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Tick tock,your time is up! Chronos guide for Conquest! Updated for patch 4.12(v 2.0)

July 4, 2017 by Screptal
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4

MID a.k.a the "Chronostomp"

Smite God: Chronos

Item Purchase Order

How you start

Build Item Soul Stone
Build Item Lost Artifact
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

Full build (sell soul stone for polynomicon and doom orb for situational if you get killed often)

Build Item Doom Orb Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Book of Thoth Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Polynomicon

Situational items

Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Warlock's Sash Build Item Demonic Grip Build Item Hastened Fatalis Build Item Divine Ruin Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Pythagorem's Piece Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Telkhines Ring Build Item Dynasty Plate Helm Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Relic Dagger Build Item Void Stone Build Item Magi's Blessing Build Item Soul Reaver Build Item Ethereal Staff Build Item Shaman's Ring Build Item Stone of Fal


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Blink Rune Build Item Bracer of Undoing Build Item Phantom Veil Build Item Sundering Spear Build Item Belt of Frenzy

God Skill Order

Time Rift

Time Rift 2 3 6 7 9 key bind


Accelerate 4 15 16 18 19 key bind

Stop Time

Stop Time 1 8 11 12 14 key bind


Rewind 5 10 13 17 20 key bind

Tick tock,your time is up! Chronos guide for Conquest! Updated for patch 4.12(v 2.0)

July 4, 2017


Hello guys,Screptal here and i'm going to show you my Chronos guide.Chronos has been nerfed to the ground in S4,where his Accelerate no longer remove basic attack movement penalty,so his late game is not as good as before.Of course,he got some buffs in compensate,for example his damage on his Stop Time got increased,section 3 and 4 of Wheel of Time got buffed and Accelerate got a CD reduction and some movement speed to compesate the nerf.Also meta shifts from late game focus to early game focus,so junglers have a easier time dealing with Chronos,but he still does good damage and has the best structure push in the game due to nerfs to god pets removing backdoor protections and reworking of The Crusher,so hunters and some assasins lost most of the push potential,and his 4th section's magical power scaling from Wheel of Time dealing more damage to objectives than before.He keeps getting buffed,so he might be in a better spot after the changes regarding snowballing(level xp changes,gold fury changes etc).

Strenghts and flaws


1.The best splitpusher in the game due to section III of the Wheel of Time
2.Good lategame (not great due to remove of gaspedal from Accelerate)
3.High damage with Stop Time -> Time Rift and basic attacks
4.Versatile due to movement speed from Accelerate
5. Rewind can be considered a second life
6.Not mana hungry because of 2nd section of the Wheel of Time
7. Stop Time can force a lot of Purification Beads/cc immunity
8.Decent sustain
9. Wheel of Time is arguably the best passive in the game


1.Terrible early game (especially pre level 5)
2.Very squishy
3.No real escape aside of Rewind.
4.You have to build Hastened Fatalis or Heavenly Wings on him in order to chase people due to removal of fatalis effect.
5. Chronos has one of the lowest mana and hp pools in the game
6. Rewind can be countered by burst
7. Accelerate can be hard to use without good timing on Wheel of Time
8. Stop Time is very avoidable unless is cast in melee range
9. Wheel of Time is tide to Accelerate,it's not a proper passive.

So,from it is seen,he has the same amount of pros and cons.That means Chronos is not that terrible even after the nerf on Accelerate.As I said before,he still outputs a fair amount of damage but his lategame got weaker signifcantly.


Passive - Wheel of Time

As I said in the "Strenghts and flaws" section, Chronos has probably the best passive in the game because it is so versatile.Section I allows him to sustain from poke or can save his life in a longrun.Section II is generally used to clear waves/poke in the early game without losing too much mana.Section III is the weakest of the four sections,but it could be nice if you're going ability based and not too much focused on the AA.However,section IV is the best out of these 4 because it makes Chronos powerful in terms in his damage output.Combine it with a Polynomicon and your next AA when you cast an ability will deal an immense amount of damage in the lategame(over 1000).In addition to that,the 45% magical power to your AA can be beneficial against objectives.
Note that Wheel of Time is tide to Accelerate so if you're escaping you must use,if possible,in combination with Section I.This gives you the highest chance to survive a gank if Rewind is on cooldown.Also it can be difficult to use,so what I recommend is reposition/resize the passive meter so that you can watch which quadrant you should use appropiately.

Ability 1 - Time Rift

You max this ability first.It is your poke and clear tool,and allows Chronos to push the lane and agress at the same time.Combining it with Stop Time for good amount of damage while the enemy is CCed.Also it has a low cooldown and high scaling,so that a reason why you don't build CDR on Chronos and you want as much power and penetration as possible.
Time Rift can be difficult to hit on his own,because of the delay on it.So what I reccomend especially when you're clearing try to group the minions in a circle so that you can clear more effectively.In this case,you have to be careful because you will take the aggro from the minions and you'll put yourself in a bad spot.Another case of using Time Rift is for stealing objectives and contesting jungle camps,because it does so much damage,goes trough walls and if the enemy resets the camp/gold fury/fire giant/portal demon you can do that again in maximum 5 seconds.And it is a good way to proc Polynomicon's passive frequently due to low cooldown.

Ability 2 - Accelerate

Accelerate is the most complex ability in Chronos kit because it interacts with Wheel of Time and gives Chronos 25% base movement speed + over time and,it gives up to 35% attack speed.It is used to escape,chase,juke,sustain,helping your clear and poke,burning objectives and rotate quicker.Along with Rewind,the use of Accelerate separates a good Chronos from a bad one,because you have to time adequately with your passive unless you want to escape as quickly as possible.While using it,you can make circles around your enemy in combination with Hastened Fatalis so you can juke abilities and basic attacks with it.If you pop Accelerate in your base before leaving it,you're able to travel back to your lane/jungle much faster.If you use fourth quadrant frequently,you can consider it your steroid.You typically want to max this last,but if you feel that Stop Time is not helping you enough,you can max this second.


Accelerate procs Polynomicon passive.If you're split pushing,as poly passive procs,the first hit on the tower/phoenix will do additional chunk of damage.

Ability 3 - Stop Time

Stop Time is the only cc in Chronos kit,unless you want to build Gem of Isolation, Mantle of Discord or even Spectral Armor.It does a good chunk of damage as well and has a 1 second stun and 20% flat attack speed slow which can be beneficial against hunters or other aa gods.The good things about this ability it is a 3 step cc and can hit multiple targets.Before the stun,the circle slows and stops whoever got hit.It also allows Chronos to create a distance between him/his allies and his opponent(s).Do not use it when you're clear the wave unless you're sure that the enemy jungler will not gank you and only in combination with section II of Accelerate in order to save mana.In general you'll max this ability second because it reduces it's cooldown,so you can use it more often especially in combination with Time Rift.Since it got buffed multiple times,I'll get a point on this ability at lvl 1 since it hits the whole wave and has a stun attached to it,but I will not max this first,since Time Rift has a lower cooldown.


As I mentioned before, Stop Time can be used to burn beads/cc immune abilities and if the enemy got hit by it and is not reacting fast enough,it allows your team to initiate.

Ultimate - Rewind

Rewind is Chronos signature ability,allowing him to regain his hp,mana and CD at the location he was 8 seconds before.Basicly,it is a reset if you use it properly and you can bait people thinking that they can kill you.It also gives Chronos CC immunity which is nice against Ares, Athena, Fenrir, Hun Batz etc.It is also used to win 1 v 1,1 v 2 fights because you regain hp,mana and CD of your abilities.In addition to that, Chronos is very good a backdooring due to this ability.You walk at the tower/pheonix/titan and hit it and reset and hit it again and can force the enemy solo laner to pop a Teleport Glyph in order to save that structure.Max it as soon as possible, because the cooldown is reduced,except when you want to max Time Rift.In this case you can skip your point at lvl 8 and get both Time Rift and Rewind at lvl 9 or you can put your last point on Time Rift at lvl 9 and put the point on Rewind at lvl 10.
You can level up Rewind last because it only gives 5 seconds of cooldown,but very often these 5 seconds can save your life so it's up to you to do that.

Item choices

Soul Stone is good for Chronos because it is easy to build from basic attacks when hitting minions/jungle camps/enemies etc.It was changed from S3 in the way that the magical power buff lasts for 3 seconds,it allows Chronos to have a better clear and sustain more because of the mana and 40 mana restoration.If you use Accelerate on 2nd quadrant you basiclly have inifinite mana as long as you're using Stop Time and Time Rift consistently.Definetly the starter item choice for Chronos even if Sands of Time and Vampiric Shroud are still good on him.
Bumba's Mask is an interesting option to start the game.It gives you a lot of sustain if you are the closest to the jungle camp when the creeps die.It can prevent aggresion because of the extra mana and health.If you feel that the enemy jungler is aggresive,pick it at the start of the game for just 500 gold and you'll not have to worry as much for early ganks.
Doom Orb can be an amazing item for Chronos if you don't manage to die,it allows you come online earlier than usual.However,if you die you'll lose half of the stacks and this item becomes pretty much useless if you continue to do so.The price tag makes this item very attractive for Chronos,as he can't spend too much money for items in the early game as other mages.
Shoes of the Magi are usually built more often than Shoes of Focus for Chronos because he is not mana dependent and he benefits greatly from early penetration and extra power.You can finish boots before stacking Doom Orb,but this will put you behind until you finish that item.
Dynasty Plate Helm is a safer bet than Doom Orb,it gives you additional power and penetration.The pyshical protection can be beneficial against hunters and most of the junglers as it forces them to buy Titan's Bane or The Executioner earlier than usual.It also makes early aggression a lot difficult,which Chronos struggles in the early game.The fact that this item is so cheap it makes a solid 2nd choice if you're playing Chronos as an adc and even in the mid lane.
Winged Blade it's a cheap health item and a great counter for slows.With its pricetag,it could be better as an early-mid game alternative to Hastened Fatalis or Doom Orb for Chronos.Since Hastened Fatalis got a nerf on its cost,I'll prefer the slow immunity over 25% attack speed,10 pen,10% MS and the ability to gas pedal.
Book of Thoth is decent for Chronos,as he benefits greatly from power.However,the mana is pretty irrelevant for him as his 2nd section of Wheel of Time gives him mana back,but Chronos has the lowest mana pool in the game so it can help him a lot.The extra 3% of your mana as magical power is pretty nice,but the item costs 2650 gold so that means it takes you a long time to get this item and even more to fully stack.Unlike Doom Orb,you don't lose stack when you die,this could be a good alternative and work nice in combination with Doom Orb because it gives extra mana.
Bancroft's Talon is a cheap lifesteal power item that doubles it's value if you're below 25% health.If you can't afford Book of Thoth,this item is a good option because it's cheaper and gives Chronos even more sustain on top of Ist quadrant of his passive and you may force your enemies into a Brawler's Beat Stick or Divine Ruin to slow your sustain.


Do not build Bancroft's Talon with another lifesteal item/ Shaman's Ring unless you're fighting a hunter with crits or a burst mage.It basicly takes the value of the bancroft passive.
Book of the Dead can be picked on Chronos without/even with Bancroft's Talon if you feel that you're getting bursted down really quickly and you need the health and sustain on top of the power that it gets.I'm not 100% if i'm going to incorporate this in my main build,but a 20% shield if you continue to lifesteal above your max HP doesn't sound too bad and this item completely kills Warlock's Sash because you don't have to stack,even if it's a little more expensive.
Obsidian Shard got nerfed in S3 and the beggining of S4.However it is still great on Chronos because he doesn't have dot damage to benefit from Spear of the Magus(even if you apply Stop Time -> Time Rift).The power and % penetration helps him to melt tankier targets and objectives quicker than before,and it is the better choice in terms of penetration in comparation with Spear of the Magus.
There should be no explanation why you're building Rod of Tahuti on Chronos.The item is amazing for him because it ampifles his damage from abilites and basic attacks by a lot.You can build it even before Obsidian Shard if the enemies doesn't have that much magical protections or their support doesn't have Heartward Amulet finished.
Polynomicon is also an amazing item for Chronos because it gives him extra power,mana and a little bit of lifesteal.The true power of the item comes from its passive,working very well with Chronos not only because all of his 3 abilties aside of the ult proc it,but you can do it very frequently especially with Time Rift having such a low cooldown,and it also does damage to structures so Chronos split push gets better with this item.


If you pop Accelerate and you have Polynomicon,the first basic attack will hit hard as **** especially if you've finished big power items,such as Rod of Tahuti and you've fully stacked Book of Thoth and/or Doom Orb.

Situational Items

Hastened Fatalis is kinda ****ty since got another nerf.However,if you have power to compensate the attackspeed and movement speed from this item,it's still a decent pickup for Chronos.I'll not get it in the early game,maybe as a last item.
Warlock's Sash is the alternative for Winged Blade that makes you very weak until you get a good amount of stacks of it.However,when you finish stacking this item this gives Chronos a whooping 600 health and 110 magical power.However the price tag and the fact that takes at least 10 minutes to stack makes this item not a good choice for Chronos as he want as much power as penetration as earlier in the game.
Divine Ruin is a good counter to healers ( Hel, Chang'e, Sylvanus, Aphrodite etc) and self-healers like Hercules, Chaac and even Meditation Cloak and lifesteal. Chronos has Time Rift that can apply Divine Ruin's passive very frequently.Consider when you face at least one or two heal-based gods.
In the similar sense, Witchblade is a counter to healers.However,due to lack of power or penetration this choice is awkard for Chronos,since he doesn't rely as much for basic attacks as Freya for example.If you go a attack speed build and you face multiple healers and/or basic attackers, Witchblade might be a good option that provides health,movement speed,attack speed on top of that.
Demonic Grip is a good alternative to Obsidian Shard if you want to go a more attackspeed oriented Chronos with Hastened Fatalis on top of that.However,you need to hit 3 basic attacks in order to get the maximum efficency out of this item,so that's why I prefer to build along with fatalis.Also it allows other mages or guardians from your team to benefit from extra 36% magical protection reduction.
Telkhines Ring is a luxury item that provides Chronos with 80 magical power,20% attack speed and a nice passive that increases his magical power as long as he hits basic attacks.Like Demonic Grip,this item synergies well with Hastened Fatalis because you have to hit as many basic attacks as possible to keep the passive.I don't recommend this item too much on Chronos(unless you want to go attack speed oriented) especially in the early game because it's so expensive and there are better alternatives.
Simirally to Bancroft's Talon, Pythagorem's Piece is the other cheap lifesteal power item that gives Chronos a little bit of CDR and mana and a nice aura that affects your team.Generally,you don't want this item on Chronos,but if you feel that you're not that helpful for your team and want to play a more supporty role than carry role this choice is not a bad idea.
Spirit Robe is a great choice against heavy cc comps because of it's passive and balanced pyshical-magical protections,and some cdr and ccr on top of that.If you're getting focused down by supports you can buy this item and it synergizes well with Rewind giving Chronos more chance to survive a gank.
Mantle of Discord is a luxury alternative to Spirit Robe. You can use it to make sick plays against melee gods(for example you're at 30% threshold and Mantle of Discord passive procs,you are cc immune while your enemies around you are stunned.This means that you can use Rewind asap).However,it is 400 gold more expensive than Spirit Robe.This item works amazingly for Chronos when you're ahead and you think don't need more power.
Magi's Blessing can be good for Chronos because of the cc immunity aspect from its passive.However,there are better alternatives like Spirit Robe or Mantle of Discord because the bubble is easily taken away from you.If you face gods with only one hard crowd control ability on their ultimates(like Hun Batz or Loki ),you can consider buying this item.
You can consider Shoes of Focus instead of Shoes of the Magi,if you're getting focused by the enemies or you really fall behind in gold and xp.The extra mana and cdr are nice to help the long cooldown in the early game on Rewind,but you want buy Shoes of the Magi in more situations than Shoes of Focus.
Relic Dagger can be useful for Chronos if you have problems doing with cc/burst comps like Athena+ Poseidon, Thanatos+ Ra etc.Simirally to Winged Blade,this item costs 1850 gold and gives health,attack speed,movement speed cdr and reduces the cooldowns on your relics by 20%!
Gem of Isolation was a terrible item for Chronos until season 4.However,without gas pedal he doesn't benefit from Hastened Fatalis as much as others so getting him an item with power,health ccr and a nice passive that slows any enemy if you use any damaging ability.I generally don't see the item having purpose on Chronos because you have lockdown with Time Stop,but by using Time Rift constantly to catch somebody with the slow from Gem of Isolation might work in some scenarios.
Void Stone should be built on Chronos if you face 4 or 5 magical gods on the enemy team or enemies built too much magical defense,so you can help your team dealing extra damage.
Soul Reaver should be built on Chronos if you want to go full mage build.However with the lack of extra stats aside of power,there are better choices for him like Polynomicon or even Rod of Tahuti.
Ethereal Staff can be useful in niche scenarios if you face enemies building too much health and you already have penetration to make the passive from the item worth it.
Shaman's Ring is an interesting option that was introduced in season 4.Personally,I think that this item is good as long as you have attack speed items like Hastened Fatalis or Telkhines Ring to make it worth it on Chronos. You basicly will have infinite sustain on top of quadrant I and II from your passive.
Stone of Fal is another interesting item that came along with season 4.It is good because it gives power,magical protections and some cdr on top of that.The passive is great if you worry getting one-shotted by Thoth, Poseidon, Janus etc.This can be good as you have extra chance to survive a gank on Chronos.

Relic Choices

Purification Beads is mandatory against any cc (for example Athena Confound, Ares No Escape, Fenrir Ragnarok, Hun Batz Fear No Evil, Awilix Gravity Surge, Nox 2+1 combo etc). Chronos is not an exception from this rule,if you pop beads not only you have chance to avoid any follow-up cc+damage,but you are able to ult and hope to put yourself in a good spot.Consider upgrading it if the situation calls for it.
Aegis Amulet is mandatory against any burst(for instance Thanatos Hovering Death, Poseidon Release The Kraken!, Scylla I'm a Monster, Thoth Final Judgement etc ). Chronos is not an exception from this rule,if you pop aegis you'll avoid any follow-up damage,but you are not able to use abilites for 2 seconds.Consider upgrading it if the situation calls for it.As it stands now,you can buy Bracer of Undoing instead of aegis if you afford to dodge these ultimates.
Heavenly Wings is a situational relic that helps you to get away from gods that can stick to you(like Bakasura or Kali) or against gods with heavy slows ( Nemesis, Osiris, Bastet,even Poseidon with Gem of Isolation+ Hastened Fatalis etc).The upgraded version gives you gas pedal for 5 seconds,so if you don't want to buy Hastened Fatalis this relic should serve you well,as long as you don't need Purification Beads or Aegis Amulet.
Blink Rune is useful for surprise ganks(for example you can use Blink Rune over a wall and use Stop Time and Time Rift) or getting away from sticky situations as long as you don't take damage for 3 seconds.A good thing abut this relic is you immediately force somebody's beads and/or aegis because people think that they get bursted down asap.
Bracer of Undoing is completely broken in the current meta,60% heal on top of your reset is absurd and you'll already see at least 2 picked up by any team.You can buy it instead of Aegis Amulet and be happy.Be careful,this relic gets countered really hard by any form of antiheal(especially Odin, Serqet and Osiris ultimates because they prevent any form of heal and Osiris and Serqet are top picks right now).
Phantom Veil is another niche relic useful to counter structure comps(like Odin, Ymir, Cabrakan etc).In addition to Purification Beads,if you face a heavy cc comp,this might be a good 2nd relic choice for Chronos. Phantom Veil can be used to counter cheesy knockup comps(like Sobek/ Bacchus+ Awilix+ He Bo/ Vulcan)
Sundering Spear is more of a pubstomp relic.The addition 15% damage increase or 25% damage increase if you upgrade it can be good to burst a squishy god.As Chronos deals good amounts of damage,so this relic doesn't sound too bad for him.
Belt of Frenzy is designed for hardcore teamfights and objective plays.For Chronos,I typically don't recommend getting it instead of Purification Beads or Aegis Amulet,but if your team loses it can be helpful to melt structures faster.

Playing as an ADC

If you want to play Chronos in the carry role,you have notice that the support with probably stick with you for at least a couple of levels.When the game starts. It's important to tell your support to Ward around the purple and the entrance of the gold fury because it tells your team the positioning of the enemies,where they want to go etc.Note that Chronos has is one of the worst gods in the early game,so if you spot the enemy support and ADC at the purple/mid buff,you can call your mid and jungle to rotate for 2 free kills or force them to run away.After the first 3 minutes of the game,you should start warding around your purple and the entreance from the gold fury and try to contest oracles with Time Rift because it will give free vision around gold fury as long as your team killed both of them.As Chronos you want to get as much farm as possible in the early game without getting punished.If you find an opportunity for an easy kill,go for it as long as you get covered.If you manage to get a couple of kills without dying in the early game,you will come online a lot faster and you will destroy in the late game.Always check enemy ADC's relics and where is the enemy jungler.After the early stage of game,ADCs will be let solo in order to be monsters in the late game.What you want to do in mid game is maximaizing your farm and look to put the enemy ADC behind via ganks or 1 v 1 scenarios.Chronos has strong boxing capabilities because if you lose the fight you can Rewind and fight the enemy ADC again.If your team does not have vision on the gold fury or portal demon yet,it's wise to tell your support to buy Sentry Ward and put in the respective locations.Once you finished Rod of Tahuti,you'll have a huge powerspike on Chronos,as long as you're ahead or even,you must look to group with your team,take objectives and teamfights.A huge benefit for you at that state is using Rewind properly.If you are low health and you reset,you most likely won that teamfight,otherwise you probably lose,so be aware of enemy jungler and solo in your backline.In the other hand, Chronos is the best tower/pheonix pusher in the game because of IV quadrant of Wheel of Time+ you get an Obsidian Shard and Polynomicon,you will melt structures in no time.If you fall behind in levels,gold etc as Chronos,look to safe farm and split push.


Give the red buff to the mid laner in the early game and afterwards take it as long as you're not behind in levels and gold.

Playing as MID

Playing as mid is not much different from if you were an ADC.Your jungler will assist you in the early game.If you have the opportunity to poke your enemy mid with Time Rift without wasting your mana do it,it will probably give you an advantage and if you outclear the enemy mid and jungle,you can take their speed/red buff.If they spot you,try to get the buff and walk away or loop around their speed-blue-fire elementals or red-purple and get back to your lane.If you get invaded,call for your solo/adc and support and either force your enemy to run or they'll get killed.The main problem with Chronos mid is that he is supposed to rotate often,which limits its farm.Watch for enemy mids with strong level 5 ultimates like Poseidon or Scylla and avoid junglers that ****s you in the early game ,for instance Thanatos, Thor or Ne Zha.Don't be afraid to swap roles with your adc,you'll often need farm and let them to hold your place until you consider that you're ready to fight.You'll want to check enemy mid and jungle relics,if they have Purification Beads you have to be mindful about possible outplays.What you want to do in mid game is maximaizing your farm and look to put the enemy MID behind via ganks or 1 v 1 scenarios.Chronos does amazing against most mages,because he can Rewind out of danger and come back and kill them because their spells are on cooldown,and yours just got refreshed.Once you finished Rod of Tahuti,you'll have a huge powerspike on Chronos,as long as you're ahead or even,you must look to group with your team,take objectives and teamfights.A huge benefit for you at that state is using Rewind properly.If you are low health and you reset,you most likely won that teamfight,otherwise you probably lose,so be aware of enemy jungler and solo in your backline.If you manage to kill the enemy mid before they can react in the end game,you'll most likely get FG without any contest,and if your enemy contest it just fight them and possibly kill them.If you fall behind in levels,gold etc as Chronos,look to safe farm and split push.


Give the red buff to the ADC in the early game and afterwards take it as long as you're not behind in levels and gold.If you feel that you can get a kill ,you can have it.



Cernunnos can really ruin Chronos in the early game.His Bramble Blast ****s you right away because you don't have an escape so you either use a relic or you can die,and also outclears Time Rift for sure.However,you can counter his ult by Rewind and avoid being transformed into a pig,and use Accelerate to avoid basics and Bramble Blast.His dash can be annoying if you try to close the gap.His lategame is as good as yours with Qin's Sais and crits.He can also outsustain you and outbox you easily.If you manage to ult and he dashes before,you might have a chance to kill him.Otherwise,i tend to avoid this matchup because it's so frustrating to play against him.

Difficulty : 8.5/10


Rama is another matchup not really in favour of Chronos.His Astral Strike clears at least twice as fast as Time Rift(Only if he stays in front of your creeps to get the maximum clear).Like Cernunnos,he has an amazing lategame due to Pick Me Up,he can close the gap with his dash and snipe you with his ult.He can also benefits from Qin's Sais and especially crits.It's not as terrible as it sounds because you can Rewind if you see him using Astral Barrage and dodge his basics.The good thing about this matchup for Chronos is that you can poke him safely while he has to put out of position in order to do damage,so you can have a shot to him or call the jungler/support to gank him.

Difficulty : 7.5/10


Hou Yi is a great matchup for Chronos.His Ricochet is a mediocre clear even if he bounces,so he should not be able to pressure you.Like Rama he needs to stand in front of the wave unless he bounces in order to clear without getting a Time Rift on his foot.You make his passive useless,because you don't crit.You can avoid his bounces from Ricochet with Accelerate or Hastened Fatalis if you keep attacking him.Your Rewind is a good response to Sunbreaker,and you should not die to him only if you're getting ganked by him.If you use Stop Time a second before Hou Yi escapes with Divebomb,you can pull him off from the leap and the ability goes on cooldown.Since most Hou Yi go into Qin's Sais, and you don't have much hp he wastes an item for you.The reveal from Mark of the Golden Crow is useless against you.After he jumps,you can just Accelerate and **** him.The only shot that Hou Yi can have against a Chronos is if he lands a double bounce with Richochet on you and kill you,otherwise this matchup is in Chronos favor.One of the worst matchups for Hou Yi so far.

Difficulty : 2/10


Anhur is pretty annoying to deal in the early game especially for somebody like Chronos.He is designed to beat imobile gods and hypercarries,and his clear is superior to yours.Not only his Impale can do half of your health,but his pillar can really ruin your life since it slows for days,so make sure to get an Winged Blade against him.He can also combo his 2 with a wall or even his 1 for a stun.His knockback from Impale and his jump can be really nasty to deal with if you try to close the gap.Not much to say,just farm safe and wait for lategame because at that point Anhur is not a threat for you,and if you fall behind in levels and gold against him wait for him to rotate and push to comeback into the game.This is risky because your team might lose,but with good communication you should be able to turn the game in your favor.Once again,if you get a kill against Anhur in the early game,the game is over for him unless his team helps him.If the enemy support is agressive in the early game,like Sobek, Ymir or Sylvanus can be rough for you and you have to play back,but if the enemy supoort is focused for the lategame (for instance Geb) you're fine.Overall,this matchup depends on your skill level,how well you understand that you should play back etc.

Difficulty : 6.5/10


Cupid is even worse for Chronos than Anhur.Not only Heart Bomb does a lot of damage and since it got buffed it can clear the wave effectively,but his ult is impossible to miss and you're forced to use Purification Beads/ Aegis Amulet or even your ult.If he sees you using Stop Time,he'll dash away and comeback and **** your ***.His slows can be annoying too,so I recommend getting a Winged Blade especially for his ult.He has the same kill potential as Anhur in the first 15 minutes of the game,but with better sustain with Share The Love.His lategame is obviously not as good as yours,but with the attackspeed on his dash and an item like Frostbound Hammer or Qin's Sais he can do work,and his damage does not fall off as hard as Neith or Anhur,he can continue with full power build or go a little bit attackspeed focused.If you see him going to lifesteal as well,you might opt for Divine Ruin to reduce the heal.He can make your team rotate to stop his dominance in the lane.Overall,he is frustrating to deal against and Cupid can really abuse Chronos since you're really squishy,but there is counterplay against that and such you should look for lategame teamfights.

Difficulty : 8/10


AVOID this matchup! Her Moonlit Waltz absolutely counters Chronos because he is dependent on hitting his stun + 1 combo,so you're wasting time damaging her,plus she gets a lot of mana back because your 3+1+ one or two autoattacks gets her at least 100 mana back.Many people prefer to play her in the jungle,so if she ults you immedialty have to ult or die.The cast time on her ult is much shorter than yours,so be careful about that.If you try to rush her down,she can just dance around with bonus movement speed from her passive+ items like Shield of Regrowth and a bunch of cdr.If she gets poked out,she can heal and send her bunny to get her potions and items.You can't win the early game against her because she will outsustain you with her 3 and healing reduction so you can't even heal as much,and pressure you.Her poke is as good as yours and much easier to hit,not to mention that her lategame is just as good as yours with a gamechanging ult,huge sustain and better teamfight aspect.The only time that you can beat a Chang'e is if you have antiheal and you're at least 3-4 levels ahead of her,which is extremely hard to do against a decent player,but not impossible.Just avoid her in any way,shape or form and play your own game.Definetly the hardest counter to Chronos.

Difficulty : 9.5/10


Apollo is pretty annoying to deal with because of Serenade and his escapes, The Moves and Across The Sky,which makes him cc immune and hard to kill.You have chance to blow him up before he does with Time Rift + Polynomicon passive.In the lane,he is going to outpush you with his So Beautiful+ Audacity.His mez doesn't give him magical protections,so he struggles against Chronos until he gets a Silverbranch Bow to continue boxing effeciently.His lategame is good with his steroid and obnoxious split push with his passive.Unlike other adc's,you can't really rely on your team to gank Apollo because he has so many ways to escape from danger.In a 1 v 1, Chronos will win because he has Rewind so he resets his cooldowns,goes back to at least 50% hp so you can kill Apollo pretty easily.His global ult can be annoying if you're out of position,so you should tell your team to call if his ult is down or not.I don't think that Apollo beats Chronos outright,if you can catch him out of position he is easy to kill,but you have to be careful and poke him as much as possible.

Difficulty : 7/10


Thoth is a hard matchup for Chronos.If he sees your Stop Time coming out,he can dash back.His poke is applied from miles away whereas yours requires to get a little bit close.This can hurt your hp pool in a long engangement.The scary part of Thoth is his ultimate, Final Judgement doing massive damage especially lategame when he has his passive stacked and glyph put on the ground.Not only he can cancel it like a boss,but you might waste your ult to not get bursted,and if he times right he can charge and kill you after you come from Rewind.Get an Aegis Amulet and use it if you think you'll get one shotted by his ult in the next second.His clear is better than yours,especially if he uses his Glyph of Pain.A good Thoth will stay behind a wall and wait for you to engage and with some vision,he call really ruin you.What else i've recommend is Stone of Fal and get a health item on top of that,preferablly Winged Blade.If he is out of position,he is an really easy kill for you,but if he plays smart and not waste his dash Thoth is suprsingly good against Chronos.

Difficulty : 8/10

Team Synergy

As an adc,I prefer to play Chronos with one of these supports:

1. Athena,even as a jungler
2. Fafnir
3. Ganesha
4. Geb
5. Khepri
6. Sylvanus
7. Terra
8. Ymir,even as a jungler
9. Guan Yu
10. Sun Wukong
11. Odin,even as a jungler

As an mid,I prefer to play Chronos with one of these junglers:

1. Thor
2. Susano
3. Ratatoskr
4. Awilix
5. Fenrir
6. Serqet
7. Thanatos
8. Ne Zha
9. Camazotz
10. Ravana
11. Bellona
12. Da Ji


1.1-Updated with "Item Choices"
1.2-Updated with "Relic Choices"
1.2.5-Updated with "Situational Items"(not complete)
1.3-Updated with "Situational Items"(complete)
1.3.5-Updated with "Playing as an ADC"
1.4-Design review
1.5-Updated for 4.8
1.5.5-New Build
1.6-Updated with "Playing as MID"
1.7-Updated with "Matchups"
1.8-Another design review and updated with "Team Synergy" section.
1.8.1-Minor fixes
1.9-Updated the book of thoth build
2.0-New build and small updates for the current meta.

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