided not to get Aegis Amulet. I basically use this either as a kill secure when they're running back to heal, or as a good bit of burst damage in the middle of a heated team fight. Also, if you're getting pushed back, I think this does make you travel a little bit between going up and coming down, you might be able to use this when you're pressed against your fountain to jump over to the other side of the wall.. I'll have to test it more to confirm though.


I plan to flesh this guide out a little more over time, it is starting as basically an experiment to get acquainted with the guide making process, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Just remember when playing Nu Wa.. you're squishy and slow moving.. Don't overextend unless very confident you can make it back out again.

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