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Susano S5

October 14, 2018 by NeoXceptr
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Wind Burst

Smite God: Susano

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Assassin's Blessing
Build Item Chalice of Healing
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion


Build Item Assassin's Blessing Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Transcendence Build Item Hydra's Lament Build Item The Crusher Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Shifter's Shield

Power/Movement Speed

Build Item Masamune Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Build Item Bloodforge

Additional Pen.

Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Void Shield


Build Item Frostbound Hammer Build Item Blackthorn Hammer Build Item Talaria Boots


Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Ancile Build Item Magi's Cloak Build Item Witchblade Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Runic Shield

God Skill Order

Storm Kata

Storm Kata 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Wind Siphon

Wind Siphon 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Jet Stream

Jet Stream 2 8 11 12 14 key bind


Typhoon 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


I find myself having to create a disclaimer for guide purposes

[*] I, NeoXceptr, will be guiding towards CONQUEST ONLY, no other game modes.
[*] I, NeoXceptr, don't utilize ANY gods the same way they're viewed by popular demand or per build.
[*] I, NeoXceptr, define builds provided aren't required for the same transition in match as on Smitefire.
[*] I, NeoXceptr, only provide opinions that best meets personal satisfaction when utilizing the gods.
[*] I, NeoXceptr, also don't vouch the proper way to build ANY god since it's left optional by Hi-Rez for creativity.

If all is understood, then we can continue with one of many guides that exist for Susano.


Please vote and comment good or bad feedback
Most builds provided by (NeoXceptr) would be towards CONQUEST ONLY, no other game modes. "Wind Burst" build is not recommended for novice players that are learning the game or yet alone the character.

Hello! New here to Smitefire, but I'm active on Smite and Susano is my #1 god with Nemesis & Kukulkan following after. The tips I have to share are strictly to compliment positioning and build (power and penetration), mainly because Susano scaling is high on his abilities.

Susano provides great AoE damage and CC which strengthens your team fights. Compared to fellow assassins such as Nemesis, Bakasura, Ne Zha, Mercury etc... Other assassins typically build critical, attack speed, penetration and power to compliment basic attacks to a higher degree. Susano's common build doesn't compliment his basic attacks to an equal caliber, which means there's a good chance of being out boxed if the enemy gets close. If you attempt boxing a diverse basic attack enemy you will have a hard time unless you have defense in your build. Enemy CC worsen this condition into maximum effect with combined damage!

The rumor is commonly known for Susano to fall off late game, but in my opinion it varies. If the enemy team is well coordinated, such as with their builds and formations, then yes it will be difficult late game. However, not all enemies on the opposing team (mages, hunters or assassins) build defensively or group up to avoid bad positioning. This weakness should be exploited late game which will result in Susano's full potential.

Feel free to visit my newest Amaterasu Guide!

Previous Nerfs/Buffs


3.15 Update:

Jet Stream
[*] Reduced range from 55 → 45.
[*] Changed cooldown from 17/16/15/14/13s → 16s at all ranks.

3.19 Update:

Storm Kata
[*] Increased pre-cast time for the first slash from .1s → .4s.
[*] Damage from the First and Second Attack reduced from 55/90/125/160/195 → 40/70/100/130/160
[*] The Third Attack of Storm Kata now deals 20/35/50/65/80 (+33% of your Physical Power)
[*] Scaling reduced from 80% → 65% [?]

[*] Now only applies a knockup effect when fully charged

3.21 Update:

Storm Kata
[*] Reverted the pre-fire change to Storm Kata’s first hit, from .4s → .1s.

[*] Typhoon now changes visually and will Knockup enemies after charging for 1s.

4.1 Update:

Wind Siphon
[*] Increased Physical Damage Scaling from 25% → 60%

Jet Stream
[*] Changed the Ability Description to correctly indicate the actual Damage from 20/35/50/65/80 → 20/30/40/50/60
[*] Changed the Physical Damage Scaling to correctly match the Ability Description from 35% → 30% per tick (140% instead of 120% total scaling)

[*]Now deals Bonus Damage the longer it charges, in addition to the Base Damage. Maxing out at 100 Damage at all ranks

4.7 Update

Storm Kata
[*] Hydra’s Lament will now only proc on the first stage of this Ability

4.9 Update

[*] Reduced Typhoon’s Vortex strength from 115 → 88
[*] Reduced the strength Movement Speed Penalty of targets affected by Typhoon from 40% → 10%

Both these changes allow players to have faster Movement and help them escape quicker from the pull of Typhoon

4.13 Update

"Gathering Storm"
[*] Each time Susano successfully deals Damage to at least one enemy god with an Ability he gains a Stack. At 4 Stacks, his next Ability that hits an enemy god will deal bonus Damage. Stacks last for 5 seconds.

[*] Bonus Damage: 25 + 60% of your Physical Power

Storm Kata
[*] Decreased Base Damage from 40/70/100/130/160 → 40/65/90/115/140
[*] Decreased Physical Power Scaling from 65% → 55%

4.16 Update

Wind Siphon
[*] Decreased Cooldown from 18s -> 16s

"Movement Speed"
[*]Increased Movement Speed from 365 -> 370.

Susano previously had lower base movement speed than all other assassins to balance out his strong movement abilities. His ability to slip in and out of fights has been reduced with the rework to his passive, greatly reducing the frustration experienced when playing against him. However, with the loss of this effect has caused his performance to be consistently underwhelming. His Movement Speed is being brought up to be more in-line with other Assassins.

4.23 Update

Wind Siphon
[*]Increased Base Damage from 60/75/90/105/120 to 80/105/130/155/180.

Pros / Cons


+Great CC
+High Mobility
+Great Escapes
+Strong Presence
+High Burst Damage


-Destroyed by CC
-Requires Late Game Exploits
-Requires Auto-Attack Cancellations Late Game
-Low Boxing Potential (based on build provided)


Start Sequence

[*] Jet Stream has lower CD (8 secs after minion or god teleport) & lower mana cost WITH mobility. Though Storm Kata has more damage (+20), it has higher mana cost & longer CD.

[*] Wind Siphon allows Susano to stick better if any early gank opportunities arise, especially during mid lane rotation.

Skill Sequence

[*] Starting at level 4 you prioritize Storm Kata for damage & CD reduction.
[*] Previous passive
For every ability that Susano has on cooldown he gains 4% movement speed up to a maximum of 16%. I recommend primarily focusing on this passive ability when you're trying to escape seeing that 16% is beneficial to the 18% you have with boots. Total average is 34% or more depending on optional items to add into your build such as Stone Cutting Sword, Masamune or Heartseeker which provides an additional 30% to equal 64%.
Due to this new passive you want to ensure you have movement speeds implemented into your build to give yourself a feel to the old passive. Gathering Storm is a built in Heartseeker, but it works only off damaging enemy gods rather than minions or camps. This is extremely powerful when you focus a target on the third stack because once you engage the fourth stack will activate and you will do HEAVY damage.

[*] Third Phase: (Dash) is now critical to finishing an enemy due to 33% scaling.
[*] Stuns and silence disables your Storm Kata, remember to select the ability again to finish it.
The most complex ability if you attempt to AAC between the 3 second flow. The scaling 65% on the first two attacks and a 33% scaling for the dash to total 163% per 3.19 update; which will be the main damage out of all the abilities after Typhoon. This is the reason why power and penetration are far more important than critical's or attack speed.

[*] Can save an ally by pulling the enemy god away from allied target
[*] This ability follows a basic attack immediately after it's executed which procs instantly
Generally you want to use this skill as an initiation into Jet Stream or to pull in a fleeing target. Also can be used as an initiation into Typhoon to lock the enemy into the eye of the storm for basics.

[*] Escapes : Ring of Spears / : Pillar of Agony / Re-positions while rooted.
[*] This ability follows a basic attack immediately after the teleport which procs instantly
This skill allows you to hitch hike on enemy gods mobility. Most knowledgeable enemies will save their escape until this expires. If the enemy happens to escape after this ability expires it's always good to have Horrific Emblem accessible to confirm kills, unless they have Purification Beads to counter. When around [*] gods use Jet Stream wisely as it will make or break your play before you hit cooldown.

[*] Great initiating move for team fights, to disengage combat or to save an ally.
Typhoon is a CC ultimate that traps the enemy in the eye of the storm. Typhoon provides high scaling at a total of 140% which is another reason why power is important in Susano's build.


[*] This portion of the guide is to layout combinations that compliment certain situations. Be mindful that your transition in build as well as timely (AAC) impacts the effectiveness of the following

Abilities - 1:Storm Kata, 2:Wind Siphon, 3:Jet Stream, 4:Typhoon

Combo A: 2:Wind Siphon> 3:Jet Stream> 1:Storm Kata into 4:Typhoon if they're not already dead.
[*] This is more effective for enemies that have no idea you're behind them. After sticking 3:Jet Stream, you want to give the enemy a second or two as they attempt to make a futile escape. Teleport then 1:Storm Kata with a few basics between or after the skill.

Combo B: 3:Jet Stream> 2:Wind Siphon> 4:Typhoon> basics before or between 1:Storm Kata.
[*] This combo is mainly used to close the gap and kill confirm targets. 3:Jet Stream is used as a utility to close the gap on the targets fleeing or on edge of an objective. Try to align your 2:Wind Siphon with more than one target for the streak hype.

Combo C, 2:Wind Siphon, 4:Typhoon, 3:Jet Stream, 1:Storm Kata
[*] An unusual flow, yet just as effective as any other combo being used. This combo locks the enemy god into your ultimate 4:Typhoon and if they happen to jump out you teleport with 3:Jet Stream. Afterwards follow up with 1:Storm Kata as 4:Typhoon reaches max charge and release 55 units out while dashing in for the finish!

Combo D: (Fountain Exit): 2:Wind Siphon> 3:Jet Stream (No Teleport)> 1:Storm Kata (Two Phases)> 3:Jet Stream (Teleport)> 1:Storm Kata (Dash Phase)
-Soon to be a memory per 4.13-
-Movement speed up to 12% to 16% max leaving fountain-
[*] This is to max the effectiveness of Susano's passive Swift as the Summer Storm when leaving the fountain into the jungle. The faster you can get back into route the more efficient you are for the team. Typhoon can tip the scales in how effective this passive will work.

Combo E: (Minion Clear): 2:Wind Siphon> 1:Storm Kata
-Front lane minions are melee with more health / Back lane minions are ranged archers with less health-
[*] What you want to do is 3:Jet Stream the front wave, required for Phoenix Minions only; 2:Wind Siphon the back wave to the front then 1:Storm Kata them all together. Be mindful that your only survival is gaining distance with Swift as the Summer Storm, Typhoon or 3:Jet Stream if available.

Combo F: (50% or less health): 4:Typhoon> 1:Storm Kata
-This combo isn't recommended for tanks such as warriors or guardians-
[*] This has been used to follow up on damage that has already been done by your team. Knocking your enemies up into the air with a charged 4:Typhoon leaves them open for additional damage. I typically follow up with 1:Storm Kata, which is the second highest scaling ability.

Combo G: (Requires Objectives): 2:Wind Siphon> 4:Typhoon+ Objectives
-Try to employ early/mid game since some gods become objective tanks late game-
[*] No other skill is needed to zero someone with this combination. Trapping an enemy with jump, dash, teleport, Crowd Control Immunity/Global ultimate on cooldown in the objective will guarantee a kill. Perhaps the most rarest combo to be used unless the enemy is aggressive enough to tower dive or sit at the outer rim of the objective.

Auto-Attack Cancelling


Defining AAC

Auto Attack Cancelling (AAC): This is basic attack damage that can be combined with Susano's abilities to improve overall damage output. Out of mastering 82 gods so far, Susano is the only god that has various of combos with ability and AAC alike.

AAC Interval: MAX of 3 seconds into abilities.

Heavy Crowd Control highly effects the flow of (AAC)

"Instant Cast" helps one get use to (AAC) with Susano. It remains a more skill based with "Normal Casting", which can impact learning.


Health and protections absorbs damage scaling, therefore (AAC) may be required more than normal on certain targets.

Below are items that may require additional (AAC):

Health & Protections


Abilities - 1:Storm Kata, 2:Wind Siphon, 3:Jet Stream, 4:Typhoon

AACX: 2:Wind Siphon> (AAC)> 3:Jet Stream> (AAC)> 1:Storm Kata (Cone)> (AAC)> 1:Storm Kata (Area)> (AAC)> 1:Storm Kata (Dash)> (AAC)> 4:Typhoon> (AAC)
[*] This is a very popular (AAC) combo with Susano, but the timing and the detail required makes it more complicated than visually presented. Remember that basic attack follows after 2:Wind Siphon & 3:Jet Stream, which are given basics within the abilities themselves.




Items are describe in details below:



As an assassin you will hardly ever have the need to be defensive. Usually warriors and guardians covers this aspect where the assassins, hunters and mages lack. This would only apply towards HIGHLY COMPETITIVE matches where you're required to equip defensive items. Competitive matches are usually identified as the following:

[*] Getting jumped due to possible enemy communication and wards.
[*] Attempting to single out a target, but the enemy allies intercepts.
[*] Enemy team are actively moving around in pairs if not as a whole team.
[*] Low health target baits you into a dark ally to get raped by enemy allies.

Below are optional defensive items:



Most relics compliment certain gods and situations versus enemy gods. These are recommended relics to have on Susano to provide more edge and survive-ability.


Removed as of 4.5 Updated



Season 5 Conquest Map

Initially (Season 3) you had opportunity to clear camps into lane, but now you have to clear lane into camps since the jungle spawns at 30 secs.As of now, season 5, you now pair with mid lane (optional) to secure speed first.

Two Options
[*] Speed --> Mid Camps --> Mana --> Mini Harps.
[*] Speed --> Mini Harps --> Mana --> Mid Camps.

Out of the two options you want to make sure you mirror the enemy jungler. Mirroring can prevent allied camps from being taken if you're intercepting enemy rotations and countering their attempts. If the enemy jungler has experienced lane pressure and is low on health, use this chance to rotate to enemy camps with wards or rely on lanes to call out rotations.

Try to run camps until at least 1200-1550 gold for Warrior Tabi by then you're at least level 5 when you return to the fountain. Once back in the jungle your physical power has increased by +40, with your ULT ready to be deployed.

The season 5 update permits only one blessing, which is assassins blessing

Jungler Tips:
[*] Create a route.
[*] Failed ganks can still aid lane due to jungler presence.
[*] Mid lane easily connects you to Solo and Duo for ganks
[*] Keep the mind set of a jungler THROUGHOUT the match
[*] Don't over extend your presence too long during team fights.
[*] Confuse the enemy by creating the illusion that you left the lane to attempt another gank.
[*] The jungle is YOURS! Once is obtained use health for sustain & wards to help lanes stay aware.

There's three lanes, sixteen camps (half on the enemies side), and a few encounters along your route. Be observant while collecting jungle camp exp and jungle buffs for potential team fights or ganks. Typically enemy junglers will try you and attempt to take your buff camps from solo(mana), mid(damage) or jungler(speed). When the camps re-spawn be sure to be there first before the enemy. Dedicating yourself to a lane negatively impact other lanes that may be having a hard time.

Like mages, assassins are squishy even though they're agile. However, unlike mages assassins needs to be close to do damage. This is why being exposed for too long can over extend what your able to execute. Team fights ALWAYS have CC involved and you don't want to get caught in any of it if you can avoid it.

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