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Partially In-Depth Guide to Cupid in 4 Modes[S5][WIP Now]

May 23, 2018 by Tlaloc1050
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4


Smite God: Cupid

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Hunter's Blessing
Build Item Boots
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion

Full Build Example

Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Transcendence Build Item Asi Build Item The Executioner Build Item Rage Build Item Deathbringer


Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Rage Build Item The Crusher


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Phantom Veil Build Item Heavenly Wings


Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Ward Build Item Sentry Ward

God Skill Order

Heart Bomb

Heart Bomb 1 3 6 7 10 key bind

Share The Love

Share The Love 4 15 16 18 19 key bind


Flutter 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Fields Of Love

Fields Of Love 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


This guide covers all modes except for Joust and Siege.

I am aware that The Crusher will disrupt the mesmerise on Cupid's Fields Of Love, but in team fights there's a very high chance that a teammate will already break that mesmerise before you do.

Pros / Cons


  • Good chaser
  • High attack speed naturally due to Flutter's passive
  • Can heal teammates
  • Great CC
  • Large radius ultimate
  • Large threat if used properly
  • High sustain
  • Team Player
  • Heal isn't too powerful and doesn't really fit with a hunter's kit
  • Low stats compared to other hunters
  • His Ultimate's mesmerize effect will be broken if target is damaged
  • Even if Heart Bomb or Fields of Love miss stacks will be removed anyway
  • Needs a remodel



This passive can build up to a maximum of 16% healing/damage. When using Heart Bomb it's best to build up stacks so when the stun kicks in, the enemy you targeted will be vulnerable to damage from you and you're alies. If you plan on using Share The Love that 16% more healing may help. "Healing" also includes Mana obtained from Share The Love. With Fields Of Love you can build it up if you want the duration of the mesmerize to be doubled. Since the mesmerize would be broken from you attacking them I wouldn't recommend building it up for that.

Heart Bomb

At early game this can't clear a wave yet but will weaken minions and reduce the time it takes to kill them. In mid to late game this can clear most of the minions in the wave. You can use it when you're boxing or chasing. When you're boxing I would recommend building up your stacks before using the skill for the stun. When chasing you should use it as soon as you're confident you can hit the target.

Share the Love

A heal that can be picked up by you or your allies. This gives Cupid a lot of sustain. If you're low on mana give it to your allies. The total heal at full stacks of your passive is 156.25 per heart. The total heal is
Branmuffin17 wrote:
At max rank, 110 base heal per heart + 25% scaling. 56.25 from power from items from the main build (25% of 225 power). 166.25 per heart, 498.75 from all 3 heart
. This includes the physical power from the main build.

Mana per heart when picked up by allies is 30. Drops 3 hearts. Cost is 50. So your profit is 40 mana. Remember how Share The Love effects mana obtained when allies pick the hearts up? At full stacks of your passive your profit would be: 46.4 mana. Plus you also got to heal an ally or 3. Although if no allies pick the hearts up you would lose 50 mana. Ping on the location of the heart to tell them its there. You could also say "Take this jungle buff"


This is your escape and chasing tool. If an enemy Hades were to use Pillar of Agony that dash would be a life saver. An enemy trying to get away? Use Flutter + Heart Bomb. If you're leaving base with some allies you could use Flutter and your allies will benefit from the mov speed if they walk on the trail. Is an Apollo or Thanatos chasing you with their ult? Right before you think they're going to land, activate Flutter there's a chance they'll miss and you could escape.

Fields of Love

A large radius ultimate that can make a group of enemies vulnerable to CC chains or damage from skills like I'm a Monster. If Odin were to use Ring of Spears Fields Of Love would nicely fit inside. Try to position your target in the Center of the skill. Fields Of Love + Heart Bomb and some basic attacks = target dead 80% of the time.

Ability Combos


After you hit them with Heart Bomb use a basic attack so it'll proc Hydra's Lament. Drop your ult and once again use a basic attack for the same reason. This combo will usually kill someone if they don't have a relic like Aegis Amulet or Purification Beads. You should hit them with Heart Bomb first then Fields Of Love. The double mesmerize is useless because you wanna keep on attacking the target. And damage will stop the mesmerize. The stun on Heart Bomb is better. After placing Fields Of Love keep attacking with basics.


This is mainly for chasing an enemy getting away. Flutter followed by Heart Bomb and you've probably caught up to the enemy you were chasing. A few basics and they should be finished.

However don't chase an enemy you think you can't kill. If the enemy has gone too far away deep in the enemy jungle, you should stop chasing and head back to your lane/team unless you have some teammates with you.

+ +

An improved version of the Flutter and Heart Bomb combo. Use this if there's already a teamfight going on and you need to rush into battle. Try to hit as many enemy gods as possible with Fields Of Love while focusing just 1 target using Heart Bomb and your basic attacks.

Arena Build


For Arena I chose a critical chance build due to the fact that Arena has no towers, therefore the need for penetration would decrease. Another option is to use the Conquest build instead for the high penetration. I chose Transcendence over Devourer's Gauntlet due to Transcendence having less stacks. This is useful because minion waves are split among 5 people. Replace Deathbringer with Brawler's Beat Stick if needed.

Arena Gameplay

Early Game

Pick a start. Head to the buff camps and help your team clear them. Take it if you need it. Head to the middle of the map and try to last hit minions. You can also say I'm busy ksing stacks!. Stacking will take longer because there aren't that many minions. Buff camps spawn every 4 minutes and buffs last for 2 minutes.

Mid Game

Team fights will be more common now. Remember to participate in them. Don't forget to last hit minions to build stacks and reduce the enemy's tickets. Keep defending the portal. Around this time is when siege minions will begin to spawn. They spawn every 5 kills. If they get into a portal they'll reduce 15 tickets.

Late Game

Your abilities will now do a lot more damage and you should have full stacks of Devourer's Gauntlet. The last tickets will be reduced soon. You have to be extra careful and stick with your team all the time. You can still take buff camps if you like.

P.S. If you want a way more detailed arena guide you should read the Overarching Arena Guide by Branmuffin17

Jungle Camps Info

Mana Buff Camps
  • Quantity: 2
  • Location: Opposite Sides of the Arena
  • Respawn Time: 4 Minutes

Damage Buff Camps
  • Quantity: 2
  • Location: Opposite Sides of the Arena
  • Respawn Time: 4 Minutes

Attack Speed Buff Camps
  • Quantity: 2
  • Location: Opposite Sides of the Arena
  • Respawn Time: 4 Minutes

  • Killing an enemy god deducts 5 tickets
  • Last hitting an enemy minion deducts 1 ticket
  • Escorting allied minions to the enemy portal deducts 1 ticket per minion
  • Escorting an allied Arena Juggernaut to the enemy portal deducts 15 tickets

Clash Build


In Clash you will always be sharing a lane with at least one person, so I chose Transcendence due to it having less stacks. Like a typical trans build, I chose Asi next; and The Executioner for penetration. It's up to you if you'd like to go Qin's or crit.

Clash Gameplay

Early Game

When the match begins, you have usually have 2 choices:

1. Go to the Mana Camp with some teammates and clear it. Usually the Mage takes it. Afterwards go to the lane which has less players in it. Clear the lane minions. If the enemy team hasn't taken the damage buff get it with some teammates. You can take it if you want.

2. Tell everyone to Group Up! using the VGS and Attack Middle Lane!. This isn't as safe as the first route. Sometimes somebody would die. The enemy team may use high damaging skills in an attempt to steal it. After this, head to lane.

Don't play too aggressively or else you might day and become behind. You'll be mana hungry until later onwards when you get Hydra's Lament.

Mid Game

You can now be more aggressive and should've bought Devourer's Gauntlet by now. This is when Apophis spawns at the center of the map, at 10:00. Don't stand on it, or else you'll receive 1000 damage. Try to push Towers and Phoenixes when nobody's there. You could also group and and do it, it'll be faster and you'll deal more damage. Team fights will break out more often due to teams trying to push lanes. Ward in the center of the map and near the center mana camp to prevent ganks.

Late Game

Be careful. You may be strong now, but gods like Kali are much stronger and can easily kill you. Work together to push objectives. If you get a decide don't go for Apophis, it's not worth it. You should be going for the remaining Phoenixes and the enemy Titan if you can. If at low health retreat.

Buff Camps Info

Baboon Mages Camps
  • Quantity: 4
  • Location: 2 Outside and 2 in-Between Lanes
  • Respawn Time: 90 Seconds

Hyena Brutes Camps
  • Quantity: 1
  • Location: Center of the Map
  • Respawn Time: 2 Minutes


  • Quantity: 1
  • Location: Center of the Map
  • Respawn Tine: 5 minutes

Assualt Build


I started with Jotunn's Wrath due to the mana it gives, along with the CDR, power, and penetration. The build overall is Qin's based due to that being cheaper than a critical chance based build. Tower pushing is key, that's why this build is high in penetration.

Assault Gameplay

Early Game

For your information, there's only a 1.05263158 chance of getting Cupid when playing Assault, as of patch 5.19.

Try to buy your starting items as quickly as possible and head to the battlefield, where your allies may be initiating a fight soon. Use your hearts when allies need healing or when you need more mana. Try not to waste mana too much. Sometimes, there's an early deicide. When this happens try to push the enemy tower.

If your entire team is dead and the enemy is pushing your tower, use Flutter and Fields Of Love on them if it's ready. It'll kill the minions and mesmerise enemy gods so they could maybe take some damage from the towers.

Mid Game

A tower may have been pushed by now, but remember that the game isn't over yet. When enemy gods are dead try to push objectives. Always remember, Objectjves > Kills. Gods with stationary ultimates are easy targets as long as you're not in their range. Gods that are quite strong in assault like Hades will start to get really strong.

Late Game

You should have almost full items by now and should be lvl 20. You're a lot stronger now than ever. Be careful though, even just 1 decide is usually enough to get a win. Always participate in team fights. It's best to not do things like fight 4v5s.

Here's a tactic that I've seen people use with gods that have a leap or dash:


  • Stacks aren't allowed
  • You can't return to the fountain by any means
  • Minions spawn at 1:30

    If you want a better, detailed guide to ***ualt in general you should check out the Overarching ***ualt Guide by Branmuffin

Conquest Build


I chose a high penetration build with the purpose of pushing towers. Unlike other modes, Conquest has 6 Towers and 3 Phoenixs. It's also great against gods with anti-crit passives such as Geb and Hou Yi. transcendance has recently been sort of knocked-out of the meta due to the buff on Devourer's Gauntlet. I've added a build that implements devourer's gantlet rather than transcendance.

Conquest Gameplay

Early Game

You can't afford to be too aggressive. Heart Bomb it weak compared to other Hunter's wave clear and can't even hit the whole wave. Cupid is best paired with a support with good clear like Ymir. As of recent you start in duo lane. The jungler will make his rotations. When he makes it to the void camps clear it with him for the XP and gold. Don't take it, it's for the support. Play cautiously until Mid-Late game. Warding is key.

Mid Game

Heart Bomb can probably kill minions instantly by now; depending if you're fed or not. You can be more aggressive now. Keep warding in-case there are ganks, for they'll set you back. Push the enemy Tower in your lane when he's gone or dead. If you've pushed both the T1 and T2 Tower rotate to other lanes to help. Just remember to watch your own lane as well as enemies will try to do the same. When pushing a Tower or Phoenix you'll be revealed on the minimap. Enemy Gods will come after you so be careful.

Late Game

Teamfights will happen more due to teams trying to push the remaining Objectives. Ward near them if needed. You'll be more powerful than ever and your basic attacks will deal a lot of damage to towers. Remember, the more Towers and Phoenixes that are destroyed, the weaker the Titan becomes.

When making an attempt to destroy the Titan, always travel in groups.

Buff Camps Info

Random Facts Relating to Cupid

  • Brina Palencia is the voice actor for Cupid. She's also the voice actor for Artemis.

  • The Greek version of Cupid is Eros

  • His parents are Mars and Venus, or Aphrodite and Ares

  • The Greek version of Cupid Eros has a wife named Psyche, the goddess of the soul. Together they had a daughter named Hedone

  • He has the largest head in the game, while Hercules has the smallest


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