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Medusa - Getting Everyone Stoned (S5, All Modes, Patch 5.14)

August 9, 2018 by Branmuffin17
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

The Fatal Snake (Conquest / Standard ADC)

Smite God: Medusa

Item Purchase Order

Standard 3x Crit Example Build (Replace Ichaival Late)
?Standard item progression for a crit build. Ichaival is optional.

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Ichaival
Build Item Poisoned Star
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Wind Demon

Standard Starting Items (Rush Tabi if preferred)
?This standard start will look to get Devourer's Gauntlet online ASAP.

Choose your potions as preferred.

As an alternative, you can rush Boots first, if you have major concerns about enemy mobility and strong early game gank potential.

Build Item Hunter's Blessing Build Item Spiked Gauntlet Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Item #1
? Devourer's Gauntlet is the quintessential basic attack hunter's item for early sustain and power.

You can build 2nd (and get Tabi first) if enemy mobility and early gank threat is high.

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet

Item #2 (Choose One)
? Ninja Tabi is the standard choice, providing a good base of attack speed. This will pair best if you choose Rage as your first crit item later.

Warrior Tabi is a good alternative item when you plan to build plenty of attack speed later. Great if you plan to get Ichaival and prefer Poisoned Star over Rage.

Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Warrior Tabi

Item #2.5 (Optional Bridge)
? Ichaival is a great, optional bridge item due to the low cost and good 1v1 boxing functionality. At the point you're building this, you're also going to be investing more into Viper Shot, which is a great complement to this item.

If you pick this up, replace it late-game.

Build Item Poisoned Star

Item #3 (Choose One)
?Your next item will be either Poisoned Star or Rage.

Poisoned Star is a great 1v1 boxing item, and can pair very well with Ichaival to give you a significant advantage, especially if the enemy doesn't build either of those.

Rage is a functional option if your team is ahead and you're consistently getting kills/assists. The significantly higher crit chance can give you better burst potential over Star, especially in teamfights where you might need to switch targets often.

Build Item Poisoned Star Build Item Rage

Items #4-6 (Replace Ichaival Late)
? The Executioner is the quintessential penetration item for a basic-attacking hunter. If facing mostly squishy enemies, you can consider delaying this item to move earlier into crit.

Deathbringer should always be your 2nd crit item choice.

Wind Demon will replace Ichaival if you picked it up early, rounds out your build, and gives you a nice and consistent attack and move speed boost.

Build Item The Executioner Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Wind Demon

Relics to Consider
? Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet are your default relic picks.

Heavenly Wings, especially with the upgrade, is very helpful for boxing or to counter enemy slows.

Phantom Veil is suggested specifically if there is an enemy Odin, to counter Ring of Spears, since she has no leap to escape.

Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Phantom Veil

Crit Rush Build Example (Replace Ichaival Late)
?This build is an alternative that looks to rush high crit chance via Rage for stronger mid-game burst, and works well against squishier enemy comps (since The Executioner is delayed).

Ninja Tabi is preferred in this setup since you'll only have this and Ichaival as attack speed items until late game. The high AS combined with the boost from Viper Shot will give you an advantage over most other hunters if you can connect.

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Ichaival Build Item Rage Build Item Deathbringer Build Item The Executioner Build Item Wind Demon

God Skill Order

Viper Shot

Viper Shot 4 8 11 12 14 key bind

Acid Spray

Acid Spray 1 3 6 7 10 key bind


Lacerate 2 15 16 18 19 key bind


Petrify 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


Recent updates:

2018/8/9: Guide is updated as of Patch 5.14, "Goddess of Volcanoes." Builds revised.

Revision History

Duuuuude. W***suuuup? I'm Branmuffin17 (IGN Muffinman17), a SmiteFire moderator and casual SMITE player on PC and PS4. Come check out my 420th fifth major recreational venture outside of my original project, The Overarching Assault Guide. I've created this guide specifically because I was jonesing to make my first hunter guide, and I saw some potential in her, as long as I could get her off the couch.

I'll assume you know the basic gist of gameplay in the various modes, so I won't be teaching or talking much about tickets, rotating, minions, ganja, etc., except in the direct context of Medusa's dank gameplay. If you want the deets on general info, I invite you to cruise on over to my other guides:

Conquest Guide
Arena Guide

This is a work in progress, as it should be. Not saying anything about these being her only build options...this is just, like, my opinion, man. I'm always open to new ideas and different approaches.

Although Medusa is a Hunter whose arrows are definitely not blunt, she's a bit less reliant on basic attacks than some, and can be built with emphasis on either abilities or basic attacks.

As such, I'm offering multiple builds for various modes. My Devourer's Gauntlet builds focus on basic attack DPS and boxing as a standard ADC / Carry. My Transcendence builds can be used for either ADC or Mid roles, and focus on earlier and easier waveclear, with damage options centering either around Qin's Sais or crit items.

...... Strengths ......

+ Solid mid/late game damage
+ Sweet early minion wave clear
+ High teamfight potential
+ Can blitz enemies
+ High mobility
... Weaknesses ...

- Gets the mana munchies
- Needs good aim
- Escape can be blocked
- Squishy
- Lazy

Medusa is a strong pick for multiple game modes. Ready to go? Let's light it up!



No movement penalty when side-strafing, and half of the movement penalty when moving backward.

Overview: A passive that requires no direct thought, but lends itself to making Medusa a more effective hotboxer. This will not see much benefit except when building increased movespeed, such as through Wind Demon.
Skill #1:

Viper Shot
Medusa shoots out {3/3/3/4/4} vipers in rapid succession that poison the targets hit, dealing damage over time. CD 10 seconds. 10% scaling.

Max this 2nd.

Overview: Her only built-in AS steroid, it adds a strong burst of damage when targeting an individual. Best to use earlier in the fight (due to ticking damage), and when you're able to confirm hits more easily (enemy is stunned from Lacerate, stoned from Petrify, or otherwise CCd from teammates' abilities).

Tip: Remember that you can trigger it early, and it won't activate until you start attacking. You can use it in the fountain for a free charge!

Chronic Viper
Skill #2:

Acid Spray
Medusa spits out acid that damages the first enemy hit, and sprays out acid in a cone behind them. It explodes on statues Medusa has created. CD 14 seconds. 70% scaling.

Max this 1st.

Overview: This is your main source of damage against minion waves, allowing you to hit the entire line if you target the front minion in a wave. Provides good poke potential, as you can hit the minions and do equal damage to enemy gods from the cone spray if they are close and trying to shield themselves from other attacks.

Tip: If you want to be safe (location-wise), if you poke the enemy at the same time you hit the minion wave, you can backpedal while basic attacking, drawing some of the minions toward you for a short time, allowing you to clear the melee minions nearer your tower.

Acid Flashbacks
Skill #3:

Medusa quickly slithers forward, grabbing and slashing the first enemy god she encounters. The slash leaves the enemy god reeling in pain, reducing their healing by 50% for a short time. CD 15 seconds. 80% scaling.

Max this 3rd.

Overview: Offensively, you can use this to initiate and close the gap, or to catch a damaged, fleeing enemy...and you can do this through the minion wave.

Defensively, use it as an escape, but make sure you're not being blocked by an enemy god, or you'll be stopped.

Tip: Activate Viper Shot before initiating with Lacerate. After you connect, your shots will be significantly easier to confirm, adding extra damage with Viper's poison effect.

Laced Fangs

Medusa removes her mask, delivering a powerful blast. Enemies take damage and are stunned for 2 seconds if they are looking at her. Enemies not looking at her take 75% damage and are slowed (20/25/30/35/40%) for 3 seconds. Enemies that are killed by her gaze will turn into a stone statue and remain behind. 90 second CD. 100% scaling.

Level this as it becomes available.

Overview: Devastating if you catch enemies looking at you when it hits. Somewhat mediocre otherwise. Best to use in combo with your other abilities during a teamfight for burst function, or while being chased to freeze them and make an escape.

Secondary, emergency function against anticipated CC. The charge-up makes her immune for a short time, so it can be used (with perfect timing) to counter an ult like Ares' No Escape.

Tip: If you know enemies are approaching around a corner, you can preemptively charge Petrify. If you time it correctly, you'll pop into their view just as it activates, giving them very little time to react.


Ability Combos

Some hunters just look to get as many basic hits in as possible, especially when they pack a complete build. This Mary Jane has abilities that enhance or otherwise complement her hotboxing capability.

Her simplest combo with nothing else considered is Viper Shot activation, followed by Lacerate, and then bursting with the actual Viper Shot hits. Late-game when Viper Shot and attack speed is high (and especially with crit items), the burst potential is amazing.

In dangerous situations, you'll usually want to withhold Lacerate to use as a possible escape (or chase if the enemy is on the run). Also, Acid Spray isn't really a boxing ability that you use in combos...save it mostly for waveclear.

Below are some more in-depth combos.

With Petrify Up

With Petrify Down

Conquest / Standard ADC (Build & Gameplay + Relics)

These ADC builds aim to make Medusa a strong mid-to-late-game ADC in the vein of standard Hunters. Her early game will focus mostly on waveclear and safe poke damage. Her late game utilizes crit items, especially when comboing with abilities, to provide huge burst potential against squishy targets.

Standard 3x Crit Build

Standard 3x Crit Build (Details & Discussion)


Relic Options

ADC Starting Process & Early Game

ADC Mid to Late Game

Warding Locations

Conquest / Standard ADC (Synergies & Matchups)

Support Synergies

ADC Matchups

Conquest / Mid-Lane Burst (Build & Gameplay)

Transcendence has been buffed for Season 5, and now comes with 10% CDR. This opens up some variety for how ability-based hunters can be played.

In the Trans-Qin's build, we're looking to create a hybrid hunter, making a build that relies on high ability burst for quick wave-clear and aggressive play. Since she doesn't have the greatest long-distance poke (without minions, at least), she'll rely on her full set of abilities to deal maximum damage, but will need to be cautious about engaging. This build can also be built in the ADC role. It's better in the mid-lane...the high power will allow Medusa to deal good objective damage, especially in comparison to mages, and the presence of Qin's Sais means she'll be a strong threat against tanky enemies.

The Trans-Crit build is a non-meta build that can be effective against a squishier team. 65% crit chance at full build will be incredibly effective with Lacerate + Viper Shot combos.

There are two issues that need to be understood with any Transcendence build. 1) Trans costs 300 gold more than its stacking counterpart, Devourer's Gauntlet. 2) Lifesteal comes significantly later than a Devo's build, making health sustain in-lane a challenge. However, you make up for this with strong wave-clear and a very healthy mana pool, meaning you won't have any mana issues and can use your abilities without much fear of running out. The CDR can also be a positive factor.

Trans Qin's Build (Tank Killer)

Trans-Qin's Build (Details & Discussion)

Crit Build

Trans-Crit Build (Details & Discussion)

Ability Build

+ Situational

Ability Build (Details & Discussion)

Mid-Lane Starting Process & Early Game

Mid to Late Game

Warding Locations

Arena Builds & Gameplay

In an Arena setting, you don't have to worry about winning lane, taking down objectives, etc. As such, builds that might otherwise be considered out-of-order or unconventional can work, if you play to the build's strengths.

2 builds are offered below, depending on your preferred style of play.

The Critical Viper (Basic-Attack Build)

The Critical Viper (Details & Discussion)

The Spitting Viper (Ability Build)

The Spitting Viper (Details & Discussion)

Game Start & First Waves

Jungle Camps/Early Game


Starting to really tie things together


Kick Them Out Of This Joint!

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Medusa: Getting Everyone Stoned


So that's it! If you like what I've done and how I try to improve the guide, anyone is welcome to suggest a god for me to work on next...and of course, I have to own them and/or want to play them =P but I'll let you know...

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, etc. Feel free to add me/invite me if you want to play!

Brandon / PC IGN: Muffinman17 / PS4 IGN: Branmuffin17

p.s. No, I'm not a stoner. That's Medusa. And maybe Swagni...but seriously, I'm not (not really), so if you have any suggestions where I can put in more funny references, let me know!!! And you know this.....maaannnnnn!!!


Thanks to the following people:

Thanks to my friend Duotem for help with the S4 ADC build!

For helping with Conquest builds and some tips.

For so much discussion and help on maximizing the effectiveness of my builds.

For multiple suggestions for better presentation!

For aesthetic ideas and templates to make the guide prettier

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